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April 17. It has happened this week, as it never

happened in Passion Week before, that I have never dined at home, and I have therefore neither practised abstinence nor peculiar devotion.

This morning before I went to bed I'en

larged my prayers, by adding some collects with reference to the day. I rested moderately, and rose about nine, which is more early than is usual. I think I added something to my morning prayers. · Boswell came in to go to church; we had tea, but I did not eat. Talk lost our time, and we came to church late, at the Second Lesson. mind has been for some time feeble and


impressible, and some trouble it gave me in the morning; but I went with some confidence and calmness through the


In my return from church, I was accosted

by Edwards, an old fellow collegian, who had not seen me since 1729. He knew me, and asked if I remembered one Edwards; I did not at first recollect the name, but gradually, as we walked along, recovered it, and told him a conversation that had passed at an alehouse between us. My purpose is to continue our acquaintance.

We sat till the time of worship in the after

noon, and then came again late, at the Psalms. Not easily, I think, hearing the sermon, or not being attentive, I fell asleep. When we came home we had tea, and I eat two buns, being somewhat uneasy with fasting, and not being

alone. If I had not been observed I should probably have fasted.


April 19, after 12 at night.

() Lord have mercy upon me.

Yesterday (18) I rose late, having not

slept ill. Having promised a dedication, I thought it necessary to write; but for some time neither wrote nor read. Langton came in and talked. After dinner I wrote. At tea Boswell came in. He staid till near twelve.

I purposed to have gone in the evening to

church, but missed the hour.

Edwards observed how many we have

outlived. I hope, yet hope, that my future life shall be better than my past. From the year 1752, the year in which my

poor dear Tetty died, upon whose soul may God have had mercy for the sake of Jesus Christ, I have received the sacrament every year at Easter. My purpose is to receive it now. O Lord God, for the sake of Jesus Christ, make it effectual to my salvation.

My purposes are, To study divinity, particularly the evi

dences of Christianity.

To read the New Testament over in the

year, with more use than hitherto of commentators.

To be diligent in my undertakings.

To serve and trust God, and be cheerful.


LMIGHTY and most merciful Father, suffer me once inore to commemorate the

death of thy Son Jesus Christ, my Saviour and Redeemer, and make the memorial of his death profitable to my salvation, by strengthening my faith in his merits, and quickening my obedience to his laws. Remove from me, O God, all inordinate desires, all corrupt passions, and all vain terrors, and fill me with zeal for thy glory, and with confidence in thy mercy. Make me to love all men, and enable me to use thy gifts, whatever Thou shalt bestow, to the benefit of my fellow-creatures. So lighten the weight of years, and so mitigate the afflictions of disease, that I

may continue fit for thy service, and useful in my station. And so let me pass through this life, by the guidance of thy Holy Spirit, that at last I may enter into eternal joy, through Jesus Christ our Lord. Amen.

Having gone to bed about two, I rose

about nine, and, having prayed, went to church. I came early, and used this

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