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PRESIDENT PAGE: What will you do with this report?
On motion duly seconded the report was adopted.

PRESIDENT PAGE: I want to say, gentlemen, that the charge here is true I believe from the scarcity of matters before this Committee that the practice of graft which has been so fully discussed before this Association, has not yet inoculated the legal profession.

If there is no more business before the Association we will stand adjourned until ten o'clock tomorrow morning.

FRIDAY, JULY 13, 1906.

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The Association was called to order at ten o'clock, President Page in the chair.

PRESIDENT PAGE: Is the Committee on Admissions ready to report?

MR. PINDELL: Yes, sir.
Report presented as follows:

Meeting of 1906. Report of Committee on Admissions. The Committee on Admissions submits its report, and would respectfully recommend that the following members of the Bar be elected members of the Association:

John L. Fogle...
Olaf E. Olson.
Matthew J. Huss.
Frederick D. Silber.
Robertson Palmer.
William R. Moss.
Emery D. Frazer.
Oliver R. Barrett.
John A. Brown.
Wa B. Sawyer.
William J. Pringle.
Frank H. Janiszeski.

Title and Trust Bldg., Chicago

59 Dearborn Street, Chicago .59 Dearborn Street, Chicago

. The Temple, Chicago 205 La Salle Street, Chicago First Nat'l Bank Bldg., Chicago

The Temple, Chicago .Unity Building, Chicago

79 Clark Street, Chicago Fi

t'l Bank Bldg., Chicago

The Temple, Chicago 179 Washington Street, Chicago

Samuel E. Knecht..
Max H. Whitney.
Jesse R. Long..
William A. Adams.
Geo. W. Manierre..
Marcellus W. Meek.
Frederick W. Pringle..
Rowland T. Rogers.
J. James O'Connor.
William H. Safford.
G. E. M. Pratt...
J. Hamilton Lewis.
Ira J. Geer...
Charles C. Buell..
Frederick W. Wickett.
Robert Redfield.
Charles Alling, Jr..
Charles H. Mitchell.
Robert Wyness Millar.
Angus Roy Shannon.
Marvin E. Barnhart.
Henry F. Dickinson.
Benjamin D. Magruder..
Nathan W. MacChesney.
John M. Zane..
Apollos W. O'Hara.
Henry B. Safford.
Oscar H. Wylie.
William F. Bundy
Frank R. Reid.
Thomas W. Hughes.
J. P. Callon...
Alfred H. Jones..
William L, Ellwood.
Frank T. O'Hair.
Charles B. Cheadle..
Lafayette Shelley


.142 Washington Street, Chicago First Nat'l Bank Bldg., Chicago Chamber of Commerce, Chicago

59 Clark Street, Chicago

.Reaper Block, Chicago Stock Exchange Bldg., Chicago

.135 Adams Street, Chicago

. Monadnock Bldg., Chicago 100 Washington Street, Chicago 115 Dearborn Street, Chicago

Schiller Bldg., Chicago

.City Hall, Chicago Ashland Block, Chicago

. Tribune Bldg., Chicago Chamber of Commerce, Chicago

. Stock Exchange Bldg., Chicago .100 Washington Street, Chicago

...City Hall, Chicago 100 Washington Street, Chicago

..Reaper Block, Chicago

Atwood Building, Chicago 100 Washington Street, Chicago

.112 Clark Street, Chicago 205 La Salle Street, Chicago .100 Washington Street, Chicago

Carthage, Ill . Monmouth, Ill.

Paxton, Ill. .Centralia, ill.

Aurora, Ill. Champaign, Ill.

. Aurora, Ill. .Robinson, Ill.

Peoria, Ill.
.Paris, Ill.

.Joliet, Ill.

Decatur, Ill.
Committee on Admissions.

PRESIDENT PAGE: You have heard the report; unless there



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is objection to individual names upon the list it will be passed upon as a whole. What is your pleasure ?

MR. STEVENS: Mr. Chairman, I move the adoption of the report and the election of the persons named as members of this Association.

The motion was seconded and carried.

PRESIDENT PAGE: Is the Auditing Committee ready to report, Mr. Taylor ?

