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was, and Mrs. White, wife of Mr. W. which he had cultivated with unremitWhite of Salisbury.-In the island of ting affiduity. He was well acquainted Jersey, the Rev. Francis Le Breton, A. with most branches of natural history, M, dean si Jersey, and retur of St. Şa. but he had particularly turned his atten, viour's parish in that island. --Mrs. tion towards chemistry, and was pro. Ainsworth, wife of Mr. Ainsworth, of foundly skilled in all its modern imC!arendon Park, near Salisbury,

provements. At Andover, Mr. Fennell, the senior Thomas Harrington, Esq. of Wal. member of that corporation.-At Han tham Hall, Eflex. Walking in the nock-house, near Monmouth, in his 62d Green Park, he suddenly droot down in year, the rev. Philip Griffin, L. L. D. a fit of apoplexy, and in a few minutes vicar of Warnfurd, Hants, and son of after expired in the aims of a gentie.nan the late adiniral Griffin.---Mrs Catha. whole humanity led him to his ailiitance. rine Hutchinson, wife of Mi, Hutchin. Mr. Harrington Wasthe author of leves lon, portrait painter at Bath.--At ral medical tracis. Builth, Breçonshire,in the 92d year of her At Brompton, near London, by a age, dame Mary Rudd, relict of Howell rapid decline, aged 27, Mis Sophia Col. Gwynne, Esq. of Gwith, near Builth. fton, daughter of the late rev. Mr. Col

Lately, in South Anne-ftreet, Dub. ftan, of Firkin's-hali, in Oxfordshire, a lin, of the complicated mileries of dif- lady truly beloved and regretted. She ease and poverty, Henry Licas, M. A. has left the buik of her fortune to her son of Dr. Charles Lucas, formerly repre. lteady friend Miis Rols. This lovely and sentative of that city in parliament. The amiable pair had for year's some secluded fate of this unhappy manis a melancholy themselves from the deleterious diflipa. warning to those who put their trust in tion of public lifi, and the empty phan. popular affection. Had Dr. Lucas, who tom ot adulation, for a beautirul retreat was a man of sterling ability, arplied in Wales, becoming the elegant cudrihimself to the pursuit of his profcllion, vators of sinple nature, and the thiet he might have railed an ample foiture votaries of her attendant handmaids. to his family; but he became the leader Truth and virtue of a party, and left that family to pe- The world forgetting, by the world rih : It is too true that the unhappy gen.

forgot." tleman, whose death we now record, has On Tuesday, July 22, at Sampson, for many years been sustained chiefly by Hall, Kerley, in Suffolk, Mrs, Kathethose who had been hostile to his father's rine Toorowgood, a maiden lady, only politics, and that half the sum, which child and hurers of the late Sir Toomas is at this moment wantonly wasting in Thorowgood, Knight, and the last of decorations of the statue of Dr. Lucas, in that name and family. We bear that the Royal Exchange, would have saved the has left the Rev. Mr. Tennant, of his son from perishing for want.

Higham an efate of upwards of 600l. At his house in Great Marlborough- per annum ; the wrote her own will, and street, Dr. Garnett. The scientific had no particular acquaintanc: with Mr. world has sustained great loss by the Tenant, but bequeathed him the legacy; death of this gentleman, who was en- as it is supposed, in consequence of his dowed by nature with great talents, family and situation in life.


