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19. Admission to Practice and Registration of Physicians and

Nurses.-A. V. Cannon, Williamson Bldg., Cleveland, Ohio, Chairman. Walter E. Coe, Stamford, Connecticut; also 165 Broadway, New York, N. Y. Royal A. Gunnison, Juneau, Alaska. John Hinkley, 215 N. Charles St., Baltimore, Maryland. J. F. O'Connell, 53 State St., Boston, Mass. W. M. Hargest, Harrisburg, Pennsylvania. Louis C. Massey, Watkins Bldg., Orlando, Florida.

20. To Co-operate with the American Judicature Society.–Rome G.

Brown, Metropolitan Life Bldg., Minneapolis, Minn., Chairman. Frederick W. Lehmann, Merchants-Laclede Bldg., St. Louis, Missouri. Joseph Madden, Keene, New Hampshire. Charles S. Lobingier, United States Court, Shanghai, China. H. H. Wilson, Lincoln, Nebraska. Mark A. Sullivan, Jersey City, New Jersey. Henry W. Bullock, Indianapolis, Ind.


To the Twenty-fifth Annual Conference of Commissioners on

Uniform State Laws: Your Secretary respectfully submits the following report and suggestions:

Your Secretary was first elected at the last annual Conference. Returning home he received various boxes of printed matter belonging to the Conference. He sorted and arranged this and found a few copies of the proceedings of the Conference of 1904, 1905, 1907 and 1910; a large supply of the Proceedings of 1909, 1911, 1912 and 1913; a few copies of reports of various committees in earlier years and sixty-nine copies of the Compilation of the Laws of Various States Relating to the Appointment and Duties of Commissioners, published in August, 1911. This constituted all the records and information which came to the Secretary relating to the previous work of the Conference.

He received no records of any kind or description except this printed matter.

The Secretary has no complete set of the Proceedings of the Conference. After considerable correspondence with many people and gathering extra copies here and there, especially with the assistance of the Treasurer, who has examined the library of our late brother commissioner, Amasa M. Eaton, the Secretary now has a set of proceedings for the Secretary's office which ought to be bound. These proceedings are complete from 1898 to 1914, inclusive, except for the proceedings of 1901, which are missing. The Secretary also has a copy of the Proceedings of 1896.

Almost immediately after his return from the last Conference the Secretary began to receive requests for copies of acts approved by the Conference with which he was unable to comply.

As soon as the reporter's transcript of the Proceedings of the Twenty-fourth Annual Conference were received the Secretary prepared the text for the Report of that Conference and an index therefor, and attended to the printing and distribution thereof. The distribution of this report required a considerable amount of

persons who

work in preparing a mailing list, as none came to the Secretary. The report was sent to all persons to whom the By-laws require copies to be sent, except the Presidents of the various State Bar Associations. Copies were not sent to them because the Executive Committee thought there were insufficient funds to justify this expense. Consequently, there is in the Secretary's office a large number of copies of the Proceedings of the Twenty-fourth Conference which would be of more value in the hands of might be interested in the work of the Conference.

During the late Fall and early Winter the Secretary received many requests for copies of acts approved by the Conference from persons in various states who desired to introduce these acts in the various legislatures. The requests came from representatives of Bar Associations, from individual lawyers and from others interested in the work. Except as some of these acts were found in the Proceedings in the Secretary's office, the requests could not be complied with until the latter part of January, when copies were sent as far as possible. By this unavoidable delay the work of the Conference was seriously retarded and its accomplishment impaired.

Copies of all acts approved by the Conference and recommended for adoption, except an “ Act Relating to and Regulating Marriage and Marriage Licenses; and to promote Uniformity Between the States in Reference Thereto," have now been printed and a goodly supply thereof is in the Secretary's office and the type is kept standing so that additional copies may be promptly had. These copies were not received early enough to be available to the sessions of legislatures which convened during the past year.

The By-laws provide that the Secretary shall keep a record of the name and address, the date of appointment and expiration of the term of each commissioner. No such record came to the present Secretary. Your Secretary early sought this information from the commissioners. Failing to obtain it from this source, he attempted to gather it by correspondence with the Governors of the various states, that the records might be made complete. He has met with somewhat indifferent success, as the Governors of some of the states have not answered his communications, but, in the main, they have done so, and the Secretary now has a list compiled from his efforts, and those of the Committee on Appointment of new Commissioners, which he believes to be correct and which, for the most part, gives the information which the By-laws require him to have.

In accordance with the votes of the last Conference the Secretary sent a copy of the resolutions adopted at that Conference, with relation to our late honored brother Commissioners Eaton, Arvine, Brown and Snodgrass, to the family of each, respectively, and receipt thereof was acknowledged by appreciative notes.

The Secretary has received during the year from various sources requests for information concerning the work of the Conference, copies of acts approved, and other literature, which has been furnished so far as the office was able so to do.

The Secretary has prepared a mailing list, so far as he is able, showing the persons and institutions to which literature of the Conference should be sent. After the acts approved by the Conference were printed, copies thereof were sent to all the commissioners.

At the direction of the Executive Committee the Secretary arranged with the Lord Baltimore Press for the printing of reports of all committees, and has attended to that printing in so far as the reports have been sent to the Secretary. Proofs have been submitted to the Chairmen of committees so far as possible. The reports so printed have been distributed. Some delay in making the arrangement for printing is responsible for the failure to distribute the Corporation Acts as voted at the last Conference. This delay is due to no fault on the part of the Committee on Corporation Law.

In printing the reports of various committees in the Proceedings of 1914, the acts recommended by the committee, but which were not approved by the Conference, or not acted upon, were omitted. This was done with the advice and approval of the President and Chairman of the Executive Committee, believing that it was, perhaps, unwise to publish acts which had not been approved.

There was a meeting of some of the Executive Committee held at the Hotel Astor, in New York, February 26, 1915. The Secretary did not attend, not knowing of the meeting until afterward. Only routine business seems to have been transacted. Among other things considered at that meeting was the question of the determination of a short title for the various acts. The Secretary has noticed, and the fact has been called to his attention from various sources, that there is a lack of uniformity in the references to the different acts approved by this Conference, by the officers and committees of the Conference. In the language of one communication, referring to the Proceedings of 1913, the writer says: “I note the following variations in the report of the last proceedings (President's Address, page 77; Secretary's Report, page 111), “The Sales of Goods Act, The Sales Act'; 'The Certificate of Stock Act," "The Stock Transfer Act'; 'The Probate of Foreign Wills Act,'' Act Relating to Wills Executed Without the State.''

Some of the acts approved and recommended by the Conference do not provide a short title by which they are to be cited. The acts which do not provide in the act for a short title are:

“An Act Regulating Annulment of Marriage and Divorce.

“An Act Relative to Wills Executed Without this State, and to Promote Uniformity among the States in that Respect.”

“An Act Relating to Desertion and Non-Support of Wife by Husband, or of Children by Either Father or Mother, and Providing Punishment Therefor; and to promote Uniformity Between the States in Reference Thereto."

“ An Act Relating to and Regulating Marriage and Marriage Licenses; and to Promote Uniformity Between the States in Reference Thereto."

“An Act on the Subject of Marriages in Another State or Country in Evasion or Violation of the Laws of the State of Domicile."

“ An Act to Make Uniform the Law of Acknowledgments to Deeds or Other Instruments Taken Outside the United States."

In passing it may be proper to suggest that uniformity in citation, by the Conference, of acts approved by the Conference is very much to be desired. It would also facilitate reference if we could adopt some uniform short title for the acts just mentioned, the titles to some of which are very long.

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