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Prot. Montgomery, Earl of Mount-Alexander.
Cath. Palmer, Earl of Castlemain.
Cath. Taafle, Earl of Carlingford.
Cath. Power, Earl of Tyrone. Sate, a Convert.
Prot. Jones, Earl of Ranelagh.
Prot. Angier, Earl of Longford. Sate.
Prot. Forbes, Earl of Granard. Sate.
Cath. Dungan, Earl of Limerick. Sate.
Prot. Coote, Earl of Bellamont.

Cath. Preston, Viscount Gormanstown. Altainted.
Cath. Roch, Viscount Fermoy, attainted.
Cath. Butler, Viscount Mountgarret. Sate, Attainted.
Prot. Villiers, Viscount Grandison.
Prot. Annesly, Viscount Valentia.
Cath. Dillon, Viscount Castlelogallen. Sate.
Cath. Netierville, Viscount Dowth. Attainted.
Prot. Loftus, Viscount Ely.
Proi. Benmont, Viscount Swords.
Cath. Magenniss, Viscount Iveagh. Sate, Attainted.
Prot. Needham, Viscount Kilmurry.
Cath. Sarsfield, Kilmallock.
Cath. Burke, Viscount Mayo.
Prot. Sanderson, Viscount Castletown.
Prot. Chaworth, Viscount Armagh.
Prot. Scudamore, Viscount Sligo.
Prot. Lumley, Viscount Waterford.
Prot. Smith, Viscount Strangford.
Prot. Wenman, Viscount Tuam.
Prot. Molyneux, Viscount Maryborough.
Cath. Fairfax, Viscount Emmely.
Cath. Butler, Viscount Ikerin. Attainted, (a Minor.)
Prot. Fitzwilliam, Viscount Merryon.
Cath. O'Dempsey, Viscount Glanmaleira. Sate.
Prot. Cekain, Viscount Cullen,
Prot. Tracy, Viscount Rathcool.
Cath. Smith, Viscount Carrington of Barrefore,
Prot. Bulkley, Viscount Cashell.
Cath. Butler, Viscount Galmoy. Attainted.
Cath. Barnwall, Viscount Kingsland.
Prot. Boyle, Viscount Shannon.
Prot. Skellington, Viscount Massereene,
Prot. Chalmundy, Viscount Kells.
Prot. Franshaw, Viscount Dromore,
Carh. O'Brien, Viscount Clare.
Prot. Trevor, Viscount Dungannon,
Prot. Boyle, Viscount Dungarvan.
Prot. Berkley, Viscount Fitzharding of Beerhaven.
Prol. Caulfield, Viscount Charlemont,

Prot. Wingfield, Viscount Powerscourt,
Prot. Boyle, Viscount Blessington.
Prot. Lane, Viscount Lanesborough.
Prot. Dawny, Viscount Down.
Prot. Parsons, Viscount Ross. Sate,
Prot. Steward, Viscount Mountjoy.
Prot. Loftus, Viscount Lisburn.
Cath. Burke, Viscount Galway, Sate.
Cath. Macarty, Viscount Mountcashel. Sate, new created,
Cath. Cheevers, Viscount Mount-Leinster. new created
Cath. Brown, Viscount Kenniare. Sate, new created.

Anthony Dopping, Bishop of Meath. Sate.
William Moreton, Bishop of Kildare.
Hugh Gore, Bishop of Waterford and Lismore.

-Bishop of Clonfert:
Vacant- -Bishop of Clogher.
Thomas Otway, Bishop of Ossory and Kilkenny. Sate,
Ezekiel Hopkins, Bishop of Derry.
Thomas Hacket, Bishop of Down and Connor.
John Rowan, Bishop of Killaloe.
Edward Whettenhal, Bishop of Cork and Ross. Sate,
Simon Digby, Bishop of Limerick and Ardfert. Sate.
Richard Tennison, Bishop of Killala and Archonry.
William Smith, Bishop of Raphoe.
William Sheridan, Bishop of Kilmore and Ardagh.
Narcissus Marsh, Bishop of Fernes and Laughlin.
Edward Jones, Bishop of Cloyne,
Capel Wiseman, Bishop of Dromore.
Vacant-Bishop of Elphin.