Grand Compounder. Toe Rev. Wil. June 21.] ON Monday was institut. liam Fariih, Master of Arts, of Magda.

ed to the rectory of St. len college, Cambridge, and reader in Aldate's, in this city, upon the presen- Chemistry, in that University, was ad. tation of the Master and Fellows of Pem. mitted ad eunden. The Rev. Thomas broke college, the Rev. Sam. Pitt Stock. Thorp, Student in Civil Law, of St. ford, A. M. and Fellow of that society. John's college, was admitted Bachelor

July 10.] Yesterday the Rev. Robert in Civil Law. Mr. William Henry Gray, Bachelor in Divinity, of St. Mary Mofely, of St. Mary Hall; the Rev. Hall, was admitted Doctor in Divinity, Brownlow Yorke, of Christ Church;

Mr. Mr. C. Garth of Merton college; the On Friday last John King, Bachelor Rev. William Jocelyn Palmer, of Brase. in Medicine, of Christ Church, was ad. mose college: Evan Williams, Lewis mitted Doctor in Medicine; J. Erskine, Anwyl, and John Hughes, of Jesus col. E.q. Master of Arts, and Student in Ci. lege ; and Thomas Winchester Lewis, vil Law, of Christ Church ; and the Rev, of St. John's college, Bachelors of Arts. John Dampier, Student in Civil Law, were admitted Masters of Arts.

of B.Jiol college, were admitted BacheOn Tuesday the 13th init. the Rev. lors in Civil Law.-Charles Price, MarCharles Pryce, of Merton college, and ter of Arts, and Student in Medicine, of Henry Taylor of Lincoln college, Ba. Wadham college, was admitted Bachechelors of Arts, were admitted Matters lor, and to practise in Medicine.-The of Arts.

Rev. John Mouiley, of Trinity college; Saturday the 17th, the last day of Act John Hume Spry, of Oriel college; RoTerm, Messrs. William Henry Moseley, bert Williams, and William Cowley, of of St. Mary Hall, and Peter Rainier, of Christ Church, Bachelors of Arts, were Oriel college ; Masters of Arts, were ad. admitted Masters of Arts.---Meff. Tho. mitted Bachelors and to practise in Me. mas Harrison, William Stamper, and dicine. The Rev. Samuel James Good. Joshua Richardson, of Queen's college ; enough, and the Hon. and Rev. Pierce Richard Jebb, of Oriel college; ThoMeade, Bachelors of Arts, of Wadham mas Davies, of Worcester college; and college, were admitted Masters of Arts. Samuel Mence, of Trinity college, were Mr. Frederick Hamilton Carrington, of admitted Bachelors of Aits. the same college, was admitted Bachelor On Saturday the Rev. Thomas Grove, of Arts. The number of Regent Mass of St. Mary Hall; Thomas Thompson, ters this year was one hundred and ten. Eq. of University college, and the Rev.

On Friday morning lalt, in full convo. John Trefufis of Oriel college, Bachecation, the honorary degree of Doctor in lors of Arts, and Grand Coinpounders, Civil Law was conferred on the Right were admitted Masters of Arts, and the Honourable Viscount Nelson of the Nile, Rev. Edward Griffiths, Bachelor of Duke of Bronti, and on the Right Ho Arts, of Jelus College, was admitted nourable Sir William Hamilton, Knight Master of Arts, of the Bath, to which they were leve. Thuriday the Rev. William Lloyd, rally presented by Dr. Blackstone, Vin vicar of Aylesbury, Bucks, Master of nerian Professor of Law. And at the Arts, of University college, was adinit. same time, the Rev. William Nelson, of ted Bachelor and Doctor of Divinity. Christ's college, and Doctor of Divinity John Erikine, Eiq. Bachelor in Civil in the Univerfity of Cambridge, was Law, of Christ Church, was admitadmitted to the same degree in this Uni. ted Doctor in Civil Law,- The Rev. verfity, to which he was presented by Rowland Hill, Bachelor of Arts, of Doctor Collinson, Lady Margaret's Pro. Bralenose college, was admitted Master fessor of Divinity.

of Arts. The freedom of this city was presented in a gold box to his Lordship on the

CAMBRIDGE. preceding day.

Fuly 2.] Upon an application to the On the 27th ult. was instituted to the court of Chancery to set aside the char: vicarage of Chepstow, the Rev. Wil ter of Downing college, as having been liam Morgan, on the presentation of unduly obtained, after a hearing of three Edward Beavan, Esq. void by the death days, on Tuesday lait the validity of of the late incumbent, the Rev. W.Sayfe, that charter was establithed.

