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pendage to morning dress. The ma- ! upper brim is of the same shape, but terials for gowns have not varied turns up; the crown is very small since last month.

and low. These hats are composed The trimming of a white gros de of blond net; some are embroidered Naples dinner dress struck us as in gold, silver, or steel: when that being very novel and pretty: it is is the case, they are ornamented with composed of lozenge puffs of blond feathers. Those that have no emnet; they are made very full, edged broidery are adorned with flowers. by a bias band of pink satin, attached A wreath of flowers placed between by bows of the same material, and the double brim is partially seen ornamented with a small rose com- through it, and a small bouquet is posed of velvet in the centre of each attached to one side of the crown. puff. We should not omit to say, Fashionable colours are, various that this trimming surmounts a very shades of brown; those called Trobroad wadded satin tuck.

cadero and bear's ear are much in We have seen some dress hats || favour; cinnamon and mouse colours made with a double brim; the lower are also fashionable; and different one small, a little pointed, and rather shades of rose colour, citron, lavennarrower behind than before: the Il der, deep blue, crimson, and azure.


Paris, Feb. 18. The newest chapeaux have the My dear SOPHIA,

crown in the form of a diamond: The court mourning for the these hats are trimmed with maralate King of Sardinia, which is at bouts, each angle being placed bethis moment very generally adopted tween two of these feathers; a full by the greatest part of our élégantes, bouquet of marabouts also ornaments gives a good deal of uniformity even the front: the crowns of other bonto promenade dress: I mean only as nets have a fulness at the bottom and to colour, for there is no particular top, of about an inch broad, and bematerial expressly used for the mourn-tween these ornaments is placed a ing; velvet, silk, and satin being in garland of flowers, or a rouleau of equal estimation. The pelisse or curled feathers. The crowns of bonmanteau is generally of velvet; the nets are still low, and the brims somebonnet of the same material, with thing smaller than they have lately black feathers; and the gown of silk been worn; they are made to stand or satin, trimmed with gauze, crape,

a good deal out from the face, and or fur. Trimmings of this last ma- the strings are always attached interial are now very much in favour, side of the brim. even for mourning dresses. Sable, The most fashionable bonnets for chinchilla, red fox, and grey squirrel | ladies who do not observe the court are most in favour, but ermine is su- mourning, are composed of an interpreme ton: those ladies to whom ex- mixture of velvet and satin, of two pense is not an object, have their very strongly contrasted colours ; mantles or pelisses entirely lined with their only trimming is a full bow with it.

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ear. Those élégantes who dislike White, rose, Trocadero, and azure this mixture of colours, wear velvet crape, gauze, or tulle, over satin, are bonnets trimmed with a broad band the materials used by the few éléof striped ribbon round the crown, gantes who appear out of mourning. and a large cockade of the same The favourite trimming is an interribbon placed at each side. The mixture of flowers and tulle: the mantles or pelisses worn with these tulle, quilled in a full ruche, and bonnets are velvet, to correspond in wreathed with roses, forms a very colour, or coating; satin and levan- light and pretty chain; it surmounts tine being now used only for linings, a broad rouleau, to which bouquets for which the former is most fashion- of flowers are attached at regular able. The hoods of pelisses and distances. the pelerines of mantles are now Very young ladies, if they do not much longer; their trimming consists appear in mourning, have gowns of generally of an edging of the lining: white or rose-coloured crèpe trimmed some are, however, trimmed with with bouillonné, made very full, and fur; but this is rarely the case, ex- interspersed with rosettes of another cept, as I before mentioned, when colour. The sleeves and the trimthe mantle is lined with ermine. ming of the corsage correspond.

