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Works ......

Adams's Private Thoughts, Pica Brooke's Select Works, 2 vols.. 14 0 Leighton's Theological Lectures 5 0 Edition 50 Edwards (President) on the Af- Leighton's Sermons ............

5 0 Bates's Select Works, 2 vols ... 12 0 fections

60 Leighton on Peter ... Bates on the Divine Attributes. 50 Flavel's Select Works, 2 vols... 19 0 Mason on Self-knowledge ......

26 Bales on the Four Last Things. 70 Hall's Select Tracts

70 | Owen's Select Works, 3 vols... 18 Baxter's Saint's Everlasting Rest 40 Henry's (Rev. Matthew) Select Owen on Indwelling Sin.... 60 Beveridge's (Bishop) Private

7 6 Owen on Psalm One Hundred Thoughts... 50 Henry's Communicant's Com. and Thirty

60 Bradford's( Bishop) Select Works 40 panion, &c. ...

36 Owen on Sin and Grace .......

60 Butler's Analogy of Religion. 40 Henry's Daily Commnnion, &c. 30 Pearson's Exposition of the Brooke's Heaven and Earth, Hervey's Meditations, with Notes 46 Creed

70 Mute Christian, and Apples Hopkins': Select Works ........ 76 Reynolds's (Bishop) Select of Gold ....... 7 0 Horne (Bishop) on the Psalms,


70 Brooke's Unsearchable Riches,

2 vols.

12 0 Taylor's (Jeremy) Select Works, and Remedies against Satan's Leighton's (Bishop)


14 0 Devices 70 Works, 2 vols.

17 ol Watts's Scripture History


Howard's Beauties of Literature. This Day is published, in Royal 32mo. embellished with fine Portraits of each Author, to be continued every

Fortnight until completed, in 40 Volumes, Vol. I. Price 28. 6d. of


Howard, Esq. Editor of Walker's Pronouncing Dictionary for the Use of Schools. The following are arranged in the Order intended for Publication, and any favourite Author may be had separate : Vol. Vol. Vol. Vol. Vol.

Vol. 1. Kirke White 8. Burns

15. Paley

22. Canning 29. Fielding 35. Gifford 2. Cow per 9. Beattie 16. Hervey

23. Plutarch 30, Kotzebue 36. Smollet 3. Mackenzie 10. Blair 17. Dryden 24. Swift

31. Robertson 37. Milton 4. Thomsou 11. Chesterfield 18. Locke.

25. Addison 32. Erskine 38. Gratlan 5. Burke

12. Sheridan 19. Fenelon 26. Franklin 33. Goldsmith 39. C. J. Fox 6. Byron 13. Pope

20. Pindar
27. Pitt
34. Hume

40. Young
7. Bacon
14. Clarendon 21. Gibbon

28. Jobnson To prevent mistakes, please to order Howard's Beauties of any particular Author you wish to purchase.

Sharpe's Prose driters. This Day is published, beautifully printed by Messrs. WHITTINGHAM, and by MR. DAVISON, in Royal 32mo.

embellished with PORTRAITS and allegorical ENGRAVINGS (to be continued every Fortnight until completed, in 50 Parts, makiny 25 Pocket Volumes), Part I. Price 28. 6d. of


The following is the Order of Publication, and any part may be purchased separately :

Part 1. Walpole's Reminiscences. 19, 20. Lady Montagu's France and 35, 36. Burke's Reflections, 2 vols. 2. Walpoliana.

Italy, 2 vols.

37, 38. De Lolme on the Constitution, 3, 4. Burns' Letters, 2 vols. 21, 22. Sir Joshua Reynolds's Dis

2 vols. 5. Goldsmith's Essays.

courses, 9 vols.

39, 40. Dr. Franklin's Essays, 2 vols. 6. Goldsmitb's Bee. 23. Talbor's Reflections.

41, 42. Johnsoniana, 2 vols. 7, 8. Gray's Letters, 2 vols. 24. Talbot's Essays.