Last week were elected the Rev. Grif The Rev. Thomas Toke, M. A. of fith Griffith, M. A. Fellow, and Mr. Christ's college, is elected into a fellowThomas Davies, Scholar of Jesus col. ship of that society, in the room of lege.

Henry Bertram Ogle, Eq. The Rev. H. Baflet, of Glentworth, The Rev. Mr. Warter, Mr. Charles in Lincolnshire, was on the 13th ult. Grant, Mr. Robert Grant, of Magdainstituted, and on the 18th and 26th in- len, and Mr. Samuel Lowe, of Trinity ducted to the livings of Glentworth and college, were on Wednesday elected Fel. Thoresby, by the Right Rev. the Lord lows of Magdalen. Bishop of Lincoln.


The four prizes of 15 guineas each, One Doctor in Civil Law. --ad eundem. given annually by the Representatives in Dr. Dealtree, of the University of Parliament for this Univerfity, for the Oxford. belt differtations in Latin prose, are this

Two DoEtors in Medicine. year adjudged as follows: for the Senior Doctor's William Lambe of St. John's Bachelors, to Mr. Henry Vincent Bay. college; James Franck, of Pembroke ley, and Mr. Charles Le Bas of Trinity college. college; and for the Middle Bachelors, Nine Bachelors in Divinity. to Mr. Henry Martyn of St. John's, The Rev. Robert Jones, the Rev. and Mr. Charles Grant, of Magdalen Thomas Holden Gawthrop, the Rev. college.

Richard Cockburn, the Rev. William The Rev. George Stevenson, rector of Cooper and the Rev. John Palmer, Fela the Union of Callan, and formerly Fel- lows of St. John's college; the Rev. low of King's college, is presented to James Currey, Fellow and Tutor of the deanıyot Kilfenora, in Ireland. Bene't college; the Rev. Thomas All

A dispensation has passed the Great fopp, fellow of Emanuel college; the Seal to enable the Rev. Henry Harrison, Rev. James Maniftree, and the Rev. A. M. of Magdalen college, Oxford, Thomas Wilkinson, of Trinity college. and Chaplain to the Earlof Romney, to Five Bachelors in Civil Law. hold the rectory of Warmington, in William Marke Farmer of Emmanuel Warwickshire, with the rectory of Bug- college; John Buller, of Bene't colook, in Northamptonshire.

lege; Tho. Corne Miller, of St. John's The fermon on Commencement Sun- college; William Hockin, of Jelus colday, at Great St. Mary's church, was lege; and Knight Mitchell, of Trinity preached in the morning by the Rev. Dr. ball. Nelson, brother of Adı. Lord Visc. Nelo Six Honorary Masters of Arts. fon, Duke of Bronti, trom Matthew, Lord Lilford, of St. John's college; chap. 14. v. 18. The afternoon fermon Hon. Mr. Leslie, of St. John's college, was preached by the Rev. Dr. Strong, fon of the Countess of Rothes; the Archdeacon of Northampton, from Ro. Hon. Mr. Robinson, of St. John's col. mans, chap. 1. V. 17.

lege, brother to Lord Grantham; the Tuesday last being Commencement Hon. Littleton and Frederick Powis, of Dav, several noblemen and gentlemen Trinity college, brothers to Lord Lilwere admitted to their different degrees. ford; Lord Althorpe of Trinity college,

Earl Percy, son of his Grace the Duke son of Earl Spencer of Northumberland, is admitted of St. Eighty-two Masters of Arts. John's college.

