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INDIANS. H. B. No. 186; Approved March 21, 1907.


Sec. 1. Unlawful to sell nyuor to Indians. Penalties.
Sec. 2. Repeal section.

Be it enacted by the Legislative Assembly of the Territory of New

Mexico: Section 1. It shall be unlawful for any person to sell, barter, exchange, dispose of, or give away, directly or in. directly, any spiritous malt, vinous, fermented or other intoxicating liquors, to any Indian under the charge of any superintendent or agent, including Pueblo Indians, within the Territory of New Mexico. Any person violating any of the provisions of this Section shall be deemed guilty of a misdemeanor and shall be punished by a tine of not less than fifty ($50.00) dollars nor more than one hundred ($100.00) dollars and shall be imprisoned in the county jail not less than thirty days nor more than ninety days; and shall forfeit his license for the sale of intoxicating liquors and the right to obtain the same for the period of two years,

Sec. 2. Chapter 30 of the Laws of New Mexico for 1903, and all other acts and parts of acts inconsistent with this act, are hereby repealed; and this act shall take effect and be in force from and after its passage.



C. B. No. 249, Approved March 21, 1907.



Sec. 1. Appropriation for payment of interest.
Sec. 2. Appropriations for Territorial institutions.
Sec. 3. Repealing Chapter 6 of the Laws of 1903.
Sec. 4. Appropriation for the various charitable institutions of the Territory.
Sec. 5. Appropriation for penitentiary current expense fund.
Sec. 6. For salaries of territorial officers.
Sec. 7. Appropriations for miscellaneous fund.
Sec. 8. Sheriffs to draw mileage for only one person in charge of prisoners. Rate.


Sec. 9. Method of sending election returns to seat of government in the future.

Conditions and rates of pay for messenger. Sec. 10. Appropriation for the National Guard. Sec. 11. Printing and binding of Supreme Court Reports, etc., appropriation for. Sec. 12. Appropriation for various contingent expenses, and amending Section 203 of

the Coinpiled Laws of 1897. Expense of traveling auditor, etc. Sec. 13. Loan to County of Quay authorized. Conditions under which loan to be made

and repaid Sec. 14. Appropriation for paymentof officers of council and house of representatives. Sec. 15. Appropriation for Page B. Otero, expenses as fish and game warden. Sec. 18. Appropriations for paying deficiencies. Sec. 17. Insurance capitol building. Sec. 18. Einploy es capitol building. Sec. 19. Rate of salary fixed for district clerks. Disposition of fees received. Rate

of pay for cierkof supreme court,stenographers, etc. To receive mileage. Sec. 20. Appropriation for additional salary to be allowed mounted police. Sec. 21. Appropriation for book cases for territorial library. Sec. 22. Miscellaneous deficiencies. Sec. 23. Receipted vouchers to be kept on file in office of omcer paying. Sec. 21. Disposition of funds remaining in treasury from year to year to credit of

funds. Sec. 25. Same appropriations to be made for 60th year, with exceptions. Sec. 26. Auditor to distribute territorial taxes, how and when. Sec. 27. Authorization for levying of tax to cover appropriation Sec. 28. Provisions of this act extended in certain events. Sec. 29. Buards of county commissioners may send one pupil each to various

territorial institutions. Sec. 30. To be subject to general rules of institution. Sec. 31. Appropriation for this purpose. Amount allotted to each student per year. Sec. 32. How expenses to be paid. Sec. 33. Method of procedure by president and treasurer of institution. Sec. 34. Disposition of any moneys remaining in their hands at close of term. Sec. 35. Other students may be appointed on failure of first appointee to complete

four years term. Sec. 36. Territorial auditor authorized to levy sufficient tax to cover. Sec. 37. Bond issue authorized for, amount. Dated. Sec. 38. Auditor to levy tax sufficient to pay interest and principal. Sec. 39. Disposition of bonds after issue. To be disposed of by whom. Proviso. Be it enacted by the Legislative Assembly of the Territory of New

Mexico: Section. 1. For the 59th fiscal year the following appro. priations hereinafter specified, or so much thereof as may be necessary, are hereby made and directed to be paid for the purposes hereinafter expressed, to-wit:

For the payment of interest on the bonded indebtedness, twenty thousand ($20,000) dollars; Provided, That whenever the moneys in the fund are insufficient to meet the payment of the outstanding interest coupons as they mature, it shall be the duty of the territorial treasurer to borrow temporarily a sufficient sum to make such payments, and for such purpose the said treasurer is hereby authorized and empowered to make and negotiate the necessary loan on the best terms obtainable, at a rate of interest not exceeding six per cent per annum; Provided, however, That any surplus of any other fund on hand, not otherwise appropriated, may be first used to pay any such deticit before borrowing. The auditor of public accounts shall countersign any and all papers necessary for the negotiation of such loan and charge the proceeds to the treasurer, and the treasurer shall redeem such paper out of the interest fund whenever there shall be money in such fund available.

Sec. 2. For the support and maintenance of territorial institutions there is hereby appropriated as follows: New Mexico College of Agriculture and Mechanic Arts...

$ 16,000 00 New Mexico School of Mines.

15,000 00 Provided, That the sum of twenty-five hundred

dollars ($2,500.00), appropriated to said
School of Mines for the publication of United
States Geological Survey reports, by Chap-
ter 112 of the Acts of the 36th Legislative
Assembly of the Territory of New Mexico, is
hereby transferred to the general current

expense fund of said School of Mines. University of New Mexico..

