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Colonel Blood's Attempt to steal the experiment to unite the Venetian

Regalia from the Tower of Lon- style of execution with simplicity has don.-H.P. Briggs.

succeeded, contrary to the precept of “Je went disguised as a clergyman, with | Sir Joshua Reynolds. two associates, and after beating the keeper, The Spartan Boy.-T. Stewardson. carried off the crown, globe, &c.”— RAPIN's

In this little portrait there is a good History. This is a very clever picture, paint

deal of sombre and expressive cha

racter. ed in the same style as the artist's Guy Fawkes, in the Academy last A Park Scene, with Sportsmen and year. The determined energy of

Springers, and a distant View of

Leeds Castle.--Miss O. G. ReinBlood, and the struggles of the over

agle. powered keeper, are expressively

This is a pretty landscape; the coportrayed: the colouring, though in general good, has in one or two parts | Carolus, the Hermit of Tong Cas

louring bright and agreeable. of the back-ground a hardness which might have been avoided.

tle, Staffordshire.-W. Hobday.

The expression deep and contemThe Interview between Lady Jane Grey and Dr. Roger Ascham, in plative; the attitude grave and im

posing: parts of the drapery are well 1550.-H. Fradelle.

cast, but that behind the head looks “ Dr. Roger Ascham, on a visit to the fa

unseemly, as if detached. mily of the Marquis of Dorset, at his seat at Broadgate, found, at his arrival, that Lady The Inquisition: a Sketch. -- Ph. Jane Grey was alone, the rest of the family

Corbould. being engaged in a bunting party; and gain- A repulsive subject, with many ing admission to her apartment, he, to his

redeeming points in the execution: great wonder, found her reading the Phædo of Plato, in the original Greek, which she the chiaro-scuro is well managed. perfectly understood. She observed to him, Cottages in Scenery.-S. V. Bone. that the sport which her friends were enjoy- The scene is natural, and well ing was but a shadow, compared with the

painted. pleasure she received from this sublime author.”-See Miss Lucy Alkin's Memoirs of Atalanta and Meleager.-George the Court of Queen ELIZABETH.

Arnold, A.R. A. This is a beautiful little picture, “Her bow the lovely Atalanta strained, and in the artist's best style of elabo- | The well-sped dart forsook the quivering yew,

And to the distant mark unerring flew; rate finishing: the expression of the Close at his ear the shaft a passage found, accomplished and unfortunate lady and the first blood ensued the fair one's is mild and intelligent; that of the

wound.” doctor is respectful and contempla- This is a very clever composition, tive: the folds of the dresses are from Ovid's story. The landscape broad and tasteful.

is rich and beautiful, and full of Maternal Affection.-W. Etty. pleasing masses, contrasted and re

A beautiful specimen of Mr. Etty's lieved with great skill. The groupcomposition and exquisite colouring; ing is also well managed. the maternal expression is portrayed

Sunset.-Wm. Lewis, with great delicacy and tenderness, This artist has a good deal of meand the Titianesque (as Mr. Fuseli rit, and this picture in many parts would call it) tone of colouring pre- exemplifies it, but it is deficient in dominates with powerful effect. This clearness of tone.


Bolton Priory, Moonlight.-T. C. | A general Vieu of the InthronizaHofland.

tion of his Most Excellent MaMr. Hofland has several very ex- jesty King George 1V.-Fredecellent landscapes in this Exhibition, rick Nash. and that, the name of which we have This picture was, if we mistake prefixed, is a very superior produc- not, in the Royal Academy. It is tion; the effulgent reflection of light a correct representation of that part through the ruins is beautifully por- of the magnificent ceremony of the trayed, and the foliage is painted in coronation which took place in WestMr. Hofland's best style.

minster Abbey. Partridge-Shooting.J. Barenger. Song of Death.-H. Corbould.

A bright - coloured and pleasing The subject is from Burns's Polandscape.

ems: the principal figure is well Cupid and Psyche. Richard drawn, and full of character: the coWestall, R. A.

louring is in many parts creditable to This is, in point of colouring, a the artist. rich and glowing picture; the dra- Fruit and still Life.-N. Chantrey. pery is exquisitely wrought, and the This artist has two very pleasing general effect poetical and delicate. little pictures in this Exhibition: they Valentine.—Henry Singleton.

are soft and delicate representations “ How use doth breed a habit in a man! of fruit and flowers, touched with a This shadowy desert, unfrequented,

skilful hand. I better brook than fourishing peopled

The Interior of a Stable. - E. Here can I sit alone, unseen of any,

Childe. And to the nightingale's complaining notes A very well executed sketch, both Tune my distresses and record my woes." in drawing and colouring.

The character is taken from Shak- Felpham Mill.-P. Dewint. speare's play of " The Two Gentle. This is a clever landscape: the comen of Verona," and the artist has louring clear and natural. emboilied a very spirited represen- Skating on the Serpentine River, tation of it.

Hyde Park.-J. J. Chalon. A View near the Town-Hall, Guild- There is a great deal of bustle in

ford.--Charles Deane. this picture; but the colouring, proThis is a very well executed view, bably from its unavoidable whiteness, and in fine perspective: the colour- has a monotonous effect. ing is a little too bright and sparkling Syrinx.-John Martin. for mere architectural objects.

Again we have, in Mr. Martin's Christ Instituting the Sacrament.- new work, the same splendid colourWm. Brockedon.

ing as in his former pictures, but A calm and solemn air, a plain and too vivid for any scenery of which chaste tone of colouring, correspond- nature suggests to us any recollecing with the subject, characterize this tion. picture.

The Social Pinch.-A. Fraser. Wild Boars atiаcked. - H. B. A good piece of grouping, and Chalon.

full of national character. A good animal painting, full of Miss E. Jones's Little Roselle spirit, and well coloured.

and Jacquelin, Miss H. Reinagle's

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