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That are importunate; and it should please you, Hier. Say, father, tell me what's thy suit? sir,

Sener. No, sir; could my woes
That you should plead their 217 cases to the king: Give way unto my most distressful words,

Hier. That I should plead their several actions? Then should I not in paper (as you see) Why let them enter, and let me see them. With ink bewray what blood began in ine.

Hier. What's here?- The humble supplication Enter three Citizens and an Old Man.

of Don Baculto, for his murdered son. 1 Cit. So, I tell you this, for learning, and for Sener. Aye, sir. law,

Hier. No, sir, it was my murdered son! Oh my There's not any advocate in Spain

son, That can prevail, or will take half the pain, Oh my son, Oh my son Horatio ! That he will, in pursuit of equity.

But mine, or thine, Bazulto, be content. Hier. Come near, you men that thus importune Here take my handkerchiet, and wipe thine eyes, me;

Whiles wretched I in thy mishaps may see (Now must I bear a face of gravity)

The lively pourtrait of my dying self. For 218 thus I used before my marshalship,

(He draweth out a bloody Nepkir. To plead in causes as Corrigidor,

O no, not this, Horatio, this was thine: Come on, sirs, what's the matter?

And when I dyed it in thy dearest blood, 2 Cit. Sir, an action.

This was a token 'twixt thy soul and me, Hier. Of battery?

That of thy death revenged I should be. 1 Cit. Mine of debt,

But here, take this, and this,—what, my purse? Hier. Give place.

Aye, this, and that, and all of them are thine: 2 Cit No, sir, nine is an action of the case. For all as one are our extremities. 3 Cit. Mine an Ejectione firma by lease. 1 Cit. Oh, see the kindness of Hieronimo!

Hier. Content you, sirs; are you determined 2 Cit. This gentleness shows him a gentleman. That I should plead your several actions ?

Hier. See, see, oh see thy shame,; 1 Cit. Aye, sir, and here's my declaration. See here a loving father to his son ; 2 Cit. And here is my

Behold the sorrows and the sad laments, 3 Cit And here is my lease.

That be delivereth 223 for his son's decease, [They give him Papers. If love's 224 effects so strive in lesser things, Hier. But wherefore stands 220 yon silly man If love enforce such monds in meaner wits, so mute,

If love express

225 such power in poor estates; With mournful eyes and hands to heaven up. Hieronimo,- when as a raging sea, reared ?

Tost with the wind and tide, o'erturneth then Come hither, father, let me know thy cause. The upper billows, course of waves to keep, Sener. O, worthy sir, my cause but slightly Whilst lesser waters labour in the deep :known,

Then samest thou not, Hieronimo, to neglect May move the hearts of warlike Myrmidons. The sweet

revenge of thy Horatio ? And melt the corsick 221 rocks with ruthful 222 Though on this earth justice will not be found,

I'll down to hell, and, in this passion,

219 band.



217 Causes, 1623.33.

218 This, 1618. 23. 39. 219 Band. - This was altered to bond in the former edition. Band was, however, the manner in which the word was formerly written, and I imagine pronounced. See several instances in Mr Steevens's Note on The Comedy of Errors, A. 4. 8. 2. Again, Churcbyard's Challenge, p. 152.:

“ Since faith could get no credit at his hand,

“ | sent him word to come, and sue my band.Beaumont and Fletcher's Nobl Gentleman, Vol. Vill. edit. 1778, p. 389. :

“ Take up at any use; give band, or land,

“ Or mighty statutes.' 220 Stand you, !618. 23. 33.

Corsick i he Glossary to Gawain Douglas's Virgil, explains the word corssy to be big-bodied; corsick is therefore large, huge, great. In Churchyard's Challenge, p. 37. we have the substantive corsies, for stellings, protuberances.

“ And corzies rose, that made a running sore." Rueful, 1618. 23. 33.

