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[blocks in formation]

Pursuant to a call through the papers of the State, a Convention, com| posed of delegates from the uniformed companies and officers attached

to the several divisions of the Militia of Michigan, assembled at the Armory of the “Grayson Light Guards," in the city of Detroit, on Thursday morning, the 10th of October, at 10 o'clock.

On motion of Captain Howard, Capt. Constant Luce, of the Monroe City Guards, was elected Chairman pro tem., and Charles E. Whilden, Secretary pro tem., of the Convention.

On motion of Capt. Winterhalter,

Resolved, That a Committee of three be appointed to report permanent officers for the Convention.

Agreed to, and the following officers were appointed that Commit


Captain Winterhalter, Lieut. Weber, Lieut. Molloy.
On motion of Lt. Wilkins,

Resolved, That a Committee of three be appointed to report the names of delegates to this Convention.

Agreed to, and the following gentlemen were appointed : Lt. Wilkins, Lt. Grobe, Serg't Hays.

Capt. Winterhalter, Chairman of the Committee on Officers of the Convention, reported the following gentlemen as permanent officers :

President-Adjutant and Quarter Master 'General, John E. Schwarz.

Vice PresidentsCapt. J. P. Whiting, of the National Dragoon Guards; Capt. Constant Luce, of the Monroe City Guards.

Secretaries--C. E. Whilden, of the Staff; Lt. John Snyder, of the City Guards.

The report was unanimously adopted, and the Committee discharged

Lt. Wilkins, Chairman of the Committee to report names of delegates, reported the following as present:

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Monroe City Guards.-Lt. N. M. Kendall, Lt. G. W. Smith, Lt. J. J. Stevens.

Cass Guards of Monroe.-Capt. F. Waldrof, Lt. A. Westermann, Lt. C. F. Grobe.

Shields Guards of Detroit.--Serg't John Hays, Corp'l Hugh Shalway, Private Edward Nolan, Private Patrick Shaughnessy.

Adrian City Guards.—Lt. 8. Nicholson, Serg't Geo. H. Sweet, Private Chas. M. Croswell, Private P. A. Lantz.

City Guards of Detroit-Capt. John Winterhalter, Lt. John Snyder, Lt. M. Martz, Lt. H. Weber.

Scott Guards of Detroit.-Capt. Frederick Reuhle, Lt. J. Weber, Lt. Chas. Casparey, Lt. Frederick Schærer.

National Dragoon Guards of Detroit.--Capt. J. P. Whiting, Lt. Wm. Hudson, Lt. L. Koster.

Grayson Light Guards of Detroit.-Capt. A. K. Howard, Lt W. D. Wilkins, Lt. J. B. Witherell

, Lt. J. D. Fairbanks, Lt. J. W. Sutton.

Yager Guards of Detroit.-Capt. A. Lingeman, Lt. A. Watman, Lt. P. Gies, Lt. R. Fuchs.

Brigadier General John E. Schwarz, Adjutant and Quarter Master General; Major H. S. Roberts, Aid-de-Camp; Major C. E. Whilden, Paymaster 1st Division.

The report was unanimously adopted.

Lieut. Smith, of the Monroe City Guards, and Private P. Shaughnessy of the Shields Guards, were appointed a committee to wait on General Schwarz, and inform him of his election.

The committee having introduced the General, he was escorted to the chair by Captains Winterhalter and Howard, and took his seat as President of the Convention, amid much applause.

Capt. Luce offered the following resolution:

Resolved, That a committee of one from each company represented, be appointed to draft a plan of action, to be deliberated on by the Convention.

The resolution was adopted, and the following gentlemen appointed the committee:

Capt. Luce, of the Monroe City Guards.
Capt. Whiting, of the National Dragoon Guards.

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