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Shepley, Mr., on memorial of Seth Pitts, 1913.

| Tipton, Mr., on General Post Office, 50.
Post Oflice report, 1998.

the bill for authorizing the people of Michigan
relief of the representatives of Moses Shepherd, Territory to form a separate State Government,

Silsbee, Mr., on public distress, 226, 297.

Cherokee memorial, 1776.
the West India trade, 376.

compensation of volunteers on the frontier, 1896.
extending the payment of revenue bonds, 511, 522. bill establishing the northern boundary of Ohio,
Massachusetts resolutions, 836.

Salem memorial, 1258.

for establishing the Territorial Government of
Salem proceedings, 1315.

Wisconsin, 1906.
New Bedford memorial, 1607, 1610.

for making Florida canals, 1907.
general appropriation bill, 2031, 2041.

Indian appropriations, 2073.
harbor bill, 2081.

admitting the Territory of Arkansas, 2078.
light-house bill, 2027.

barbor bill.
Smith, Mr., on the Pennsylvania petitions, 609.

Virginia land warrants, 2126.
petitions and resolutions from Connecticut, 656. Tomlinson, Mr., presented a memorial from Lyme, 1997.
public lands, 820.
Elizabeth Robinson's claim, 1746.

a bill granting a pension to William Shaler, 2001.

Windham county memorial, 2065.
Baltimore and Washington railroad, 1761.

for the benefit of Washington, 2079.
relief of Mountjoy Bailey, 1837.

improvement of Hudson river, 2126.
relief of Lord Stirling's heirs, 1999.

Tyler, Mr., on Treasury suits, 45.
Tolland county memorial, 2024.

the removal of the deposites, 468, 472, 663.
improvement of the Hudson river, 2126.

the Virginia memorial and resolutions, 604, 943,946.
Southard, Mr., on the deposite question, 142, 143, 485, resolutions of the Virginia Legislature, 636.
New Jersey resolutions, 525.

[486. memorials from Norfolk and Wheeling, 749.
New Jersey memorials, 614, 1049, 1261, 1426, Shenandoah county resolutions, 960.

1434, 1839, 1840. Culpeper memorial, 1188, 1195.
memorial of young men of Philadelphia, 1145.

Cumberland road, 1233.
Cumberland road, 1236, 1238.

proceedings of a meeting of young men of Rich-
Rhode Island Senator, 1255.

mond and Manchester, 1527.
printing old journals, 1305.

Pennsylvania and New York memorials, 1792.
President's protest, 1356.

relief of Mountjoy Bailey, 1837.
marine corps, 1833, 1834.

relief of the owners of the privateer Roger, 1906.
bill for making certain Florida canals, 1907.

proposed amendment of the constitution, 1957.
Post Office report, 1916, 1917, 1919, 1973.

relief of the representatives of Moses Shepherd,
general appropriation bill, 2040, 2045, 2063.

pensions to French seamen, 2042.

French spoliations prior to 1801, 2038, 3040.
bill for the benefit of Washington, 2079,

bill for the benefit of Washington, 2079.
appointing a committee to sit in the recess to inves- Virginia land warrants, 2126.

tigate the condition of the deposite banks, 2125.
Sprague, Mr., on the Rhode Island election, 13, 806. Vice President, on the York county memorial, 965, 970,
his resolution to restore to the Senate the appoint-

ment of its committees, 20, 28.
call on the Secretary of the Treasury for informa- Waggaman, Mr., on the New Orleans memorial, 1007.

tion respecting ihe West India trade, 139; on Toulon accident, 2035.
the report, 373, 375.

Webster, Mr., on the Government deposites, 33, 35, 466,
on slavery in the District of Columbia, 198.

467, 474, 482, 485.
public distress, 228.

election of committees, 40.
removal of the deposites, 380, 443, 480.

accidents in steam vessels, 54, 57.
Pennsylvania petitions, 608.

public distress, 259, 291, 338, 379, 528.
petitions from Maine, 616, 620, 623, 627, 632.

appropriation bill, 331, 333, 336, 341.
public lands, 820.

