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Allen, Charles Claflin, ex-Judge Circuit

Court, St. Louis, Mo. Avery, C. L., Judge Superior Court, Con.

necticut. Biggs, Davis, Commissioner St. Louis

Court of Appeals. Bonner, Wm. N., 30th Judicial District,

ex-Judge, Texas. Briscoe, John P., Court of Appeals, Mary

land. Bronson, Harrison A., Judge Supreme

Court, North Dakota. Bruce, Andrew A., ex Supreme Court,

North Dakota. Carpenter, J. McF., Common Pleas Court,

Pennsylvania. Carter, Orrin N., Supreme Court of II.

linois. Clevenger Frank M., Judge Court of

Common Pleas, Ohio. Dawkins, Walter I., Judge Supreme Bench,

Baltimore City, Maryland. Dunn, Frank K., Judge Supreme Court,

Illinois. Ellsworth, S. E., Supreme Court 1909-10,

North Dakota. Falkenhamer, Victor H., Judge Circuit

Court, St. Louis, Missouri. Gideon, Valentine, Justice Supreme Court,

Utah. Goodwin, Clarence N., ex-Judge Court of

Appeals, Illinois. Grim, J. Hugo, Judge Circuit Court, St.

Louis, Missouri. Hargest, Wm. M., President Judge 12th

Jud. Dist. Hart, W. O., representing Supreme Court

of Louisiana.

Hartmann, Moses, Judge Circuit Court, St.

Louis, Missouri. Henry, H. D., County Judge, Oklahoma, Higbee, Harry, Judge Appellate Court,

Illinios. Hunter, William R., Supreme Court, Il

linois. King, Alex. C., U. S. Circuit Judge,

Georgia. McBride, Robert W., ex-Judge Supreme

Court, Indiana. McClellan, Thos. C., Associate Justice

Supreme Court, Alabama. McCrary, A. J., ex-Judge, New York. Meldrim, Peter W., Judge Eastern Jud.

Circuit of Georgia. Moore, Joseph B., Chief Justice Supreme

Court, Michigan, Offutt, T. Scott, Court of Appeals, Mary

land. Page, George T., U. S. Court, 7th Circuit,

Illinois. Prentis, Robert R., Supreme Court of

Appeals, Virginia. Reynolds, George D., Judge St. Louis

Court of Appeals. Rosenberry, Marvin B., Justice Supreme

Court, Wisconsin. Sellers, Kathryn, Judge Juvenile Court,

D. C. Shelton, Thomas W., Virginia. Spencer, Selden P., ex-Judge Circuit

Court St. Louis, Missouri. Stockbridge, Henry, Court of Appeals,

Maryland. Whiting, Charles S., Judge Supreme Court,

South Dakota, Woods, Chas. A., U. S. Circuit Judge,

South Carolina.

ANNUAL DINNER The annual dinner was held on Friday evening, August 27, 1920, at the Hotel Statler, St. Louis, Missouri. President Hampton L. Carson, of Pennsylvania, presided. The speakers were:

Viscount Cave, of London, England.
Richard Bedford Bennett, K. C., of Calgary, Province of

Alberta, Canada.
Capt. Albert L. LeGrand, of France.
Thomas J. O'Donnell, of Colorado.
James Hamilton Lewis, of Illinois.

President-Elect, William A. Blount. There were 477 members and guests in attendance at the dinner.

LIST OF PRESIDENTS 1. 1878–79—*JAMES 0. BROADHEAD" .St. Louis, Missouri. 2. 1879-80–*BENJAMIN H. BRISTOW.... ..New York, New York. 3. 1880-81-*EDWARD J. PHELPS.. .Burlington, Vermont. 4. 1881-82*CLARKSON N. POTTER'. ..New York, New York. 6. 1882-83-* ALEXANDER R. LAWTON. Savannah, Georgia. 6. 1883-84-*CORTLANDT PARKER

Newark, New Jersey. 7. 1884-85-*JOHN W. STEVENSON.. Covington, Kentucky. 8. 1885-86-*WILLIAM ALLEN BUTLER.... .. New York, New York. 9. 1886-87-*THOMAS J. SEMMES... . New Orleans, Louisiana. 10. 1887-88-*GEORGE G. WRIGHT.

. Des Moines, Iowa. 11. 1888-89-DAVID DUDLEY FIELD. .New York, New York. 12. 1889-90–*HENRY HITCHCOCK

St. Louis, Missouri. 13. 1890-91-SIMEON E. BALDWIN..

New Haven, Connecticut. 14. 1891-92-*Joux F. DILLON..

. . New York, New York. 15. 1892–93-*JOHN RANDOLPH TUCKER. ... Lexington, Virginia. 16. 1893-94-*THOMAS M. COOLEY', · Ann Arbor, Michigan. 17. 1894-95-*JAMES C. CARTER.

.New York, New York. 18. 1895-96-MOORFIELD STOREY

Boston, Massachusetts. 19. 1896–97-*JAMES M. WOOLWORTH. Omaha, Nebraska. 20. 1897-98_*WILLIAM WIRT Howe. New Orleans, Louisiana. 21. 1898-99_*JOSEPH H. CHOATE. New York, New York. 22. 1899–1900-*CHARLES F. MANDERSON...Omaha, Nebraska. 23. 1900-1901-*EDMUND WETMORE

New York, New York. 24. 1901-1902-*U. M. Rose...

. Little Rock, Arkansas. 25. 1902-1903-FRANCIS RAWLE

. Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. 26. 1903-1904—*JAMES HAGERMAN

.. St. Louis, Missouri. 27. 1904-1905-HENRY ST. GEORGE TUCKER. Lexington, Virginia. 28. 1905-1906-GEORGE R. PECK..

. Chicago, Illinois. 29. 1906-1907-ALTON B. PARKER.

.New York, New York. 30. 1907-1908-J. M. DICKINSON.

. . Chicago, Illinois. 31. 1908-1909-FREDERICK W. LEHMANN... St. Louis, Missouri. 32. 1909-1910_*CHARLES F. LIBBY.. .Portland, Maine. 33. 1910-1911-EDGAR H. FARRAR.

.New Orleans, Louisiana. 34. 1911-1912-*STEPHEN S. GREGORY. Chicago, Illinois. 35. 1912-1913-FRANK B. KELLOGG. .St. Paul, Minnesota. 36. 1913-1914-WILLIAM H TAFT..

.New Haven, Connecticut 37. 1914-1915-PETER W. MELDRIM

. Savannah, Georgia. 38. 1915-1916-ELIAU Root

New York, New York. 39. 1916-1917-GEORGE SUTHERLAND · Salt Lake City, Utah. 40. 1917-1918-WALTER GEORGE SMITH. Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. 41. 1918-1919-GEORGE T. PAGE..

Peoria, Illinois. 42. 1919-1920-HAMPTON L. CARSON. Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. 43. 1920–1921-WILLIAM A. BLOUNT. ...... Pensacola, Florida.

• Deceased.

"At the Conference for organizing the Assoclation in 1878, John H. B. Latrobe, of Maryland, was elected Temporary Chairman, and when the organisation was completed, Benjamin H. Bristow, of Kentucky, was elected President of the Conference.

: In consequence of the death of Clarkson N. Potter, Francis Kernan, of New York, presided and prepared and delivered the President's Address in 1882.

: In consequence of the illness of Thomas M. Cooley, Samuel F. Hunt, of Ohio, presided and read the President's Address prepared by Judge Cooley in 1894.

• In consequence of the absence of Joseph A. Choate, as Ambassador to Great Britain, Charles F. Manderson, of Nebraska, presided and prepared and delivered the President's Address in 1899.

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