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Experience and Practice.


GLEANINGS FROM A SERMON BY LORD his own, Christ will never lose. “None

shall pluck them out of my hand. My

Father, who gave them me, is greater If you do not feel that you are lost, than all, and no man is able to pluck I despair of your embracing Christ. them out of my Father's hand :" "John

FAITH MUST NOT BE SUBSTITUTED x. 28, 29. FOR THE WORK OF CHRIST.—A be- If any one who came to Christ to be liever is saved, not by the name he justified by his righteousness were conacquires by believing, but by the name demned, I ask, could you ever praise on which he believes. “To Jesus give God again? If even the chief of sinall the prophets witness, that through ners, casting off all his filthy rags, and his name whosoever believeth in him desiring to be found in him who was shall receive remission of sins :" Acts“ the holy one of God” were condemned, 4. 43. The security and peace of be- could you praise God again? No. I say lievers are not founded on the name that God is just, because he justifieth him they have acquired through the fruit- who believeth on Jesus. But if he replied fulness of their faith, but on the name to such an one, “I impute righteousness in which they believe; and if you are to you, without works, in the name of my at any time perplexed about your faith, Son,” the song would at once burst forth take the name of Jesus, glory in it, say “worthy the Lamb." There is nothing “I know in whom I have believed," and in time or eternity to disturb the peace your peace, if it has been disturbed, of him who is found in Jesus. His will be restored.

salvation is as certain as that God is THE GROUND OF A SINNER’S ACCEP- God; as that Christ was delivered for TANCE.—The salvation of sinners who our offences, and “raised again for our come to Christ depends not on what they justification,” (Rom. iv. 25) as that God may have been, but wholly and solely is gracious and the gospel preaches on the power of His intercession. Could peace by Jesus Christ : Acts x. 36. they be rejected, their rejection would BEWARE OF THINKING YOUR OWN be accompanied by the rejection of their THOUGHTS, AND SPEAKING YOUR OWN priest, were it possible. But it is cer- WORDS ABOUT YOUR SOULS.-I am sure tain that God always hears him by of this, that I meet with many brethren whom we come to God.

who fall into a state of uncertainty BELIEVERS ARE PURCHASED BY about their souls, by allowing themselves CHRIST, AND CANNOT, THEREFORE, to speak at hazard about them; to speak PERISH.—It is said,—“In whom we words which are not the fruit of faith. have redemption through his blood, the And I would say that it must be at the forgiveness of sins, according to the peril of our peace if we think and talk riches of his grace:"' Eph. i. 7. Super- about them, except as we are guided by added, then, to the riches of God's grace God's word. Having boldness to enterinare the riches of Christ's blood. It is to the holiest by the blood of Jesus.. the redemption price ; and so it is said, let us draw near with a true heart in full “Ye were not redeemed with corruptible assurance of faith :" Heb. x. 19–22. things as silver and gold, from your Let us go to God in secret in the name vain conversation received by tradition of Jesus, and then, and not till then, from

your fathers, but with the precious when you have received words from blood of Christ:"' 1 Pet. i. 18, 19. “Ye God, take them. He will not reject his are not your own, for ye are bought own words.-Fróm a Sermon preached with a price:" 1 Cor. vi. 19, 20. He at Haverfordwest, Pembrokeshire, Aug. that cometh to God by the blood of 3, 1845. Christ is the purchase of Christ, and


things, may perish; but if we be the

occasion of it, their blood will be required From an Aged Ministerthe late An- at our hands'! drew Fullerto a Young one. Bear with me, my dear young friend,