New York resolutions, 405, 435.
New Jersey petitions, 870, 873, 875.

giving instructions to Committee of Finance, 445,
Maine memorials, 942.

Bath memorials, 1243.

New York memorial on the finances of the coun-
Rhode Island Senator, 1257.
President's protest, 1340, 1365.

extending the payment of revenue bonds, 523.
Hallowell memorial, 1559.

North Carolina resolutions, 540, 556.
New Bedford memorial, 1609, 1611.

Maine petitions, 636, 639, 648.
Augusta memorial, 1838, 1839.

pension bill, 715.
Post Office report, 1916, 1985, 1992.

Louisville memorial, 742.
relief of Lord Stirling's heirs, 2000.

New Bedford memorial, 745.
French spoliations prior to 1800, 2038, 2040.

Lancaster county (Pennsylvania) memorial, 825.
Indian appropriations, 2072 2073.

Philadelphia mechanics' memorial, 826.
harbor bill, 2083.

Massachusetts resolutions, 838, 842, 853, 855.
Swift, Mr., on the navigation of Lake Champlain, 336. Brooklyn memorial, 942.
Burlington memorial, 858.

York county memorial, 961, 965, 1116.
New Jersey petitions, 866.

Boston memorial, 978.

rechartering the Bank of the United States, 984,
Tallmadge, Mr., on New York resolutions, 412.

1036, 1144
the removal of the deposites, 492, 892.

proceedings of a meeting at Chambersburg, 1107.
Louisville memorial, 722, 724, 737.

Lynn memorial, 1113.
French spoliations prior to 1800, 2039.

Albany memorial, 1177, 1423.

try, 464.

Webster, Mr., Muncy memorial, 1187.

President's explanatory message, 1397, 1400.
President's protest, 1421, 1613, 1660, 1663.
Union county (Pennsylvania) memorial, 1453.
Ontario county (New York) memorial, 1475, 1478,

Utica (New York) memorial, 1527.
Huntingdon (New York) memorial, 1533.
Pennsylvania memorial, 1582.
Boston memorial on gold coin, 1596.
memorial from Ross county, Ohio, 1599.
New Bedford memorial, 1607.
New York, Pennsylvania, and Michigan memorials,

Elizabeth Robinson's claim, 1749, 1750.
Columbia, Pennsylvania, proceedings, 1761.
Raleigh memorial, 1769.
Cherokee memorial, 1778, 1779.
New York memorial, 1780.
New York and Pennsylvania memorials, 1788, 1790,

gold and silver coins, 1805.
pension roll, 1825.
llarrisburg memorial, 1860, 1870, 1877.
proceedings of Mercer, 1917.
Rhode Island election, 1918.
Post Office reports, 1951, 1958.
Tompkins county memorial, 1998.
foreign silver coins, 2019, 2020.
general appropriation bill, 2021, 2030, 2031, 2041,

2044, 2053, 2064.
French spoliations prior to 1800, 2038, 2039, 2050.
death of General Lafayette, 2054, 2071, 2074.
New Hampahire resolutions, 2063.
bill for the benefit of Washington, 2079.
Post Office resolutions, 2118, 2120.
Boston memorial, 2125.
improvement of the Hudson river, 2126.

deposite bill, 2127.
White, Mr., on rechartering the Bank of the U. S., 1117.

Elizabeth Robinson's claim, 1746, 1747.
relief of Mountjoy Bailey, 1836, 1837.
general appropriation bill, 2064.
Indian appropriation bill, 2072, 2074.

