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SALT LAKE CITY, UTAH, August 17, 1915. To the American Bar Association:

The report of the proceedings of the last annual meeting held at Washington, D. C., October 20-22, 1914, has been printed and distributed to all members of the Association, to all State Bar Associations and to a large number of legal journals and libraries in the United States and abroad.

There were 9855 active members of the Association at the time of the publication of the 1914 report. The Membership Committee has proposed 271 new members during the year, all of whom have been elected by the Executive Committee.

At the Washington meeting honorary membership was conferred on Hon. Rómulo S. Naon of Argentina, and during the year the Executive Committee elected to honorary membership the Rt. Hon. Viscount Alverstone, formerly Lord Chief Justice of England. The Secretary reports the death during the year of Sir François Langelier of Montreal, Canada. The number of persons now on the honorary list is seventeen.

The membership of the Association includes representatives of all the states, of the District of Columbia, and of the Insular Possessions of Hawaii, Porto Rico and the Philippine Islands.

Invitations were sent several months in advance of the meeting to all State Bar Associations to appoint three delegates to attend the present meeting. The Wyoming State Bar Association has organized during the year. There are now in existence 48 State Bar Associations, and also the Bar Association of the District of Columbia, and the Bar Association of the Hawaiian Islands.

The Secretary has continued to supply, upon request, copies of the Code of Professional Ethics adopted by the Association; about 2200 copies having been distributed during the year.

Notices were duly sent by the Secretary to all standing and special committees, requesting their attention to such matters as were particularly referred to them.

Certain reports for the year 1914-1915 of the committees were printed in the July number of The American Bar Association Journal which was mailed to the members more than 15 days in advance of the meeting. The reports are as follows:

Standing Committees: Jurisprudence and Law Reform, Commercial Law, International Law, Insurance Law, Uniform State Laws, Publications, Comparative Law Bureau.

Special Committees: Government Liens on Real Estate, To Suggest Remedies and Formulate Proposed Laws, To Present Bills to Congress, To Oppose Judicial Recall, Uniform Judicial Procedure, Legislative Drafting, Reorganization, and Lawyers Relief Fund.

The preliminary announcements and all details of the program of the meeting were printed and copies sent to the press associations for release on appropriate dates.

The Secretary's office has taken charge of all the detail work in connection with the printing of The American Bar Association Journal, of which three numbers have now been issued. The Secretary has also taken up with the post office authorities the question of postal rates and has procured for all copies of the JOURNAL mailed to members of the Association a rate of one cent a pound; on all copies going to members of the Comparative Law Bureau the rate of one cent for each four ounces. The subscription rates to members of the Comparative Law Bureau have now been revised, and an application is pending with the postal authorities for a flat rate of one cent a pound on the entire JOURNAL output.

The Secretary sent out a letter to 225 of the leading law libraries in the United States, including those state libraries not already members of the Comparative Law Bureau, calling attention to the JOURNAL and inviting subscription thereto, and sending sample copies. This resulted in the receipt of 22 subscriptions at the regular subscription price of $3.00.

The Secretary likewise sent out to the Secretary of each State and Local Bar Association in the United States, 625 in number, a sample copy of the April JOURNAL, accompanied by a letter calling attention to the new publication, and requesting from them items of general interest to the profession for insertion in the JOURNAL.

The Secretary's office will continue the system of registration by cards used last year. These cards may be obtained at headquarters, Hotel Utah. Cards should be signed plainly. All blanks should be filled and cards returned promptly to the Secretary's office.

Members and delegates are particularly requested to register at headquarters as soon as convenient after arrival, in order that the printed list of those present may be complete. A list of members and delegates will be printed for distribution at the meeting, and will also be included in the report of the proceedings.

A separate register will be kept in the Secretary's office at the Hotel Utah, in which all the members of the Judicial Section are requested to register their names and addresses immediately upon arrival.

Copies of the Constitution and By-Laws, lists of officers and committees, copies of committee reports, programs and other literature of the Association can he had at the headquarters of the Association at the Hotel Utah.

Information concerning the status of applicants, application blanks, and all information concerning membership may be had of the Membership Committee in the Secretary's office, Hotel Utah.

The Secretary endeavors to keep the street address of each member, and notification of any change in address is requested.

Respectfully submitted,







17.00 2.00

To cash on hand at date of last report....
To cash received subscriptions by members to

annual dinner at Washington, D. C., 1914..
To cash refunded on dinner expenses....
To cash received from sale, by the Secretary, of

copies of annual reports of the Association,

during the year 1914-1915.... To cash received from sale by the Secretary of

copies of membership lists..... To cash received refunds on express shipments. To cash received from Henry D. Estabrook,

New York, for printing charged to him.... To cash received subscriptions to American Bar

Association Journal and copies of Journal

sold To cash received for advertisements appearing

in American Bar Association Journal..... To cash received dues of members $5.00 each: For 1910...... 1...... 5.00 1911..


5.00 1913..



1915. 1,258.

6,290.00 1916..





210.00 $1.75 $53,894.79

1,732...... $8,660.00...... $8,660.00 To cash received dues of members $6.00 each: For 1915. 5,959.... $35,754.00 1916.



6,050......$36,300.00...... 36,300.00 44,960.00

Total receipts


Credit by Disbursements as follows:
Sept. 3. By cash paid Central Law Journal

Co., St. Louis, Mo., for copies of
Journal for use Committee on
Uniform Judicial Procedure.... $1.75

$1.75 $53,894.79

Carried forward


Brought forward
Sept. 17. By cash paid W. T. Barron & Co., Nor-

folk, Va., binding and lettering
books for Committee on Uniform
Judicial Procedure

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19. By cash paid Addressograph Co.,

Chicago, Ill., for plates, frames,
cards and ink for addressograph
and graphotype machines


21. By cash paid American Legal News,

Detroit, Mich., for 3000 reprints
address of Thos. W. Shelton, use
of Committee on Uniform Judi-
cial Procedure


21. By cash paid Francis Rawle, Phila

delphia, Pa., to refund his dis-
bursements for dinner committee
at annual dinner at Washington,
D. C.


22. By cash paid Frederick E. Wad

hams, Albany, N. Y., to refund
his disbursements on behalf of
dinner committee in going to
Washington, D. C., Sept. 18-19
making preliminary arrange-
ments for annual dinner......


23. By cash paid John H. Wigmore,

Chicago, Ill., to refund his dis-
bursements on behalf of Com-
mittee on Re-Organization ..


23. By cash paid F. B. Toothaker, Colum

bus, O., for printing 300 copies of
report of Committee on Insur-
ance Law


29. By

cash paid Orrin N. Carter, Chicago, Ill., to refund his disbursements for the Judicial Section


Carried forward

$267.10 $53,894.79

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