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so binding a promise on them. And here, | Psalm, and requested the people to accompany being told by the said ministers and other per- him in the singing thereof. Which being granted, sons of quality, that being so near his departure he took up the Psalm hipself with a very loud out of the world, it concerned him to speak no- and strong voice, far by his accustomed form, thing but the truth, and that upon the peril of being before his coming to the scattold a weakhis soul : he answered, That to the end they spirited ınan, of feeble voice and utterance; and should know, that he had spoken nothing but was assisted with the number of a thousand the verity, and that his Confession was true in persons at the least, who accompanied bim in every respect, he would (at the last gasp) give singing that Psalın. After the ending whereof them some apparent token for the confirmation be again openly repeated and ratified his said of the same.

Then fitting bimseli to the ladder, former Confession: and with that, recommendthe Executioner cometh to him, and, as the ing fois soul to God, he fastened a cloth about manner is, asking forgiveness of him; “With all his own eyes, and was cast over the ladder, so

my heart,'saith he,' for you do but your otlice, ending this mortal life. Before his last breath, • and it is the thing I desire; because suffering in when he bad hung a pretty space, he list up his • my body, I shall in my soul be joined to my sa hands a good height, and clapped them toge

river'-Atierward, ganging nje the ladder with ther aloud, three several times, to the great his inunds loose and untieil, being on the upper wonder and admiration of all the beholders. part thereof, he desired liberty to sing the 6th Aud very soon thereafter he yielded his spirit.

87. The Process and Trial of Robert LOGAN, of Restalrig, for

High Treason, in conspiring with Jolin Earl of Gowrie, to

murder King James I. 7 JAMES I. A. D. 1609. In the year 1908, the earl of Dunbar, walking servitour to Restalrig (who was employed mein his own garder, and conversing with a coun diator betwixt them, and privy to all tbat ertry gentleman, who lived near the place, falling rand) bad in keeping ; and shewed the same to accidentally io discourse on the matter of Sprott, in the place of Fastcastle.'-— And deGowrie's Forfeiture; this gentleman told the poned, “That he did abstract (i. e. steal) quietly earl, that he being lately in company with one from James Bour, the principal Letter written Sprott, a Notary, who lived in Fyemouth, who by Restalrig to the earl of Gowrie, which Bour was ordinarily employed in the laird of Reshad brought back from the earl of Gowrie (as talrig's service as a notary and trustee, and who was the custom amongst them at that time); was long acquainted with this gentleman who and that when James Bour employed him was speaking to the earl; told the earl, That (Sprott) to look over lis Papers; that he did this Sprott had told him things concerning that keep die same, and that it was yet in his keepTreason which he had never heard before; buting, and was in his chest, among his writings, that he had never told it, so long as those con where he left it when he was taken;' (and accerned were alive. The Earl was curious to cordingly, the letter was found there by the have the information, which the gentleman told Sheriff-depute who was ordered by sir Wm. him, and was in short :

Ilart, Lord-Justice of Scotland, to seize the • That unquhil Robert Logan of Restalrig, said chest, and search for this Letter, which then dead, was a co-partner and contriver with was found, and delivered to the king's advothe earl of Gowrie, and his brother Mr. Alex- cate). ander, in all that affair; and that Sprott had Whereupon the king's advocate produced several letters, yet lying by him, which he had the summons of Treason, which was raised by found amongst Restalrig's Papers, and some warrant under the seals, on the 5th of Feb. papers belonging to one, commonly called laird 1609; aguinst all the defenders and others Bour, the greatest confident of any man that concerned, to compear before our sovereign Restalrig had, and who was also intimate with lord, or his Commissioner, and the estates of Sprott the notary.'—Whereupon the earl of parliament, and justice-general, on the 12th Dunbar acquainted the King's Advocate, and day of April, 1609, to answer, &c. And likeSprott was seized and carried into Edinburgh; wise produced the verifications of the Execuwho, before several lords of the Council, did, tions, which were sworn to, by the heralds, with great remorse of conscience, acknowledge, messengers and witnesses, in plain parliament:

' That he knew perfectly that Robert Logan, all which are contained at length in the Records late of Restalrig, was privy to, and upon the of parliament; as are also the letters of relaxfore-knowledge of Gowrie's treasonable Con- ation and executions thereupon; relaxing Ro. spiracy: and for the greater assurance of his bert Logan, eldest son to umquhil Robert Loknowledge, deponeth, That he knew, that there gan the accused, from the horn, and all perils were divers Letters interchanged betwixt them, thereby: wbich relaxations were registrated in anent the treasonable purposes aforesaid, in publick Records before the day of compearthe beginning of the month of July 1600 ; ance: and then the Lord Advocate produced which Letters, James Bour, called laird Bour, for verifying of the diitay and crimes, the prit

day of

cipal letters, and did put them in the Clerk- / long as ever we live together; for I make him Register's hands (where they lie among the my houshold-man: be is well-worthy of credit; public records); as likewise the Depositions of and I recommend him to you. Always to the the witnesses, taken by the Lords of the Arti- purpose I think best, for our Plot, that we cles, in common form.

meet all at my house of Fast-castle: for I All which being produced in presence of his have concluded with Mr. Alexander, who I majesty's Commissioner, and the estates of think shall be meetest to be conveyed quietly parliament, upon the

1609, ' in a boat by sea; at which time, upon sure the defenders cited, and not compearing; the advertisement, I shall have the place very quiet Advocate desired the Estates declaration on and well provided; and as I receive your'anthe relevancy: the true extracts whereof are as swer, I will post this bearer to my lord: and I follow :

pray you, as you love your own lite, (because Sir Thomas Hamilton of Binnie, kt. Advo- it is not a inatter of mouse) be circumspect in cate to our sovereign lord, in his highness's all things, and tahe no fear but all shall be name, for proviog of the points of the said well. I have no will, that eitler my brother, summons, and reason and cause of Treason or yet Mr. N. R. my lord's old pedagogue, and Lese Majesty contained therein, repeated I know any thing of the matter till all be done divers missive bills, all written and subscribed that we would have done; and then I care not by the said umquhil laird of Restalrig. All the who gets wit, that loves us. When ve have Depositions of the witnesses, examined before read, send this my letter back again with the the Lords of Articles before ; and before the bearer, that I may see it burnt myself; for so Jords of secret council, George Sprott's Depo- is the fasbion in such errands: and if you please sitions, and cooviction and execution to the write your answer on the back hereof, iù case death, for the same cause of Treason as Gow- ye will take my word for the credit of the rie : together with divers writs and other pro- bearer, and use all expedition; for the turn bations, which were presently produced, before would not be long delayed. Ye know the the said estates, by the said Lord-Advocate, in king's hunting will be shortly ; and then sha!! our sovereign lord's name, for proving of the be best time, as Mr. Alexander has assured foresaid summons of Treason, and the reason me, that my lord has resolved- to enterprize and cause of lese majesty contained therein : that matter. Looking for your answer, comof the wbich missive hills and depositions pro- mits you to Christ's holy protection. Froin duced by the said advocate in our sovereign Fastcastle, the 18th day of July, 1600." Sic lord's name, for proving the said Sunmoos of subscribitur, Yours to utter pou er ready, Treason, and reasons therein contained, against

RESTALRIG." the said Robert Logan and his foresaids ; the “ Laird Bour, I pray you haste you west to tenour follows:

me about the errand I told you; and we shall “ Right Honourable Sir; my duty, with ser- confer at length of all things. I have received vice remembred: Please you understand, my a new letter from my lord of Gowrie, concernlord of Gowrie, and some others his lordship's ing the purpose that Mr. Alexander his lordfriends and well wishers, who tenders his lord ship's brother spoke to me before : and I pership's preferment, are upon the resolution you ceive that I may have advantage of Dirleton; know, for the revenge of that cause : and his in case bis other matter take effect; as 'we lordship has written to me anent that purpose; hope it shall. Always, I beseech you, be at whereto I will accord in case ye will stand to me the more and even ; for I assured his lordand bear a part; and before ye resolve, meet ship's servants, that I shall send you over the me and Mr. Alex. Ruthven in the Canongate, water, within three days, with a full resolution on Thursday the next week, and be as wary as of all my will, anent all purposes ; and I shall you can: indeed Mr. Alex. Ruthven spoke indeed recommend you and your trustiness to with me, four or five days since; and I bave his lordship, as ye shall find an honest recompromised his lordship an answer within ten pence for your pains in the end. I care not days at farthest. As for the purpose, Low Mr. for all the land I have in this kingdom, in case Alex. Kuthven and I has set down the course, I can grip of Dirleton ; for I esteem it the it will be a very easy done turn : and not far pleasantest dwelling in Scotland. For God's by that form, with the like stratagem, whereof cause keep all things secret, ibat my lord, my we had conference in T. S. But in case you brother, get no knowledge of our purposes ; and Mr. Alex. Ruthven forgatber, because he for I rather be earded quick. And so looking is somewhat uncautious ; for God's sake be- for you, I rest till meeting. (Sic subscribitur,) ware with his racklessness as to this of Padua ;. Yours to power ready,