223 Delivered, 1618. 23. 33. 224 Love, 61

225 Enforce, 1618. 23. 33. 226 Swift, 1618. 23, 33.





Knock at the dismal gates of Pluto's court, Horatio, 233 thou art older than thy father : Getting by force (as once Alcides did) 227

Ah, ruthless fate! that favour thus transforms! A troop of furies, and tormenting hags,

Baz. Ah, my good lord, I am not your young To torture Don Lorenzo and the rest. Yet, lest the triple-beaded porter should

Hier. What, not my son? thou then a fury Deny my passage to the slimy strond,

art, The Thracian poet thou shalt counterfeit. Serit from the empty kingdom of black night, Come on, 228 old father, be ny Orpheus ;,

To summon me to make appearance And if thou can'st 229 no notes upon the harp, Before grim Minos and just Rhadamant, Then sound the burden of thy sore heart's grief To plague Hieronimno that is remiss, Till we do gain, that Proserpine may grant And secks not vengeance for Horatio's death. Revenge on them that murdered my son.

Buz. I am a grieved man, and not a ghost, Then will I rend and tear them thus, and thus, That came for justice for my murdered son. Shivering their limbs in pieces with my teeth. Hier. Aye, now I know thee, now thou nam'st

[ Tears lhe Papers. thy sou: i Cit. O, sir, my declaration!

Thou art the lively image of my grief, [Exit Hieronimo, and they after. Within thy face, my sorrows I may sce: 2 Cit. Save my bond.

Thy eyes are gum'd 235 with tears, thy cheeks are

wan, Enter HIERONIMO.

Thy forehead troubled, and thy muttering lips 3 Cit. Save

Murmur sad words abruptly broken off

, 2 Cit. Alas, my lease ! it cost me ten pound; By force of windy sighs thy spirit breathes, And you, my lord, have torn the same.

And all this sorrow riseth for thy son: Hier. That cannot be, I gave it 230 never a And self-same sorrow feel I for my son. wound;

Come in, old man, thou shalt to Isabel : Shew me one drop of blood fallen from the same : Lean on my arm; I thee, thou ine, shalt stay, How is it possible I should slay it then?

And thou, and I, and she, will sing a song; Tush, no; run after, catch me if you can. Three parts in one, but all of discords framed : (Exeunt all but the Old Man. Talk not of chords, but let us now be gone,

For with a cord Horatio was slain, [Ereunt. BAZULTO remains till HIERONIMO enters again, who staring him in the fuce spcuketh. Enter King of Spain, the Duke, Viceroy, and

LORENZO, BALTH EZAR, Don Pedro, and BeHier. And art thou come, Horatio, from the

depth, To ask for justice in this upper earth,

King. Go, brother, 'tis the Duke of Castile' To tell thy father thou art unrerenged,

cause; To wring more tears from Isabella's eyes, Salute the Viceroy in our name. Whose lights are dimned with overlong laments ?

Cast. I go. Go back, my son, complain to Æacus,

Vice. Go forth, Don Pedro, for thy nepher's For here's no justice ; gentle boy, be gone,

sake, For justice is exiled from the earth :

And greet the Duke of Castile. Hieronimo will bear thee company.

Ped. It shall be so. Thy mother cries on righteous Rhadamant, King. And now to meet these 237 Portingales ; For just revenge against the murderers.

For as we now are, so sometimes were these, Baz. Alas, my lord, whence springs this trou- Kings and commanders of the western Indies.bled speech?

Welcome, brave Viceroy, to the court of Spain, Hier. But let me look on my Horatio.

And welcome all his honourable train. Swect boy, how


232 art thou

changed in death's | 'Tis not unknown to us, for why you come, black shade!

Or have so kingly crost the raging seas; Had Proserpine no pity on thy youth,

Sufficeth 238 it in this, we note the troth, But suffered thy fair crimson-coloured spring, And more than common love you lend to us. With withered winter to be blasted thus? So is it that mine honourable niece




227 Did, omitted, 1618.

228 On, omitted, 1618. 23. 33. 229 Can'st no notes-i. e. says Mr llawkins, “ understandest not; hast no knowledge of, or power in." So, Spenser, and others. I hem, 1618 23. 33.

231 How, omitted, 1618. 232 Thou art, 1623. 33.

233 Older, 1618. 23. 33 234 Then thou, 1633.

235 Dimmed, 1618. 23. 33. 236 Be, sir, 1618.- Be done, sir, 1623.

237 The, 1618. 23. 33. 238 Sufficed, 1618. 23. 33. VOL. I.


(For it beseems us now that it be known)

Cast. I tell thee, son, myself have heard it said, Already is betrothed to Balthezar;

When (to my sorrow) I have been ashamed And, by appointment and our condescent, To answer for thee, though thou art 241 my son. To-morrow are they 239 to be married.

