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True Stories from Ancient History. By a Mother. New York: 1811. C. S. Francis.

Ella V. . : :; or the July Tour. By one of the Party. D. Appleton and Co. New York: 1841.

Grandfather's Chair. A History for Youth. By Nathaniel Hawthorne. Boston : 1840. E. P. Peabody.

* The Abbey and other Tales. By Mrs. Gore. Philadelphia: 1840. Lea and Blanchard.

Charles O'Malley, the Irish Dragoon. By Harry Lorrequer. Philadel. phia: 1840. Carey and Hart.

The Fairy Gem. A Choice Collection of Fairy Tales. With 200 Engravings. New York: 1841. C. S. Francis.

* Master Humphrey's Clock. By Boz. With illustrations. Philadelphia: 1840. Lea and Blanchard.

* The Resuscitation. By Miss Burney. 2 vols. 12mo. The Young Prima Donna; a Romance of the Opera. By Mrs. Gray. Philadelphia : 1840. Lea and Blanchard. 2 vols. 12mo.

Wilhelm Meister's Apprenticeship. Translated by Thomas Carlyle. New Edition. Philadelphia : 1840. Lea and Blanchard.

The Budget of the Bubble Family. By Lady Lytton Bulwer. New York: 1840. Harper and Brothers.

* Farewell Tales. By Mrs. Hofland. New York: 1840. C. G. Dean.

* Clergyman's Widow. By Mrs. Hofland. New York: 1810. C. G. Dean.

The Clockmaker's Journey; or Sayings and Doings of Samuel Slick of Slickville. Third Series.

Sowing and Reaping. A Tale. By Mary Howitt. Boston: 1840. Weeks Jordan, and Co.

* Poor Jack. A Novel. By Captain Maryatt.

* Ten Thousand a Year. By the Author of The Diary of a Physician. Philadelphia: 1840. Carey and Hart.


An Address delivered before the Alumni and Graduating Class of the University of North Carolina, June 30, 1810. By Daniel M. Barringer.

Address delivered before the Philomathean Society of Mount St. Mary's College, Emmittsburg, Maryland, June 24th, 1840. By Eugene H. Lynch.

The Political Duties of Scholars; An Address before the Alumni of Columbia College, October 7th, 1810. By Samuel G. Raymond.

The Position aud Duties of the Educated Men of the Country. A Discourse pronounced before the Euglossian and Alpha Phi Delta Societies of Geneva College, August 5th, 1840. By C. S. Henry, D. D.

Oration before the American Institute, October 15th, 1840. By Professor C. Mason.

An Address delivered before the American Whig and Cliosophic Societies of the College of New Jersey, September 29th, 1840. By the Rev. John Johns, D.D.

Christian Cultivation. An Address delivered before the Athenian Society of the University of Ohio, at Athens, September 16th, 1810. By James H. Perkins.


Christian Ballads. New York: 1810. Wiley and Putnam. 12mo.
Ensenore; a Poem. New York: 1840. Wiley and Putnam. 8vo.
Poems. By J. N. M'Jilton. Boston: 1810. Otis, Broaders, and Co. 12mo.

Sacred Melodies, or Hymns for Youth. With appropriate Selections from Scripture. New York: 1810. Wiley and Putnam.

Poems. By Mary N. Hale. Boston: 1840. W. D. Ticknor.
Nature; a Poem.' By Alfred B. Street.

The Bowdoin Poets. Edited by E. P. Weston. Brunswick : 1840. J. Griffin.

Poem spoken before the Phi Beta Kappa Society of Harvard University, August, 1810. By Francis C. Gray.

Selections from the British Poets. By F. G. Halleck. New York: 1840. Harper and Brothers. 2 vols. 12mo.

Selections from American Poets. By W. C. Bryant. New York : 1840. Harper and Brothers. 12mo.

American Melodies. Edited by G. P. Morris.

Oratorio of Mount Sinai. Music by the Chevalier Newkomm. Boston : 1810 J. H. Wilkins and R. J. Carter.

Sacred Lyrics. New York: 1810. Firth and Hall.

* The Dream ; and other Poems. By the Honorable Mrs. Norton. Philadelphia: 1810. Carey and Hart.

Thoughts in Past Years. By the Author of the Cathedral. New York: 1811. D. Appleton and Co.

