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This day I read some of Clarke's Serinons.

I hope that since my last communion I have advanced, by pious reflections, in my submission to God and my benevolence to man; but I have corrected no external habits, nor have kept any of the resolutions made in the beginning of the year; yet I hope still to be reformed, and not to lose my whole life in idle purposes. Many years are already gone, irrevocably past, in useless misery; that what remains may be spent better, grant, O God.

By this awful festival is particularly recommended newness of life;

of life; and a new life I will now endeavour to begin, by more diligent application to useful employment, and more frequent attendance on public worship.

I again, with hope of help from the God

of mercy, resolve,

To avoid idleness.

To read the Bible.

To study religion.

Almighty God, merciful Father, by whose protection I have been preserved, and by whose clemency I have been spared, grant that the life which Thou hast so long continued may be no longer wasted in idleness, or corrupted by wickedness. Let my future purposes be good, and let not my good purposes be vain. Free me, o Lord, from vain terrors, and strengthen me in diligent obedience to thy laws. Take not from me thy Holy Spirit, but enable me so to commemorate the death of my Saviour Jesus Christ, that I may be made partaker of his merits; and may finally, for his sake, obtain everlasting happiness. Amen.


1781, I ROSE after eight, and breakfasted; then

went early to church, and before service read the prayer for the Church Militant. I commended my © * friends, as I have formerly done. I was one of the last that communicated. When I came home I was hindered by visitants, but found time to pray before dinner. God, send thy blessing upon me.

Monday, April 16. At night I had some mental vellications, or revulsions. I prayed in


chamber with Frank, and read the first Sunday in the Duty of Man, in which I had, till then, only looked by compulsion or by chance.

This day I repeated my prayer, and hope

to be heard.

* Sic MS.

I have, I thank God, received the Sacra

ment every year at Easter since the death of my poor dear Tetty. I once felt some temptation to omit it, but I was preserved from compliance. This was the thirtieth Easter.

June 22, 1781. ALMIGHTY

LMIGHTY God, who art the giver of all good, enable me to remember with due thankfulness, the comforts and advantages which I have enjoyed by the friendship of Henry Thrale, for whom, so far as is lawful, I humbly implore thy mercy in his present state. O Lord, since Thou hast been pleased to call him from this world, look with mercy on those whom he has left; continue to succour me by such means as are best for me, and repay to his relations the kindness which I have received from him; protect them in this world from temptations and calamities, and grant them


happiness in the world to come, for Jesus Christ's sake. Amen,

Sept. 2, 1781. When Thrale's health was broken, for many

months I think before his death, which happened April 4, I constantly mentioned him in my prayers; and after his death, have made particular supplication for his surviving family to this day.

September 18. This is my seventy-third birth-day, an

awful day. I said a preparatory prayer last night, and waking early, made use, in the dark, as I sat up in bed, of the prayer (beginning of this year). I rose, breakfasted, and gave thanks at church for my creation, preservation, and

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