Lorenzo, know'st thou not the common love, To this intent we entertain thyself,

And kindness that Hieronimo bath won Thy followers, their pleasure, 240 and our peace. By his deserts, within the court of Spain? Speak, men of Portingale; sball it be so ? Or seest thou not the king my brother's care It ave, say so; if not, say flatly, no.

In his behalf, and to procure bis heaith? Vice. Renowned king, I come not as thou think'st, Lorenzo, should'st thou thwart his passions, With doubtful followers, unresolved men, And he exclaim against thec to the king, But such as have upon tline articles

What honour were't in this assembly, Confirmed thy motion, and contented me. Or what a scandal were't among the kings, Know, sovereign, I come to solemuize

To hear Hieronimo exclaim on thee? The marriage of thy well-beloved niece,

Tell me, and look thou tell me truly too, 242 Fair Belimperia, with my Balthezar ;

Whence grows the ground of this report in court! With thee, my son, whoin sith I live to see, Lor. My lord, it lies nut in Lorenzo's power Ilere take my crown, I give it her and thee: To stop the vulgar, liberal 243 of their tongues; And let me live a solitary life,

A small advantage makes a water-breach, In ceaseless prayers,

And no man lives, that long contenteth all. To think how strangely hearen hath thee pre- Cast. Myself bave seen thee busy to keep back served.

Him and his supplications from the king. King. Sec, bro:her, see, how nature strives in Lor. Yourseli, my lord, have seen his passions, him !

That ill-beseemed the presence of a king; Come, worthy Viceroy, and accompany

And, for I pitied him in his distress, Thy friend, with thine estremities;

I held him thence with kind and courteous words, A place more private fits this princely mood. As free from malice to Hieronimo, Vice. Or here, or where your lighness thinks it As to my soul, my lord. good.

Cast. Hieronimo, my son, mistakes thee then.
(Exeunt all but CASTILE and LORENZO. Lor. My gracious father, believe me, so he doth.
Cast. Nay, stay, Lorenzo, let ine talk with you; But what's a silly man, distract in mind,
Sce'st thou ibis entertainment of these kinys? To think upon the murder of his son?

Lor. I do, my lord, and joy to see the same. Alas ? how easy is it for him to err?
Cast. And kuiowest thou why this neeting is? But, for his satisfaction, and the world's,
Lor. For lier, my lord, whom Balthezar doth 'Twere good, my lord, that 244 Hieronimo and I

Were reconciled, if he misconstrue me.
Ard to confirm the promised marriage.

Cast. Lorenzo, thou hast said, it shail be so.Cast. She is thy sister.

Go one of you, and call Hieronimo.
Lor. Who, Belimperia? Aye, my gracious lord;
And this is the day ibat I have longed so happily


Bal. Come, Belimperia, Balthezar's content; Cast. Thou would'st be loth that any fault of My sorrow's ease, and sovereign of my bliss, thine

Sith heaven hath ordained thee 245 to be mine, Should intercept her in her happiness?

Disperse those clouds and melancholy looks, Lor. Heavens will not let Lorenzo err so much. And clear 246 them up with those thy suu-bright

Cast. Why, then, Lorenzo, listen lo my words. eyes, It is suspected, and reported too,

Whercin niy hope and heaven's fair beauty lies. That thou, Lorenzo, wrong'st Hieronimo,

Bel. My looks, my lord, are fitting for my love; And in his suits towards his majesty

Which, new begun, can show no brighter yet. Still keep'st him back, and seek'st to cross his suit. Bal. New kindled flames should burn as inornLor. That I, my lord?

ing sun.

to see.

239 They are, 1633.

240 Pleasures, 1623. 33. 241 Wert, 1618. 23. 33.

242 Too, omitted, 1618. 23. 33. 243 Liberal-Liberal, in our ancient writers, is, as here, frequently used to signify licentious. So, ia Field's It'uman's a Weathercock:

“ Next that, the fame
of your neglect and liberal talking tongue,

Which breeds my honour an eternal wrong." :44 Tkal, omitted, 1623. 33.

