Annual Report of the Secretary of the Treasury on the State of the Finances for the Year ...

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Public debt increases and decreases and balances in Treasurers
Sales of Series E through K savings bonds by denominations fiscal
Percent of savings bonds sold in each year redeemed through each
Sales and redemptions of Treasury savings notes August 1941June
Interest payable on the public debt by security classes fiscal years
Estimated ownership of interestbearing governmental securities
Assets and liabilities in the account of the Treasurer of the United
Ainsworth Library fund Walter Reed General Hospital June 30 1955
Library of Congress trust funds June 30 1955
Railroad retirement account June 30 1955
U S Government life insurance fundInvestments June 30 1955
Description of Treasury holdings of bonds and notes issued by Gov
Comparative statement of the assets liabilities and capital of Gov
Income and expense of Government corporations and certain other
Source and application of funds of Government corporations
Restoration of amount of capital impairment of the Commodity
and in circulation by kinds June 30 1955
Summary of customs collections and expenditures fiscal year 1955
Estimated customs duties value of dutiable imports and ratio
Vehicles and persons entering the United States by number fiscal
Expenditures made by the Government as direct payments to States
Government losses in shipment revolving fund
Estimated gold and shortterm dollar resources of foreign countries
Indebtedness of foreign governments to the United States arising from
Number of employees in the departmental and field services of

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Page 159 - The bills are subject to estate, inheritance, gift, or other excise taxes, whether Federal or State, but are exempt from all taxation now or hereafter imposed on the principal or interest thereof by any State, or any of the possessions of the United States, or by any local taxing authority.
Page 296 - The legitimate object of government is to do for a community of people whatever they need to have done, but cannot do at all, or cannot so well do. for themselves, in their separate and individual capacities.
Page 279 - All national banking associations, designated for that purpose by the Secretary of the Treasury, shall be depositaries of public money, under such regulations as may be prescribed by the Secretary; and they may also be employed as financial agents of the Government; and they shall perform all such reasonable duties, as depositaries of public money and financial agents of the Government, as may be required of them.
Page 279 - That all associations under this act, when designated for that purpose by the Secretary of the Treasury, shall be depositaries of public money, except receipts from customs, under such regulations as may be prescribed by the Secretary...
Page 279 - States, to receive any tax imposed under the internal revenue laws, in such manner, at such times, and under such conditions as he may prescribe; and he shall prescribe the manner, times, and conditions under which the receipt of such tax by such banks and trust companies is to be treated as payment of...
Page 329 - Should there be any delinquency in this regard at the time of the receipt by the Auditor of a requisition for an advance of money, he shall disapprove the requisition, which he may also do for other reasons arising out of the condition of the officer's accounts...
Page 247 - Council has for its principal purpose the promotion of the economic and social welfare of the American nations through effective cooperation for the better utilization of their natural resources, the development of their agriculture and industry and the raising of the standards of living of their peoples.
Page 335 - States — (a) the Secretary of the Treasury is authorized to accept or reject on behalf of the United States any gift of money or other intangible personal property made on condition that it be used for a particular defense purpose...
Page 279 - The Secretary of. the Treasury shall require the associations thus designated to give satisfactory security, by the deposit of United States bonds and otherwise, for the safe-keeping and prompt payment of the public money deposited with them, and for the .faithful performance of their duties as financial agents of the Government.
Page 218 - ... become redeemable pursuant to a call for redemption as in the judgment of the Secretary of the Treasury establishes that they (1) have been destroyed or have become Irretrievably lost, (2) are not held by any person as his own property and (3) will never become the basis of a valid claim against the United States.

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