RESTALRIG. for he told me one of the strangest tales of a “ From the Cannongate, the 18th day of July. nobleman of Padua that ever I heard in my P.S. I am very ill at ease, thercsore speed life, resembling the like purpose; I pray you, you

hither." sir, think nothing, although this bearer under “ Right bonourable sir; all my hearty with stand of it, for he is the special secretary of my humble service remembered. Since I have life; bis name is laird Bour, and was old Man- taken in hand to enterprise with my lord of derston's man for dead and life, and even so Gowrie, your special and only best beloved ; now for me. And for my own part, he shall | as we have set down the plat already, I will reknow of all that I do know in this world, so quest you, that you will be very circumspect

and wise, that no man get an advantage of us. your lordship would either come, or send Mr. I doubt not but you know the peril to be both Alexander to me; and thereafter, I would life, lands and honour, in case the matter be meet your lordship in Leith, or quietly at Resnot wisely used. And, for my own part, I talrig; where we should have prepared ane shall have a special respect to my promise that tine hatied kit, with sugar, and comfits, and I have made to his lordship, and Mr. Alexan- wine; and thereafter confer on matters ; and der bis lordship's brother, although the scaffold the sogner we brought our purpose to pass, it were set up. If I cannot come to Falkland were the better, before harvest. Let not Mr. the first night, I shall be timely in St. Johnston W. R. your old pedagogue, ken of your comon the morn. Indeed, I lippened for my lord ing: but rather would I, if I durst be so bold himself, or else Mr. Alexander his lordship’s to intreat your lordship, once to come and see brother, at my house of Fastcastle, as I wrote my own house, where I have kept my lord to them both. Always I repose on your adver- Bothwell in his greatest extremities; say the tisement of the precise day, with credit to the king and bis council what they would: and in bearer; for howbeit he be but ane sillie głyed case God grant us happy success in this errand, old carle, I will answer for bim, that he shall I hope both to have your lordship, and his lordbe very true. I pray you, sir, read, and either ship, with many others of your lovers and his, burn or send again with the bearer; for I dare at a good dinner before I die. Always I hope, hazard my life, and all I have else in the that the king's buck-bunting at Falkland this world, on his message, I have such proof of his year, shall prepare some dainty chear for us, constant truth. So commits you to Christ's against that dinner, the next year, jocose hoc to holy protection. (Sic subscribitur,) Yours to aniinate your lordship, at this time : but afterall power, with humble service ready,

wards we will have better occasion to make " RESTALRIG.

merry. I protest, my lord, before God, I wish “ From the Cannongate, the 27th day of July, nothing with a better heart, nor to atchieve to 1600. P.S. I use not to write on ihe back that which your lordship would fain attain .of any of my letters, concerning this errand.'' unto; and my continual prayer shall tend to

