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pardon and peace, that I may serve Thee with humble confidence, and after this life, enjoy thy presence in eternal happiness.

And, O Lord, so far as it may be lawful for me, I commend to thy Fatherly goodness, my father, my brother, my wife, my mother. I beseech Thee to look mercifully upon them, and grant them whatever may most promote their present and eternal joy.

O Lord, hear my prayers for Jesus Christ's sake, to whom, with Thee and the Holy Ghost, three persons and one God, be all honour and glory, world without end. Amen.

O Lord, let the change which I am now making in outward things, produce in me such a change of manners, as may fit me for the great change through which my wife has passed.


Sept. 18.
RESOLVED, D [eo] j [uvante),
To combat notions of obligation.
To apply to study.
To reclaim imaginations.
To consult the resolves on Tetty's coffina
To rise early.
"To study religion.
To go to church.
To drink less strong liquors.
To keep a journal.
*To oppose laziness, by doing what is to be

done to-morrow.
Rise as early as I can.
Send for books for Hist. of War..
Put books in order.
Seheme of life.

O ALMIGHTY God, merciful Father, who hast continued my life to another year, grant that I may spend the time which

Thou shalt yet give me in such obedience to thy word and will, that, finally, I may obtain everlasting life.

Grant that I

may repent and forsake my sins before the miseries of age fall upon me; and that while my strength yet remains, I may use it to thy glory and my own salvation, by the assistance of thy Holy Spirit, for Jesus Christ's sake. Amen.



SINCE the communion of last Easter, I

have led a life so dissipated and useless, and my terrors and perplexities have so much encreased, that I am under great depression and discouragement; yet I purpose to present myself before God


to-morrow, with humble hope that he will not break the bruised reed.

Come unto me all ye that travail.

I have resolved, I hope not presumptu

ously, till I am afraid to resolve again. Yet, hoping in God, I stedfastly purpose to lead a new life. O God, enable me, for Jesus Christ's sake.

My purpose is, To avoid idleness. To regulate my sleep as to length and

choice of hours. To set down every day what shall be done

the day following
To keep a journal.
To worship God more diligently.
To go to church every Sunday.
To study the Scriptures.
To read a certain portion every week.



LMIGHTY and most merciful Father, look down upon my misery with pity; strengthen me that I may overcome all sinful habits; grant that I may,

with effectual faith, commemorate the death of thy Son Jesus Christ, so that all corrupt desires may be extinguished, and all vain thoughts may be dispelled. Enlighten me with true knowledge, animate me with reasonable hope, comfort me with a just sense of thy love, and assist me to the performance of all holy purposes, that after the sins, errors, and miseries of this world, I may obtain everlasting happiness for Jesus Christ's sake. To whom, &c. Amen.

I hope to attend on God in his ordinances


Trust in God, O my soul. O God, let me

trust in Thee.

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