MR. TAYLOR: The three members of the Committee, Mr. Chairman, have not been able to meet, but Mr. Stevens and inyself carefully went over the accounts and make the following report: Illinois State Bar Association :

Gentlemen-Your Committee, appointed to audit the accounts of the Treasurer of this Association for the past year, respectfully reports that we have examined the accounts and vouchers of the Treasurer and find the accounts absolutely correct, and the receipts and disbursements as stated and shown by the report of James H. Matheny, Treasurer, and recommend that the report of the Treasurer be accepted and approved.

MR. WOOD: I move it be adopted.
The motion was seconded and carried.

PRESIDENT PAGE: Is the Nominating Committee ready to report?

MR. HUNTER: Mr. President, your Committee would respectfully recommend the election of the following named gen1jemen as officers of this Association for the ensuing year:

For President, Harrison Musgrave, of Chicago.
For First Vice-President, James H. Matheny, of Springfield.
For Second Vice-President, Edward P. Williams, of Galesburg.
For Third Vice-President, C. H. Poppenhusen, of Chicago.
For Secretary and Treasurer, John F. Voigt, Jr., of Mattoon.

I move the adoption of the report.


VIN. WILLIAMS: I move the name of E. P. Williams be stricken ont from that report. I do not care to figure in it.

PRESIDENT Page: I think that motion is out of order. All in favor of the adoption of the report will signify by saying aye.

The motion was carried.

PRESIDENT PAGE: I want to take occasion to say here that I am sure every member of this Association will agree with me in saying that we regret greatly the loss of Mr. Matheny as Secretary of this Association, and I can say that without any detriment or disparagement to the gentleman who has been elected to fill the place. Mr. Watheny's retirement from the oflice has been entirely voluntary, and after a service of many years, which has been very beneficial to the Association. (Applause.)

MR. STEVENS: In connection with that it seems to me it would not be out of order for us to express our appreciation of the services of Mr. Matheny, and to extend the thanks of the Association to him for the efficient service he has rendered all these years, and I make that as a motion to be entered of record.

The motion was seconded and unanimously carried.

VIR. CURRAN: I have a resolution, and if it is in order I Jesire to present it.

Resolved, That the incoming President of this Association be and he is hereby authorized to appoint a committee of five, to be known as a Committee on Organization, whose duty it shall be to consider and take steps to proceed to inaugurate the organization of local bar asscciations in each county of the state, and to endeavor to secure the affiliation of all local associations now organized and to be hereafter organized, with this Association, to make overtures to the State Association of County Judges, and the Illinois Association of States Attorneys, to become affiliated with this Association, and to take such steps to increase the niembership of this Association as may be deemed advisable. I move the adoption of the resolution.


The motion was seconded and carried.

PRESIDENT PAGE: The next topic on our program is a paper, “What of our American States?"' to be presented to you by Mr. James Hagerman, of St. Louis, whom I take great pleasure in introducing to you now. (Applause.)

(The address will be found in Part II.)

MR. WRIGHT: I move that the thanks of this Association be extended to Mr. Hagerman for the instructive and entertaining paper, and that he be elected an honorary member of the Association.

The motion was seconded and unanimously carried.

PRESIDENT PAGE: The next topic for discussion on this program is one which has vexed and almost disrupted two legislatures of this State, urged by our own Executive, and plagued the people of the State of Illinois for a number of years. It is the question of the Law of Primary Elections, to be responded to by Mr. M. J. Daugherty, of Galesburg.

(The address will be found in Part II.)

MR. WILLIAMS: I move the thanks of this Association be tendered Mr. Daugherty for the interesting and able paper.

The motion was seconded and carried.

PRESIDENT Page: That carries with it the usual rule in regard to the publication of Mr. Daugherty's paper.

Is Mr. Otto Gresham here? I would like to have the report on Legal History and Biography.

MR. MATHENY: I would state on behalf of Mr. Gresham that his report will not be available. He has explained that since his appointment he has moved his office twice and that the notice calling for this report did not reach him or was mislaid.

PRESIDENT PAGE: The Report of the Committee on Uniform Laws and Negotiable Instruments Law is in order.

MR. MATHENY: Mr. Richberg just sent a message that he would be here early this afternoon; he is detained down town.

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