My lord, my most humble duty with ser that effect; and with the large spending of my vice, in most hearty manner remembered : at lands, goods, yea, the hazarding of my life, the receipt of your lordship’s Letter, I am so shall not afray me from that, although the scafcomforted, especially as your lordship's pur- fold were already set up, before I should falsify pose communicated to me therein, that I can my promise to your lordship, and persuade utter my joy, nor find myself able how to en your lordship thereof: I trow, your lordship counter your lordship with due thanks. In- has ane proof of my constancy already or now: deed, my lord, at my being last in the town, but, my lord, whereas your lordship desires, in Mr. Alexander, your lordships brother, impart- your letter, that I crave my lord, my brother's ed somewhat of your lordship's intention, mind anent this matter, I utterly disassent anent that matter, unto me. And, if I had from that, that he ever should be ane counselnot been busied about some turns of my own, lor thereto; for in good faith, he will never I thought to have come over to St. Johnston, help his friend, por hurt his foe. Your lordand spoken with your lordship. Yet always, ship may conhde more in this old man, the my lord, I beseech your lordship, both for the bearer hereof, my man, laird Bour, than in my safety of your honour, credit, and more than brother, for I lippen my life, and all that I that, that your life, my life, and the lives of have else, in his hands : and I trow he would many others, who may, perhaps, innocently not spare to ride to hell's-gate to pleasure me; smart for that turn afterwards, in case it be re- and he is not beguiled of my part to him. Alvealed by any, and likewise the utter wraking ways, my lord, when your lordship has read my of our lands and houses, and extirpating of our letter, deliver it to the bearer again, that I may name; look that we be all as sure as your see it burnt with my own eyes : as I have sent lordship, and I myself shall be, for my own your lordship's letter to your lordship again ; part. And then, I doubt not, but with God's for so, it is the fashion I grant: and I pray grace, we shall bring our matter to ane fine, your lordship to rest fully persuaded of me, which shall bring the contentment to us all, and all that I bave promised; for. I am resolve that ever wished for the revenge of Machiave- ed, how beit it were to die in the morn. I lian massacring of our dearest friends. I must intreat your lordship to expede Bour, doubt not, but Mr. Alexander, your lordship's and give him strait directions upon pain of his brother, has informed your lordship what life, that he take never a wink of sleep, until course I laid down, to bring all your co-associ-. be see me again ; or else he will utterly undo ates to my house of Fast-castle by sea ; where us. I have already sent another letter to the I should have all materials in readiness, for gentleman your lordship knows, as the bearer their safe receiving on land and into my house; will shew your lordship, of his answer, and formaking, -as it were, but a manner of passing wardness with your lordship; and I shall shew time in ane boat on the sea, in this fair sum- your lordship farther at meeting, when and mer-tide; and no other strangers to haunt my where your lordship shall think it meetest. house, while we had concluded on the laying Till which time, and ever, I commit your lordour plot; which is already devised by Mr. ship to the protection of Almighty God. Your Alexander and me. And I would wish, that lordsbip's own sworn and bunden man, to obey

and serve with effold and ever ready service, to his utter power, to his life's end. (šic subscri- The Depositions of the Witnesses produced, bitur) RESTALRIG.

are as follow : 66 From Gunn's Green, the 29th day of July, “Mr. Alexander Watson, minister at Colding1600. P.S. Prays your Jordship hold me ex- ham, of the age of 50 years, married, depones, cused for my unseeaily letter, which is not so The five missive Letters subscribed by the laird well written, as mister were; for I durst not Restalrig, and produced in process by the Lord let any writers ken of it; but took two sundry Advocate, for proving of the reasons of Treason idle days, to do it myself. I will never forget pursued against Robert Logan, son and appathe good sport that Mr. Alexander, your lord rent heir to Robert Logan of Restalrig, being ship's brother, told me of a nobleman of shown to this deponent; and he having at length Padua. It comes so oft to my memory; and sighted and considered the same, depones, That indeed, it is Aparastur to this purpose we have he takes upon his conscience, that he verily bein hand.

