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you got that ready to testify to and tell us what part of this expenditure in 1948 of $9,210,000 is going for capital improvements!

Mr. WHITEHURST. The way we have set up 1948, $3,681,152 will go for major capital improvement.

Mr. BATES. $3,681,152.

Mr. WHITEHURST. In 1949, $3,168,000. I can continue through to 1955.

Mr. Bates. Well, does it go above $3,000,000 in any one of those years? Give us the round figures.

Mr. WHITEHURST. In 1954, it is $4,125,000. There is an average of $3,700,000 for all of these years.

Mr. BATES. And that will be taken care of, you think, from this so-called increase in the gasoline tax?

Mr. WHITEHURST. Yes, sir. Then, in the minor capital improvement, which is recurring local items, it runs from $1,650,000 projected in 1948 to $1,800,000 in 1955.

At an a verage of around $1,725,000. Mr. BATEs. Now, will you put that table in the record at this point, please?

Mr. WHITEHURST. Yes, sir.
(The table referred to is as follows:)

[blocks in formation]

$710,000 $725,000 $750,000 $760,000 $770,000 $780,000 $780,000 $780,000

50,000 50,000 50.000 50,000 50,000 50,000 50,000 50,000 32, 000 32, 000 32,000 32,000 30,000 30,000 30,000 30,000

Estimated expenses of Dis-
trict departments:
Metropolitan Police
Administrative Ofice..
Park roads.

Vehicles and traffic.
Trees and parking..
Total other depart-


[blocks in formation]

1,782,000 1.907, 000 1,932, 000 1,950,000 1,920,000 1,930, 000 1,930,000 1,930,000

Highway Department:

Maintenance and operation

1,904, 2251, 900,000 1,925,000 1,950,000 1,950,000 2,000,000 2,000,000 2,000,000 Capital outlay recurring items.

11,650,000'1, 675,000 1,700,000 1,750,000 1,750,000 1,800,000 1,800,000 1,800,000


3, 551, 225 3, 575,000 3, 625, 000,3, 700,000,3, 700,000 3,800,000 3,800,000 3,800,000 Available for capital im

provements including Fed. eral aid matching funds.--- 3,681, 152 3,168,000 3, 358,000 3, 595,000 3,765,000 3,855, 0004, 125,000 4,065, 000 Grand total

9,017, 377 8,650,000 8, 915, 000 9, 215,000.9, 385, 000 9, 585, 000 9,855, 000 9, 795.000 Estimated revenue.

9,017, 377, 8, 650,000 8, 915,000,9, 245, 000 9, 385, 000,9, 585,000,9,855, 000 9, 795, 000

Mr. WHITEHURST. We have the same information for the years 1939 to 1947.

Mr. BATES. Will you put that into the record, too?
Mr. WHITEHURST. Yes, sir,

(The above-mentioned table is as follows:)

Exhibit B.Tabulation of appropriations chargeable to the highway fund

[blocks in formation]

Mr. BATEs. That is all, Mr. Chairman.
Senator Caix. Captain Whitehurst, thank you very much, sir,

Mr. WHITEHURST. Mr. Chairman, I have one other short statement that I would like to get in, if I may.

Senator Caix. That is quite proper.

Mr. WHITEHURST. This deals with H. R. 2285, a justification for increasing the inspection fee to $1, from 50 cents, which it has been. and if I may be permitted, I will read it.

Senator Cain. As you wish.

Mr. WHITEHURST. On the inspection item, inspection was included in the Highway Fund Act at 50 cents per vehicle. It was testified to in Congress that the inspection service-this is inspection of motor vehicles would be self-supporting. For a while, it was very nearly self-supporting. In recent years, it has been far from self-supporting. The cost of operating the inspection stations has gone up tremendously. through no one's fault. A combination of factors enter into it. First, there were pay increases of the personnel, well deserved; and then the inspectors' classification was changed two grades by the Civil Service Commission, which I think also was proper. And that, coupled with the fact that registrations went down during the war and have continued low, made this amount received in revenue from the 50-cent fee less than one-half of what it cost to operate the stations.

The Commissioners have looked into the matter very thoroughly and recommend that the inspection fee be raised to a dollar; and while that will not, on its face, make the stations entirely self-supporting, it is believed that the same personnel will be able to take care of increased registrations as they come along, which will bring in additional funds, so that the gap

between the cost and the revenue will be narrowed if not entirely obliterated.