Wilkins, Mr., on public distress, 376.
removal of deposites, 444, 469, 472, 481, 483, 485,

486, 574.
extending the payment of revenue bonds, 508.
North Carolina resolutions, 565.
resolutions from Pittsburg, 615.
York county memorial, 960, 966.
Cumberland road, 1142, 1143, 1144, 1231, 1238.
Beaver memorial, 1171.
Huntingdon county proceedings, 1529, 1534.
Hanover county proceedings, 1542.
Pittsburg proceedings, 1761.
Post Office reports, 1996.

general appropriation bill, 2041, 2051, 2065.
Wright, Mr., of New York, on Rhode Island election, 7,

12, 14, 19, 804, 807, 1918.
Senate's appointing its own committees, 22.
New York resolutions, 397.
giving instructions to Committee of Finance, 445,

pension fund, 463.
New York memorial on the finances of the coun-

try, 464, 466.
removal of the deposites, 479, 1156.
extending the payment of revenue bonds, 523.
North Carolina resolutions, 553.
Louisville memorial, 731, 736.
Troy memorial, 747.
public lands, 821, 822.
public printing, 832, 833.
Burlington memorial, 861.
Brooklyn proceedings, 957.
rechartering the Bank of the United States, 1019.
Albany memorial, 1184, 1207, 1228.
Rhode Island Senator, 1252, 1256, 1257.
ascertaining the number of petitioners on the de-

posite question, 1302.
President's protest, 1615.
pension agency, 1729.
Pennsylvania and New York memorials, 1786, 1787.
gold and silver coins, 1805.
pension roll, 1827, 1831.
Post Office reports, 1993.
compensation of Mr. Potter, 2020.


Adams county, Pennsylvania, memorial opposed to the re. Appropriations; a bill making appropriation, in part, for
charter of the bank, 3532.

the Government for 1834; ordered to be en-
New York, memorial respecting the deposites and

grossed, 2246, 2494.
currency, 4036.

the Speaker's statement in relation to the bill,
Addison county, Verinont, memorial on the subject of the

2683; passed, 2685.
deposites and currency, 3948.

naval appropriation bill, considered and ordered to
Adjournment of Congress, resolution fixing a day for it,

be engrossed, 2365; passed, 2397.
3537; taken up, 5817; and negatived.

Indian appropriation bill, considered, 2501, 4067;
resolutions fixing the 16th of June for adjourn-

ordered to be engrossed, 4080; passed.
ment, 4041; debated, but no decision; agreed to, general, the bill taken up, 3543, 3651; passed,
4079; amended fixing the 30th of June as the day

of adjournment, 4430.

Armory in Kentucky; a resolution instructing the Com.
Alabama and the Executive of the United States; a resolu-

mittee on Military Affairs to inquire into the es.
tion instructing the Committee on Indian Affairs pediency of erecting one, 2549.
to inquire into the provisions of treaty of March, Army commissariat; a bill to render permanent the pre-
1832, with the Creeks, wlicther they be incon-

sent mode of supplying the army, &c., 2753.
sistent with the sovereign right of said State, Army appropriation bill, 2954; passed, 3001.

2301. Augusta, Georgia, memorial praying that the former
Albany, New York, memorial against the course of the

relations between the United States and the
administration, 3526.

Bank of the United States may be restored,
Alexandria, a bill for the benefit of, 4794; passed, 1796.

money, 3840.

Baltimore and Washington railroad, a bill further to con. Clark county, Kentucky, memorial on the subject of the
tinue in force an act to authorize the extension,

deposites, 4199.
construction, and use of a lateral branch of, Clerk, Walter S. Franklin elected, 2137.
2500; passed.

Clinton county, Ohio, memorial touching the scarcity of
Baltimore, memorial of the merchants on the deposites,

2729. Committees of the House, order for appointing them, 2160.
memorials approving of the course of the adminis- standing, announced, 2160.

Commutation pension bill, (See Pensions.)
a bill making appropriations for building a Congress, a bill to provide for rebuilding the frigate of
marine hospital at, 4797; passed.

that name, 4795; passed 4796.
Bank of the United States, a memorial from the Govern- Connecticut memorial on the currency, &c., 2724.
ment directors respecting it, 2181.

banks, in favor of a recharter of the Bank United
memorial from the president of the bank, 2207.

States, 2771.
a history of, a resolution for furnishing each mem- Copy-rights, (See Patents.)
ber with a copy, 2549.

