The Works of Spenser: In Six Volumes. With a Glossary Explaining the Old and Obscure Words. To which is Prefix'd the Life of the Author, and an Essay on Allegorical Poetry, by Mr. Hughes. ...

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J. and R. Tonson and S. Draper, 1750

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Page 84 - All overgrowne with haire, that could awhape An hardy hart ; and his wide mouth did gape With huge great teeth, like to a tusked Bore : For he...
Page 132 - The wide kingdome of love with lordly sway, And to his law compels all creatures to obay. 'And all about her altar scattered lay Great sorts of lovers piteously complayning, Some of their losse, some of their loves delay, Some of their pride, some paragons disdayning, Some fearing fraud, some fraudulently fayning, As every one had cause of good or ill.
Page 145 - Thence doth by Huntingdon and Cambridge flit, My mother Cambridge, whom as with a Crowne He doth adorne, and is adorn'd of it With many a gentle Muse and many a learned wit.
Page 182 - These tow'ring rocks, which reach unto the sky, I will thrust down into the deepest main, And, as they were, them equalize again. Tyrants, that make men subject to their law, I will suppress, that they no more may reign ; And Lordings curb that Commons over-awe ; And all the wealth of rich men to the poor will draw.
Page 142 - Then was there heard a most celestiall sound Of dainty musicke, which did next ensew Before the spouse : that was Arion crownd ; Who, playing on his harpe, unto him drew The eares and hearts of all that goodly crew, That even yet the Dolphin, which him bore Through the Agsan seas from Pirates vew, Stood still by him astonisht at his lore, And all the raging seas for joy forgot to rore.
Page 266 - Thus there he stood, whylest high over his head There written was the purport of his sin, In cyphers strange, that few could rightly read, Bon font ; but Bon, that once had written bin, Was raced out, and Mai was now put in : So now Malfont was plainely to be red ; Eyther for th...
Page 127 - For all that nature by her mother wit Could frame in earth, and forme of substance base, Was there, and all that nature did omit, Art playing second natures part, supplyed it.
Page 132 - But sooth it was not sure for womanish shame, Nor any blemish, which the worke mote blame; But for, they say, she hath both kinds in one, Both male and female, both under one name: She syre and mother is her selfe alone, Begets and eke conceives, ne needeth other none.
Page 29 - These three did love each other dearly well, And with so firm affection were allied, As if but one soul in them all did dwell, Which did her power into three parts divide ; Like three fair branches budding far and wide, That from one root deriv'd their vital sap : And, like that root that doth her life divide, Their mother was ; and had full blessed hap These three so noble babes to bring forth at one clap.
Page 150 - The which, more eath it were for mortal wight To tell the sands, or count the stars on high, Or ought more hard, than think to reckon right ; But well I...

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