I have the figures here: In 1946, there was an actual collection of $61,816 for inspection. The cost of operating the stations that year was $116,000. It is estimated in 1947 it will cost $160,000 to operate the stations. And it is estimated that inspection fees will return $65,000. Of course,' we could go back through many years, but that is the immediate situation.

The Commissioners were also informed that, while trailers were inspected, there was no fee charged. The Commissioners are of the

opinion that a fee should be charged, certainly for the larger trailers. There are not many of them, it is true. It doesn't amount to much money. But they certainly should be inspected, and if they are inspected, that should be paid for. The Commissioners set the figure at 4,000 pounds. They did that to avoid any compulsory inspection of these small trailers, such as used by the telephone company, the Capital Transit Co., and the Potomac Electric Power Co., as well as others. That is the little type of trailer that you see around town.

It is not so essential that those be inspected as it is that the large trailers be inspected. This is not a question of raising revenue, but a question of equity.

Senator CAIN. What is the status of the bill?
Mr. WHITEHURST. The bill is included in this list of bills that

you have, sir.

Senator Caix. Fine.

Mr. BATES, You are going to put those unit prices in the record, are you not, Captain? The comparative unit prices for contract work in 1937 and the latest ones you have got, so that we will observe by comparing those, what the increase is?

Mr. WHITEHURST. Yes, sir. I will give them to you straight through the years.

Mr. BATEs. There is no point in that. Just give those two figures in the record at this point.

Mr. WHITEHURST. All right, sir.

(The information is as follows:) Department of Highways, District of Columbia-Comparison of construction and

repair costs 1937-47

[blocks in formation]

Senator Cain. That will be a straight line up through the years.
Mr. WHITEHURST. There is a jag there.

Senator Cain. The exception we will not worry about. You are all spending more money than you used to, and you cannot help yourself.

Mr. WHITEHURST. You wanted a list of the major projects we undertook from 1937 to 1947?

Mr. Bates. Those are capital expenditures.
Mr. WHITEHURST. Yes, sir.

Mr. Bates. You can put those in the record at this point without reading them.

Mr. WHITEHURST. We will have to supply the paving one.

[blocks in formation]

Branch Ave. SE, from Alabama Ave. to Denver St., and Denver St.

to District of Columbia line.. Blair Rd. NW., l'eabody St. to Aspen St Bladensburg Rd. NE., New York Ave. to 24th Pl. C St. NE., 16th St. to 19th St. Canal St. SW., South Capitol St. to Independence Ave. Canal Rd. NW., Weaver Pl. to Chain Bridge Rd. Franklin St, NE., Michigan Ave, to Lincoln Rd. Kennedy St. NW., Kansas Ave, to 14th St---K St. NW., to North Capitol St. to New Jersey Ave. K St. NW., 12th St. to Connecticut Ave. Loughboró Rd. NW., Indiana Lane to Glenbrook Rd.Michigan Ave. NE., 10th St. to 18th St.-Rhode Island Ave. NW., New Jersey Ave. to 7th St. 9th St. NW., G St. to K St.. 9th St. NW., Rhode Island Ave. to U St. 11th St. NW., Massachusetts Ave. to Rhode Island Ave. 12th St., NW., Constitution Ave. to Independence Ave46th St., NW., Massachusetts Ave. to River Rd..

$32, 200. 011 64. 000. (0) .56, 000.00 36, 300,00 .34, 700.00 28, 500.00 30, 400, 00 S1, 500.00

26, S00.00 110, 100, 00 37, 700.00 39, 900. 00 27, 800.000 33, 600,00 48, 400.00 63, 400.00 26, 000.00 72, 700.00


Queens Chapel Rd. Bridge

$11, 000, 00

PAVING, 1939

[merged small][merged small][ocr errors]

Concord Ave. NW., 3d St. to 8th St.
S St. SE., 1st St. to 4th St.
Kennedy St. NW., Kansas Ave. to North Capitol St
Approaches to K St. grade separation at Rock Creek Pkwy-
K St. NW., New Jersey Ave, to 7th St.-
Lincoln Rd. NE., Rhode Island Ave. to Douglas St.
Loughboro Rd. NW., Glenbrook Rd. to Conduit Rd.
Massachusetts Ave. NW., 13th St. to 15th St. and 14th St., L St.

to M StMassachusetts Ave. NW., 9th St. to 13th St.. Nichols Ave. SE., Upsal St. to South Capitol StNichols Ave. SE., 4th St. to Upsal St3d St. NW., D St. to II St.4th St. NW., New York Ave. to New Jersey Ave_ 7th St., west. Constitution Ave. to Independence Ave_ 7th St. NE. Franklin St. to Michigan Ave. 9th St. NW., Massachusetts Ave, to Rhode Island Are_ 11th St. NW., Rhode Island to Vermont Aves.-12th St. NW., New York Ave, to Massachusetts Ave. 13th St. NW., You St. to Florida Ave.--13th St. NW., Military Rd. to Rittenhouse St. 14th St. NW., (east side) Rhode Island Ave, to You St. 17th St. NW., Constitution Ave. to New York Ave. 17th St. NW., K St. to Rhode Ave. 17th St. NE., E St. to K St 18th St. NW., S St. to Florida Ave.