Creek Indians in Alabama; a resolution to inquire into the
and pension agency, a message from the President provisions of the treaty of March, 1832, 2707;
on the subject, 2615.

laid on the table, 2708.
committee appointed to look into the afiairs of the Cumberland road, a bill making appropriations for con-
bank, 3516.

tinuing it, 4080; ordered to be engrossed, 4537.
a bill proposed to modify and extend the act incor- Cumberland county, Pennsylvania, memorial on the de-
porating the bank, 3779.

ranged state of the currency, 3128.
report of the committee appointed to examine the
affairs of the bank, 4240.

Decatur, Susan, a bill for the relief of, 2759, taken up,
resolutions proposed as a substitute for those re-

ported by a majority of the committee of inves- Delaware county, Pennsylvania, memorial praying for the
iigation, 4321, 4257; concurred in, and tbirty restoration of deposites, 3538.

thousand copies ordered to be printed, 4274. Delaware, Kent county, memorial complaining of the re-
Banks of deposite, a resolution calling for copies of their

moval of public deposites, 3648.
charters, &c., 3271.

Dennis, Littleton Purnell, from Maryland, his death an.
Banks of District of Columbia, resolution proposing a nounced, 3650.

committee to investigate their situation, 3749. Deposite bank bill reported, 3752; passed 4760.
Bangor, Maine, memorial praying that the charter of Deposites, (See Government. )

United States Bank may be renewed, 2762. Doorkeepers, Overton Carr and William Hunter appoint-
Bath, Maine, memorial complaining of stagnation of bu-

ed, 2138.
siness, 3327.

Duties on sculpture, a bill for remitting duties on certain
Bell, Johın, elected Speaker in the place of Mr. Steven-

articles of, 3123; rejected.
son, resigned, 4373; his address on the occasion.
Bells; a bill to remit duty on bells presented to the Roman Elliot's Debates, a resolution directing three hundred
Catholic Church at St. Louis, Mo.,4801; passed.

copies to be procured, 2375; agreed to, 2376.
Bellefonte, Centre county, Pennsylvania, proceedings of Explosions by steam, a bill authorizing the Secretary of
a public meeting, 3537.

the Treasury to make experiments to preventi,
Berks county, Pennsylvania, memorial praying that the

4797; passed, 4798.
deposites may be restored, 2774.
memorial against rechartering the bank, 3531. Five per cent. stock, (Sce Sinking Fund.)
and Lancaster county, Pennsylvania, memorials on Fletcher, Noah, his memorial stating his case to the
pecuniary distress, 3129.

House, 2290; laid on the table, 2375.
air, General James, from South Carolina, his death an- Florida and Arkansas land claims, a bill for the adjust.
nounced, 3328.

ment of, passed, 4793.
Blair and Pinckney, Messrs., a difference between them Fobes, Abraham, a bill for his relief, 2298; passed.
settled, 3137.

Foot, Samuel A., resigns his seat, 4043.
Books, a resolution proposing to furnish the new mem-Foreign silver coins, a bill to regulate their value, 2548;
bers with certain books of reference heretofore

furnished to old members, 2561; called up, 3001; Fortifications, a bill making appropriations for certain,
agreed to, 3009.

2755; passed, 4789.
Bouldin, Mr. T. T., from Virginia, notice of his death, &c. France, claims on; a bill to carry into effect the conven-


tion with France, 3971.
J., elected in the place of bis late brother, took Franklin county (Pennsylvania) memorial, praying for
his seat, 3271.

the restoration of the deposites, 2693, 3130.
Brandenburg, Kentucky, memorial against the removal of Franklin county (Massachusetts) memorial, complaining
the deposites, 3839.

of the removal of the deposites, 4258.
Burlington, Vermont, memorial on the derangement of Frigate and schooner, a bill to purchase the frames of,
the currency, 3952.

4795; passed, 4796.
Chaplain, Rev. Mr. Stockton elected, 2166.

Gårdiner (Maine) memorial, complaining of the scarcity
Chester, Pennsylvania, memorial for the restoring of the of money, 3640; discussed, 3715.
deposites, 2783, 3532.

