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and therefore try, at the distance of a

week, to review the last Sunday. I went to church early, having first, I

think, used my prayer. When I was there, I had very little perturbation of mind. During the usual time of meditation, I considered the Christian duties under the three principles of soberness, righteousness, and godliness; and purposed to forward godliness by the annual perusal of the Bible; righteousness by settling something for charity, and soberness by early hours. I commended as usual, with preface of permission, and, I think, mentioned Bathurst. I came home, and found Paoli and Boswell waiting for me. What devotions I used after my return home, I do not distinctly remember, I went to prayers in the evening; and, I think, entered late.

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I have this week endeavoured every day

but one, to rise early, and have tried to be diligent; but have not performed what I required from myself.

On Good Friday, I paid Peyton without

requiring work.

Since Easter 1771, I have added a Collect

to my evening devotion.

I have been less indulgent to corporeal

inactivity. But I have done little with

my mind.

It is a comfort to me, that at last, in my

sixty-third year, I have attained to know, even thus hastily, confusedly, and imperfectly, what my Bible contains.

May the good God increase and sanctify

my knowledge.

I have never yet read the Apocrypha.

When I was a boy, I have read or heard Bel and the Dragon, Susanna, some of Tobit, perhaps all; some at least of Judith, and some of Ecclesiasticus; and I suppose, the Benedicite. I have some time looked into the Maccabees, and read a chapter containing the question, Which is the strongest ?* I think in Esdras.

In the afternoon of Easter Day, I read

Pococke's Commentary.

I have this last week scarcely tried to read,

nor have I read any thing this day.

I have had my mind weak and disturbed

for some weeks past.

Having missed church in the morning, I

went this evening, and afterwards saf with Southwell.

* 1 Esdras, chap. iii. ver. 10, &c.

Having not used the prayer, except on the

day of communion; I will offer it this night, and hope to find mercy. On this day little has been done, and this is now the last hour. In life little has been done, and life is very far advanced. Lord, have mercy upon me.


Jan. 1, mane lh, 33m. ALMIGHTY God, by whose mercy my life has been yet prolonged to another year, grant that thy mercy may not be vain. Let not my years be multiplied to increase my guilt; but as age advances, let me become more pure in my thoughts, more regular in my desires, and more obedient to thy laws. Let not the cares of the world distract me, nor the evils of age

overwhelm me. But continue and increase thy loving-kindness towards me; and when Thou shalt call me hence, receive me to everlasting happiness, for the sake of Jesus Christ our Lord. Amen.


April 9. On this day I went twice to church, and

Boswell was with me. I had forborn to attend divine service for some time in the winter, having a cough which would have interrupted both my own attention and that of others; and when the cough grew less troublesome I did not regain the habit of going to church, though I did not wholly omit it. I found the service not burdensome nor tedious, though I could not hear the lessons. I hope in time to take pleasure in public worship

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