43. Rev. W. Jones's Letters. 9. Lord Bacon's Essays.

25. Locke's Conduct of the Under- 44. Chapone's Letters. jo. Lord Clarendon's Essays.


45, 46. Sir W. Jones's Letters, 2 vols. 11, 12. Lady Russell's Letiers, 2 vols. 21. Boyle's Reflections.

47, 48. Sir William Temple's Essays, 13. Cowley's Essays. 27, 28. Junius's Letters, 2 vols.

2 vols. 14. Shenstone's Essays.

29, 30. Fitzosborpe's Letters, 2 vols. 49. Selden's Table Talk. 15,16. Johnson's (Dr.) Sermons, 2 vols. 31, 32. Olla Podrida, 2 vols.

50. Sir W. Blackstone's Analysis. 17, 18. Lady Montagu's Letters, 2 vols. I 33, 34. Beattie's Letters, 2 vols. 51. General Titles to bind in 25 vols.

Howard's Biographical Illustrations.
On Thursday last was published, in Quarto, Price 1s.; or Proof Impressions on India Paper,

Price 2s., No. I. of
Consisting of authentic Portraits and Biography of the most eminent Persons, of all Ages and Nations, who have
distinguished themselves by their Learning or Virtues-their Genius or Valour. By ALFRED HOWARD, Esq.
Editor of Howard's Improved Edition of Walker's Dictionary, and the Beauties of Literature.

CONDITIONS OF PUBLICATION. 1. Under the title of Howard's BIOGRAPHICAL ILLUSTRATIONS, it is inteoded to publish a complete and nniform

Series of Portraits, from anthentic sources, alphabetically arranged. 2. A Number of this work will be published every Fortnight, containing Eighteen Portraits, engraved by DAVEN

PORT, in online, on two large Plates, with the Biography of each Person, Price 1s., or with Proor Impres3. The whole Work will be completed in about FORTY NUMBERS, making one large handsome Quarto Volume. 4. The work will be so arranged as to form a complete

SERIES OF ILLUSTRATIONS TO THE LONDON ENCYCLOPÆDIA ; Encyclopædia Metropolitana ; Encyclopædia Britannica ; Dr. Rees's Cyclopædia ; also of Chalmers', Hunt's, and Watkins' Biographical Dictionaries; and every other work of a similar natare, both British and Foreign. NEW AND POPULAR SONG BOOKS.

J. d. Skylark, with Music

4 6 Nightingale, with Music 4 6 Tegg's Social Songster, 1st Series 2 6 Thrusl, ditto .... 4 6 Linnet, ditto ...

4 6 Ditto, 2nd Series

1 4.2.





1. .. d.
ALLEINE'S Alarm to Unconverted Sinners .. 0 16 Common Place Book of Anecdotes

0 30
Ashwell on Parturition, 8vo. boards, Plates ... 0 18 0 Common Place Book of Humorous Poetry .... 0 30
Ayscoagh's Complete and Comprehensive Index

Common Place Book of Epigrams

0 30
to Shakspeare, a new edition, thoroughly cor-

Common Place Book of Romantic Tales

0 3 0
rected and adapted to the London Trade Edi- Continental Adventures, by the Author of Rome
Lion of Shakspeare's Works, printed in medium

in the Nineteenth Century, 3 vols. post 8vo. O 16 0
8vo. uniform with that work ...

0 18 0 Cooper's Complete Domestic Distiller and Rec-
Barclay's Apology for the true Christian Divi.

tifier, for making all Sorts of Spirits, Wides,
nity, being an Explanation and Vindication

Cordials, &c. 12mo.

0 30
of the Principles and Doctrines of the People

Crabb's Poetical Works, 5 vols. 8vo.

1 50
called Quakers, 8vo.

