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and having the towns, counties and districts in each state and province arranged alphabetically. With an Appendix, containing additional localities and a tabular view. By Samuel Robinson, M. D. Member of the Anierican Geological Society. One volume 8vo. Cummings, Hilliard & Co. Boston.

A System of Pyrotechny. Comprehending the Theory and Practice, with the application of Chemistry ; designed for exhibition and for war. In four parts. Containing an account of the substances used in fireworks; the instruments, utensils, and manipulations; fire-works for exhibition and military pyrotechny. Adapted to the military and naval officer, the man of science, and artificer. By James Cuibush, A.S. U. S. A. One vol. 8vo. Clara F. Cutbush, Philadelphia.

The Philadelphia Journal of the Medical and Physical Sciences. Edited by N. Chapman, M. D., W. P. Dewees, M. D., and John D. Godman, J. D. No. 1, New Series. H. C. Carey f I. l.ea. Philadelphia.

An Address delivered at the opening of the Eleventh Exhibition of the Academy of Fine Arts, May 10th, 1825. By William Beach Law

8vo. James V. Seaman. Five Hundred Questions, selected from a full course of Illustrations and experiments upon Chemistry. Applied to the Useful Arts, given at the Agricultural Seminary at Derby, Connecticut ; with a short staiement of the Course of Instruction. 12mo. New Haven.

An Essay on the Manufacture of Straw Bonnets, containing an Historical Account of the introduction of the manufacture, &c.: with moral, political, and miscellaneous reinarks. 18mo. pp 69. Providence, Barnum, Field & Co.

The American Journal of Science and Arts. Conducted by Benjamin Silliman. Vol. IX. No. II. June, 1825 New-Haven.

The Boston Journal of Philosophy and the Arts. No. XI. Boston. Cummings, Hilliard & Co.

Elements of Geometry, by A M. Legendre, Member of the Institute and the Legion of Honour, of the Royal Society of London, &c. Translated from the French for the use of the students of the l'niversity at Cambridge, New England, by Jolin Farrar, professor of mathematics and natural philosopy Second edition, corrected and enlarged 8vo. pp. 224. Boston. Cummings, Hilliard & Co.

Fauna Americana. being a Description of the Mammiferous Animals inhabiting North America. By Richard Harlan, M. D. Professor of Comparative Anatomy, &c. 1 vol. 8vo

Price $2.

The Drama. Montgomery; or the Falls of Montmorency; A Drama, in three acts. By Henry I. Finn. Wells & Lilly, Boston.

Education. The New Federal Calculator, or Scholar's Assistant; containing the most concise and accurate rules for perforining the operatio s in common arithmetic, together with numerous examples under each of the rules, varied so as to make them conformable to alınost every kind of business, for the use of schools and counting houses. By Thomas T. Smiley, teacher. One volume 12mo. John Grigg. Philadelphia

The American Penman, comprising the Art of Writing, Plain and Ornamental. Designed as a standard work, for the use of schools.

Written and engraved by Eleazer Huntington, author of an introduction to the art of penmanship, &c. Hartford, E. Huntington.

A Polyglot of the Hebrew, Chaldee, Syriac, Greek, Latin, English, French, Italian, Spanish, and German Languages, reduced to one common rule of Syntax, &c. with an extensive Index, intended to simplify the study of the languages. By Samuel Barnard. 8vo. pp. 312 NewYork. Wilder & Campbell

A Complete Key to Smiley's Arithmetic, entitled, The Federal Calculator, or Scholar's Assistant, &c. By 'T. T. Smiley, teacher, author of School Geography, &c. Philadelphia. I. Grigg.

History and Biography. Memoir of the Life of Josiah Quincy, Jun. of Massachusetts: by his son, Josiah Quincy. 8vo. Boston. Cummings, Hilliard & Co.

Correspondence of Lord Byron, with a Friend, including his Letters to his Mother, written from Portugal, Spain, Greece, and the shores of the Mediterranean, in 1809, 1810, and 1811. One volume 12mo. H. C. Carey, & 1. Lea, Philadelphia.

A Review of the Efforts and Progress of Nations, during the last twenty-five years. By T. C. L. De Sismondi. Translated from the French, by Peter S. Duponceau. 8vo. Harrison Hall, Philadelphia.

The History of New-England, from 1630 to 1649. By John Winthrop, first Governor of Massachusetts, with notes by James Savage, with an elegant engraving of the author. Vol. I. 8vo. Price $3. Boston.

A Particular Account of the Battle of Bunker, or Breed's Hill, on the 17th of June, 1775. By a Citizen of Boston. 8vo. Boston. Cummings, Hilliard & Co.

The History of Boston. No XI. Boston. A. Bowen.

Annals of Portsmouth, comprising a Period of Two Hundred Years, from the first settlement of the town ; with biographical sketches of a few of the most respectable Inhabitants. By Nathaniel Adams. Portsmouth. Published by the author.

