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thought both


breast and imagination disordered.

March 18. I rose late, looked a little into

books. Saw Miss Reynolds and Miss Thrale, and Nicolaida; afterwards Dr. Hunter came for his catalogue. I then dined on tea, &c; then read over part of Dr. Laurence's book De Temperamentis, which seems to have been written with a troubled mind.

My mind has been for some time much disturbed. The


of God be with me.

I hope to-morrow to finish Laurence, and

to write to Mrs. Aston, and to Lucy,

19. I rose late. I was visited by Mrs.

Thrale, Mr. Cotton, and Mr. Crofts. I took Laurence's paper in hand, but was chill; having fasted yesterday, I was hungry, and dined freely, then slept a little, and drank tea; then took candles and wrote to Aston and Lucy; then went on with Laurence, of which little remains. I prayed with Francis.

Mens sedatior, laus Deo.

To-morrow Shaw comes. I think to finish

Lawrence, and write to Langton.

Poor Laurence has almost lost the sense of

hearing; and I have lost the conversation of a learned, intelligent, and communicative companion, and a friend whom long familiarity has much endeared. Laurence is one of the best men whom I have known.

Nostrum omnium miserere Deus.


20. Shaw came; I finished reading Lau

I dined liberally. Wrote a long letter to Langton, and designed to read, but was hindered by Strahan. The ministry is dissolved. I prayed with Francis, and gave thanks.

To-morrow-To Mrs. Thrale-To write to

Hector-To Dr. Taylor.

21. I went to Mrs. Thrale. Mr. Cox and

Paradise met me at the door, and went with me in the coach. Paradise's Loss. In the evening wrote to Hector. At night there were eleven visitants. Conversation with Mr. Cox. When I waked I saw the penthouses covered with snow.

22. I spent the time idly. Mens turbata.

In the afternoon it snowed. At night I wrote to Taylor about the pot, and to Hamilton about the Fædera.

23. I came home, and found that Des

moulins had, while I was away, been in bed. Letters from Langton and Boswell. I promised L-six guineas.

24. Sunday. I rose not early. Visitors

Allen, Davis, Windham, Dr. Horsley.
Dinner at Strahan's, Came home and

chatted with Williams, and read Romans ix. in Greek.

To-morrow begin again to read the Bible;

put rooms in order; copy L-'s letter. At night I read 11 p. and something more, of the Bible, in fifty-five minutes.

26, Tu. I copied -'s letter. Then

wrote to Mrs. Tlırale. Cox visited me. I sent home Dr. Laurence's


with notes. I gave D-a guinea, and found her a gown.

27. W.-At Harley-street. Bad nights

in the evening Dr. Bromfield and his family-Merlin's steelyard given me.

28. Th. I came home. Sold Rymer for

Davies; wrote to Boswell. Visitors Dr. Percy, Mr. Crofts. I have, in ten days, written to Aston, Lucy, Hector, Langton, Boswell; perhaps to all by whom my letters are desired.

The weather, which now begins to be

warm, gives me great help. I have hardly been at church this year; certainly not since the 15th of January. My cough and difficulty of breath would not permit it.

This is the day on which, in 1752, dear Tetty died.

I have now uttered a prayer of repentance and contrition; perhaps Tetty knows that I prayed for her. Perhaps Tetty is now praying for me. God help me. Thou, God, art merciful, hear my prayers, and enable me to trust in Thee.

We were married almost seventeen years,

and have now been parted thirty.

I then read 11 p. from Ex. 36, to Lev. 7. I prayed with Fr. and used the


for Good Friday.

29. Good Friday. After a night of great

disturbance and solicitude, such as I do

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