0 7 6 Dewar's (Minister of the Tron Church, Glasgow)
Baxter's Poor Man's Family Book

016 Elements of Moral Philosophy and of Christian
Beckford's Thoughts on Hanting
0 10 0 Ethics, iarge vols. 8vo.

0 14 0
Bell's Principles of Sargery as they relate to Doddridge's Family Expositor, a new and cor-
Wounds, Ulcers, Fistolæ, Aneurisms, wounded

rect edition, 1 vol. imperial 8vo. canvass backs 1 10
Arteries, Fractares of the Limbs, Tumours, the

Dwight's System of Theology, explained and
Operations of Trepan and Lithotomy. Also,

defended in a Series of Serinons, by Timothy
of the Duties of the Military and Hospital

Dwight, with a Memoir, 5 vols. 18mo. 0 16 0
Sargeon. By John Bell. A new Edition, with

Enfield's Scientific Recreations in Philosophy and
Commentaries, and a Critical Inquiry into the

Mathematics, together with amusing Secrets in
Practice of Surgery, by Charles Bell, Professor

various Branches of Science, fourth edit. 18mo. 030
of Anatomy and Surgery to the Royal College

Enfield's Elements of the Fine Arts, and Artist's
of Surgeons, London; Surgeon of the Middle-

Assistant, a new and greatly improved edition,
sex Hospital, &c. 4 large vols. 8vo. embel-

with six new plates, boards

0 40
lished with so engravings, and 00 wood Enfield's Progressive English Spelling Book, on

3 30 an entirely new Plan, with a fine engraving,
Berthollet ou Dyeing, translated from the last

after Stothard, 12mo. boond

Parisian Edition, with Notes and Illustrations,

English Topography; or, Geographical, Histori.
and embellished with engravings, by Andrew

cal, and Statistical Descriptions of the several
Ure, M. D. F.R.S. 2 vols. 8vo. .........

1 40 Counties of England and Wales, with a Map of
Boswell's Life of Johnson, 5 vols. ..............

0 15 0 each County. By the Rev. J. Nightingale,
Brookes' General Gazetteer, 8vo....
076 royal 4to. half bound morocco

1 100
Brown's Concordance to the Bible

0 i 6 Fergusson's Lectores on Mechanics, Hydrostatics,
Brown's Dictionary of the floly Bible, an His-

Hydraulics, Pneumatics, Optics, Geography,
torical and Descriptive Account of the Persons

Astronomy, and Dialling, a new and improved
and Places recorded in the Holy Scriptures,

edition, with copious Notes, adapting the work
by the Rev. J. Brown, Haddington, 8vo..... 090

to the present State of Science, by C. F. Par.

tington, of the London Jostitation, with eleven
BURGESS, Lord Bishop of Salisbury, (Late St. David's) plates, 8vo. boards ..


Gray's Natural Arrangement of British Plants,
Arabic Alphabet ; or, An Easy Introduction to

according to their Relation

to each other; with
the Reading of Arabic, for the Use of Hebrew

an Introduction to Botany; in which the Terms
Students, 12mo, sewed ...

0 1 0 newly introdaced are explained; illustrated
Hebrew Elements; or, A Practical Introduction

with 21 engravings, 2 vols. 8vo. .....

0 180
to the Reading of the Hebrew Scriptures, con-

Grose's Classical Dictionary of the Vulgar Tongue,
sisting of Four Tracts, viz. a Hebrew Primer,

revised and corrected, with Slang Phrases, col
Sylla bariam Hebraicum, and the Hebrew

lected from tried Authorities, by Pierce Egan,
Keader, Part I. and Part 11. 12mo. boards .. 0 60

0 36
Hebrew Reader, Part I. coutaining the Deca- Gurney's (Rev. W.) Diamond Pocket Dictionary
logue and the First Chapter of Genesis, in He-

of the Holy Bible, consisting of an Historical
brew and English, &c. Part II. Extracts from

and Geographical Account of the Persons and
the Bible, 12mo. sewed ......

0 40 Places, and an Explanation of the Terms,
Hebrew Primer, with the Opinions of Melanc-

Doctrines, Ordinances, Institutions, Precepts,
thon, Lather, and others, on the Utility of the

and Figures of the Sacred Oracles, 24mo. .... 0 30
Study of the Hebrew language, 12mo. sewed 0 10 High Life, a Novel, by a Lady of Rank, 3 vols.
Hebrew Etymology,consisting of Select Passages

post 8vo.

