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The National Conference of Commissioners on Uniform State Laws


August 10, 11, 12, 13, 14 and 16, 1915.




648 City Hall, Philadelphia, Pa.

30 N. La Salle St., Chicago, Ill.

Turks Head Building, Providence, R. I.
GEORGE B. YOUNG, Secretary,

Newport, Vermont.


The National Conference of Commissioners on Uniform State Laws is the organization effected by commissioners appointed by the various states for the promotion of uniformity of legislation in the different states on all subjects where uniformity is deemed desirable and practicable.

The first meeting of the Conference was held in Saratoga for three days, beginning August 24, 1892. The twenty-fifth annual meeting was held in Salt Lake City, Utah, August 10-16, 1915. During this meeting 51 commissioners representing 31 jurisdictions were present. Among the jurisdictions represented were 29


the Philippine Islands and Porto Rico, Alaska and Texas, Washington and Massachusetts.

A complete list of the commissioners of the several states and of the standing committees of the National Conference for the current year immediately follow this memorandum.

The twenty-fifth annual meeting was largely devoted to the consideration of acts to make uniform:

First: The law of business corporations.
Second: The law of partnership with contributing members.

Third: The law relating to the Torrens system of land registration.

Fourth: The law relating to the extradition of lunatics.

Fifth: The law relating to the probate of foreign probated wills.

Sixth: The law relating to the use of the flag.

Seventh: A thorough revision of the constitution and by-laws of the National Conference.

Reports of various other standing and special committees were considered. Acts relating to the law of business corporations, partnership with contributing members, insurance, extradition of lunatics, and a uniform short form of deed were considered and recommitted to their respective committees for further action.

The following acts were adopted, approved and recommended to the various states for adoption, after having been revised as to formality and technical defects by their respective committees in accordance with the votes herein contained approving the same, viz.:

The Uniform Land Registration Act.
The Uniform Foreign Probate Act.
The Uniform Flag Law.

The acts which have previously been adopted, approved and recommended to the states for adoption are tabulated in the Secretary's Report, page 912 of this volume, together with the various jurisdictions in which the same have been adopted.

Under the new constitution it is made the duty of the commissioners from each state to organize by the election of a chairman and secretary so that communications between the state commissions and the National Conference may be had by correspondence with the secretary of the state commissions. It is hoped and earnestly urged that the commissioners in every state will take early action to carry out this important provision.

The work of the National Conference is seriously hampered by lack of sufficient funds. The report of the Executive Committee urges all commissioners to seek from their respective states an appropriation for the work of the National Conference in some reasonable sum (at least two hundred dollars per annum is suggested) in order that more effective work may be done by the Conference to promote uniformity of legislation. This suggestion is here einphasized.

The commissioners in every jurisdiction are urged to do all in their power to secure the adoption by their respective Legislatures of the uniform acts approved by the Conference which have not already been adopted in their respective states.

Printed copies of all the acts heretofore approved by the Conference are available and can be had on application to the Secretary. These acts can be supplied in quantities for a small compensation.

Complete copies of the Proceedings of the Conference can be had on application to the Secretary, as can copies of the Proceedings of some of the earlier meetings of the Conference.





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Diego; Joseph Scott, Los Angeles; W. P. Butcher, Santa Barbara. COLORADO.-S. S. Packard, Pueblo; Willis L. Strachan, Colorado

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Harry E. Kelley, Denver, also Washington, D. C.; Henry C. Hall,

Colorado Springs, also Washington, D. C.
CONNECTICUT.-Talcott H. Russell, 42 Church St., New Haven; Walter

E. Coe, Stamford, also 165 Broadway, New York, N. Y.; Chris

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