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Fletcher, Sir H. Cumberland Lee, John, Clitheroe
Flemyng, Sir Michael Le, Legh, T. Peter, Newton, Lan-

Foley, Hon. Andrew, Droit- Lemon, Sir William, Cornwall

Lemon, John, Saltash
Foley, Hon. Edward, Worces- Lisburne, Earl of, Cardigan-

Forester, George, Wenlock Lister, Thomas, Clitheroe
Fox, Right Hon. C. J. West- Long, Dudley, Grimsby

Lowther, Sir William, Cumber-
Francis, Philip, Yarmouth, Isle land
of Wight

Lowther, John, Haslemere
Frederick, Sir John, Christ- Lowther, James, Westmorland

Loveden, Edward L. Abington
Fullerton, William, Lauder, &c.Ludlow, Earl, Huntingdonshire
Galway, Viscount, York Mackbride, John, Plymouth
Garforth, J. B. Haslemere Mackenzie, Francis Hum. Ros.
Gould, Sir Charles, Breconshire shire
Gould, Charles, Breçon Mackworth, Sir Herbert, Cardf
Greville, Right Hon. C. War- Macpherson, James, Camelford

Maitland, Viscount, Malmesbu-
Grey, Charles, Northumberland ry
Hamilton, Right Hon. W. Ger.Marsham, Hon. Charles, Kent

Malden, Viscount, Oakhampton
Hanay, Sir S. Camelford Masters, Richard, Cirencester
Harrison, John, Grimsby Melbourne, Viscount, Malmes-
Heneage, John Walker, Crick. bury

Middleton, Sir W. Northum-
Honeywood, Filmer, Kent berland
Howell, David, St. Michael's Miller, Sir John, Newport,
Hunt, Thomas, Bodmyn

Hussey, William, Salisbury Middleton, Lord, Whitchurch
Jervaise, J. Clarke, Hants Molesworth, Sir William, Corn-
Jervaise, T. Clarke, Yarmouth wall
Inchinquin, Earl of, Richmond Monckton, Hon. Edward, Staf-
Jolliffe, William, Petersfield ford
Keene, Whitshed, Montgome. Montagu, Right Hon. Frede-

rick, Higham-Ferrers
Kenrick, John, Blechingly Molineux, Crisp, King's Lynn
Kinsmill, Robert, Tregoney Morgan, John, Monmouthshire
Knight, Richard Payne, Lud- Morshead, Sir John, Bodmyn

Mostyn, Sir Roger, Flintshire
Ladbroke, Robert, Warwick Moysey, Abel, Bath
Lambton, W. H. Durham Mundy, Edward, M.Derbyshire
Laurie, Sir Robert, Dumfrie. Myddleton, Richard, Denbigh

Nedham, William, Winchelsea
Laurence, William, Ripon Nesbit, John, Winchelsea

Newhaven, Lord, Gatton St. Aubin, Sir John, Penryn
Newnham, Nathaniel, London St. John, Hon. St. Andrew,
Forth, Lord, Banbury

North, Hon. G. A. Wotton Salt, Samuel, Aldborough

Satterthwaithe, J. C. Cocker-
Norton, Hon. Chapple, Guil. mouth

Saville, Hon. R. Lumley, Lin-
Ord, John, Wendover

Osbaldiston, George, Scarbo-Sawbridge, John, London

Scott, Thomas, Bridport
Owen, Hugh, Pembroke Scudamore, John, Hereford
Owen, William Mostyn, Mont- Senhouse, H. Cockermouth,

Sheridan, Richard B. Stafford
Page, Francis, Oxford Uni. Sinclair, Sir John, Lestwithiel

Skene, George, Aberdeenshire
Palmerstone, Viscount, Bo- Sloane, Hans, Christchurch

Sloper, William Charles, St.
Parker, Sir Peter, Malden Alban's
Parkyns, Thomas, Boothby, Smyth, Sir Robert, Colchester

Spencer, Lord Charles, Oxford-
Payne, John Willet, Hunting shire

Spencer, Lord Robert, Oxford
Pelham, Right Hon. Thomas, City

Ştanley, Thomas, Lancashire
Pelham, Hon. Henry, Lewes Stephenson, Roland, Carlisle
Pelham, Charles A. Lincoln- Stewart, Alexander, Kircud-

Penrhyn, Lord, Liverpool Strachey, Henry, Bishop's
Penton, Henry, Winchester Castle
Philips, J. G. Carmarthen Stuart, Hon. James, Buteshire
Pierrepont, Charles, Notting. Stuart, John Shaw, Renfrew-

Plumer, William, Herts Stuart, Charles, Bridport
Popham, William, Milbourn Swinburne, Sir J. E. Launce-

Powys, Thomas, Northamp- Taylor, Clem. Maidstone

Taylor, Michael Angelo, Poole
Purling, John, Weymouth Tempest, John, Durham City
Rawlinson, Sir Walter, Hunt- Thorold, Sir John, Lincolnshire

Townshend, Lord John, West-
Rawlinson, Abram, Lancaster minster
Ridley, Sir Mathew White, Vanneck, Sir Gerard William,
Newcastle on Tyne