Comedias Escogidas. A Selection from the Plays of Lope de Vega and Calderon de la Barca. With notes. By F. Sales. Boston: 1810. James Monroe and Co. * John of Procida;

or the Bridals of Messina. A Tragedy. By J. S. Knowles. New York : 1840. Turner and Fisher,

School for Politicians, or Non-Committal. A Comedy in five Acts. New York: 1810. Carvill and Co.


Oxford Divinity compared with that of the Romish and Anglican Churches. By the Rt. Rev. Ć. P. Mcllvaine.

Book for the Sabbath. By J. B. Waterbury. Boston: 1840. Ives and Dennell.

The Table of the Lord. By the Author of the Sectarian. Boston: 1810. J. Monroe and Co.

The Worship of the Lord. A Discourse preached in Chelsea, Massachusetts. By Samuel D. Robbins.

Our National Sins. A Sermon preached in St. Paul's Church, Albany. By Rev. W. J. Kip.

Sermon on the Death of the Rev. Dr. Nathaniel Emmons. By Rev. T. Williams.

* Discourse concerning Prayer. By S. Patrick, D. D. New York : 1810. D. Appleton and Co.

Pictorial Illustrations of the Bible, and Views in the Holy Land. By Robert Sears. New York : 1810. R. Sears.

* The Heart's Ease; or a Remedy against all Troubles. With a consolatory Discourse, particularly directed to those who have lost friends and relations. By Symon Patrick, D. D. New York: 1840. D. Appleton and Co.

* The Complete Works of Rev. T. Chalmers, D. D. New York: 1840. R. Carter. 7 vols. 8mo.

* The Works of Chillingworth. Edited by Rev. R. Davis. Philadelphia: 1810.

* Lessons for Immortality. By John Foster, author of Essays on Decision of Character. Boston : 1840. Simpkins.

* Confessions of an Enquiring Spirit. By Samuel T. Coleridge. Edited from the Author's MSS. by Henry Nelson Coleridge, Esq. Boston : 1810. James Monroe and Co.

* The Ursuline Manual. New York: 1810. Edward Dunnigan. Future Life of the Good. Boston : 1810. J. Dowe. Sorrowing, Yet Rejoicing; or A Narrative of Successive Bereavements in a Minister's family. New York : 1811. R. Carter.

Heroines of Sacred History. By Mrs. Hale. New York: 1810. J. S. Taylor.

Publication of the Associate Alumni of the General Theological Seminary of the Protestant Episcopal Church in the United States, for 1810. Being the Sermon and Essay at the annual meeting in June.

VOYAGES AND TRAVELS. Around the World. A Narration of a Voyage in the East India Squadron. By an Officer in the East India Squadron. New York: 1810. C. S. Francis. 2 vols. 12mo.

The Flag Ship; or Voyage around the World in the U. S. Frigate Columbia. By Fitch W. Taylor.

Cruise of the Frigate Columbia around the World. By William McMurriu, one of the Sailors. Boston: 1810. B. B. Mussey.

The Winter of 1810 in St. Croix, with an Excursion to Tortola. By James Smith, Esq. New York: 1810.

* Travels to the Cily of the Caliphs along the Shores of the Persian Gulf and the Mediterranean. By J. R. Wellsted, Esq. Philadelphia: 1811. Lea and Blanchard. 2 vols. 12mo.


New Series of Short Tales for Children, in a Familiar Style. By M. J. Grubb. Philadelphia : 1811. H. F. Anney.

* Paul Preston's Voyages and Travels and Adventures. Boston: 1811. Munroe and Francis.

* Hope on. Hope ever. Or, the Boyhood of Felix Law. By Mary Howitt, Boston: 1810. James Monroe and Co.

* Strive and Thrive. A Tale. By Mary Howitt. Boston: 1910. James Monroe and Co.

* Sowing and Reaping. A Tale. By Mary Howitt. Boston: 1840. Weeks, Jordan, and Co.

A large Number of other Books suited to Youth will be found in the foregoing List under their respective Heads.

WORKS IN PRESS. We are happy to find that our American Publishers are reprinting a higher Class of English Books than they have, heretofore, usually done; as will be seen by the followiny List, sent us to be announced. It indicates an improved taste in the reading community. Messrs. D. Appleton and Co., 200 Broadway, New York, will shortly publish,

The Sacra Privata of Dr. Wilson. Entire.

Treatise on the Church of Christ. By Rev. W. Palmer, M. A. Edited by Rt. Rev. Bishop Whittingham. 2 vols, 4to.