0 10 6
of Scripture, &c. 12mo, sewed

0 2 0 Hill's (Rev. Rowland) Village Dialogues, the
Motives to the Study of Hebrew, Two Parts,

26th edition, enlarged by several additional
12mo, bewed ...

0 40 Dialogues, and the final corrections of the Au-
Rudiments of Hebrew Grammar, consisting of

thor, 3 vols. 12mo. ...

0 13 6
a Table of Hebrew Primitives, with a short

Hill's 'Divine Hymns, attempted in easy Lan-
Accoant of the Formation, Inflection, and Com-

guage, for the use of Children and Sunday
position of Hebrew Words, &c. 19mo. boards 0 10 Schools, designed as an Appendix to Dr.
Syllabariom Hebraicum; or, A Second Step to

Watts's Divine Songs, by Rev. Rowland Hill,
the Reading of Hebrew withont Points, 12mo.

A. M., the 13th edition, with the final correc-

010 tions of the Author, 18mo, sewed. Portrait.. 0 0 0

Hogarth Moralized, consisting of a Collection of
Barket's Notes to the New Testament

1 0 0 Engravings after this celebrated Master, with
Burnet's Exposition of the Thirty-nine Articles

Descriptions, by the Rev. John Trusler, im-
of the Church of England, new edition, 8vo. 070 perial 8vo. half-bound, morocco

1 16 0
Barton's Anatomy of Stelancholy, o vols. 8vo. 0 16 0 Holland's (Mrs.) Family Receipt Book, a most
Carpenter': Popalar Introduction to the Study

invaluable work for all Persons; fine engrav-
of the Holy Scriptures, for the Use of English

ings after Stothard, R. A. foolscap 8vo. 0 4 0
Readers, with Maps and Plates, one very large

Holland's (Mrs.) Domestic Cookery: or Com-
volume, 8vo. ...

0 160 plete Frugal Housewife, with 6 engravings,
Carpenter's Scripture Natural History; a descrip-

12mo. boards .........::

0 40
tive Account of the Zoology, Botany, and

Holland Tide; or, Irish Popular Tales, second
Geology of the Bible, second edition .... 0 140 edition, post 8vo. ....

0 40
Carpenter's Examination of Scripture Difficalties,

Howard's 'Walker's Pronouncing Dictionary,
elucidating nearly 700 passages in the Old and

arranged for the Use of Schools, 12mo. 04 6
New Testament, second edition, 8vo.

0 12 0 Hunter's Sacred Biography; or, History of the
Carpenter's Popular Lectures on Biblical Criti-

Patriarchs, being a Course of Lectures delivered
cism, 8vo.

0 12 0 at the Scots Church, London Wall, 2 vols. 8vo. 015 0
Cary's Beauties of the modern Poets : selections

Hutton's Book of Nature laid open, a familiar
from Byron, Moore, Scott, Barry Cornwall,

Display of the Phenomena of the Universe,
Soothey, Coleridge, Wordsworth, Hemans,

6th edition, 12mo. ......

Montgomery, Crabbe, Colman, Rogers, Opie, Jenning's Jewish Antiquities, new edition, 8vo. 0 90
&c. new edition, 19mo. ...

0 4 6 Jobnaon's Dictionary of the English Language,
Cary's Five Handred useful and amusing Expe-

a new and most beautiful edition, thoroughly
riinents in Chymistry and in the Arts and Ma-

corrected by an eminent Lexicographer, pript.
nufactures, a new Edition, six plates, 18mo... 0 30 ed at the Chiswick Press, embellished with a
Characters and Opinions; or, the Blue Book,

fine Portrait after Smirke and Opie, royal 3Cmo. O 30
extracted from the Album of a Lady of Jones's (Author of the History of the Waldenses)
Fashion, post 8vo.

