The Life and Correspondence of Henry Salt ... Consul General in Egypt, Volume 1

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John James Halls
R. Bentley, 1834 - Egypt
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Page 275 - There are one or two points to which I should like to call your attention, if it would not be too late. " Believe me, my dear sir, With much sincerity yours, &c. HENRY SALT.
Page 457 - ... in its front scarcely room for the proscenium. Of this, however, it is not possible to judge very correctly till the whole shall have been laid open — an operation neither very expensive nor difficult to accomplish, as the inhabitants are almost like a colony of English, and would be glad to give their assistance in any work that would tend to the renown of their island.
Page 197 - extending of the disorder to the spine of the neck, which at last becomes callous, so that it is not any longer in the power of the animal to lift its head :' they all prove to be merely ingenious conjectures, thrown out by the author solely for the exercise of his own ingenuity. I should not venture to speak so positively upon this matter...
Page 153 - I thought it possible. I know not, (indeed, who can know?) whether the spirits of the just are ever permitted to hover over those whom they have loved most tenderly ; but if such permission be given, and who can say it is impossible ? then it must greatly increase your brother's present happiness, and greatly diminish that painful sense of separation which even the souls of the righteous may be supposed to feel...
Page 114 - ... stewed fish, which was thought very delicious by some of our party. We had a pretty good example of the Ras's watchfulness, for about twelve o'clock he sent us some clouted cream, and at four I was called up to receive the compliments of the morning. " August 29. — At about ten in the morning we were invited to breakfast with the Ras, and were received with the same distinction as yesterday, being seated on a sofa, while his minister was placed close by on the carpet. We were very plentifully...
Page 455 - Milo, where the inhabitants have lately discovered a tlieatre of white marble, which appears, from the little that has yet been exposed to view, to be in very perfect preservation. The seats at present opened are seven in number, beautifully worked out of large masses of the finest marble, and forming the segment of a circle, whose diameter...
Page 461 - ... the molecular concentration of each substance engaged in the reaction. This is universal and holds for all chemical changes, whether they are reversible or not. In case of reversible reactions, the law holds for the change from right to left as well as from left to right, and hence the final chemical equilibrium reached is also determined by the law of mass action. One can best comprehend this by thinking of the equilibrium as reached when the rate of speed of the forward action just equals that...
Page 153 - ... be given, (and who can say it is impossible ?) then it must greatly increase your brother's present happiness, and greatly diminish that painful sense of separation which even the souls of the righteous may be supposed to feel, if he sees you resigned, patient, hopeful, trusting on that same Cross which was his refuge in the hour of dread, and that good Providence to whose care he fervently and faithfully committed you.
Page 197 - Ras having subsequently made me a present of three of these animals alive, I found them not only in excellent health, but so exceedingly wild, that I was obliged to have them shot. The horns of one of these are now deposited in the museum of the Surgeons' College, and a still larger pair are placed in the collection of Lord Valentia, at Arley Hall.
Page 456 - Papa obliged the inhabitants to break in pieces, to prevent the Europeans from disturbing his holy retreat — a cottage which he had built on an adjoining hill, where many remains of a white marble temple are still to be traced. This priest is luckily dead, or otherwise the theatre would...

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