245 Heaven hath thee ordained, 1623. 33. 246 Cheare, 1618. 23. 33.



Bel. But not too fast, lest heat and all be done. These be the scandalous reports of such, I see, my lord, my fa:her.

As love not me, and hate my lord too much. Bal. Iruce, my love, I will go salute him. Should I suspect Lorenzo would prevent Cast. Welcome, Balthezar; welcome, brave Or cross my suit, that loved my son so well? prince,

My lord, I am ashamed it should be said. The pledge of Castile's peace;

Lor, Hieronimo, I never gave you cause. And welcoine, Beliinperia.- How noiv, girl? Hier. My good lord, I know you did nut. Why com'st thou sadly to salute us thus?

Cast. There pause; Content thyself, for I am satisfied,

And, for the satisfaction of the world, It is not now as when Andrea lived,

Hieronimo, frequent iny homely house, We have forgotten and forgiven that,

The Duke of Castile, Cyprian's ancient seat; And thou art graced with a happier love.- And when thou wilt, use me, my son, and it: But, Balthezar, here comes Hieronimo.

But here, before Prince Baithezar and me, I'll bave a word with him.

Embrace each other, and be perfect friends.

Hier. Aye marry, my lord, and shall;
Enter HIERONIMO and Serrant.

Friends, quoth he; see, I'll be friends with you
Hier. And where's the duke?
Serv. Yonder.

Especially with yo'l, my lovely lord: Hier. Even so: what new device hath they de- For divers causes, it is fit for us vised tro?

That we be friends; the world is suspicious, Pocas palabras, 247 mild as the lamb:

And men may think what we iinagine not. I'st, I will be revenged ? 248 no, I am not the man. Bul. Why this is friendly done, Ilieronimo. Cast. Welcome, Hieronimo.

Lor. And thus, I hope, old grudges are forgot. Lor. Welcome, Hieronimo.

Hier. What else? it were a shame it should Bal. Welcome, Hieronimo.

uot be so. Hier. My lords, I thank you for Horatio.

Cast. Coine on, Hieronimo, at my request, Cast. Hieronimo, the reason that I sent Let us intreat your company to-day. (Ercunt. To speak with you, is this.

Hier. Your lordship’s to command.-Pha! Hier. What, so short?

Keep your way. Then I'll be gone, I thank you for't.

249 Mi! chi mi fa piu carrezze che non suole Cust. Nay, stay, Hieronimo :-go call him, son. Tradito mi hu, o tradir mi vuole.

Exit. Lor. Hieronimo, my father craves a word with

Enter Ghost and Revenge. you. Hier. With me, sir? why, my lord, I thought Ghost. Awake, Erictho; Cerberus, awake! you had done.

“ Solicit Pluto, gentle Proserpine, Lor. No; would he had !

“ To combat Acheron and Erebus in hell, Cast. Hieronimo, I hear

“ For ne'er by Styx and Phlegeton, You find yourself aggrieved at my son,

“Nor ferried Charon to the tiery lakes, Because you have liot access unto the king; “Such fearful sights, as poor Andrea see. And say 'tis he that intercepts your suits.

Reverge, awake! Hier. Why, is not this a miserable thing, my

“ 250 Red. Awake, for why? lord ?

Ghost. Awake, Revenge, for thou art ill adCast. Hieronimo, I hope you have no cause;

vised And would be loth that one of your deserts, “To sleep; awake! what, thou 251 art warned to Should once hare reason to suspect my son,

watch? Considering how I think of you myself.

Rev. Content thyself, and do not trouble me. Hier. Your son Lorenzo! whom, my noble lord ? “ Ghost. Awake, Revenge ! if love, as love hath The hope of Spain? mine honourable friend?

had, Grant me the combat of thein, if they dare; “ Have yet the power or prevalence in hell:

[Draws out his Sword. Hieronimo with Lorenzo is joined in league, I'll meet him face to face to tell me so.

“And intercepts our passage to revenge ;

[ocr errors]

247 Pocas palabras—These words are given to the Tinker in the Induction to the Taming of the Shrew in order to ridicule them.

