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dage of evil customs, and take not from me thy Holy Spirit; but enable me so to spend my remaining days, that by performing thy will, I may promote thy glory; and grant that after the troubles and disappointments of this mortal state, I may obtain everlasting happiness, for the sake of Jesus Christ our Lord. Amen.

The Fourteenth S. after Tr.
The Morning Collect.
The beginning of this (day) year.

Purposes, To keep a journal. To begin this day. To spend four hours every day in study,

and as much more as I can. To read a portion of the scriptures in

Greek, every Sunday. To rise at eight.

Oct. 3,-66. Of all this I have done


I returned from Streatham, Oct. 1,-66,

having lived there more than three months.


Jan. 1, prima mane scripsi. Almighty and most merciful Father, in whose hand are life and death, as Thou hast suffered me to see the beginning of another year, grant, I beseech Thee, that another year may not be lost in idleness, or squandered in unprofitable employment. Let not sin prevail on the remaining part of life, and take not from me thy Holy Spirit; but as every day brings me nearer to my end, let every day contribute to make my end holy and happy. Enable me, O Lord, to use all enjoyments with due temperance, preserve me from unsea

sonable and immoderate sleep, and enable me to run with diligence the race that is set before me, that, after the troubles of this life, I may obtain everlasting happiness, through Jesus Christ our Lord. Amen.

August 2, 1767. I have been disturbed and unsettled for a

long time, and have been without resolution to apply to study or to business, being hindered by sudden snatches.

I have for some days forborn wine and

suppers. Abstinence is not easily practised in another's house; but I think it

fit to try.

I was extremely perturbed in the night,

but have had this day more ease than I expected. D. gr. Perhaps this may be such a sudden relief as I once had by a good night's rest in Fetter-lane.

The shortness of the time which the com

mon order of nature allows me to expect, is very frequently upon my mind.

that it

may profit me.

God grant

inore ease,

August 17, 1767. From that time, by abstinence, I have had

I have read five books of Homer, and hope to end the sixth tonight. I have given Mrs. guinea.


By abstinence from wine and suppers, I

obtained sudden and great relief, and had freedom of mind restored to me; which I have wanted for all this year, without being able to find any means of obtaining it.

I am now about to receive, with my old

friend Kitty Chambers, the sacrament, preparatory to her death. Grant, o

God, that it may fit me.


purpose temperance for


resolution. O God, enable me to keep my purpose to thy glory.

5. 32. P. M. I have communicated with Kitty, and kis

sed her. I was for some time distracted, but at last more composed. I commended my friends and Kitty. Lucy and I were much affected. Kitty is, I think, going to heaven.

August 17, 1767. O God, grant that I may practise such temperance in meat, drink, and sleep, and all bodily enjoyments, as may fit me for the duties to which Thou shalt call me; and by thy blessing procure me freedom of thought, and quietness of mind, that I may so serve Thee in this short and frail

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