Proceedings of the ... Annual Meeting of the North Carolina Bar Association, Volume 8

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Page 146 - But it is steadfastly to be borne in mind that the great trust of the lawyer is to be performed within and not without the bounds of the law. The office of...
Page 147 - When a lawyer is a witness for his client, except as to merely formal matters, such as the attestation or custody of an instrument and the like, he should leave the trial of the case to other counsel. Except when essential to the ends of justice, a lawyer should avoid testifying in court in behalf of his client.
Page 147 - It is disreputable to hunt up defects in titles or other causes of action and inform thereof in order to be employed to bring suit, or to breed litigation by seeking out those with claims for personal injuries or those having any other grounds of action in order to secure them as clients...
Page 149 - ... the lawyer must be allowed to judge. In such matters no client has a right to demand that his counsel shall be illiberal, or that he do anything therein repugnant to his own sense of honor and propriety.
Page 149 - In the conduct of litigation, and the trial of causes, the attorneys shall try the merits of the cause, and not try each other. It is not proper to allude to, or comment upon the personal history, or mental or physical peculiarities, or idiosyncracies, of opposite counsel.
Page 152 - It is the duty of the court and its officers to provide for the comfort of jurors. Displaying special concern for their comfort and volunteering to ask favors for them, while they are present — such as frequent motions to adjourn trials, or...
Page 78 - To make us one nation as to foreign concerns, and keep us distinct in domestic ones, gives the outline of the proper division of powers between the general and particular governments.
Page 148 - ... in the matters about which the confidence was reposed. When the secrets or confidence of a former client may be availed of or be material in a subsequent suit, as the basis of any...
Page 124 - And the said association is formed to cultivate the science of jurisprudence to promote reform in the law, to facilitate the administration of justice, to elevate the standard of integrity, honor and courtesy in the legal profession, and to cherish a spirit of brotherhood among the members thereof.
Page 146 - ... does not permit, much less demand, violation of law, or any manner of fraud or chicanery, for the client's sake. 11. Attorneys should fearlessly expose before the proper tribunals corrupt or dishonest conduct in the profession: and there should never be any hesitancy in accepting employment against an attorney who has wronged his client. 12. An attorney appearing or continuing as private counsel in the prosecution for a crime of which he believes the accused innocent, for-swears himself.

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