Rushworth, Edward, Newport, Vaughan, Hon. John, Berwick

on 1 weed
Russel, Lord John, Tavistock Vyner, Robert, Thirsk


Upper Ossory, Earl of, Bed. Wilbraham, Roger, Helston

Windham, Right Hon. Wil-
Walpole, Hon. Horatio, Lynn- liam, Norwich

Winnington, Edward, Drast-
Walwyn, James, Hereford wich
Warren, Sir George, Lancas- Wrightson, William, Ayles-

Webb, John, Gloucester Wynn, Glynn, Carnarvon

, William, Matton Wynn, Sir W. Williams, Der.
Whitmore, Thomas, Bridge- byshire


List of those Members who have not voted on the Question

respecting the Regency.
Adeane, J. W. Cambridge Mitford, William, Newport,
Ambler, Charles, Saltash, Cornwall
Aubrey, Thomas, Wallingford Montgomerie, Hugh, Airshire
Aubrey, Sir John, Bucks Orde, Right Hon. Thomas,
Barnard, Viscount, Totness Harwich
Beckford, William, Wells Palk, Lawrence, Ashburton
Campbell, Sir James, Culros, Peyton, Sir Henry, Cambridge-

Clavering, Sir Thomas, Dur- Pitt, Hon. George, Dorsetshire
ham County

Rumbold, Sir Thomas, Wey.
Compton, Lord, Northampton mouth
Cunninghame, Right Hon. Russel, Lord William, Surrey

Robert, East Grinstead Smith, Nathaniel, Rochester
Cust, Francis, C. Grantham Trevanion, John, Dover
Eden, Right Hon, W. Heytes. Trevelyan, Sir John, Somerset-

Ferguson, James, Bamffshire Trottman, P. Northampton
Goodricke, Sir John, Ripon Vaughan, E. Lloyd, Merio-
Hare, James, Knaresborough nethshire
Lewis, Edward, New Radnor Watherstone, Dalhousie, Bos-
Luttrell, John Fownes, Mine.

Wilks, John, Middlesex
Mansell, Sir William, Carmar- Wycombe, Lord, Chip. Wy-

Milford, Lord, Pembrokeshire





BECAUSE the undoubted right and indispensable duty declared in the said resolution to have been exercised and discharged by the lords and commons of Ireland, and to which it is alleged they are alone competent, do not in any legal or sound sense appear to us to have any existence.

And because the assuming a right in the lords and commons alone to confer upon his Royal Highness the Prince of Wales the government of this kingdom, under the style and title of Prince Regent of Ireland, in the name and on the behalf of his majesty, to exercise and administer according to the laws and constitution of this kingdom, all regal powers and prerogatives to the crown and government thereof belonging, or the addressing his royal highness to take upon himself such government in manner aforesaid, before he be enabled by law so to do, seems to us altogether unwarrantable, and to be highly dangerous in its tendency to disturb and break the constitutional union, whereby this realm of Ireland is for ever knit and united to the imperial crown of England, on which connection the happiness of both kingdoms essentially depends; and we are the more apprehensive of danger, lest the so doing should be considered as tending to the prejudice, disturbance or derogation of the king's majesty in, of, or for the crown of this realm of Ireland. Mountmorris, by proxy

Lifford, C. Courtown, by proxy

R. Dublin Enniskillen, by proxy

Conyngham Mornington, by proxy

Tyrone Altamont, by proxy

Bective John Clogher, by proxy Chetwynd George Lewis, Kilmore Valentia William Leighlin and Ferns Longford Powerscourt

Glandore Hillsborough

Ranelagh Carhampton

Harberton Lanesborough

Bellamont William Ossory

Dissentient. BECAUSE when his excellency the lord lieutenant, his majesty's representative here, hath told us that under the impressions of his official duty and of the oath that he hath as chief governor of this kingdom, he is obliged to decline transmitting to Great Britain the address of both houses of parliament to his Royal Highness the Prince of Wales, it doth not consist with that decorum, with that justice, and that grave proceeding, in which this house, the great and dernier court of justice, will ever act, to proceed to a condemnation and censure of his excellency without being allowed to enquire and look into the constitution of his office or into his oath. And besides, we cannot consider it as a want of respect to his Royal Highness the Prince of Wales, the not transmitting the said address to him, as it would expose his royal highness to difficulty and embarrassment, by laying him under the disagreeable necessity of deciding upon great legal and constitutional principles, in which his royal highness's future interest, and the rights of that imperial crown, which he is born to inherit, may be very deeply concerned and moreover, we conceive this house ought ever to be mindful of the station, in which the constitution hath placed it, and ought to resist every thing, which partakes of intemperance and excess. Mountmorris, by proxy

Bellamont Courtown, by proxy

Valentia Mornington, by proxy

Lifford, c. Enniskillen, by proxy Tyrone Altamont, by proxy

Langford George Lewes Kilmore

Glandore John Clogher, by proxy Bective W. Leighlin and Ferns Harberton Lanesborough

R. Dublin Powerscourt

Ranelagh Hillsborough

W. Ossory Carhampton


Dissentient. BECAUSE although desirous to express our humble thanks to his Royal Highness the Prince of Wales, for his gracious answer to the addresses of both houses of parliament, and that to a degree, which might induce us to pass over the departure, which there seems to be in the mode and form of this address from the usual course and proceedings of parliainent, yet we cannot agree to this address, which doch not consist, as we conceive, with those constitutional principles, which are maintained in our protests of February last, and to which' we adhere.

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