Cath. Bermingham. Baron of Athenry. Sale, Attainted,
Cath, Courcy, Baron of Kinsale. Sate, (a Convert.)
Prot. Fitzmorris, Baron of Kerry and Lisnaw.
Cath. Fleming, Baron of Slane. Sate, Attainted.
Prot. St. Laurence, Baron of Howth. Sate.
Cath. Barnwall, Baron of Trimblestown. Sate, Attainted,
Cath. Plunket, Baron of Dunsany. Sate, Attaiated.
Cath, Butler, Baron of Dunboyne. Sate, Attainted.
Cath. Fitzpatrick, Baron of Upper Ossory. Sate. .
Cath, Plunket, Baron of Lowth. Altainted.
Cath. Burke, Baron of Castleconnel. Sate, Attainted.
Cath. Butler, Baron of Cahir. Sate, Attainted.
Cath. Burke, Baron of Brittas. Sate, Attainted.
Prot. Foliot, Baron of Ballyshannon.
Prot. Maynard, Baron of Wicklow.
Prot. Gorge, Baron of Dundalk.
Prot. Digby, Baron of Gaisehil.
Prot. Fitzwilliam, Baron of Lifford.
Prot., · Blaney, Baron of Monaghan,

Malowne, Baron of Glenmalum and Courchy.
Prot. Herbert, Baron of Castle Island.
Cath Calvert, Baron of Baltimore.
Prot. Brereton, Barop of Laughlin.
Prot. Hare, Baron of Colerain.
Prot. Sherard, Baron of Leitrim.
Cath. Mac Guire; Bason of Enniskillea. Sate (attainted in

Irleand; but the Lord his Uncle attainted in England.)
Ca:h. Hamilton, Baron of Strabane. Sate.
Proi. Hawley, Baron of Dunamore,
Prot. Allingion, Baron of Killard.
Prot. King, Baron of Kingston.
Prot. Earry, Baron of Santry.
Prot. Annesly, Baron of Aliham.
Cath. Bellew, Baron of Duleek. Sate.
Pror. Periy, Baron of Shelburn.
Proi. Fition, Baron of Gausworth. Sate, new Created,
Cath. Burke, Baron of Bophin. Sale, new Created.
Cath. Nugent, Baron of Riverston. Sate, new Created.

The Numes of the Knights, Citizens, and Burgesses returned to

the Purizament, beginning the 7th of May, 1689. County Armagb--Arthur Brownioe and Walter Hoverdon, esqrs. Bur. Arnagb--- Francis Stophard and Constantine O'Neil,

esqrs. 10b May, 89. Bur. Charlemont. Com. Antrim-Carmick O'Neil and Randle Mac Donnel, esqrs. Bur. Carrickfergus, Bur. Beifast-Mark Talbot, esq. Bur. Lisburn--Daniel O'Neil, esq. 2014 May, 89. Bur. Antiim. Com. Catherlogh-Dudley Bagnal and Henry Lutterel, esqrs. Bor, Cloghnerkiliy--Lieut. Col. Owen Mac Carly and Daniel - Fyn Mac Carty, esq. Bur. Carterlogb. Mark Baggot and John Warren, esgrs, Bur. Old Laughlin-Darby Long and Daniel Doran, esgrs, Com. Cork—Justin Mac Carty esq. and Sir Richard Nagle,

knights. Town of Youghall-Thomas Uniack and Edward Gough,

Aldermen. Town of Kingsale-Andrew Murrogh and Myles De Courcy,

esgrs. Bur. Baltimore-Daniel O'Donavan and Jeremiah O'Donavan,

esgrs. Eur. Bandonbridge-Charles Mac Carty of Balloa, and Daniel

Mac Carty of Reach, esqrs. Bur. luulelowi-Demi Long and John Longan esqrs. lur. Voyaliou-Jolin Barret of Castlemore and David Nagle

of Cairsoone, esgrs,

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Mannor and Borough of Rathcormuck-James Barry and

Edward Powell, esgrs. Mannor of Doperail-Donedl O'Donavan, and John Baggot, Jun.

of Baggotstown, esqrs. Bur. Charleville -John Bagget of Baggotstown, Sen, and

Jobo Power of Kilbelone, esqrs. City of Cork-Sir James Cotter, Knight, and John Galway,

esq. Com. Cavan--Phil. Reyley of Aghnicrery and John Reyley of

Garyrobock, esqrs. Bur. Cavan-Phil. Oge O'Reyley and Hugh Reyley of Larha,

esqrs. Bur. Belturbet—Sir Edward Tyrrel, baronet, and Tuit of

Newcastle, esqrs. Com. Clare-David O'Brien, and John Mac Nemara of Crat.

telagh, esqrs. Bur. Ennis-Florence Mac Carty of Dromad,, and Theob.