while I caution you against a few of the MY DEAR YOUNG FRIEND,—You avenues which lead to these things. A havelately put on the harness of the chris- minister must be supposed, of course, to tian ministry. Permit one who is not possess the respect, the esteem, and confar from putting it off to address to you a fidence of his people. Whether it be few serious and affectionate counsels, with persons of superior or inferior relative to the purity of your conduct. condition in life—of his own, or of the The number of scandals which have of other sex—he is admitted to a considerlate appeared among the professed ser- able degree of intimacy with them. If he vants of Jesus Christ, is very affecting. be called to the ministry from the humI do not suppose, indeed, that they have bler walks of life, let him beware, or this occurred in a larger proportion amongst will prove a snare to his soul! Finding ministers than amongst other professors himself raised in the scale of society, of christianity, and still less than among he may be lifted up with an idea that if the men of the world, who make no he had not been an extraordinary man, serious pretence to religion. But, as he would not have been selected and more is expected of christians than of exalted to what he is. Finding himself other men, and of ministers than of admitted to the company and acquaintordinary christians, more account is ance of females of respectability, who, made of their misconduct.

but for his being in the ministry, would It is of scandals our Saviour speaks, not have noticed him, he is in danger, when he says, “Woe unto the world not only in the absence of personal relibecause of offences! It must needs be gion, but for want of a proper knowthat offences come; but woe unto that ledge of himself and of the world, of man by whom the offence cometh !” being betrayed into many improprieties Matt. xviii. 7. If you examine, you will of behaviour. Besides this, whatever find the offence does not refer to any may have been his previous station in thing done by the world, but by the life, a minister's duty requires him to professed friends of Christ ; and that, converse with young people, of both not in the way of provoking displeasure, sexes, amongst the lower and the higher but of giving the world an occasion to orders of society. In such conversations, stumble or to be offended with true the greatest confidence will be placed in religion. The word is skandalon, and his character, for purity and honor; nor denotes a scandal or reproach brought on may this confidence be at first misplaced. the name and cause of Christ by the But if his conversations with the other misconduct of his professed followers; sex be private and frequent, let him furnishing a handle to the world to beware!" Or, if he be unguarded, let continue in sin, and to reject the gospel. them beware of him! The apostle Paul, The world are supposed to be seeking in addressing a young minister, whom occasion to justify themselves, and in he accounted, and accounted truly, the scandals among christians they find man of God," did not think it unneceswhat they seek; and so go on to stumble, sary to direct him to treat the younger and fall, and perish. It is in this way sisters with all purity: 1 Tim. v. 2. It that scandals among christians bring a was a rule with the great and good John woe upon the world. Some who have Bunyan to avoid, as much as possible, been the subjects of strong convic- being alone with one of the other sextions hereby lose them; and others that shunning, not only evil, but“ the appearwere hardened have become still more ance of evil." hardened. But, if there be a woe upon Next to being “in the fear of the the world by reason of scandals, there is Lord all the day long,” the best preserva still heavier woe on that man by whom ative against such evils, is a diligent the scandal cometh! The reason mani- application to reading and study. It festly is, that he incurs the blood of was in an idle hour, that David was souls. The world, stumbling at these drawn aside; and of those ministers




who have in this way brought dishonor and the benefits of an early attendance
on the cause of Christ, I suspect the upon public worship, and that the Bap-
greater part will be found to have been tist Tract Society might publish it cheap
idlers ! — men who would spend the for distribution in our churches, which
whole week in visiting, and that, not as might prove useful in making our con-
Paul did, who taught from house, but gregations like that in Acts x. 33, so
sauntering away their time, in eating, that they might say, Now therefore
and drinking, and trifling conversation. are we all here present before God, to
I have heard it said that all ministers hear all things that are commanded thee
have not a talent for study; but if so, of God.” The following lines were
they ought to relinquish the ministry, addressed by a minister to those of his
engage in some useful employment. congregation who came late :

“ A little less indulgence in the bed,
A little more contrivance in the head,
A little more devotion in the mind,
Would quite prevent your being so behind."

