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Warrant No. 146 was issued in place of warrant No. 123, reported last year as drawn but not issued, and the latter has been canceled; which decreases the amount of outstanding warrants June 30th, as reported by the Treasurer, being $150 less than his statement herewith appended.

Abstract of receipts and disbursements of funds received at the Uni

versity during the Collegiate year. (For details, see Report of E. Andrews, Superintendent of Grounds and Buildings, letter B.)

The receipts of this department of the University, from

July 20th, 1853, to July 20th, 1854, for initiation fees,
wood tax, room rent, &c., from students, including cash

on hand at the date of last report, amount to,--.. $1,655 57 The warrants drawn in favor of this department, for

grounds, buildings, plank-walk, &c., expended under the direction of the Superintendent, are included in the sum of warrants reported as drawn on the treasurer during the year, and must not be regarded as additional to the sum reported, viz: $16,454 74, as of this amount the Superintendent received, and charged himself with,... 892 45


$2,548 02

The expenditures for this department during the year, as

per account rendered, (letter B,) authenticated by prop

er vouchers, amount to,... Cash in hands of Superintendent,

$2,532 92

15 10


$2,548 02


The receipts of this Department during the year, including cash received

for material and special anatomical tickets, amount, with the cash on hand at the date of last report, to, -..

$1,873 65 The authorized disbursements, substantiated by proper vouchers, amount to,

1,851 31 Cash in hands of Superintendent,

22 34


$1,873 65 Total of Expenditures for the fiscal year commencing June 30th, 1853, and ending July 1st, 1854: Warrants drawn on Treasurer of the University,-. $16,954 74 Funds received from College of Arts and Sciences, expended,

1,640 47 Funds received from College of Medicine and Surgery, expended ....

1,851 31


$20,446 52

Statement of Cash Balances. Balance in hands of J. M. Chase, Treasurer of

the University, 30th June, 1854,--.---. $11,489 01 Balance in hands of E. Andrews, Superinten

dent of grounds and buildings, from College of Arts and Sciences,

15 10 Balance in hands of E. Andrews, Superinten

dent of grounds and buildings, from College of Medicine and Surgery,

22 34 Balance in Peninsular Bank, (sce last report, 28 46

$11,554 91

Liabilities. Outstanding warrants, after deducting warrant

No. 12:, aforesaid, for $150 00, which has

been canceled, Balance on consolidated warrant, when due,

3,271 93 5,000 00

8,271 93


$3,282 95

Showir:g that the unexpendel balance of cash on hand June 30,1854, over anı above all liabilities, is $3,232 93.

The committee have not inclu led among the liabilities of the University the original loan of $100,000, as it is, perhaps, generally known that the State has reserved $100,000 of the University fund, derived. from the sa e of University lands, to pay the interest and principal of the University bonds.

By reference to the report of the Treasurer of the University, marked * C,” it will be seen that this officer, by direction of the committee, has paid $5,000 00 on the consolidated warrant, with interest to July 1st, 1854. The finance committee would have urged the immediate payment of the remaining $5,000 00, or as soon as the holders would accept it, being optional with them to receive or reject the principal until due, had it not been for an apprehension that any delay on the part of purchasers of University lands to pay in the interest moneys, would temporarily embarrass the University treasury with so light a bal ance as would have remained after paying the whole of the consolidated warrant. The sum of $7,000 00 to be credited to the University interest fund by the State, under act No. of last session, will, without encroaching upon the regular income of the University, more than pay the balance of principal and interest of the consolidated warrant, and leave the University entirely free from debt on the 1st of January next, or as soon as the money will be accepted by the holders of şaid warrant.

The annexed communication from the Deputy Commissioner of the State Land Office, marked "D," conveys the important information that before the close of the next fiscal year the whole of the University lands will probably be sold, when the Institution will receive the full benefit of the grant as far as the lands have been located, amounting to about $30,000 per annum. But, as much of the income will, for a time, depend upon the promptness with which purchasers of University lands make their payments, due caution must be observed to confine the annual appropriations within a considerably less amount than the anticipated receipts, as a temporary failure of the debtors of the University fund to meet their engagements would seriously embarass the Institution. With this view, the total estimates of expenditures for the succeeding year, lierewith submitted, may be regarded as below the certain income of the fund during the following year. The committee ask the attention of the Board to the statement of the Deputy Commissioner of the Land Office, that a part of the originel grant of seventy-two sections of land froin the United States to the State of Michigan, for University purposes, has not been located, and respectfully suggest the adoption of proper dieasures to secure the balance of the appropriation.

M. A. PATTERSON, Chairman of Finance Commiltes.

Estimate of the Expenses of the University for the ensuing Year,

commencing July 1st, 1854, cand ending June 30th, 1855. Salary of the President,

$2,000 00


3,000 00

Salary of Prots. Williams, Haven and Boies, $1,000 each,

and the use of houses belonging to the University,-Salary of Professors Fasquelle, Winchell, Brunnow and

Freize, $1,000 each, and $150 00 each for house

rent, Salary of Prof. of Agriculture, to lecture six months in

4,600 00

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Salary of Profs. Douglass and Sager, $1,000 each, and

$150 00 each for house rent, Salary of Prof. Andrews, ..

2,300 00 500 00


4,000 00

200 00 500 00 120 00

345 00

Salary of Profs. Denton, Gunn, Palmer and Ford, $1,000

Traveling expenses of Professor of Astronomy, from Ber-

lin to Ann Arbor, ...
Secretary, Superintendent, and Librarian,
Treasurer, including traveling expenses,
Insurance on Buildings, .
Expenses of Regents and Visitors appointed by Superin

tendent of Public Instruction,
Interest on Consolidated Warrant,
Library and Printing,
Philosophical Apparatus,
Grounds, Buildings and Contingencies, including comple-

tion of Medical College,

400 00

350 00 1,200 00 500 00

2,500 00


$23,015 00


For estimate of current expenses of Literary and Medical Departments, usually paid out of the receipts of said Departments, see Reo port of Superintendent of Grounds and Buildings, Letter "B."


REPORT of the Secretary of the Board of Regents.
To the Hon. M. A. PATTERSON,

Chairman of the Committee on Finance : Herewith is respectfully submitted a statement of warrants drawn by the Secretary of the Board of Regents, on the Treasurer of the University, from June 30th, 1853, to July 1st, 1854.

In the form of warrant account, as kept by the Secretary of the Board, the different purposes for which warrants are issued, are braced under the following heads: Classes of objects for which warrants have been issued, with the total

amount drawn for each class : 1. Professors' Salaries,

$12,216 69 2. Regents’ Expenses,

231 80 3. Insurance,

343 60 4. Grounds, -

707 38 5. Treasurer's Salary,

100 00 6. Secretary's Salary,-

110 00 7. Librarian's Salary,..

100 00 8. Library,

200 00 9. Main Buildings,

14 27 10. Professors' Houses,

350 99 11. Observatory,

356 00 12. Printing,

339 30 13. Incidentals,

43 31 14. Interest on Consolidated Warrant,

703 50 15. Zoological Department,

138 00 16. Apparatus,

500 00


$16,454 74

In the following statement, for the sake of brevity, the objects for which the several warrants were drawn, are designated by reference to the number of the class under which they respectively fall:

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