lieves, that the said five missive Letters, and “ Righit honourable; my hearty duty remem- every one of them, are verily and truly written bred, ye know, I told you, at our last meeting, by the said unqubile Robert Logan of Restalrig, in the Cannongate, that Mr. Alexander my with his own hand: 'and proves this of some of lord of Gowrie's brother, had spoken with me his knowledge, that not only he thinks, that anent the matter of our conclusion; and for the character of every letter resembles perfectly my own part, I shall not be hindmost. And the said unquhile Robert's hand-writ every sinsyne, i got a letter from his lordship's self, way; but also agrees with his fashion of spelling, for that same purpose.. And upon the receipt which he has particularly remembred in every thereof, understanding his lordship’s frankness one of the said missive Letters, in thir points and forwardness in it; God knows, if my heart following: First, That he never used to write was not litted ten stages. I posted this same ane z in the beginning of any word, such as zou, hearer to his lordship, to whom you may con- zor's, zeld, sea, and sick-like; but ever writy, credit all your heart in that, as well as 1: For, instead of the said z. That he writ all words and it were my very soul, I durst inake him ines- beginning with w, with single v; and when that senger thereof, I have such experience of his letter w fell to be in the midst or end, be put truth, in many other things. He is a silly old ane double w. That when he writ quhan, quglyed carle, but wonder honest; and as he has hair, qlk, or any such words, whilk uses to be reported to me his lordship's own answer, I written and spelled by others, with which he think all matters shall be concluded at my wrote only gh, quhen, quhair, and sick-like. house of Fastcastle; for I, and Mr. Alexander Whenever a word began with con, he never Ruthven, concluded, That ye should come with wrote con at length, but wrote with an 17. him and his lordship, and only another man Whenever t fell to be in the end of a word, he with you, being but only four in company, intil wrote it without a stroke through t, and did the one of the great fishing-boats be sea to my like whenever it fell in any part of ane word. house, where ye shall land als safely, as on And for farther confirmation of the premisses, Leith-shore; and the house against your lord he produced three Letters written every word, ship’s coming to be quiet ; and when you are and subscribed by the said umquhile Robert about half a mile from shore, as it were passing Logan of Restalrig, and comparing them to the by the house, to gar set forth a waft. But for five other Missives produced by the Advocate, God's sake, let neither any knowledge come to show evidently the direct conformity of the samy lord, my brother's ears, nor yet to Mr. W. men, as well in the character and true resemR. my lord's old pedagogue; for my brother is blance of the hand-writ, as in the spelling and kittle to shoe bebind, and dare not enterprize writing of divers writs, syllables and letter, acfor fear, and the other will dissuade us from our cording to the particulars above-specified. (Sic purpose with reasons of religion, which I can subscribitur,) Mr. ALEXANDER WATSON." never abide. I think there is none of a noble “ Mr. Alexander Smith, minister of Chirneheart, or carries a stomach worth a penny, but side, of the age of 30 years, or thereby, married, they would be content and glad, to see ane depones, That he was well acquainted with the contented revenge of Greysteil's death; and umquhile laird of Restalrig, by reason he was the sooner the better his lordship be quick ; | pedagogue to his bairns, and bas seen very and bid Mr. Alexander remember on the sport inany of his hand-writs; and having seen, read, he told me of Padua : for I think with myself, and åt length considered the five missive Letters that the cogitation on that should stimulate produced by the Advocate; and inquired, if he your lordship. And, for God's cause, use all knew the same to be the laird of Restalrig's your courses cum discretione. Fail not, sir, to proper hand-writ? Declared, upon his great send back again this letter : for Mr. Alexander oath, That he certainly believes the saids five learned me that fashion, that I may see it de- letters, and every word thereof, to be the laird stroyed myself. So, till your coming, ever of Restalrig's proper hand writ; because he commits you heartily to Christ's holy protec- finds the character thereof to agree every way tion. From Gun's Green, the last day of July, with the shape of his ordinary writing; and re1600."

marked very particularly the manner of RestalThe superscription is torn away from the last rig's spelling of many words, otherwise nor other letter.

men commonly uses to write and spell, accord

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ing to the hail particulars remarked of before, I in all things, reddens eandem causam seientia. by Mr. Alexander Watson, the witness imme- (Sic subsc.) WM. Home.” diately preceding; and, in these points, and in “ John Horne, Notary in Aymouth, of the all others, conform to the said Mr. Alexander age of 42 years, or thereby, solutus, depones, Watson's deposition in all things ; reddens cau The foresaids five missive bills, beiug at length sam scientiæ, because he was perfectly acquaint- sighted and considered by this deponent, deed with the laird of Restalrig's hand-writ in his pones and declares, upon conscience, to his lifetime; and was pedagogne to his bairns knowledge, all the sainis five Missives are the many years, and in his company. (Sic sub- laird of Restalrig's proper hand-writ and subscribitur,) Mr. ALEXANDER SMUTU." scription, for the reasons above-written in the