The Natural History of Society in the Barbarous and Civilized State. By W. Cooke Taylor.

Woman's Rights and Duties with relation to their Influence on Society, and on her own Condition. By a Woman. Messrs. Carey and Hart of Philadelphia have in, preparation,

The Works of Lord Bacon. With a Memoir. By Bazil Montague. 3 vols. 8vo.

Memoirs of Sir Samuel Romilly. With a Sketch of his Life by Lord Brougham. Edited by his Sons.

Reviews, Essays, etc. By Anthony Foublanque, Esq. 2 vols. 8vo.
Law and Lawyers. 2 vols. 8vo.
Reviews and Essays of Sergeant Talfourd. 2 vols.
Works of Rev. Sydney Smith.
Lives of Eminent British Lawyers. By Henry Roscoe, Esq. 2 vols. 12mo.
A Tour in the United States. By George Combe, Esq.
The Prose Writings of Professor Wilson of Edinburgh.
The Life of Petrarch. By Thomas Campbell
The Lives of Leo X. and of Lorenzo de Medici. By Roscoe.
The History of the Anglo Saxons. By Sharon Turner.
Letters of Lord Dudley to the Bishop of Llandaff.
The Works of Lord Bolingbroke. 4 vols.

Sir Walter Scott's Edition of Dr. Swift's Works. With Additions, by J. G. Lockhart.



No. XVI.



ART. I.-1. Church Ertension. Substance of a Speech

delivered in the House of Commons on Tuesday, 30th June, 1840. By Sir ROBERT HARRY INGLIS, Bart. London : 1840. Hatchard and Son, Piccadilly. Svo.

pp. 92.

2. Reports of Church Commissioners. No's. 1 and 2. London. 3. Reports on Public Petitions. Parliamentary Papers, 1840. 4. Annual Sermon before the Board of Missions, 1840. By

Rev. W. R. WHITTINGHAM, D.D., (St. Mark's Church in the Bowery,) Professor of Ecclesiastical History in the General Theological Seminary of the Protestant Episcopal Church in the United States. Delivered in St. Bariholomew's Church, June 17, 1840. Published at Mis

sionary Rooms, New York. pp. 19. 5. Proceedings of the Board of Missions of the Protestant Epis

copal Church in the United States of America, at their fifth Annual Meeting, held at New York, June 17, 18, and 19, 1840. Together with the Reports of the Domestic and Foreign

Committees, etc. Missionary Rooms : 1840. pp. 100. 6. Journal of the Forty-sixth Convention of the Diocese of New

York, October 1 and 2, 1840. pp. 133.

Between the Church of England (if such national designation be still appropriate) and the Church in America there

[blocks in formation]

are too many features in common, notwithstanding their obvious disparity of external condition, not to create at all times a corresponding interest in each other's welfare : in seasons of prosperity, liınited perhaps to good wishes; but when perilor emergency arises, swelling into deep sympathy, and affording mutual instruction by a comparison of each other's course, whether it have been for weal or wo. Like friendly vessels within hailin dangerous seas, or on an unknown coast, each may warn the other of hidden rocks or unforeseen currents of which their charts give them but general notice, and cheer each the other with the words of their common pilot, “ not to be weary in well-doing" — or, with his blessed promise, not to fail those who shall keep " due watch and ward." Such benefit, whether of guidance or comfort, will naturally, we say, arise between these two national churches, in proportion to their mutual knowledge and their mutual sympathy. It is our object in the following observations to do our share towards communicating the one and awakening the other.

In historic relationship these churches stand to each other as mother and daughter. By the hands of the ancient and wealthy Church of England was the infant Church in America planted; and not only planted, but watered, and, childlike, nourished, till it could go alone. In political relationship they stand as sister churches, equal and independent “owing no man any thing, but to love one another.” But again, in Christian relationship they come still nearer, even as sympathizing members of one common body, whereof no one part is so great that it may say to another, “ I have no need of thee” — that body is the Christian Church Catholic

“ That only bond in the wide earth,

Of lawful use to join the earth in one

with its “one Lord, one faith, one baptism, one God and Father of all, who is above all, and through all, and in us all."

Such then is the compound relationship existing between these two churches, making sympathy between them an instinctive feeling as well as an imperative duty; and, in a Christian point of view, the prescribed testof being themselves living members of that body to which both profess to belong. Now to this demand the actual feeling is, we are confident, in spirit at least, fully correspondent.

To the Church of England the Church in America has

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