Garland, Mr., from Louisiana, appeared, was qualified,
Cincinnati, memorial on the removal of the deposites, 2539.

and took his seat, 3821.
Chesapeake and Ohio canal, memorial of the Baltimore Genesee (New York) memorial, praying relief from
and Obio railroad, 2701.

present embarrassments, 3953.
Claims for buildings burnt by the enemy during the war; a Georgia claims, a bill for the payment of, 4789.

resolution instructing the Committee of Claims Gloucester (Virginia) memorial, on the currency, 4186.
to inquire into the expediency of providing for Gold coin bill, a bill regulating the value of certain gold
such by law, 3081; agreed to.

coins, 4498; passed, 4673.

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Government deposites, on the removal of, 2170. Louisville (Kentucky) memorials, complaining of pecu-
report on the removal of them, 2868.

niary distress, 2896, 3838.
resolution directing deposites to be made in the Lowell (Massachusetts) memorial, against the recharter of
Bank of the United States, 3676.

the bank, 3638.
bill directing deposites to be made in certain local Lycoming county (Pennsylvania) memorial, against the
banks, 4600; passed, 4760.

removal of the deposites, 3531.

in favor of rechartering Bank U. States, 4174.
Hallowell (Maine) memorial, against the unauthorized in-
terference of the Executive with the currency, Madison, (Indiana) proceedings, in relation to the em-


barrassed state of the country, 2896.
Harbor bill, 4081; passed, 4796.

Madison county (Kentucky) memorial, in favor of restor-
Harrison county (Ohio) memorial, praying for the restora-

ing the deposites, 4198.
tion of the deposites, 3535.

Maine resolutions in relation to the removal of the de-
Havana and Porto Rico, a bill to equalize the discrimina-
ting duties on American vessels in, 4798; passed. Marine hospitals, a bill for erecting, 4788; passed.

posites, 2570.
Hudson river, a bill for the improvement of, 4795; pass- Maryland, proceedings of the 5th congressional district,
ed, 4796.

Indian appropriation bill, (See Appropriation.)

Massachusetts resolutions, leave asked to introduce them,
Indian liabilities, a resolution calling on the Secretary of

2970, 3009.
War to report a statement of the liabilities of the

memorial of 3d congressional district, 3933.
United States to Indians under existing treaties, Members, list of, 2129.

2551. Mifflin county (Pennsylvania) memorial, against the er-
annuity bill, 4068; passed, 4071.

periment made on the currency of the country,
affairs; a report, with three bills, viz: to provide for

the organization of the department of Indian af. Military Academy at West Point, a bill making appro-
fairs, to regulate trade and intercourse with priations for, 4483; passed, 4498.
them, and to provide for the establishment of Military land warrants, a bill to extend the time for
the Western Territory, for their security and

issuing, 4797; passed.
protection, &c., 4200; passed, 4797.

Mills, R., a resolution for compensating him for his services
Iron for railroads, a bill to allow it to be imported duty

as architect in designing and carrying into effect
free, 4787.

the alterations in the Hall of Representatives,

Jefferson, Thomas, a bronze statue of him proposed to
be presented, 3136.

National currency; a resolution of Mr. Ewing, directing
a resolution respecting do., 4787; agreed to.

the Committee of Ways and Means to inquire
Jones county (Mississippi) memorial, sustaining the course

into the expediency of authorizing a national
of the Executive, 4252.

currency of 35 millions, 220.
Judges, Territorial, a bill making increased appropriation

a proposition respecting, leave to offer it refused,
for their salaries, 4566; passed.

Kalb, Baron de, a petition from the heirs of, 4263.

Natchez memorial, condemning the removal of the de-
Kentucky, 14 instead of 13 members present, 2130.

posites, 3309.
contested election in the 5th congressional district Navy regulations; a proposition for printing additional
brought before the House, 2139.

copies of rules and regulations for the navy,
resolutions respecting the removal of the deposites,

4006; agreed to.

report on the bill for equalizing the pay of officers
election; resolution on the disputed election of

of the navy, 4138.
Letcher and Moore, 3967.

