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May 1, 1824.




WELLESLEY, ESQ. This magnificent mansion was de- ,, by a ball-room, which measures 64 signed by Colin Campbell, in the year feet by 24. The superb furniture 1705, and built under his direction that meets the eye in this double for Sir Richard Child, afterwards suite of state apartments; the emEarl Tilney. It ranks decidedly blematical and allegorical ceilings among the highest class of English that grace these rooms, painted by mansions, as regards its style of ar- Kent, Cassali, and other eminent artchitecture, finishing, and magnitude, ists, coupled with the grandeur of the or its interior decorations. It ex- || building, qualify Wanstead to rank tends in front about 260 feet, while with the first-rate English mansions. the depth is 80 feet. It consists of Beneath the grand entrance is the a centre, with two uniform wings; the entrance to the sub-hall, supported former embellished by a noble pedi- || by eight stone pillars of the Ionic orment, supported by six columns of der: this communicates right and left the Corinthian order, resting on a with the offices on the ground-floor, bold projecting basement. This com- The principal or western front is municates by a double flight of steps further embellished and assisted in to the great hall and saloon, magni- its imposing effect by stone parapets ficent in size and splendid in deco- and detached obelisks, which, as rations: these again communicate viewed from the grounds, have a fine with the state apartments, which ex- | appearance. The Tilney arms in tend along the entire front. The bold basso-relievo grace the tympawhole of the south front is occupied linum of the pediment: while a medal

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great hall.

lion portrait of the architect, cut in , distant country. The home scene is stone, is placed over the door to the rich in fine timber, and the immedi

ate vicinity of the house gay and fraThe eastern front has, as well as grant with flowering shrubs. A fine the western, a central pediment; but | vista extends from the eastern front this, in accordance with the best spe- tothetiver Roding, a pleasing stream, cimens of Italian edifices, is subor- that adds considerably to the beauty dinate to the principal front, being of the grounds, being formed into a raised on six three-quarter columns, spacious sheet of water in the midst with a stone terrace, inclosed by a of the woods: an extensive grotto balustrade, which extends only in decorates the margin, and is said to front of the grand saloon.

have cost upwards of 20001. This edifice occupies the site of Our View of this fine Mansion is an ancient house, which ranked roy- from the west, near the principal al and noble inmates among its pro- entrance to the park: the avenue prietors; for it had been possessed by from this entrance is intercepted by Sir William Mildmay, George Mar- the circular piece of water shewn in quis of Buckingham, King James I. | the view, around which, on either Charles Blount, Earl of Devonshire, side, the drive continues to the house. and Robert Rich, Earl of Leicester. In the year 1735, a Roman tesseThis house being found inadequate lated pavement was discovered in to the domestic establishment of Sir this park in high preservation: it was Richard Child, he caused it to be composed of brick tesseræ, of varipulled down, and replaced by the ous sizes and colours. In the centre present splendid structure, which too was the representation of a man on can boast of its royal and noble oc- a beast. Several coins were found cupants; for it afforded a retreat for with it: some of the Emperor Vathe present royal family of France lens. It measured about 16 feet by during their exile. It was here the 20. Not far distant from the pavePrince Regent, with a noble party, ment were discovered some brick met to congratulate the Marquis, now foundations, with fragments of urns, Duke of Wellington, on his return Roman coins, pateræ, and other spefrom the glorious campaign in Spain cimens of ancient art. and Portugal.

We have described this splendid The whole of this property came mansion as it appeared when our into the possession of the Wellesley view of it was taken: it is now no family by the marriage, in 1812, of more. The house itself and the magMr. Long Wellesley to Miss Cathe- nificent furniture were soon afterrine Tilney Long, daughter and heir- wards ordered by the owner to be sold ess of Sir James Tilney Long, Bart. by public auction. Mr. John Robins Besides the Wanstead property, this of Regent-street, late of Warwicklady possessed in her own right fine street, began the sale the 10th June, and extensive estates in Essex, Wilts, 1822; it ended 230 July, and proHants, Yorkshire, and Dorsetshire. duced 41,3801. Os. 3d. The mansion

The park is spacious and well was sold also by auction by the same wooded, particularly to the east, gentleman, on the 12th May, 1823, where its forest-like appearance has and produced 10,0001. It has since a fine effect, breaking away into the ll been pulled down.

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