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vents the spasms, but it hinders sleep. O God have mercy on me.

Last week I published (the first part of)

the Lives of the Poets, written, I hope, in such a manner as may tend to the promotion of piety.

In this last year I have made little acqui

sition; I have scarcely read any thing. I maintain Mrs. and her daughter. Other good of myself I know not where to find, except a little charity.

But I am now in my seventieth year;

what can be done, ought not to be delayed.


April 3, 1779, 11 P. M. This is the time of my annual review, comfortless, little done. Part of the Life of Dryden and the Life of Milton have been written; but my mind has neither been improved nor enlarged. I have read little, almost nothing. And I am not conscious that I have gained any good, or quitted any evil habits.

and annual resolution. The review is

Of resolutions I have made so many, with

so little effect, that I am almost weary, but, by the help of God, I am not yet hopeless.

Good resolutions must be made and kept. I am almost seventy years old, aud have no time to lose. The distressful restlessness of my nights, makes it difficult to settle the course of my days. Something, however, let me do.



April 4, 1779. I ROSE about half an hour after nine, transcribed the prayer written last night;

and by neglecting to count time, sat too long at breakfast, so that I came to church at the First Lesson. I attended the Litany pretty well; but in the pew could not hear the communion service, and missed the prayer for the church militant. Before I went to the altar, I prayed the occasional prayer. At the altar I commended my $, and again prayed the prayer; I then prayed the Collects, and again my own prayer by memory. I left out a clause. I then received, I hope with earnestness; and, while others received, sat down; but thinking that posture, though usual, improper, I rose and stood. I prayed again in the pew, but with what prayer I have forgotten.

When I used the occasional prayer at the altar, I added a general purpose,

To avoid idleness.

gave two shillings to the plate.

Before I went I used, I think, my prayer,

and endeavoured to calm my mind. After my return I used it again, and the Collect for the day. Lord have mercy upon me.

I have for some nights called Francis to

prayers, and last night discoursed with him on the sacrament.


April 4, 1779. Purposes, To rise at eight, or as soon as I can. To read the Scriptures. To study religion.


LMIGHTY God, by thy merciful continuance of my life, I come once more to commemorate the sufferings and death of

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thy Son Jesus Christ, and to implore that mercy which, for his sake, Thou shewest to sinners. Forgive me my sins, O Lord, and enable me to forsake them. Ease, if it shall please Thee, the anxieties of my mind, and relieve the infirmities of my body. Let me not be disturbed by unnecessary terrors, and let not the weakness of age make me unable to amend my life. O Lord, take not from me thy Holy Spirit, but receive my petitions, succour and comfort me, and let me so pass the remainder of my days, that when Thou shalt call me hence, I may enter into eternal happiness, through Jesus Christ our Lord. Amen.

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Sept. 18, 1779, H. P. M. 12ma. Almighty

LMIGHTY God, Creator of all things, in whose hands are life and death, glory be to Thee for all thy mercies, and for the prolongation of my life to the common age of man.

Pardon me, O gracious God, all

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