Life of the Marquis de la Fayette, Major General in the Service of the United States of America, in the war of the revolution. bert Waln, Junr. Philadelphia I. P. . Nyres. One vol. 8vo. Embellished with an elegant likeness of La Fayette.

Law. Digest of the Cases decided in the Supreme Judicial Court of the Commonwealth of Massachusetts, from March, 1816, to October, 1823, inclusive, as contained in the five last volumes of Tyng's, and the first of Pickering's Reports, with the names of the cases, and a table of the titles and references. To which is added, a digested index of the names of the cases in the eighteen volumes of Massachusetts Reports. By Stephen Metcalf One volume octavo. Boston, Richardsori & Lord.

An Address to the Members of the Bar of Suffolk, Massachusetts, at their stated meeting on the first Tuesday of March, 1825. By William Sullivan 8vo. Cummings, Hilliard 4 Co.

Trial of Moses Parker, James Buckland, Joseph Wade, William Walker, Comelius Olly, Abraham Potts, and Noah

oremus, on an indictment for the murder of David R. Lambert, on the 3d of June, 1825, at a court of Over and Terminer, held in and for the city and county of New York, on the third Monday of June, 1825, before the

By Ro

Hon. Ogden Edwards, Judge of the first circuit. 8vo. H. Spear. New-York.

Trial of Amos Furnald for the Murder of Alfred Furnald, before the Superior Court of Judicature, holden at Dover, within and for the county of Strafford and State of New Hampshire, on the first Tuesday in February, A. D 1825. Reported by Richard Ely. 8vo. pp. 127.

Report of the Committee on Laws to the Corporation of the City of New-York, on the subject of interment within the populous parts of the city. Read and adopted at a special meeting of the said corporation on the 9th of June, 1825, and published by their order. Mahlon Day.

Medicine. The Carolina Journal of Medicine, Science, and Agriculture. Vol. I. No. 1. Charleston. Gray & Ellis.

The New-York Medical and Physical Journal, Nos. XII-XIV. Edited by John B. Beck, M. D., &c. 8vo. E. Bliss & E. White.

Elements of Phisiology. By A Richerand. Translated from the French by G. I. M. De Lys, M. D. With notes and a copious appendix. By James Copland, M. D. 1 vol. 8vo. W. E Dean. NewYork.

New-York Monthly Chronicle of Medicine and Surgery, No. 12. E. Bliss and E. White.

The Carolina Journal of Medicine, Science, and Agriculture, conducted by Thomas Y. Simons, M. D. and William Michel, M. D

Vol. I. No. II. for January, 1825.

The Philadelphia Journal of the Medical and Physical Sciences. No. XIX. Philadelphia. Carey & Lea.

Miscellaneous. The American Journal of Letters, Christianity, and Civil Affairs. A new Newspaper. Published weekly by J. Callaghan & Gibson. Princeton, New Jersey.

The United States' Literary Gazette, No. I.–VIII. 1825. Cummings, Hilliard & Co Boston.

Speech Delivered before the Overseers of Harvard College, February 3d, 1825, in behalf of the resident instructors of the college, with an introduction. By Andrew Norton. 8vo. Cummings, Hilliard & Co. Boston,

On the Aim of the Order of the Freemasons. Translated from the German. By

One vol. 12mo. E & E. Hosford, Albany. An Oration delivered at Concord, April the Nineteenih, 825. By Edward Everett. 8vo. Boston. Cummings. Hilliard, & Co.

The African Repository and Colonial Journal. Vol. I. No. II. for April, 1825.

A Dissertation on the Nature, Obligations, and Form of a Civil Oath. By William Craig Brownlee, D. D. 8vo. pp. 44.

An Address to the Members of the Bar of Suffolk, Mass. at their second meeting, on the first Tuesday of March, 1824. By William Sulli8vo

Dedham, Mass. An Oration in honour of General La Fayette, delivered in his presence, at Nashville,May 4, at the request of the Grand Lodge of Tennes

By William Gibbs Hunt. 8vo pp 12. Nashville, Tennessee. Review of a pamphlet, entitled "A Report of the Evidence in the


pp. 71


Case, John Atkins, Appellant, vs. Calvin Sanger et al. Executors, relative to the Will of the late Mrs. Badger, of Natick, &c. By Thomas Noyes. 8vo. pp. 71. Dedham, Mass.

Address delivered before the Alumni of Columbia College, on the 4th of May, 1825, in the Chapel of the College. By Clement C. Moore, A. M. 8vo. pp. 37. New-York. E. Bliss E. White.

The Leper of Aost. Translated from the French of Lemaistre. 12mo. pp. 37. Cummings, Hilliard & Co.

An Address delivered at the Laying of the Corner Stone of the Bunker Hill Monument. By Daniel Webster. 8vo Boston. Cummings, Hilliard & Co. pp. 40.

The Order of Exercises in the chapel of Transylvania University. A Collection of Original Pieces in honor of the Arrival of General Lafayette. 12mo. pp. 16 Lexington, Kentucky. Philadelphia Magazine, No. V. Philadelphia.

