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was turned. With a feline movement, Ricardo glanced over his shoulder at the thin back of the spectre reposing on the bed, and then blew out the candle.

"In fact, I am rather amused, Martin," Mr. Jones said in the dark.

He heard the sound of a slapped thigh and the jubilant exclamation of his henchman:

"Good! That's the way to talk, sir!"


RICARDO advanced prudently by short darts from one tree-trunk to another, more in the manner of a squirrel than a cat. The sun md risen some time before. Already the sparkle of Ten sea was encroaching rapidly on the dark, cool, arly-morning blue of Diamond Bay; but the deep lusk lingered yet under the mighty pillars of the forst, between which the secretary dodged.

He was watching Number One's bungalow with an nimal-like patience, if with a very human complexity f purpose. This was the second morning of such patching. The first one had not been rewarded by success. Well, strictly speaking, there was no hurry.

The sun, swinging above the ridge all at once, inndated with light the space of burnt grass in front of Ricardo and the face of the bungalow, on which his yes were fixed, leaving only the one dark spot of the doorway. To his right, to his left, and behind him, plashes of gold appeared in the deep shade of the orest, thinning the gloom under the ragged roof of ;aves.

This was not a very favourable circumstance for

ticardo's purpose. He did not wish to be detected

ri his patient occupation. For what he was watching

or was a sight of the girl—that girl! Just a glimpse

cross the burnt patch to see what she was like. He Bad excellent eyes, and the distance was not so great He would be able to distinguish her face quite easily if she only came out on the veranda; and she was bound to do that sooner or later. He was confident that he could form some opinion about her—which, he felt, was very necessary, before venturing on some steps to get in touch with her behind that Swedish baron's back. His theoretical view of the girl was such that he was quite prepared, on the strength of that distant examination, to show himself discreetly—perhaps even make a sign. It all depended on his reading of the face. She couldn't be much. He knew that sort!

By protruding his head a little he commanded, through the foliage of a festooning creeper, a view of the three bungalows, irregularly disposed along a flat curve. Over the veranda rail of the furthermost one hung a dark rug of a tartan pattern, amazingly conspicuous. Ricardo could see the very checks. A brisk fire of sticks was burning on the ground in fron^ of the steps, and in the sunlight the thin, fluttering flame had paled almost to invisibility—a mere rosj stir under a faint wreath of smoke. He could see tb^ white bandage on the head of Pedro bending over it) and the wisps of black hair sticking up weirdly. H< had wound that bandage himself, after breaking that shaggy and enormous head. The creature balanced ij like a load, staggering toward the steps. Ricardo could see a small, long-handled saucepan at the em of a great hairy paw.

Yes, he could see all that there was to be seen, far and near. Excellent eyesl The only thing the?

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