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Repeal of former Acts, &c. Repeal of 4 & 5 W. 4. c. 50. ; also, 6 & 7 W. 4. c. 116. and 7 W. 4.

c. 2.; also 7 & 8 Vict. c. 106. and 8 & 9 Vict. c. 81. ;-Sect. 1. Powers of present County Officers continued until new Appoint

ments ; 2. The Powers of Grand Juries to make Presentments for Public Works,

abolished ; 3.

Constitution of Boards for the Administration of Fiscal Business. Lord Lieutenant to divide Counties into Districts ; 4. Lord Lieutenant to appoint Time and Places for Election of County

Boards; Election annual; 5. Justices from themselves to elect a certain Number to be Members

of the County Board ; 6. The Justices so elected to appoint Times and Places for Election of

District Boards ; 7. Cess-payers to elect Members of District Boards ; 8. Cess-payers to have Votes as in Schedule ; 9. Cess-payers jointly liable, to have each a Vote ; 10. Votes to be taken in Writing ; 11. District Boards to continue for One Year ; 12. To meet Twice a Year, in April and October ; 13. To elect Chairman and Vice-Chairman ; 14. Chairman and Vice-Chairman of District Boards to be Members of

County Board ; 15. County Board to meet Twice a Year, in April and October ; 16. Declaration to be made by Members of County Board and District

Boards ; 17.

County Officers. Secretary of Grand Jury to be Secretary of County Board ; 18. Surveyor of District to be also Clerk to District Board ; 19. County Engineer; 20. County Bank to be appointed ; 21. Finance Committee to be appointed ; 22. Salaries of County Officers : Proviso as to Salaries of present Officers

of the County of Dublin ; 23, 24. Salary of County Engineer, inclusive of Charges and Expenses ; 25. 541.



Retiring Pensions for County Treasurers and other Officers not re

appointed; Proviso for late Treasurer of County Dublin ; 26. Clerk of Crown and Peace to account for Fees on Oath ; 27. Further Salary for Officers on Special Commissions; 28. Salaries for Secretaries of County Boards to include Stationery, &c. ; 29.

(See Sections 130 to 137 for other Provisions as to Officers.)

Imperative Orders of County Board. For Payment of Salaries, &c. of County Officers ; 23 to 29 supra. For Rent of Court Houses; 30. For building Sessions Houses, Expenses of, limited ; 31. For repaying Advances to defray Expenses of Boards of Health ; 32. For Constabulary Force ; 33. For Expenses of Special Constables ; 34. For Constables superannuated from Wounds ; 35. For Constables superannuated from Age ; 36. For Expenses of Prosecutors and Witnesses in Cases of Felony ; 37. For Salaries of Commissioners of Valuation ; 38. For Removal of Offenders ; 39. For Expenses of Registry Books and Lists of Voters ; 40. For Insurance of County Buildings; 41. For Fee Fund on Audit of Finance Committee's Accounts; 42. For erecting District Lunatic Asylums ; 43. For Support of District Lunatic Asylums ; 44. For repaying Advances from Consolidated Fund for District Lunatic

Asylums; 45. For Purchase Money and Rents of Sites for District Lunatic

Asylums; 46. For making or Repairs of Roads, certified as necessary by Lord

Lieutenant, on Memorial of Cess-payers ; 47, 48. For Repayment of Expenses incurred by Commissioners of Public Works in Repairs of Post Roads; 49–51.

(Vide as to Damages found on Traverse, Sect. 128 ; and us

to Interest on Advances ordered by County Board, Sect. 131. Order for Expense of Bridges, Roads, Piers, Harbours, and other Works carried on by Board of Works, vide Sections 182 to 200.)

Discretionary Orders of County Board. For Maps and Plans of County Buildings; 52. For building and repairing Court Houses, Expenses by Instal.

ments; 53. For Purchase of Sites of Court Houses and Sessions ; 54.


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