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of Kaskaskia, in the county of Randolph, and to create a permanent school fund for the inhabitants of said island out of the proceeds of said sale, and to punish any person failing to comply with the provisions thereof,” filed June 16, 1909, in force July 1, 1909, be and is hereby amended to read as follows:

$ 13. It shall be the duty of the Treasurer and the Auditor of Public Accounts, upon the commissioners making their final report as herein provided, to keep the principal of said fund invested in good interest bearing State, county, school, municipal or other approved bonds, or notes secured by mortgage, upon unincumbered realty, so as to bring at least five per cent interest annually, the investments to be made by the Treasurer. The Auditor of Public Accounts shall be the keeper of such securities and the Treasurer, Auditor of Public Accounts and the Superintendent of Public Instruction, or a majority of them, shall approve the securities before the investments are consummated, and shall constitute the board to examine and personally investigate, or cause to be investigated to their satisfaction, the loans or securities purchased, before the investment is made: Provided, however, the land owners of Kaskaskia island shall have the preference to borrow the money upon their lands when the security they offer is approved by the officers aforesaid.

The Auditor of Public Accounts shall keep an accurate and correct record of the investments and the income derived therefrom and shall see that such income is collected and paid to the Treasurer. Such income shall be paid out by the Treasurer for educational and building purposes only, as authorized and required by the general school law of the State, and the Auditor of Public Accounts shall issue warrants for such educational and building purposes upon certified, itemized bills of the proper school officers of the island of Kaskaskia when filed with him and approved by the Superintendent of Public Instruction: Provided, however, the school directors shall be authorized to purchase from the income on the proceeds derived from the sale of Kaskaskia Commons text-books for all pupils attending school on the island. If it shall appear on the first Mondays of April and of October, in each year, that there is rent, interest or other funds not required for distribution, then in such case the amount not required for distribution shall be added to the principal of the Kaskaskia Commons permanent school fund, become a part thereof, and invested as such.

The school directors of the district of the island of Kaskaskia shall on or before the first day of July, in each year, ascertain as near as possible, how much money will be needed for educational and building purposes for the next ensuing year, and from the total estimate they shall deduct the balance in the hands of the treasurer held by him to the credit of the district and received from the State distributive fund or from other sources, so as to show the net amount needed and shall make a record of same. The clerk of the board shall thereupon make and forward to the Superintendent of Public Instruction a certified copy of the record. Upon receipt of the certified copy of such record, the Superintendent of Public Instruction shall examine the estimates and make such changes in said estimates, increasing or reducing any of the items thereof or the entire amount as in his judgment or discretion he may deem best for the interest of the said schools of the island and his decision shall be final and binding. It shall be the further duty of the Superintendent of Public Instruction to forward certified copies of the estimates as approved by him to the Auditor of Public Accounts and the school directors of the island of Kaskaskia. Upon receipt of the estimates approved by the Superintendent of Public Instruction, the Auditor of Public Accounts shall set apart the amounts so certified and approved for the use and benefit of the public schools of the island of Kaskaskia. No contract in excess of twenty-five ($25.00) dollars for the expenditure of money shall be entered into by the school board or school boards until it has been submitted to and approved by the State Superintendent of Public Instruction.

APPROVED June 25th, 1915.

PHYSICAL EDUCATION AND TRAINING. $ 1. Physical education and training in all schools § 3. Normal schools shall provide regular course receiving support from State.

of training for teachers. $ 2. Boards of education must make provision.

(SENATE BILL NO. 401. APPROVED JUNE 25, 1915.) An Act to provide for physical training in the public and all the normal

schools. SECTION 1. Be it enacted by the People of the State of Illinois, represented in the General Assembly: That it shall be the duty of boards of education and of all boards in charge of educational institutions supported wholly or partially by the State to provide for the physical education and training of pupils of such public schools and educational institutions in all grades, and to include such physical education and training in the courses of instruction regularly taught therein.

§ 2. All boards of education and managing boards of such educational institutions shall make proper and suitable provisions in the schools and institutions under their jurisdiction for such physical education and training for not less than one (1) hour of each week during the whole of the school year.

§ 3. The curriculum in all normal schools of the State shall contain a regular course of physical education and training for teacher(s), the said course to be taught not less than one (1) hour of each week during the whole of each term of school.

APPROVED June 25th, 1915.


§ 1. Amends section 3, 15, 35, 114 and 119, Act of

$ 35. As amended, adds paragraph pro. 1909.

viding for the withholding of

distributive fund when district 8 3. As amended, provides additional

has not held school as required duties for Superintendent of

by law.
Public Instruction with refer-
ence to health and safety of

f 114. As amended, provides for seven children.

months school in each year. § 15. As amended, adds provisions con

$ 119. As amended, requires that all cerning inspection of plans,

plans and specifications respectbuildings, etc., by the county

ing heating, ventilation. lightsuperintendent.

ing, etc., be submitted to county superintendent for his approval before a building is erected or

remodeled. (SENATE Bill No. 182. APPROVED JUNE 25, 1915.) An Act to amend sections 3, 15, 35, 114 and 119 of an Act entitled, An

Act to establish and maintain a system of free schools," approved and in force June 12, 1909.

SECTION 1. Be it enacted by the People of the State of Illinois, represented in the General Assembly: That sections 3, 15, 35, 114 and 119 of an Act entitled, “An Act to establish and maintain a system of free schools," approved and in force June 12, 1909, be and the same is hereby so amended as to read as follows:

$ 3. The duties of the Superintendent of Public Instruction shall be:

FirstTo have his office at the seat of government, and to keep a record of all matters pertaining to the business of his office.