Butler of Szathnogalloon, esqrs. 10th May 1689. Com. Down-Muriagh Magennis of Greencastle and Ever

Magennis of Castlewellan, esqrs. Bur. Hilsburrow. Bur. Newry-Rowland White and Rowland Savage, esqro. Bur. Bangor. Bur Keleleagh--Bernard Magennis of Balligorionbeg, esq.

and Tool O'Neil of Droman kelly, gent. Bur. Down. New-Town. Com. Dublin-Simon Lutterel of Lutterelstown and Patrick

Sarsneld, Jun. of Ducan, esqrs. Bur. Swords--Francis Barnwell of Woodpark, County Meath,

and Robert Russel of Dryham, esqrs. Bur. Newcastle-Thomas Arthur of Colganstown and John

Talbot of Belgard, esqrs. City of Dublin—Sir Michael Creagh, knight, and Terence

Dermoi, Son. alderman. College of Dublin - Sir John Mead, knight, and Jos. Coghlan

esqrs. Town of Droghedam Henry Dowdal, esq. Recorder, and Al

derman Christop. Peppard Fitzgeorge. Com. Donnegal. Lifford. Ballyshannon. Killebegs. Donnegal. St. John's-town—Sir William Ellis, knight, and Lieut. Col.

James Nugent. Com. Galway—Sir Ulick Burke and Sir Walter Blake, baronets. Bur. Athuniee-James Talbot of Mount Talbot, and Charles

Daly of Dunsandale, esqrs.

Bur. Tuam—James Lally of Tullendaly, and William Burke

of Carrowford, esqrs. Town of Galway -Oliver Martin and John Kirwan, esqrs. Com. Kilkenny-John Grace of Courts-town, and Robert

Walsh of Clooneshy, esqrs Bur. Cailaiin Walter Butler and Thady Meagher, esqrs. Bur. Thomas-Town- Robert Grace, Sen. and Robert Grace,

Jun. Bur. Gowran-Richard Butler, esq. and Walter Keily, Doctor

of Physic Col. Robert Fielding, by a new Election. Bur. Inishoue-Edward Fitzgerald and James Bolger, esqrs. Bur. Knockiopher-Harvy Morris and Henry Meagh, esqrs. City of Kilkenny-John Rooth, esq. Mayor, and James

Bryan, Alderman, 41h May, 89. Bur. Kelis-Paprick Everard and John Delamare, esyrs, Bur. Si, Canice. Com. Kildare---Juho Wogan and George Aylmer, esqrs. Bur. Nass-Walier, Lord Dungan, and Charles White, esq. Bur. Athy-William Fitzgerald and William Archbold, esqrs. Bur. Harristown- James Nigel and Edmund Fitzgerald, esqrs. Bur. Kildare-Francis Leigh and Robert Porter, esqrs. King's County-Heward Oxborough and Owen Kerrel, esqrs. Bur Philipstown-Jubn Connor and Heward Oxborough, esqrs. Bur. Banagher-Terence Coghlan and Terence Coghlan, esqrs. Bur Birr. Com. Kerry-Nicholas Brown, esq. and Sir Thomas Crosby,

knight. Bur. Tralee- Morrice Hussey of Kerries and John Brown of

Ardagb, esqrs. Bur. Dingle Icouch-Edward Rice Fitzjames of Ballinleggin,

Com. Lym. and Jobn Hussey, esqrs. Bur. Ardieri-Col. Roger Mac Elligott and Cornelius Mac

Gillicuildy, esq. Com. Longlord-Roger Farrell and Robert Farrel, esqrs. Bur. Lanesborough-Oliver Fitzgerald and Roger Farrell,

esqrs. Town of Longford. Com. Lowth-Thomas Bellew and William Talbot, esqrs. Bur. Alberdee-Hugh Gernon and John Babe, esqrs.' Bur. Dundalk-Robert Dermot and John Dowdal, esqrs. Bur. Cariingford-Christopher Peppard Fitziguatius and Bryan

Dermod, esqrs. Dunlier. Com. Limerick-Sir John Fitzgerald, baronet, and Gerald

Fitzgerald, esq. commonly called Knight of the Glynn. Bur. Kilmallock-Sir William Harley, baronet, and John Lacy,

esq. Bur. Askeaton John Burke of Carrickinohil and Edward

Rice, esqrs.

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