22,500 00 New Mexico Normal School, Silver City ..

16,000 00 For the purpose of carrying on a Summer School

in connection with the Normal School at Las
Vegas, payable on order of the Board of

1,500 00 New Mexico Normal University, Las Vegas.. 16,000 00 New Mexico Military Institute, Roswell..

17,000 00 New Mexico Insane Asylum at Las Vegas, or so

much thereof as may be necessary.... 60,000.00 Provided, That after January 1st, 1908, the board

of directors of said Asylum shall appoint as
medical superintendent thereof a physician

who shall reside thereat. Miner's Hospital at Raton..

10,000 00 Institute for the Blind at Alamogordo..

12,500 00 Reform School in Rio Arriba county..

5,000 00 Provided, That the board of trustees of the Re

form School are hereby authorized to use
any part of the funds derived from levies
made for the 55th and 56th fiscal years, in
the territorial treasury to the credit of such
institutions, towards the completion of said
building, and for the purchase of permanent

fixtures and equipment therefor. Deaf and Dumb Azylum at Santa Fe.

7,500 00 Sec. 3. Chapter 6 of the Acts of the 35th Legislative Assembly, approved Februry 24, 1903, entitled "An Act entitled an act establishing an Orphan Childrens Hone at Belen, New Mexico, providing appropriation therefor, and for other purposes,” is hereby repealed in all of its parts and provisions; and the institution established by said act, known as the Orphan Childrens Home at Belen, New Mexico, is hereby abolished. The buildings and grounds now owned by said institution are hereby granted, conveyed and relinquished to the school district in which said property is located; Provided, That the buildings hereby granted and conveyed as aforesaid shall be used for public school purposes; and all moneys remaining in the territorial treasury, and which may be hereafter collected to the credit of the said Orphan Childrens Home at Belen, New Mexico, shall be covered into the Territorial Purpose Fund.

Sec. 4. For the various charitable institutions and hospitals of New Mexico there is hereby appropriated the following: Saint Vincent's Hospital at Santa Fe.

$ 3,600 00 Saint Vincent's Hospital at Santa Fe, additional

appropriation for new charity hospital build.
ing .....

5,000 00 Grant county Hospital at Siver City.

1,800 00 Sisters of Mercy Hospital, Silver City.

1,800 00 Ladies Hospital, Deming.

1,800 00 Eddy county Hospital, Carlsbad.

1,800 00 Orphan's School, Santa Fe.

5,400 00 Woman's Board of Trade, Santa Fe, to aid in the

construction of a free public library building 1,000 00 Relief Society at Las Vegas..

3,000 00 Sisters Hospital at Albuquerque..

2,400 00 Gallup Hospital at Gallup..

2,000 00 Provided, That the money now in the hands of

the territorial treasurer to the credit of the
Sisters of Loretto at Taos may be drawn on
order of said Sisters to be used for any pur-

pose desired by them.
Saint Mary's Hospital at Roswell..

1,800 00 Sisters of Loretto at Mora...

1,000 00 Sisters of Loretto at Las Cruces...

1,000 00 Sec. 5. For penitentiary current expense fund, for the payment of officers and employes there is hereby appropriated as follows: One superintendent.

$ 2,000 00 One assistant superintendent...

1,200 00 One physician.

600 00 One chaplain...

300 00 250 00

One clerk and store keeper...


600 00 One matron..

600 00 One captain, day guard..

600 00 One captain, night guard.

600 00 One night cell house keeper

540 00 One day cell house keeper..

540 00 Sixteen guards.....

7,680 00 One engineer and electrician

900 00 One foreman, clay bank..

720 00 For the purpose of paying transportation of dis

charged convicts to their homes, or so much
thereof as may be necessary.

1,000 00 For penitentiary maintenance, the proceeds of convicts' labor, and.....

35,000 00 For salary and expenses of penitentiary board

or so much thereof as may be necessary .... 1,750 00 Sec. 6. For the territorial officers, for the 59th tiscal year, there is hereby appropriated, and their salaries are hereby fixed as follows: One superintendent of public instruction ..... $ 2,400 00 One assistant superintendent of public instruc

tion, who shall be thoroughly conversant with
both the English and Spanish languages,
to be appointed by the Governor.

1,800 00 For salaries of district attorneys.

5,500 00 For salary of one attorney general.

3,000 00 For salary of office assistant to attorney general, to be appointed by attorney general..

1,500 00 For salary of territorial auditor

3,000 00 For clerk hire for territorial auditor.

1,200 00 For salary for territorial treasurer.

2,400 00 For clerk hire for territorial treasurer.

1,200 00 For secretary of bureau of immigration..

1,500 00 For salary of territorial librarian..

720 00 In full for salaries and expenses of judges of the district courts....

12,000 00 For salaries of the clerks of the district courts.. 19,200 00 For salary of clerk of the supreme court.

1,200 00 For per diem, mileage and expense of the terri

torial board of equalization, or so much
thereof as may be necessary

1,400 00 For salary adjutant general...

1,800 00 For salary, traveling auditor and bank examiner 3,000 00 For clerk hire for traveling auditor...

1,200 00 For salary, private secretary to the governor.. 1,500 00 For salary, governor's messenger and doorkeeper..

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