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this Edition

of Shakespear's Poems

is infcribed

by his obliged humble Servant,

The Editor,


Several editions of the Poems of Shakespear have been printed, but the eager desire to be possessed of the complete works of the noblest of poets, have rendered them scarce; it was therefore imagined, an elegant and correct edition would be very acceptable to every admirer of the author. The poems of Venus and Adonis, Tarquin and Lucrece, were published by Shakespear, and dedicated by him to his great patron, the Earl of Southampton ; the remainder, Mr. Gildon remarks, are evidently genuine ; there is not one that does not carry its author's mark and stamp upon it; not only the same manner of thinking, the same turn of thought, but even the same mode of dress and expression ; the decompounds, his peculiar sort of epithets, which distinguish his from the verses of all his cotemporaries or fucceffors.

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