81, 200.00 40,500.00 45, 400.00 39, 000.00 57, 600.00 30, 200,00 43, 400.00 27. 700.00 77. 300.00 56, 100.00 35, 200.00 34, 000.00 28, 282.92 34, 433. 46 34, 286, 55 40, 230. 12 31, 392, 23 24, 815, 14


Pennsylvania Avenue Bridge
K Street Bridge--
Thomas Circle underpass-
Taylor Street overpass-

$1, 850,000.00

239, 800.00 483, 800.00 210, 800.00

PAVING, 1940
Eye St. NW., 13th St. to 15th St-
M St. SW., Maine Ave. to 4th St.
Maine Ave. SW., M St. to P St-
M St. NW., New Hampshire Ave. to 26th St-
North Capitol St., Farragut St. to New Hampshire Ave.
Naylor Rd. SE., Texas Ave. to Good Hope Rd----
Rhode Island Ave. NE., 16th St. to South Dakota Ave-
14th St. NW., Florida Ave. to Monroe St--
18th St. NE., Montana Ave. to Rhode Island Ave_
49th St. NE., Central Ave. to Grant St..
Roadways in the vicinity of the Municipal Center-
Minnesota Ave. SE., 27th St. to Benning Rd.
Pennsylvania Ave. SE., Branch Ave. to Alabama Ave_
Approaches to Taylor St. grade separation.
Vermont Ave. NW., Logan Circle to 200 feet north of R St..
Approach roadway to Pennsylvania Avenue Bridge-
Florida Ave: NE., North Capital St. to West Virginia Ave.
Hawaii Ave. and North Capitol St. between Farragut Pl. and

Baites Rd.

$34, 500.00 105, 800.00 45, 000.00 57, 500.00 35, 001. 00 36,000.00 38, 900.00 87, 600.00 32, 700.00 32, 505. 00 202, 500.00 118, 400.00 42, CO). 00 42, 300.00 36, 100.00 43, 600.00 114, 200.00

43, 400.00


Massachusetts Avenue Bridge 12th Street SE. Bridge-

$506, 800.00

33, 900.00

PAVING, 1941

$33, 600.00 43, 902. 02 66, 354. 76

54, 929. 74 127, 801. 64 48, 776. 84 57, 938. 14

32,831.85 103, 317. 42 147,000.00

Rhode Island Ave. NW., 7th St. to 9th St.-
3d Street NW. and SW., Maryland Ave. to Pennsylvania Ave.---
3d St. NW., H St. to New York Ave.---
Dalecarlia Parkway NW., Loughboro Rd. to Massachusetts Ave.

Pennsylvania Ave. SE., 11th St. to Barney Circle-
Utah Ave. NW., Nebraska Ave. to Van Hazen St.-
Arkansas Ave. NW., 16 St. to Decatur St.-
C St. SW., 4th St. to 7th St.----
Independence and Maryland Aves., SW., 1st St. to 7th St.
Massachusetts Ave. NW., California St. to Wisconsin Ave.----
North Capitol St. and Blair Rd. NW., New Hampshire Ave, to

Peabody St.--
Nichols Ave. SE., South Capitol St. to Chesapeake St-
Rock Creek and Potomac Parkways under Massachusetts Avenue

1st St. SE., North Carolina Ave, to Carroll St.--
Sth St. SE., Pennsylvania Ave. to M St.---
16th St. NW., L St. to P St., Rhode Island Ave. NW., 15th St, to

17th St. and Massachusetts Ave., 15th St. to 17th St-21st St. NW., Constitution Ave. to C St.21st St. NW., C. St. to Virginia Ave, and E St. from 220 St. to

Virginia Ave.----

46, 307. 90 27, 597. 16

37, 140.39 27, 279, 22 55, 945. 67

107, 609. 56

6, 439. 28

42. 412. 82

STRUCTURES, 1941 Scott Circle underpass. 14th St. and Maine Ave, railroad bridge

$319, 100.00 204, 200.00

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