0 50

Christian Biography, a Dictionary of the Lives
Clias's (Capt.) Elementary Conrse of Gymnastic

of the most Eminent Men, from the earliest
Exercises, intended to develope and improve

Period to the Present Time, one large volume
the Physical Powers of Men, to which is added,

duodecimo, doable columns ......

0 90
a New and Complete Treatise on the Art of Jones's History of the Christian Church, from
Swimming, 70 engraved figures, &c. fourth

the Birth of Christ to the Fighteenth Century,
Edition, 8vo..

040 with an Account of the Waldenses and Albi.
Common Place Book of British Eloquence 030 genies, 2 vols. 8vo. .....

0 18 0



1. s. d. Kennedy's Instructions to Mothers and Nurses Sale's Koran of Mohammed, a new edition, with

on the Management of Children, 12mo. ...... 0 70 various readings from Savary; additional Notes Laughorne's Translation of Plutarch's Lives, in

and Illustrations, a new Index, and Life of 1 vol. 8vo.....

0 10 6 Sale, fine engravings, 2 vols. 8vo. ..... 0 15 0 Lavater's Physiognomy; or, the Corresponding

Salmagundi; or, Whim Whams and Opinions of Analogy between the Conformation of the

Launcelot Langstaff, Esq. by the Author of the Features and the Ruling Passions of the Mind,

Sketch Book, History of N. York. &c. post 8vo. OOO with 7 engravings, 12mo.

0 36

Seneca's Morals, by Way of Abstract, to which Locke's Essay on the Human Understanding, 1

is added a Disconrse, under the title of an vol. 8vo. new edition, portrait (Davison).... 0 7 6 Afterthought, by Sir Roger L'Estrange, 8vo. O 50 Locke's Works Complete, with Memoirs of his

Shakspeare's Dramatic Works, Whittingham's Lile, in 10 vols. 8vo. (Davison)......

3 00 Cabinet Edition, with 320 cuts, 7 vols. 32mo... 1 10 Lowth (Bishop) on Isaiah, a new edition, 2 vols.

Sbakspeare's Drarnatic Works, Diamond Edition, 8vo.

0 10 6

the sinallest in the World, foolscap 8vo. extra Macknight's New Literal Translation of the

boards, maroon leather back ...

0 10 6 Epistles of St. Pant, with a Commentary and Sherlock's Practical Discourses concerning Death, Notes, a new edition, 4 large vols. 8vo. ...... 1 10 0 28th edition, 18mo. ....

0.00 M'Lean's Works, new edition, edited by Mr.

Shary's General Atlas of the Known World .... 076 W. Jones, Author of the History of the Wal

The same valuable work, full coloured .... 0 10 6 denses, &c. containing Christ's Commission,

Simpson's Plea for Religion and the Sacred Discourses, Paraphrase on the Hebrews, Ser.

Writings, addressed to the Disciples of Thomons, &c. &c. with an original Memoir, 7

mas Paine and Wavering Christians of every vols. 8vo.....

1 10 0 Denomination, a new and greatly improved Madan's New and Literal Translation of Juvenal

edition, 8vo.

056 and Perseus, with copious explanatory Notes,

Smith's Domestic Altar, a Six Weeks' Course of by which these difficult Satirists are rendered

Morning and Evening Prayers for the Use of easy and familiar to the Reader, 2 vols. 8vo.. 0 14 0 Families, sixth edition, 12mo. boards

0 5 0 Martin's Carpenter's and Joiner's Instructor in

Stackhouse's Epitome of the History, Laws, and Geometrical Lines, the Strength of Materials,

Religion of Greece, 12mo, boards

0 6 and Mechanical Powers of Framed Work,

Stennett's (Rev. Dr. Baptist Minister) Whole edited by Nicholson, with 34 engravings, 8vo. 0 8 0 Works, now first collecied, with Life, by W. Mitchell's First Lines of Science; or, a compre

Jones, Author of the Biblical Cyclopædia, hensive and progressive View of the leading

3 vols. 8vo. ....

