The Portfolio; Or, a Collection of State Papers, Etc: Illustrative of the History of Our Times, Volume 6

Front Cover
David Urquhart
J. Ridgway, 1837 - Europe

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Page 132 - ... in Turkey [with the whole of Asia]. Russia [England] more especially may, on this head, make the more serious and well-founded complaints, because the inconveniences which result from the troubles of the Archipelago [Black Sea] fall more immediately upon her than upon any of the other powers. Every day she sees her dearest and most immeimposent l'obligation de ne plus souffrir des desordres qui nuisent à leur commerce, qui les obligent à de grands frais, en leur imposant le devoir d'entretenir...
Page 163 - ... the resistance to government which indirect taxation must produce, but in tenfold force in Greece, where they have been for centuries accustomed to buy the produce of all parts of the world at the lowest price. The indirect system will then not disguise taxation, while it misplaces the burdens and doubles the necessities of the state, and will cause universal irritation, without obtaining the support of interests and prejudices grown up under its influence. 4th. Law will cease to be respected....
Page 4 - That, moreover, his Britannic Majesty and his Imperial Majesty will not seek, in this arrangement, any increase of Territory, nor any exclusive influence, nor advantage in commerce for their Subjects, which shall not be equally attainable by all other Nations.
Page 50 - Pashalic of Akhaltzik, shall remain in perpetuity under the dominion of the Sublime Porte, whilst those which are situated to the north and east of the said line, towards Georgia, Imeritia, and Gouriel, as well as the whole of the coast of the Black Sea, from the mouth of the Kouban as far as the port of St. Nicholas inclusively, shall remain in perpetuity under the dominion of the Empire of Russia. In consequence of which the Imperial Court of Russia gives up and restores to the Sublime Porte the...
Page 204 - If by morals we refer to the social vices, infamous as the Georgians have always been known to be for unchastity, it must be confessed that they have deteriorated. The devotees of lust have multiplied ; so great was the incontinence of the Russian soldiery, that even Georgians in the province of Kakheti were goaded by it, in 1812, to an open and desperate rebellion.
Page 208 - They who seemed the nearest to his heart, the moment they betrayed their country, were distinguished only by the superior cruelty of their death. But it is against our constitution that his arms are principally directed ; nor, in all his schemes, in all his actions, hath he any thing so immediately in view, as to subvert it.
Page 137 - Russia» [England] notwithstanding such transactions, pointing out the sole means of restoring peace to the Ottoman empire [world,] it cannot but acknowledge that she [England] gives way to no ambitious ideas, and that she sincerely seeks to qui doit convaincre la Porte de la loyauté et de la franchise qui ont dicté cette démarche. Par une des clauses de l'accord susmentionné, la Russie a formellement déclaré, que, dans les arrangemens relatifs à la pacification de la Grèce, elle ne chercheroit...
Page 137 - Akerman a satisfait à tous ses désirs, elle l'a placé envers l'empire Ottoman dans des rapports tels, qu'elle ne sauroit en souhaiter de plus favorables, par conséquent en voyant la Russie malgré de pareilles transactions signaler les seuls moyens de rendre la paix à l'empire Ottoman, le Divan ne peut s'empêcher de reconnoitre qu'elle ne cède pas à des idées d'ambition et qu'elle cherche...
Page 274 - ... head of his armies or to administer the country, are bound by the same law. Justice reigns under the shade of his rule, and with justice, wisdom, mildness, and a desire for the welfare of those who confide in him . Now this difference, which is as sensible as is the soul of man to his body, displays itself also in regard to the religion and the faith of other people. The Russian power allows, it is true, protection to the laws of the Prophet, and it may be that such is the sovereign will of the...

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