An Exposition of the Facts and Circumstances which justified the Expedition to Foxardo, and the consequences thereof; together with the proceedings of the Court of Inquiry thereon, held by order of the Honorable the Secretary of the Navy. By D. Porter. 8vo. pp. 107. Washington. Davis & Force.

Memoir read before the Historical Society of the State of New York, December 31, 1816. By E. Benson. Second edition, with Notes. New-York. Wilder & Campbell.

Remarks on the Proceedings at Concord, New-Hampshire, on the Subject of Internal Improvement. 8vo. Prce 20 cents. Boston.

An Essay on the Siudy and Pronunciation of the Greek and Latin Languages. By Williain White, A. M.

Notes on Virginia. By Thomas Jefferson. A new edition. 1 Vol. 12mo. Philadelphia. Carty & Lea.

An Address delivered to the American Friendly Association, on their Third Anniversary, being the 22d of February, 1825. By Faneuil Hunt. Published by request. 12mo. pp. 14. Charleston, S. C.

Boston Monthly Magazine. No. I. June, 1825 Boston.

Views on the subject of Internal Improvement, Steam Boats on the Susquehanna, &c. By William Hollins. Nos. I. & II. Baltjinore. Etting Mickle.

A Lecture, being the second of a Series of Lectures, introductory to a Course of Lectures, now delivering in the University of Maryland. By David Hoffman. Published at the request of the faculty of law. 8vo. pp. 50. Baltimore. John D. Toy. North American Review. No 48. July, 1825 The Inquisition, examined by an Impartial Reviewer. No. I. NewYork. Thomas 0. Conner.

The New-Jersey Monthly Magazine, for April, 1825. Edited by Thomas S. Wiggins Vol. I No 1. 8vo. pp. 32. Belvidere

The Long Island Journal of Philosophy and Cabinet of Variety. Conducted by Samuel Fleet, assisted by a number of literary gentlemen. Vol. I No. III. Jnly, 1825. 8vo. pp 50. Huntington, L I

An Introduction to Algebra, upon the Inductive method of Instruction. By Warren Colburn, author of “ First Lessons in Arithmetic," &c. 12mo. pp. 172. Boston. Cummings, Hilliard & Co.

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pp. 16.

Novels. The Christian Indian; or, Times of the First Settlers First of a Series of American Tales. 1 vol. 12mo pp. 251 New-York. Collins & Hannay.

The Travellers a Tale. Designed for young people. By the author of Redwood. One vol. 18mo. Ē. Bliss # E. #hite.

Redfield; a Long Island Tale, of the Seventeenth Century. One vol. 12mo. Wilder & Campbell.

New Moral Tales, Selected and Translated from the French of Madam De Geolis. By an Ainerican. One vol. 12mo. Wilder & Campbell.

The Journals of Madam Knight, and the Rev Mr. Buckingham, from the original manuscripts. Written in 1764 & 1710.

Female Quixotism: Exhibited in the Romantic Opinions, and Extravagant Adventures of Dorcasina Sheldon. In two volumes 18mo. Boston, J P. Peaslee.

Resignation; an American Novel. By a Lady. In 2 vols. 12mo. Concord, N H. Jacob B. Moore.

Stranger of the Valley; or, Louisa and Adelaide. An American Tale. By a Lady. 2 vols. 12mo. pp. 241 and 218. New-York.

Poetry. Ode for the Celebration of Bunker Hill, at the Laying of the Monumental Stone, June 17, 1825. By Granville Mellen. 8vo. Boston.

Poems by John Turvill Adams. One volume 12mo A. H. Mallby & Co. New Haven.

The Pleasures of Friendship, and other Poems. By Dr. James M•Henry. 12mo. Philadelphia. A. R. Poole.

Politics and Political Economy. Two Discourses on a New System of Society; as delivered in the Hall of Representatives of the U. States, in presence of the President of the United States, the Ex-President, Heads of Department, Members of Congress, &c. on the 15th of February and 7th of March, 1825. By Robert Owen, of New Lanark. 18mo. Atkinson f. Alexander, Philadelphia.

The General Convention of Peace, Amity, Navigation, and Commerce, ween the United States of America, and the republic of Colombia, concluded and signed at Bogotá October 3. 1824, and ratified at Washington, May 31, 1825 Philadelphia J Mortimer.

A Report of the Secretary of the Treasury, on the Commerce and Navigation of the United States during the year ending on the 30th of September, 1821. 8vo pp. 300. Washington, D. C. Gales & Seaton. Price $2.

An Essay on Political Economy, by J. R Macculloch of Edinburgh, republished from the supplement to the Encyclopedia. With notes, by professor M'Vickar of Columbia college. Wilder and Campbell.

Prospective Theology or a Peep into Hell. By the Rev. Ephraimn
Spooney, A. S. S. J Mortimer, Philadelphia.

A Dissertation on the Divinity of Christ. By William Fowler.
The Design and the Importance of the Education Society of the Epis-

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