0 10 O Branches of modern scientific Discovery and

Stevens' (George Alexander) Works, containing Invention, with 19 engravings, 12mo. 076 Lectures on Heads, &c. 24ino.

0 2 O Mitchell's Portable Encyclopædia; or, Dictionary

Stower's Printer's Price Book, containing the of Arts and Sciences, on the Basis of Dr. Gre.

Master Printers' Charges to the Trade, also a gory's, comprehending the latest Improve

New, Easy, and Correct Method of Casting off ments, in every Branch of Useful Knowledge,

MS. and other Copy,with Typographical Marks one very large volume, 8vo. with 50 engravings 0 15 0 used in Correction and their Application shown Morris's Memoirs of the Life and Writings of the

by an engraving, 8vo.

0 66 Rev. Andrew Fuller, new edition, 8vo. ...... 0 5 0

Storm's Reflections on the Works of God, and Morris's Remains of Rev. Andrew Foller, con

his Providence throughont all Narnre, 8vo... 0 8 0 sisting of Miscellaneous Pieces on various Religious Subjects, with occasional Notes, &c. 8vo. o 36 Styles's (Rev. Dr.)

Memoirs of the Life of Can

ning, 2 vols. post 8vo, second edition, boards 1 1 0 Mosheim's Ecclesiastical History, with Continua.

Supplement to the Encyclopædia Britannica, tion by M'Lean, a new edition, 4 vols. 8vo.

edited by Napier, 6 vols. 4io.

6 60 (Davison)

1 10 0 Swift's Works, with additional Letters, Tracts, Newton's Cardiphonia ; or, Utterance of the

and Poems, not hitherto pnblished, with Notes, Heart, 24mo...

0 36

and a Life of the Anthor, by Sir Walter Scott, Novum Testamentum Græce, 32mo. Glasgow

Bart., second edition, 19 vols. 8vo.

6 6 University Edition, canvass, a most beantiful

Tales of Continental Life, by the Author of and correct edition.

0 50 “ The English in Italy." 3 vols. post 8vo. .... 0 100 Olney Hymns, by Cow per and Newton, 32mo.

Tegg's First Book for Children, arranged on a Portrait.

0 26

popnlar Plan, and so constructed as to ease Oxberry's Flowers of Literature, consisting of

the Labonr of Teacher and Child, half-bound 0 0 6 Selections from History, Biography, Poetry, Tegg's New Chronology; or, Historian's Com. and Romance, ed edition, 4 vols. 19mo. ( Da

panion, corrected to January, 1829, 12mo. ... 0 60 vison ).......

O 13 0 Tegg's Book of Utility; or, Things useful to be Parkhurst's Greek and English Lexicon to the

known, 1 vol. duodecimo, second edition .... 040 New Testament; to wbich is prefixed, a plain Tegg's Yonng

Man's Book of Knowledge, 12mo. and easy Greek Grammar, a new edition,

nineteenth edition

0 40 corrected. enlarged, and improved, by the Thonsand (A) Notable Things, to which is preRev. J. Pitman

0 15 0

fixed the Century of Inventions, by the Mar. Penn's (William, tbe Quaker) Select Works, the

qois of Worcester, &c. 12mo.

0 30 fourth edition, very scarce, only 500 printed, Thurston's Illnstrations of Shakspeare, imperial 3 vols. 8vo....

0 15 0
8vo. proofs on India paper, 50 plates

1 116 Percy Anecdotes of the History of London, with

Ditto 36 prints in octavo

0 18 0 beautiful engravings, 3 vols. 18mo.

0 90 Ure's Dictionary of Chymistry, in which the Phillip's Elementary Introduction to the Know

Principles are investigated anew, and its ApJedge of Mineralogy, the third edition,enlarged, post 8vo.

plications to the Phenomena of Nature, to

0 16 0 Pilkington's Dictionary of Painters, a new edition,

Medicine, Mineralogy, Agriculture, and Manu. greatly enlarged, down to 1829, 2 vols. 8vo...

factures, detailed. By expanging whatever is 1 40

obsolete, and introducing a copious Account Pindari Carmina ex editione Chr. Gottl. Heyne,

of every Modern Discovery, the Author has 32mo. Oxon. cloth boards ...

