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A Monthly Journal,




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28, 243.

A Visit to the Churchyard, 7,

Geology and Catholics, 158.

An Ambassador from Ireland, 64.

Good Advice to Graduates, 168.

Scotch-Irish (?) and Irish in the Revolution, God Must Have His Place, 201, 357, 575.


Grand Ovation to Gen. Collins, 367, 413.

An Exile's Return, 115.

Grand Celebration, 518.

Physical Characteristics of the Irish People,


The Old Queen: Her Antecedents, 126.


Andrew Fingar Brophy, Decorative Artist,


Henry George, the Socialist, 1.

New St. Mary's Cathedral, San Francisco, Home Rule and the Southern States, 26.

Cal , 143.

Hot Weather Diet, 148.

Allocution to the Pope, 162.

How M. Dupont Came to Own a Holy Face,

A Constitutional Coward, 260.


A Black Record, 279.

Humorist, 198.

A Most Inhuman Crime, 281.

How Women Begin to Drink, 234.

A Gift to Our Pope, 356.

How Polly Outwitted Her Father, 261.

A Prolific Race, 358.

How the Yeos were Foiled, 442.

A Convert to Home Rule, 360.

How Labor Day was Fixed, 461.

American Help to Ireland, 366.

His Golden Wedding, 478.

A Souvenir of M. Dupont, 414.

Hon. J. G. Blaine on Ireland's Cause, 549.

A Visit to Knock, 431.

A Prayer for the Republic, 477.

A Christmas Incident. M. A. Tincker, 522.


Irish Schools in Spain, France, and Portugal,


Irish Discoverers of America, 46.

Brothers of the Christian Schools, 552. Irish, Not Scotch-Irish (?) in the Revolu-

tion, 202.


In Mormon Land, 229.

Ireland's Vow, 347.

Catholics Endangered by a Little Learning,

Irish Christian Brothers, 429.


Irish Missionary Types in Newfoundland,
Catholic Progress, 40.

Condition of Catholics in the United States,


Can I Afford to Drink? 164.

Life in City and Country, 437.

Cyclones, 233.

Commencement Day at Laval, 253.

Charlestown Convent, 263.


Catholic Total Abstinence Union of Amer-
ica, 363;

Musings from Foreign Poets, 20, 226.

Coming Irish Parliament Foreshadowed, 463. Memoranda : From Bantry to Killarney, 25.

Caustic Mr. Gladstone, 476.

Michael Davitt, 59.

Cardinal Gibbons' Letter to Mr. Powderly, Many Types of Lawyers, 159,


Monument to the Memory of Father Mathew,

Confidence in God, 569.


Montgomery Guards' Riot, 1837, 540.


Mgr. Strain's Investiture, 559.

Descendants of Soldiers of the Irish Brigade,




Notes on Foreign Travel, 24, 221.

Famous Irish Regiment and its Commander, Notes on Current Topics, 81, 179, 285, 37.72

479, 579.

First Mass in America, 63.

Notices of Recent Publications, 96, 1991,

Four Characteristic Poems, 425.

293, 391, 491, 592.

Folk Lore of the Cuckoo, 436.

New Sees and New Bishops, 267.

Festival of the Holy Cross, 425.

November, 446.

Feminine Purity, 521.

No Time to Read, 557.

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Gracwille Lib,




The Land of Dreaming, 413.

The Boston Montgomery Guards, 415, 340.

Obituary, 99, 193, 295, 393, 493, 593.

The Palace of the Cæsars, 419.

Orange Brutality and Bunkum, 165.

The Glorified Face of Jesus, 433.
Our Lady of Perpetual Help, 189.

The Great Catholic University, 438.
Our German Fellow-Catholics, 365.

The Best Way to Sleep, 440.
Our Nation's Glory. Eleanor C. Donnelly, The Wonders of Lourdes, 441.

The Friendly Sons of St. Patrick. William
One for Boston, 553.

Collins, 499.
Opinions of Great Englishmen, 556.

True Poetic Feeling Religious. Rev. P. A.

Treacy, 512.

The Terrible Crime of Self-Destruction, 519

The Rich Glutton and Lazarus, 530.

Parnell and O'Connell, 19.

The Pope and His Authority, 539.

Present Policy of Lord Salsbury in Ireland, Two More Bishops, 548.

The Irish in the English Army, 551.
Papal Pontifical Commissioner, 265.

The Child's Summer Song, 563.
Pope Leo XIII., 29.



Romance in Irish Literature, 11.

Useful Knowledge, 199.

Rosary Sunday, 253.

Rothschild's Maxims, 509.



Wonderful Conversion, 27.

Sunset in Venice, 55.

Workingmen at Home and Abroad, 145.

Wendelĩ Phillips and the Preacher, 157.

Stray Cats, 59.

Wanted, a Situation, 220.

Some Defects in Our Political and Social In-

What it Cost to Perpetuate the Union, 241.
stitutions, 454.

What is Meant by Catholic Training ? 362.
State of Public Feeling in England, 474. What Catholics Should Read, 461.
Symptoms of Decay in Modern Society, 545.
Socialism and the Church, 547.



Under a Crazy Quilt, 75.

Three Attempts to Rule Ireland Justly, 21. Bridget

O'Leary: The Effects of Indulgence

The Scotch-Irish, 34.

in Drink, 75.

The Knights of Labor, 27.

The Crab and the Monkey, 77.

The Boston Temperance Movement, 55.

The Palm-Tree, 78.

The Architect and the Devil, 60.

The Dogs of St. Bernard, 79.

The Archbishop of Boston, 62.

The Eucalyptus-Tree, 80.

The Time to Build a Home, 127.

The Little Boy and the Story, 170.

The Dignity and Rights of Labor, 17, 128,

Games, 172.

Christ, the Consoler, 173.


The New Life-Line Rocket, 134.

Only a Penny, 174.

The Christian's Triumph, 146.

A Tiny Girl's Tiny Offering, 177.

The Ship, 147

The Game-cock and The Picture, 178.

The Laie o. A. Brownson, 156.

A Better Way Than Quarrelling, 178.

The Pope's Jubilee, 160.

The Poet's Wishes, 214.

The Towers of Silence, 161.

The Little Grave on the Hill, 269.

The New Bishop of Hamilton, 169.

Some Pranks and What Came of them, 272.

The Patriot of the Tyrol, 218.

Utilizing the Darlings, 275.

The Case in a Nutshell, 232.

A Boy Martyr, 276.

The Parish Priest, 235.

A Good Excuse, 277.

The Gladstone Testimonial, 236.

Stick to one thing, Boys, 277.

The Education Question in a Nutshell, 240.

Max and His Dog Buff, 370.

The New Lord-Mayor of Dublin, 256.

The Old Woman and Her Broom, 371.

The New St. Patrick's at Rome, 264.

The Pet Lamb, 373.

The Little Children that are Gone, 268. A Flying Batrachian of Malaisia, 447.

The New Know-Nothingism of Mr. McGlynn.

Dwarf of the Red Dog, 449.

The Sorrowful Singer, 362.

The Lion and the Mouse, 451.

A Child of Mary, 452.

The Shooting of Stonewall Jackson, 364.

The Proclamation of the League, 369.

Kind-Hearted Annie, 453.

The Irish Signers of the Declaration of In- He Could Tell.

dependence, 399

St. Teresa and Her Brothers, 569.

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