J. O.




EVERY one acquainted with places of worship either in London or the coun- A CHRISTIAN'S EXPERIENCE. try, must have observed that a large number of those who attend them seldom I THANK God, my heavenly Father, take their places until after the service is for his mercy towards me, in that he rebegun; this often causesconsiderable con- membered me in my low estate, and fusion, disturbing the devotions of those brought me out of nature's darkness, who are in time, to the annoyance and that he convinced me of sin, and led grief of the minister and all others who me to Christ Jesus, who is, I feel, the wish to worship with reverence and way, the truth, and the life, and whose godly fear. It would be well if every blood cleanseth from all sin; I find that person who is not in time to be seated nothing which this vain world affords before the commencement of the ser- could give me hope in the hour of vice, would carefully examine into the death, and that had I been left in my

The inquiry cannot do them former state, I must have been lost for any harm; surely it cannot be a matter ever. I was without God, without hope, of indifference whether they are in time in the world; in the gall of bitterness, or not; have they no interest in the in the bonds of iniquity. To my shame prayer or the hymn? or is the sermon like some in old times, while I honoured the only part of the service that is inte him with my lips, my heart was far resting to them? have they no want to from him, I was dead in sin, professing be supplied ? no sin to be pardoned ? no but not possessing Christ. My heart blessing to ask from God ? It might be was evil continually. But I thank God thought so, as they are not in time to he has made me to differ. Now, though unite in prayer and praise. But is it in the world, I would not be of it, but so ? Are these persons careful or care count it nothing and vanity, that I may less about the progress they make in enjoy the sweetness that springs from divine things ? Have they an appetite Christ. My tongue cannot fully desfor spiritual things? I fear not. Would cribe the joys I derive from him, the the hungry man be late where bread fountain of my life. And yet I find was to be given away? or the sick man that in itself the way I have to travel if he expected health and cure? But is a thorny road, that I have foes withmy object in these remarks is not only out and foes within; that my heart is to arrest the attention of those who prone to wander; that Satan, the enemy attend the house of God late, and induce who goes about seeking whom he may them to reflect upon the evil of their devour, tries with his thousands of crafty doings and repent and reform, but that inventions to persuade me that there is some of our ministering brethren might no hope for me in God, that I tarried be induced to write a short address, say too long, that I trifled with him too of four pages, upon the evils of a late, much, that my sins are too great, and

that I cannot be saved. But I have desire of the righteous shall be granted.” found him a liar and a deceiver, and The Lord has heard and answered your I thank God that though he has tried prayers. I was at Enon Chapel, Sept. me he has not left me to myself in the 21, when Mr. Felton, of Deptford, hour of danger, but I have found his preached from these words,“ Christ is grace all-sufficient for me. I adore all in all.” My heavenly Father was him for the assurance that where he pleased to bless these words to my soul. begins the good work he will carry it He made me to feel what a sinner I am, on till the end, and though I find that how I need his precious blood which if I enter heaven, it must be through cleanseth from all sin, how empty I am, much tribulation, yet looking to him to how I need a full Saviour, how weak Í strengthen me with might by his Spirit am, and how I need a strong Saviour. in the inner man, and make me to bear I told my mistress and master what I all that may be laid upon me, I hope to felt. They rejoiced and were glad. I endure unto the end, in expectation of was afraid and trembled, and every bone the reward promised me. And when seemed to shake at such a holy calling. it shall be his will to take me from the I was much easier in my mind when I church on earth, may I with all my bre- told them what I felt, as I could not thren and sisters in Christ, be found rest in peace till I had done so. I cried among the jewels of his crown, the unto the Lord with my voice, and he members of the church triumphant in heard me out of his holy hill. On heaven. There sin shall be unknown, Monday morning I asked the Lord to and his name shall have all the praise. give me something to feed upon, as I Pentside Chapel, Dover.

felt how much I needed it, and he was Nov. 2nd, 1845.

pleased to favour me with these words, which I shall have reason to praise him

for all the days of my life, and through AN EXAMPLE OF YOUTHFUL PIETY. eternity :- I have ‘loved thee before

the foundations of the world. I have The writer of the following delight-given myself a ransom for thee. I ful record is sixteen years of age. Her have redeemed thee. I have set my father is the superintendent of a sab- seal upon thee. I will bless thee, and bath-school near London. When she thou shalt be mine in that day when I left his house to remove to the other make up my jewels;' (O blessed hope side of London, there was no reason to and mercy) with other passages which believe her to be under the power of I cannot mention now. Do thank the divine grace, although from infancy she Lord for what He has done for me. had been of a serious disposition. Soon You cannot praise him enough. He has after that time she became much de- plucked me as a brand from the burning. pressed and agitated in mind, but after-O that I could praise him more. wards she was so spiritually enlightened

