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Ist. The recommendation of Hon. Warner Wing, the Judge who tried and sentenced the convict, upon the ground that he thought he was not guilty of the crime for which he was convicted; also the concurrence of 8. 8. Wilkinson, Esq., Prosecuting Attorney of Lenawee Count, at the time of convict's trial and conviction, on the recommendation of Judge Wing.

2d. The concurrence in the statement of Judge Wing by Hon. W. L Greenly, John Miller, County Clerk of Lenawee Co.; F. C. Beeman, and R. R. Boecher, and their recommendation of convict's immediate pardon.

3d. The certificate of Hon. Peter Dox, Agent of State Prison, of convict's good conduct while in prison.

LANBING, January, 1st, 1856.

Reasons for the pardon of Erastus Champlin, Ebenezer Farnham, and Erastus Smith, convicted of a conspiracy, &c., in September 1851, to destroy the property of the Michigan Central Rail Road:

1st. The application of the Michigan Central Rail Road, by its Attorney, James F. Joy.

2d. The recommendation of the Prosecuting Attorney, David Stuart, Esq.'

3d. The recommendation of James C. Wood, W. F. Storey, L. Chapman, R. 8. Cheney, Fidus Livermore, Ira C. Backus, George B. Cooper, James Higby, L. D. Welling, John Sumner, A. Bennett, A. Patterson, H. O. Lronson, John Webster, Chas. W. Penny, W. A. Roynolds, B. J. Billings, D. Whitman, M. Shoemaker, G. T. Gridley, S. W. Whitwell, W. A. Hayden, Samuel Higby, A. B. Gibson, Samuel H. Kimball, Amos Pickett, E. Warner, W. A. Buck, R. Landon, J. B. Eaton, G. H. Shaw, J. Sharpstein, W. Buddington, W. H. Myrick, P. Farrand, men of great respectability in the county of Jackson, and many of them well known in the State.

4th. As to Champlin, affidavits of good character previous to the arrest, by J. C. Backus, Millins Farly, Amos Root, Henry Hurd, JerHe Hurd, Atwater Hurd and M. Shoemaker..

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5th. As to Smith and Farnham, the recommendation of mercy by the Jury to the Court.

6th. The petition of 2,584 signers, citizens of the different countien of the State.

7th. The uniform good character of the three during their confinement.


No. 2.


ANNUAL REPORT of the Board of State Auditors.


Lansing, December 1st, 1854. To the Legislature of the State of Michigan:

In obedience to the requirements of law, the undersigned respectfully submit the following report, showing the proceedings of the Board of State Auditors, for the fiscal year ending Nov. 30th, 1854:

On the first day of December, A. D. 1853, the Board examined the accounts of Bernard C. Whittemore, State Treasurer, and found at the close of the fiscal year last past, he had on hand, in cash, the sum of three hundred and seventy-five thousand, seven hundred and seventythree dollars, and sixty-eight cents ; ($375,773 68;) which sum, being exhibited to us as on hand in the State Treasury, was by us examined, and found correct.


Secretary of State.

Commissioner of the State Land Office.


Auditor General. May 13, 1854. On this day the petition of Job Brookfield, presented to the Board at a previous meeting, by his attorney, Charles Jewett, Esq., was taken up and considered. Petitioner claims for expenses and costs of suit in defence of his title to fractional quarter of section 35, town 7 south, of range 17 west; also, for depreciation in value of the said lands, in consequence of the action of the State; and offers, in support of his claim, original patent, affidavits of Nathaniel Bacon, Charles Jewett, Henry Cooledge, Stebbins Webber, and W. H. McComber; also, written argument of his attorney, Charles Jewett, Esq.; and upon the proofs here presented, the Board unanimously decided to allow the first branch of his claim at one thousand one hundred and ninety-six dollars, ($1,196 00.)

Sept. 21, 1854. On this day the claim of John F. Hamlin, against the State of Michigan, for damages sustained in consequence of depreciation of funds received, during the years 1839, 1840 and 1841, on contract for work done on the Clinton and Kalamazoo Canal; the suppression of contract, &c., was taken up for consideration :

Morgan L. Drake, Esq., attorney for claimant, having submitted his argument in the case, and producing the written legal opinions of the Hon. P. Morey, Hon. Chas. W. Whipple, Hon. Joseph T. Copeland, Hon. Abner Pratt, Hon. Ross Wilkins, Hon. S. M. Green, Hon. Wm. M. Fenton, and others, in reference thereto, the Board decided that the claimant was justly and equitably entitled to damages to the amount of five thousand and eighty-nine dollars and forty-five conts, ($5,089 45.)

Chairman Board State Auditors.


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List of claims allowed by the Board from Decem

ber 1st, 1853, to November 30th, 1854, inclusive.

1853. Dec. 1. George W. Peck, for printing, pressing and binding for Secretary of State --

$18 30 printing Agricultural Report -.... 463 05 pressing and folding same,

142 00 printing, ruling, trimming and bind

ing for Auditor General, ------ 440 20 printing and binding for do, . 107 00 binding 2,000 Agricul’ral Reports, . 500 00 binding 250 copies each, Senate and House Journals, 1853,-

125,00 ruling, pressing and making Index for Com. Land Office, ..

56 63 printing, ruling and binding for Com, Land Office, ..

... 131 43 publ’ng order fixing term Cir. Court, 2 40 printing and ruling for Superintendent Public Inst'n, .

7 25 folding, pressing, &c., for do; ..... 24 00 composition on title page and table

of contents Report of Supt of
Public Inst'n, 1853, 83,892 ems, -

25 17
press work on do, 78 token, ...... 23 40
pressing and folding Journal House
of Representatives, 1853,...

16 75 pressing and folding Journal Senate, 1853,

13 00 F. W. Shearman, for expenses and transportation on

books to Educational Convention,
Pittsburg, Pa.,-----

67 66 traveling expenses, Feb. 1, to date, 92 04


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