Dinner dress consists of a gown n of The rosettes must be of similar cogros de Naples, levantine, or velvet: lours with the flowers which form the the corsage is ornamented by a dra- coeffure; and the bouquet is now an pery in folds, which, sloping down indispensable appendage to full dress. on each side of the bosom, is con- Mourning head-dresses consist of fined at the bottom of the waist and white satin hats with black feathers, on the shoulders by bands of jet or black ones with white plumes. An beads; or, if the wearer is not in ornament, in the form of a reed, in mourning, of coloured satin. Short jet, placed rather far back, and a sleeve, made very full, and confined plume of black cocks' feathers in to the arm by a band; a row of cor- | front, are also fashionable. White nets, a sort of trimming which sticks marabout plumes, mixed with gold out in such a manner as to remind ornaments, are much in favour with one of the quills of a porcupine, ladies out of mourning, as are also forms a half-sleeve. The trimming flowers. A favourite coeffure conof the skirt consists of a broad sa-sists of three bouquets of roses of tin rouleau, surmounted by a deep different colours, one placed just row of cornets, over which are three above each ear, and the third insertsatin rouleaus.

ed between the two large knots of The most fashionable evening hair on the crown of the head. dresses are of black tulle, or crèpe

Those ladies who appear in coover satin; they are spotted in ge- lours, wear Trocadero, lavender, cineral with jet stars; and the trim-tron, azure, rose, and crimson. ming consists of a mixture of the Adieu! Always your same material as the gown, with jet

EUDOCIA. ornaments and plumes of cocks feathers.

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A FRENCH BED AND DECORATION OF THE CHAMBER. Tue end of the apartment being the semicircular back or otherwise, sufficiently recessed to receive the as by a simple means it is readily attripod supports of the drapery, they tached or liberated. stand in the situation represented in The colour of the apartment bethe annexed plate during the day-ing a light blue, the draperies would time, but at night they may be drawn harmonize if of a delicate fawn or forward with the curtains, so as to pink, lined with white. The basket canopy the bed in as ample a manner is intended to contain artificial flowas may be desired, and thus obtain a ers, and each tripod would be delarger inclosure than is usual with corated in a similar manner. The this article of furniture. The bed chairs and other furniture should be itself is prepared to draw forward designed in a corresponding style. on rollers, either accompanied by

INTELLIGENCE, LITERARY, SCIENTIFIC, &c. SHORTLY will be published, under the drawings by Messrs. Harding, Westall, patronage of, and dedicated by permis- and Hullmandel, will appear on the 1st sion to, the King, Views and Illustrations of March. of his Majesty's Palace at Brighton, by of the Britannia Delineata, the fifth his private architect, John Nash, Esq. number is ready for delivery. This work will consist of Picturesque Mountain Rambles, and other Poems, Views, highly finished in colours, as fac- by G. H. Storie, Esq. of Trinity Hall, similes of the original drawings, chiefly Cambridge, will be published in a few made by Mr. A. Pugin, of the entire days. building and principal offices, taken from An historical romance of peculiar inthe gardens; also views of the chief apart- terest, to be called The Prophecy, by the ments, as completed with their furniture author of “ Ariel,” “ Wanderings of and decorations. The whole will be il- Fancy,” &c. &c. will very shortly make lustrated by plans and sections, accom- its appearance. panied by descriptions, explanatory of The Rev. W. S. Gilly will shortly the building, the relative situation and publish, A Narrative of an Excursion to appropriation of the apartments, and of the Mountains of Piedmont in the Year their splendid furniture. Specimens of 1823, and Researches among the Vaudois; this work, which will be finished in the || with Illustrations of the very interesting first style of elegance, and of which only History of these Protestant Inhabitants two hundred copies will be printed, may of the Cottian Alps ; with an Appendix, be seen at Mr. Ackermann's, where also containing important Documents from subscriptions are received.

ancient MSS, in one vol. 4to. with

maps Mr. Ackermann is preparing for pub- and other engravings. lication Four Views of Edinburgh, taken Mr. Solomon Bennett has issued the from the most interesting points of that prospectus of a work, to be entitled The picturesque city.

Temple of Ezekiel, or an Illustration of The third number of Views in Germa- | the 40th, 41st, 42d, &c. Chapters of ny, Tyrol, and Italy, from lithographic | Ezekiel: to be published in a 4to. vo.

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