« Sir John Arnott, Provost of Edinburgh, deposition of Wm. Home, reddens eandem cauof the age of threescore ten years, or thereby, sam scientis. (Sic subsc.) Joun HORNE.” married, depones, That he was well acquainted “ Mr. Win. Hogg, minister at Aytoun, of with Robert Logan of Restalrig, and with his the age of 30 years, or thereby, married, dehand-writ, because he had received divers of pones, That he knew well the laird of Restalrig, his letters himself, and seen many other letters and has seen of bis writs, and produced ane written by him. And the five missive Letters | letter, written by Restalrig to the laird of produced by the Advocate being shown to him; | Aytoun, as written with Restalrig's own handand he having seen and considered the same, writ. And having considered the five writs remembered that he had seen, real, and per- produced by the Advocate; declares, That he fectly considered the Laird of Restalrig's hand-thinks thein likely to be his writs; and that the writ, as the letters written by the deponent at saine appears to be very like his writ, by the any time, or his own band-writ. And so takes conformity of letters and spelling. (Sic subsc.) on his conscience, That the foresaids five mis

Wm. Iloco." sive Bills, produced by the Advocate, are the proper hand-writ and subscription of the said The Deposition and DrelataTION of George umquhile laird of Restalrig, be his judgment.

Sprott, as emitted by him, both before the And, for verification thereof, has produced four

Jury, judicially; and also upon the scafwrits, all written be the said umguhile laird of

fold, at the time of his Execution, on the Restalrig, and sent to this deponent, to Archi

12th of Aug. 1608. Which Deposition and bald Johnstoun, agreeing perfectly in spelling

Declaration was made before the Council, and character, with the saids missives. (Sic

on the 10th Aug, 1603, written by the Clerk subscribitur,) Sir Joun ARNOTT."

of Council, James Prinrose; and subscribed “ Alexander Cuik, Sheriff-Clerk of Berwick

by Sprott's own band, in the presence of

the earl of Dunbar, the earl of Lothian, of the age of 50 years, or thereby, married, depones, That he was well acquainted with the

the bishop of Ross, the lord Holy-roodumqabile laird of Restalrig, and has seen many

House, the lord Scoon, the lord Blantyre, and sundry of his writs, and received divers of

sir William Hart, Lord Justice, Mr. John his leiters directed to himself; and being de

Hall, Mr. Patrick Galloway, Mr. Peter sired to see and consider the five Letters pro

Hewart, all three Ministers of the Kirks of

Edinburgh. duced by the Advocate, and to declare whether he knew and esteemed to be all written by uin George Sprott, notary in Aymouth, being quhile the laird of Restalrig; depones, upon brought to the scailoid and place of execution, his conscience, That be believes and esteems he, in public audience of the hail people, at the saids hail letters to be all written by the the four nooks of the scaffold, ratified his laird of Res!alrig; reddens causam scientia, be- former Deposition, anent his knowledge, and cause, not only the character agrees every way concealing of Restalrig's guiltiness of Gowrie's with the shape of Restalrig's hand-writ"; but Treason: for the which, he craved God and his also the spelling in many particulars, wherein majesty humble forgiveness; being most sorry Restalrig differed from other men's form of and grieved that he had offended God, and the writing. And in the particulars thereof, de- | king's majesty, in concealing such a vile, depones conform to the two first Witnesses, the testable, and unnatural Treason, enterprized ministers of Coldingham and Chirneside ; red by the earl of Gowrie and laird of Restalrig, dens eandem causam scientia. (Sic subscri- against bis natural king, so good and so godly bitur,) ALEXANDER Cuik."

a prince, who bas ever been so gracious to his “ William Home in Aytoun-mill, of the age subjects, and to this bail island: protesting, of 33 years, or thereby, married, depones, That That if he bad a thousand lives to render, and all the five Missives above-written, being shown were able to suffer ten thousand deaths, it is to this deponent, and having at length consi- not sufficient satisfaction and recompence for dered every one of them, takes upon his con- his so foul and horrible offence; and that God science, That to his knowledge, that the saids bad preserved him from many great perils, five missive letters are all written and sub- when his life was in extreme danger, to bring scribed by the umquhile laird of Restalrig ; hiin to this public declaration of that detestfor the special reasons contained in the Depo- able and horrible fact, in testifying of the sitions made by Mr. Alex. Watson, and Mr. truth; as he said publickly, in presence of all Alex. Smith, ministers; and Alex. Cuik, She- the people, in these words following: 'To my riff-Clerk of Berwick; to whom be is conform own shame, the shame of the devil, and the

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