248 Hist, I will be revenged, 1633.
249 Me, chi mi fa? Pui correzza che non sule

Tradito viha otrade vule.-Quartos.
250 Revenge. Awake, for why? omitted, 1018. 23. 33.
25. Thou, omitted, 1618. 23. 33.


“Awake, Revenge! or we are woe-be-gonc. 252
Reo. Thus worldlings ground what they have

dreamed upon.
* Content thyself, Andrea, though I sleep,
“ Yet is

my mood soliciting their souls: “ Suffice it thee that poor Hieronimo “ Cannot forget his son Horatio. “ Nor dies Revenge, although he sleep a while : “For in unquiet, quietness is feigned, 25+ “ And slumbering is a common worldly wile. “ Behold, Andrea, for an instance, how " Revenge hath slept, and then imagilie thou, “ What 'tis to be subject to destiny.

Enter a Dumb Show. Ghost. Awake, Revenge! reveal this mystery.

Rev. The two first, the nuptial torches bore, “ As brightly 255 burning as the mid-day's sun: “But after them doth Hymen hie as fast, “ Clothed in sable, and a saffron robe, “ And blows them out, and quencheth them with

blood, “ As discontent that things continue so. “ Ghost. Sufficeth me thy meaning's under

stood, “And thanks to 256 thee, and those infernal

powers, “ That will not tolerate a lover's woe. “ Rest thee, for I will sit to 257 see the rest “ Red. Then 258 argue not, for thou hast thy request.



Hier. But may it be, that Belimperia

Vows such revenge as she hath deigned to say?
Bel. Is this the love thou bear'st Horatio ? Why then I see that heaven applies our drift,
Is this the kindness that thou counterfeit'st? And all the saints do sit soliciting
Are these the fruits of thy incessant tears ? For vengeance on those cursed murderers.
Hieronimo, are these thy passions,

Madam, 'tis true, and now I find it so: Thy protestations, and thy deep laments, I found a letter, written in your name, That thou wert wont lo weary men withal ? And in that letter, how Horatio died. Oh, unkind father! oh, deceitful world !

Pardon, O pardon, Belimperia, With what excuses can'st thou shew thyself? My fear and care in not believing it; With what dishonour, and the hate of men, Nor think I thoughtless think upon a mean, From this dishonour, and the hate of men; To let his death be unrevenged at full: Thus to neglect the loss and life 259 of him, And here I vow, so you but give consent, Whom both my letters, and thine own belief, And will conceal my resolution, Assures thee to be causeless slaughtered ? I will ere long determine of their deaths, Hieronimo, for shame! Hieronimo,

That causeless thus have murdered my son. Be not a history to after-tines

Bel. Hieronimo, I will consent, conceal, Of such ungratitude unto thy son;

And aught 261 that may effect for thine avail Unhappy mothers of such children then, Join with thee to revenge Horatio's death. But monstrous fathers to forget so soon

Hier. On, 262 then; whatsoever I devise, The death of those, whom they with care and cost Let me intreat you, grace my practices : Have tendered so, thus careless should be lost. For why, the plot's already in my head.Myself, a stranger in respect of thee,

Here they are.
So loved his life, as still I wish their deaths.
Nor shall his death be unrevenged by me,

Enter BALTEZAR and Lorenzo. Although I bear it out for fashion's 260 sake; Bal. How now, Hieronimo? what, courting BeFor here I swear, in sight of heaven and earth,

limperin? Should'st thou neglect the love thou should'st re- Hier. Aye, my lord, such courting as I promise tain,

you, And give it over, and devise no more,

She hath my heart : but you, my lord, have hers. Myself should send their hateful souls to hell, Lor. But now, Hieronimo, or never, we are to That wrought his downfal, with extremest death.

intreat your help.

252 Woe begone-Lost in woe.
253 In, 1618. 23. 33.
255 Bright, 1618. 23. 33.
257 Unto, 1618. 23. 33.
259 Life and loss, 1618. 23. 33.
261 What, 1633.

254 Found, 1618. 23. 33.
256 Unto, 1618. 23, 33.
258 Thus, 1618.
260 Fashion.
262 O tben, 1618. 23. 33.

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