King's College.--Mesirs. Carter, Sınith, The Lord Bishop of London has been Taylor, Tippet, Willon, Wright. 6. pleased to present the Rev. Profeflor Trinity College.-Mellis. Ainllie, BatWollaston to the place and dignity of a tin, Brown, Brooks, Childers, Ciark, Prebendary, in the cathedral church of Coltman, Fell, Foord, Heald, Hornby, St. Pau),

Jeifreys, Lees, Mair, Malkin, Moore, The Rev. J. H. Renouard, one of the Peyps, ien. Robinson, Smedley, TinJunior Fellows of Trinity college, is dal. 20. clected Senior Fellow, in the room of St. John's college.--Mellis. Bourchier, the late Mr. Garnham.

Browne, Cooper, John Evton, Thomas July 9.] On Tuesday last being Com. Evton, Hawksworth, Hunter, Larpent, mencement Day, the following Noble. Maddison, Newell, Pawley, Stannard, men and Gentlemen were admitted to the Thornton, Wainwright, Wood. 15. leveral degrees undermentioned.

Peter-house.- Mesirs. Blucke, BoteFour Doctors in Divinity. ler, Nowell, Wilkinson. 4. Doctors Wiliam Nelion of Christ Clare-ball.--Mefits Dorniord, Slye, college, brother to Admiral Lord Vifo Wardale. 3. count Nelson, Duke of Bronti; Wil. Pembroke-hall.-Messrs. Bailey, Cul. liam Strong of Queen's college; Eli lum, Senhoule. 3. Morgan Price, of Trinity college; Wil. Caius college.--Mellis. Eyre, Sir Tho. liain Boultbee Sleath, of Emmanuel col. Hewett, Bart. Welstead. . 3. lege.

Queen's college.-Messrs. Price, San. ders. 2.


Catbarine ca . Parce. 1. rem hi rern ab initio Odoris 105 4.-- . A , per me le mentis

a ut inem Junii H is R ****, Si..., T. 4. 410, a è S-lectis Con.

Cori:3:934-1. Bi:.02. Bes cicacer cos mex Beghisis. teo, Bw Hm, Mave. Sm.T. 6. Paceat es: 2a Vos, o novem Se. W A 0.. .-W . Bari, kati Ciocares a Pic Carcaiario, BP', sites, Live. 4.

Riga Tree P:ocor, Proiettore Emanst crie:1.-Ves.Cage, Go- Normác, ex Procudzor:b.s, aut eo. fort, Ln, Miners, P.C**co, Poi. non v.ces gorecisas, tiqui art, vel fal. Lie’r, 15*, Sanders, 7.

tem tnbui corua cse.ercedib..s, quoSi no colege - Mul:s. Coutienden, run semper ad P.ocarcelianus, tin. D256, Joko 3.

gali in trgu. mezei pari eus erigan. Juj 15 ) Tie R-, GBeigrare, tur. Ita caten uz cids Concionatori. D. D bas en enteret, by a di. bus vices (s, inter ses, pro a. bitrio, penitior., to not the vicisge : Seb. permutue. 635. bing, in the coun'y o Elex, tege:her Acne u E gia fiat ante finem in. with ine rechtssy o: C khe.c, in Suf. it's Temiri. Denique utiquis hoc folk. .

m.aus un delatun-directaverit, alius The Rv. Marmad ke Wikim'in, quam primum tiari puifit, in ejus locum B. A. is pre en toen re *orvo: R . iubregrur. grave sjir B cial, in Stuk, sacaat In contiquence of the above Grace, by the deatn orth. Rew Morgan G.s. the tollowing gentlemen of the highest

On Saturday 124 1.Rev. Wn. Ca. refpet in the univerfis have been elec. rey, A. M 4$ ini dised prebendary of td preachers for the titt year; and we Barnby-on-ite. Mor, Yorkihire, vont trt that none of them will retuie an by the reïgnation of the Hon. anu Rer, appuirteren: io honourable to themMr. Cathcart.

leives, and to important to the public. The Rev. Juhn Watts, matter of the Rev. D . Pearce, Matter of Jerus academy in College-lane, Northampton, coi ege; Rer. Mr. Fawcet, Norritian is instituted by the Lord Bhup of Pe Poitilor; Rev. Mr. King, Fellow of terborough, to the rectory 0 C.,iting. Trinity; Rev. Mr. Holden, Tutor of tree, Northampton hire, on tie pieien. Sidney; Rev. Mir, Cielweli, Tutor of tation of the Rev. Mr. Hil..

