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TO CORRESPONDENTS & SUBSCRIBERS. The following query has been sent to us by a respected friend: “ Has not the writer of the excellent and instrActive Exposition of the Gospel of Matthew confounded, through some momentary but singular oversight or inadvertence, the character and prophecies of Elijah with those of Isaiah, in his remarks on chap. xvii. 3, 4? See C. P. August, p. 345, from line 7 to end of paragraph.”

At the close of the Fifteenth Volume of the Christian Pioneer, the Editor gladly renews the expression of his thanks to those val. ued friends who have so kindly contributed to aid his labours, and by their respective communications imparted increased value to the Magazine. He trusts to their continued assistance; and now acknowledges with pleasure communications from M-m; C. L.; F. H.; E. T.; F. B.; T. G.; R. W. W.; E. W. G.; Lectures VII. and VIJI. on the Agents of Civilization; Conversations and Tales illustrative of Christian Faith and Christian Practice, Nos. 4, 5, 6; the Closing and Inaugural Sermons at Newcastle; and various other Works for notice in the department of Review. At all times the Editor will be happy to hear from A. M., J. B., and S. G.

'There are three modes in wbich the friends of Christian reformation inay aid the Editor of the Christian Pioneer in his efforts ;-)st, By contributing original or selected articles for the body of the work; notices of public meetings, either in manuscript or newspaper, for the Monthly Record; and pamphlets and books for review.-2d, By informing others of the existence, nature, and objects of this Magazine. The Editor has reason to fear, that even to the members of many Unitarian congregations, the Pioneer is unknown. It is chiefly to the active efforts of those who value it, and desire its continued publication, that he can look for its wider diffusion and more extensive influence. He trusts he may anticipate the good offices of many friends in this particular. The price of this periodical can be no obstacle with numbers, by whose aid it might be rendered an instrument of no slight importance in the dissemination of Christian truth and morality.-3d, By advertise. ments for the Cover. Though the circulation of the Christian Pio. neer is not inferior to the other Unitarian periodicals, and enters many districts where they are not seen, it has hitherto been favoured but slightly in this respect. The Editor solicits the attention of advertisers to the scale of prices :Five Lines, and under,

.£0 4 Above Five, and not exceeding Ten, 0 6 0 Half a Page,...

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07 6 An entire Page,

0 12 0 In the hope that he will be efficiently and perseveringly aided in these various ways now suggested, the Editor announces, that on the 1st of January 1842, the First Number of the Sixteenth Volume of the CHRISTIAN Pioneer will be published by Simpkin, Marshall, & Co. Stationers' Hall Court, London, to whose care communications for the Editor, or books for review, are requested to be addressed. Communications will also be thankfully received by the Editor, Rev. George Harris, Hope Park, Edinburgh.

EDINBURGH, Nov. 23, 1841.


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