0 30

rendered the present edition, in a great meaPost Captain (The); or, the Wooden Walls well

sure, a New Work, 1 vol. 8vo. new plates, &c. 1 10 manned, by Dr. Moore. New edition, 12mo. O 3 6 Warton's History of English Poetry, in fonr large Priestley's Lectores on General History. A new

volumes, 8vo. It embraces a large body of and complete edition, printed from the last

Noles, written by the late Dr. Asbby, the late London, and containing all the Additions of

Mr. Ritson, F. Douse, Esq. and other eminent the Philadelphia edition, with Additional Notes

Antiquarians; together with the copious Ilins. and Illustrations, by J. T. Rott, Esq. 8vo. ... 0 10 6

trations and Additions of Thos. Park, Esq... 2 10 0 Proof Prints for Scrap Books, Albums, &c. a

Whiston's Flavius Josephns. 4 vols. 8vo. New Collection of, on India Paper, consisting of

edition, fine cuts, &c. (Whittingham)

1 10 Fifty Historical Subjects and Portraits, royal

Willison's Sacramental Meditations, 12mo. ....

016 8vo. tbe Set for 0 16 6 Willison's Sacramental Directory, 12mo.

0 1 6 Palleyn's Etymological Compendium of Origins

Willison's Afflicted Man's Companion, 12mo... 0 1 6 and Inventions, closely printed 12mo... 0 60 Woodstock, by the Author of Waverley, 3 vols. Reid's Essays on the Powers of the Human Mind;

post 8vo.

0 15 0 to which is added an Essay on Quantity, and an

Yates's Memoirs of Mr. John Chamberlain, late Analysis of Aristotle's Logic. New edition, 8vo. 0 10 6 Missionary in India, 8vo.

0 5 6 Reid's Inquiry into the Human Mind ... 0 26 Zimmerman's Treatise on Solitude, and its InfluRobinson's Scripture Characters, new edition,

ence on the Mind and Heart, 8vo. Plates.... 0 7 6 with Memoir by W. Jones, and Rev. Robert

Hall's Eulogy, 5 vols. royal 18mo (Davison) 0 15 6 Rollin's Ancient History, 6 vols, 8vo. Maps. &c. 1 10 0

Edinburgh Classics, 24mo. boards. Rydge's Veterinary Sorgeon's Manual, a Com. British Minstrelsy, a Body of English Poetry .. O 30 plete Guide to the Cure of all the Diseases in

Locke's Conduct of the Understanding, and Bacident to Horses, Cattle, Sheep, and Dogs, the

con's Essays

090 Result of Thirty Years' Experience, posi 8vo. O 10 6 Scott's Essays, and Force of Trutha

0 30





Natural History,




Portraits of all the Principal Beasts, Birds, and Reptiles, that are contained in that Establishment; drawn from the Life by William HARVEY, and engraved on Wood by BRANSTON and Wright; the Literary Department by E. T. Bennett, Esq. F. L. S. Beside the Portraits of the Animals, upwards of FIFTY VIGNETTES, by the same Artists, are introduced, illustrative of the Habits of the Animals in their Natural State.