Naval service; a bill authorizing transfers of appropriation

in the naval service, 4795; passed, 4796.
counter report on do., 4007.
resolutions on the subject, 4200.

Nelson, General, his claim for services during the Revolu-

tion referred to a select committee, 2377.
Lafaytete, General, his death announced, and a joint New Bedford resolutions on the removal of the deposites,
committee appointed to report what token of

respect will be proper on the occasion, the re- memorial praying for a change in the policy of the
port of the committee, 4760, 4642.

Government, 2897.
Lands, public, a bill to reduce and graduate the price of, New York memorial, from merchants, complaining of the


deranged currency, 2531;
laid on the table 4522,

memorials on the present condition of the country,
on the Wabash, a motion to refer the schedule

of them to the committee on the subject, 2542, New York and New Jersey boundary line; a bill reported,
a bill making grants of, to disbanded officers and

giving the assent of Congress to a treaty entered
others, for services during the late war, 3082.

into belween the two States, 4336; passed, 4793.
a bill relinquishing the reversionary interest of the New Ilaven, proceedings of a meeting of the citizens in
United States in an Indian reservation, 3539; favor of rechartering Bank United States, 2773.

New Jersey and Rhode Island memorials for the restura-
Land claims, (See Florida and Arkansas.)

tion of the deposites, 3327.
Lead mines; a bill to authorize the President to cause the proceedings of Hunterdon and Somerset counties,
lead mines in Illinois and Michigan to be sold,

4388; passed.

New Orleans memorial on the shock given to public
Lexington (Kentucky) memorial, against the removal of credit, 3841.
the deposites, 3534.

Newcastle (Delaware) memorial, praying that the de-
Light-house bill, 4789; passed, 4802.

posites may be restored, 2836.
Locomotive steam engines imported, duty to be remitted, Norfolk (Virginia) memorial, in favor of restoring the
4788; passed, 4798.

deposites, 4242.


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North Carolina, Burke country, memorial against removal | Prince George's county, Maryland, memorial for restora-
of deposites, 3649.

tion of deposites, 3533.
memorials from the Tarborough district, 3821. Providence, Rhode Island, memorial approving of the
Northumberland county (Pennsylvania) memorial, ap-

course of administration, 3641.
proving of the administration, 3531.

Public Treasury; resolutions declaring that all moneys not

appropriated are under the order and direction
Ohio boundary; a bill to settle the northern boundary of of Congress, &c., 3678; agreed to, 4430.
Ohio, 4436; passed.

Public buildings, a bill making appropriations for, 4795;
Oneida county, New York, memorial against the unwise

passed, 4796.
interference of the Government with the cur-
rency, 3959.

Railroads and canals; a bill to anthorize the construction
Onondaga county, New York, memorial on the disturbed

of railroads and canals through lands of the
currency, 3955.

United States, 3082.
Ontario county, New York, memorial against the remo- Railroad, (See Bultimore and Washinglon.)
val of deposites, 4150.

Reduction of revenue, a resolution to instruct the Com-
Order, questions of, 2494, 2496, 2497, 2498, 2543, 2557,

mittee of Ways and Means to inquire into its ex-
2583, 2597, 2616, 2017, 2619, 2620, 2728, 2735,

pediency, 2825; the House refused to consider it.
2784, 2785, 2868, 2976, 3001, 3472, 3517, 3538, Remuneration for lost property in the late war, a bill for
3752, 3753, 3760, 3761, 3764, 3765, 4034, 4035,

that purpose, 3602; passed.
4135, 4136, 4139, 4273, 4274, 4276, 4435, 4446, Resignation of Mr. Speaker Stevenson, 4335; bis address
4447, 4455.

on leaving the chair, 4368.
Owens, Hardeman, a resolution in relation to the case of, Revolutionary claims, a bill providing for their settlement,
2709; agreed to, 2734.

reported, 2551; passed.