SecondTo file all papers, reports and public documents transmitted to him by the school officers of the several counties, for each year separately; and to keep and preserve all other public documents, books and papers relative to schools, coming into his hands as Superintendent of Public Instruction.

Third-To supervise all the common and public schools in the State.

FourthTo counsel and confer, in such manner as he may deem best, with experienced and practical teachers as to the best manner of conducting common schools.

FifthTo advise and assist county superintendents of schools, addressing to them, from time to time, circular letters relating to the best manner of conducting schools, constructing school houses, furnishing the same, and examining and procuring competent teachers.

Sixth-To be ex officio a member of the board of trustees of the Southern Normal University.

Seventh-To make such rules and regulations as may be necessary to carry into efficient and uniform effect the provisions of this Act, and of all laws for establishing and maintaining free schools in the State.

EighthTo be the legal adviser of school officers, and, when requested by any school officer, to give his opinion in writing upon any question arising under the school laws of the State.

NinthTo hear and determine all controversies arising under the school laws of the State, coming to him by appeal from a county superintendent of schools.

Tenth_To grant certificates to such teachers as may be found qualified to receive them, and to suspend the operation of any State certificate for immorality or other unprofessional conduct.

Eleventh-To visit such of the charitable institutions of the State as are educational in their character, to examine their facilities for instruction, and to prescribe forms for such reports as he may desire from their superintendents.

Twelfth-To report to the Governor, on or before the 1st of November, preceding each regular session of the General Assembly, the condition of the schools in the several counties of the State; the number of schools which have been taught in each county in each of the preceding years, commencing on the 1st of July; the number taught by men and women respectively; the number of pupils in attendance; the number of persons in each county under 21 years of age, and the number of persons between the ages of 12 and 21 years unable to read and write; the amount of township funds; the amount of interest on the State or common school fund, and on the township fund, annually paid out; the amount raised by an ad valorem tax; the amount annually expended for schools; the number of school houses, their kind and condition; the number of townships and parts of townships in each county; the number of books purchased for the use of schools and the cost of the same; the value of apparatus purchased; the number of district libraries; together with such other information and suggestions as he may deem important in relation to the schools and school laws, and the means of promoting education throughout the State, which report shall be submitted to the General Assembly at each regular session.

Thirteenth-To prepare with the advice of the State board of health, the State architect and the State fire marshal, for school directors and boards of education specifications for the minimum requirements for the heating, ventilation, lighting, seating, water supply, toilet and safety against fire which will conserve the health and safety of the children attending the public schools.

§ 15. It shall further be the duty of each county superintendent of schools:

First-To execute, upon notice by the county board, a new bond, conditioned and approved as the first bond.

SecondTo sell township fund lands, issue certificates of purchase, report to the county board and Auditor of Public Accounts, and perform all other duties pertaining thereto.

ThirdTo register the names of all applicants for normal school and university scholarships; to hold, or cause to be held, examinations for the same, and to perform such other duties as pertain thereto.

FourthTo visit each public school in the county at least once a year, noting the methods of instruction, the branches taught, the text books used, and the discipline, government and general condition of the schools; in the performance of which duty he shall spend at least half his time, and more, if practicable, in visiting ungraded schools.

FifthTo give teachers and school officers such directions in the science, art and methods of teaching, and in regard to courses of study, as he may deem expedient.

SixhTo act as the official adviser and constant assistant of the school officers and teachers in his county. In the performance of this duty he shall faithfully carry out the advice of the Superintendent of Public Instruction.

Seventh-To conduct a teachers' institute, to aid and encourage the formation of other teachers' meetings, and to assist in their management.

EighthTo labor in every practicable way to elevate the standard of teaching and improve the condition of the common schools of his county.

NinthTo examine at least once each year all books, accounts and vouchers of every township treasurer in his county, and, if he finds any irregularities in them, to report the same at once, in writing, to the trustees, whose duty it shall be to take immediately such action as the case demands.

Tenth-To examine all notes, bonds, mortgages, and other evidences of indebtedness which the township treasurer holds officially, and if he finds that the papers are not in proper form, or that the securities are insufficient, he shall so state, in writing, to the board of trustees.

EleventhTo give notice of the election of trustees in such cases as are specified in section 24 of this Act.

TwelfthTo give notice of any regular or special election as required by section 107 of this Act.

Thirteenth-To investigate and determine all matters pertaining to changes in the boundaries of school districts which may come to him by appeal from the decision of the trustees of schools, and to inform the township treasurer from whom the papers relating to the matter were received of his decision.

FourteenthTo file and keep all the poll books and returns of elections required to be returned to him and the reports and statements returned by township treasurers and trustees of schools.

Fifteenth-To hold meetings, at least quarterly, for the examination of teachers.

SixteenthTo grant certificates of qualification to teach to such persons as may be qualified to receive them, and to keep a record of all teachers to whom certificates have been granted, and of all teachers employed in his county.

SeventeenthTo notify the presidents of boards of trustees and the clerks of school districts, on or before September 30, annually, of the amount of money distributed by him to the township treasurer, with the date of distribution.

Eighteenth-To keep in his office a map of his county on a scale of not less than two inches to the mile, and to indicate thereon the boundary lines and numbers of all school districts. Districts shall be numbered consecutively. In case of the formation of a new district composed of parts of two or more counties, the county superintendents of such counties shall agree upon a number by which such district shall be designated, which number shall not be a duplicate of any number in either of such counties.

Nineteenth-To furnish the township treasurers a list of the districts in their respective townships with the consecutive numbers of the same.

Twentieth-To inspect the plans and specifications for the heating, ventilation, lighting, seating, water supply, toilets and safety against fire for public school rooms and buildings submitted to him by boards of education or boards of directors, and to approve all those which comply

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