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CRITICAL REMARKS. “ This is, beyond comparison, one of the most exquisite specimens of typography we have ever seen ; and we have therefore felt ourselves bound (although somewhat unusual so to do) to introduce the name of the printer with those of the artists to whom we are indebted for the work. We might also, with as much justice, refer to that of the binder—the whole edition being bound in the same style-as having united elegance and durability in the happiest manner. Thus the book attracts at first sight. It will be utterly impossible for any person of taste to pass it without notice, to examine it without pleasure, or, we may add, to peruse it without instruction and delight. Externally and internally, it is a most engaging volume; and we bope it will meet with such success as to induce Messrs. Branston and Wright, two of our most eminent engravers on wood, to follow it up by others of the same class. They would, unquestionably, find it answer their purpose to publish a natural history on the most extensive scale. Each division of the subject might appear annually; and a work of bigb interest and national importance might thus in time be formed. The Zoological Society would also yield abundant materiel; and if issued to the public in parts, the additions which may be from time to time made to the collection might be introduced. But our present basiness is with the Tower Menagerie, dedicated, by permission, to the King, and containing about seventy portraits of animals, with as many tailpieces. The wood cats are of the most exquisite character; indeed, we had scarcely conceived it possible to produce such effects from such materials. In our opinion, they possess greater merit than those which, some twenty years ago, raised the name of Bewick to so bigh a rank among the artists of his country. This is no trifling praise, but we give it under the firm impression that it is fully deserved. The literary department has been superintended by E. T. Bennett, Esq. F.L.S.; and it is but justice to say, that he has performed his task in a very able manner-giving as much information as his limited space permitted, in the most interesting and amusing form. Mr. Harvey is well known as a most tasteful and skilful designer on wood; indeed, in this department of art he stands without a rival, and is not likely soon to be excelled. It is out of our power to copy one of the portraits; and we will not, therefore, extract the printed description. We trust that many of our readers will examine the volume for themselves; and we shall be greatly surprised if any should complain of having been misled by the strong recommendation we have thus given it."-Spirit and Manners of the Age.

This beautiful work is another evidence, and a powerful one, of the increasing taste for scientific pursuits. Natural History is now becoming daily a more general subject of education and rational amusement; and most of the schools of medicine and surgery, where formerly the anatomy and physiology of the human body was the only zoological theme, have now their established lectures and professors of Comparative Anatomy, and their museums are rapidly filling with specimens in elucidation of this branch of the widely-spreading tree of knowledge.

“The labours of such men as Hunter, Sir J. Banks, Buffon, Pennant, &c. have been energetically followed up by a bost of successors, amongst whom to particularize individuals would be invidious: so universally extended seems the spirit of industry and research. The Linnæan Society, whose Transactions bear witness to the truth of these assertions, is becoming the prolific parent of associations emulous of the fame and exertions of the source from whence they have emanated ; and the Zoological now stands proudly forth, and deservedly asserts its claim to universal admiration.

“ Its Journal, which is published quarterly, is one of the best conducted works of science that issues from the press; and the Society's Collections, both of living and preserved specimens, increase rapidly.

For the more general reader has been established a bimestrial • Magazine of Natural History,' in which are collected many useful facts and observations.

“Uoder such relative position, then, does the Work we have now to notice come forward; and if clearness of detail or beauty of embellishments can ensure it a favourable reception, its success must at once gratify its conductor's most ardent hopes. Nor is the accuracy less than the beauty of the engravings with which this catalogue is illustrated. It contains portraits of nearly sixty individuals, inhabitants of the Tower, and truly prisoners of state. Of these, the feline species are the most remarkable, both in number and elegance of appearance; and although, in their durance vile,' they have not ordinarily that animated expression which they may be supposed to possess when roaming at large in their native wilds, the artists have, in the instances before us, succeeded in imparting this necessary degree of spirit to their subjects, without injury to the individual portrait-so much so, that in many of them we could, were it necessary, assure the noble sitters that we have immediately recognised their impressive countenances. The birds are beautiful examples of what may be accomplished in wood engravings, and are fit successors to the productions of the late veteran Bewick; wbilst the simiæ, or monkeys, may very fairly be supposed to have stolen away from the guardiansbip of their patron and elucidator, T. Landseer.

“Much general information may be gathered from the description given with each engraving, and which, in the present case, will secure more readers than if invested with more abstruse and classical appearances. Knowledge is often best imparted, as it were, by stealth ; and a single anecdote or note bas frequently conveyed more real and available information than bas been retained by the auditors of a protracted lecture, or the readers of a very learned but unenlivened essay. We strongly hope

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