Rhode Island memorials, complaining of the derangement
Patents and copy-rights, a bill respecting, 4793; passed.

of the currency, 2717, 3327.
Paterson, New Jersey, memorial in relation to the l'nited resolutions on do., 4504, 3517.
States Bank, 3136,

Richmond memorial, from merchants and others, 2734.
Pennsylvania memorials, in favor of continuing the United Rochambeau, Marquis of, his petition, 42063.
States Bank, 2831.

Rockingham and Shenandoah, Virginia, memorials against
Pennsylvania avenue, a bill to complete the improvement

the restoration of the deposites, 3533.
of, 4794; passed.

Rules, the old ones adopted for the present, 2138.
Pension list, a résolution proposing to extend the provi-

motion to amend the rules, 2161; negatived, 2184.
sions of the act of 1832, 2244, 2492; passed,

2702. Salaries of officers, a resolution proposing to equalize the
Pensions, a bill granting pensions to certain persons there-

salaries of, 3680; agreed to.
in named, on its third reading, 2538; passed. Salem, Massachusetts, memorial praying for redress of
a bill giving to the Secretary of War all authority

grievances, 3645.
in regard to paying pensioners, 2702; passed.

Sandy creek, (on Lake Ontario,) a memorial praying for
to French seamen, a bill granting, 4704; passed.

the construction of a harbor, &c., 2293.
Philadelphia memorials, from the merchants, &c., for the Sandy and Beaver canal, a proposition for a grant of land
restoration of the deposites, 2697.

to aid in its construction, 2924.
memorial from the cordwainers, 2725.

Savannah, Georgia, memorial against the measures of the
memorials from working men, 2835.

administration, 3650, 3836, 4150.
memorials from sundry mechanics, 3132.

Sergeant-at-arms, Thomas Beverly Randolph elected,
memorials from the councils, 3528.

Pittsburg, Pennsylvania, memorial praying for restoration Seneca Falls, New York, memorial against the ruinous
of the deposites, 2693.

measures of the administration, 3952.
Polish exiles, a memorial for the relief of, 3748.

Shelby county, Kentucky, memorial deprecating the re-
Portland resolutions, 3014.

moval of the deposites, 3532.
Portsmouth, New Hampshire, memorial complaining of Silver coinage, a bill regulating the value of foreign silver
the distress of the times, 2715.

coins, 3846; passed, 4279.
Post Office; a resolution calling on the Postmaster General Singleton, Mr., from South Carolina, his death an-
for an account of clerks, &c. employed in his

nounced, 2166.
Department, 3845.

Sinking fund; a resolution of Mr. Selden, instructing the
Potomac bridge, a bill authorizing its construction, 4412;

Committee of Ways and Means to report a bill
passed, 4795.

authorizing the Commissioners of the Sinking
Pre-emption rights, a bill to revive the act of 1830, 4469;

Fund to redeem the five per cent. stocks of the
passed, 4480.

United States, &c., 2294; taken up, 2366,
President's annual message received, 2138, (See Appendix.)

adopted, 2368.
messages from, 2166.

Slavery in the District of Columbia, memorials from Con-
message from, 2168.

necticut on this subject, 2539.
resolutions on the annual message offered, 2168.

Southwark and Moyamensing resolutions praying for res.
message, in relation to presents from foreign Pow-

toration of the deposites, 2727.
ers, 2317.

Spain and the United States, a bill to carry into effect the
message, respecting the bridge across the Potomas, Spanish West India trade, a bill relating to the trade of,

convention between, 4795; passed, 4796.

message, respecting foreign coins, 3328.

4522; passed, 4798.
message with a convention with the King of the two Speaker, Andrew Stevenson elected, 2136; his address.
Sicilies, 4071.

John Bell elected, after several ballots, 4371.
message with treaty with Emporor of Russia, 4071. Specie tender; a bill making certain foreign silver coins a
message with a convention with Spain, 4222.

legal tender, 3905; laid over, 3912.
message with Count Rochambeau's and the heirs of Springfield, Massachusetts, memorial complaining of the
Barun de Kalb's petitions, 4263.

distressed situation of the country, 3637.


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