Ciale-hail; Rev. Mr. Outram, Public July 16.] We understand that the Orator; Rev. Mr. Vickers, Tutor of following Grace has passed the Senate Trinity.hall; Rev. Mr. Otter, Tutor with only three diffentient voices of Jerus; Rev. Mr. Wordsworth, Fel

Quum facris Concionibus in templo low of Trinity. Academiæ habendis haud fatis provin July 23.] The Rev. Mr. Comyn, sum videatur:

chiplain to Viscount Nellon, is initi. Placeat Vobis, ut ii, qui pro ratione futed to the rectory of Bridg:ham, in Senioritatis diebus Dominicis poft meri. Norfolk. diem consciones habere tenentur, nemi.

ADDRESS TO CORRESPONDENTS. W E have been reluctantly obliged this month to divide the valuable Critique

V on the Second Plalm, on account of iis extreme length. We trust that the learned author will readily excuse us for lo doing, assuring hin, that the remainder Tall certainly appear in our next Number.

The Queries by A. V. C. will have a place next month.

Observator's Remarks preparatory to the General Election, would be now out of season -Mr. Pearson's Letters in our next.

We again entreat Communications for the Churchman's Memorial. The resident Clergy can very ealily, by learching their respective registers, furnith the Editors with the names of the persons who were deprived of their preferments, in the time of the Civil War, and with the names of their successors; also whether hite former recovered their livings at the Rettoration.

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For AUGUST, 1802.

Ye are no more STRANGERs and FOREIGNERS, but fellow citizens with the Saints and of the HOUSEHOLD of God. Ephef. ii. 19.

LIFE OF DR. ANTHONY HORNECK. THIS excellent man was born, anno 1641, at Bacchatach, in the Lower

1 Palatinate. His father, Recorder of that place, was a very strict protestant, and a person of great reputation ; and devoting his son to the ministry from the womb, gave him such an education as might fit him for that sacred office. He was first sent to Heidelburgh, where he applied himself, with great diligence, to the study of divinity, under the direction and care of the learned Dr. Spanheim, and, at 19 years of age, came over to England, and was even then very eminent, both for learning and piety.

He was entered in Queen's College in Oxford, Dec. 24, 1663, where he was in great esteem with Dr. Barlow, then Provost of that house, who valued him highly for his great learning, and more particularly for his skill in the eastern languages. By his favour, he was made Chaplain of the said college soon after his entrance, and incorporated Master of Arts from the university of Wittemberg. Not long after, he was made Vicar of All Hallows in Oxford, which was in the gift of Lincoln College, where he continued a most constant and painful preacher, about two years. Thence he removed into the fanıily of the Duke of Albemarle, and was received as tutor to his son, Lord Torrington, The Duke bestowed upon him a living in the diocese of Exeter *, and also procured him, from Dr. Sparrow, a Prebend in that Church.

Before he married, he went over into Germany, 1669, to see his friends, where he preached with great acceptation, and was entertained with much respect, at the court of Charles Lodowick, Elector Palatine, who shewed him particular kindness. After his return he was chosen Preacher at the Savoy, anno 1671, where he continued about twenty-six years, till he died. a blessing both to the inhabitants of that place, and, indeed, to the whole city. He was constant in the discharge of the duties of his station; preached with great vehemence and ardour, and also with mighty force and conviction. Speaking the sense of his soul, he entered into the hearts of his peo

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* The rectory of Doulton in Devonshire. Vol. III. Churchm. Mag. August, 1802. I


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