O to grace how great a debtor, and so richly blessed with the love of

Daily I'm constrained to be. God shed abroad upon her heart, that she has broken forth in these lively ex

Dear father and mother, you have pressions of her experience of divine advanced far on your pilgrimage, and

know what it is to endure the dark mercy.

moments of Satan's power, but the Lord

Oct. 28, 1845. does not visit his children with what " Dear Father and Mother,—I write they are not able to bear. I have felt this letter to you in tears of rejoicing to some of the dark moments of the tell

you of the Lord's goodness to me. enemy, and have found it an unspeakHe is, I hope, pointing out to me the able mercy to have a hiding-place in way of peace and holiness, without Jesus, a shelter from the storm, a refuge which no one shall see the Lord; you to flee to. Pray that the remainder of have often felt much concerned about my days may be more devoted to Him, the welfare of my immortal soul, you and that all I do may be done to Hiś have offered many prayers on my be- glory. I feel ashamed I have not half, but remember that it is said "" the written a letter to you before worth call

ing a letter, but the Lord has sent you who are continually remembered in your this as a token of His tender mercy fathers' and mothers' prayers, fulfil towards your unworthy daughter, their joy and your own bliss by seeking

EMMA." with earliest and deepest interest the

pardon of your sins, the salvation of How happy is such a state. How

your souls. "Intreat Jesus thus to mani. blessed a fulfilment is it of the promise, fest himself to you, and make you re“Those who seek me early shall find joice in the promises which he has made me :” Prov. viii. 17. Though the words to those who love him and are called in which she describes the promises according to his purpose.

Repress impressed on her heart, are not from every other desire, till you have satisfied scripture, they all express the substance this, the desire to know that Christ is of promises there made to believers on your Saviour, and to feel his love thrillJesus. Ye beloved youths and maidens ing your hearts.



THE UNINSPIRED CHRISTIAN WRITERS | bind or loose the conscience, and must

be used only as helps to the study of

those which are divine. BESIDES the inspired books of the The uninspired christian writers of New Testament, there are also unin- | the apostolic age, whose works have spired writings which are attributed to come down to us, are Clement, of Rome, christians who lived in the time of the Ignatius, Polycarp, and perhaps Barapostles. The former are the writings nabas, Hermas, and an unknown writer of "holy men of God," who “spake as whose epistle to Diognetus, bears some they were moved by the Holy Ghost :' evidence of apostolic antiquity. Some 2 Pet. j. 21; the latter are the writings of the writings attributed to them, conof good men, who though they might tain satisfactory evidence, from the be richly endued with the gifts of the purity of the doctrine, the simplicity of Holy Spirit, did not receive what they the style, and the facts to which they taught from his direct inspiration. The refer, of being on the whole genuine ; former are the words of God, and he but others give reason to believe that who despises them despises not man but either they are wholly spurious, or God, who revealed them by his Spirit: have, to some extent, suffered from in(1 Tim. iv. 8.) They command with terpolation and alteration. They afford, supreme authority and teach with infal- however, many valuable illustrations of lible truth. To embrace them is to be the faith and practice of the churches of saved, to reject them is to be lost for the apostolic age. ever. Between these writings therefore, The fact that a person lived in the and those of even the best of men, there time of the apostles, and had intercourse is the vast difference which exists be with one or more of them, is not sufficient tween the Creator and the creature, and in itself to prove that his writings are a to place them on a level is to make man correct record of divine truth; for it equal with God. The value of the very appears from scripture that many who best of such uninspired writings is heard an apostle, fell into error, both of simply to illustrate the meaning, and doctrine and practice. The Corinthians call attention to the teaching of those both corrupted the Lord's-supper, and which are inspired. They have in some of them denied the resurrection of themselves no authority whatever to the dead. Even the apostles themselves


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