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Entered according to Act of Congress, in the year 1836,

BY PETER FORCE, In the Clerk's Ofice of the Disirict Court of the District of Columbia. WASHINGTON, March 23d, 1836. SIR : In compliance with your request it gives me pleasure to state that the National Calendar, of which you are the Editor, has been always purchased by the Department of State, as a work of great utility, from the valuable statistical details and great mass of political and commercial information contained in it. I am your ob't serv't,


TREASURY DEPARTMENT, 191h March, 1836. PETER FORCE, Esq., of this city, has submitted to my inspection most of the sheets of his National Calendar, for the year 1836.

I have examined them with great pleasure, and feel much satisfaction, fin being able to state, what has long been my opinion, that this work is one of the most valuable, for its statistical details, which is published in this country, and contains a great mass and variety of political and commercial information, condensed into a small space, and highly useful to the American people. In my opinion it richly deserves public patronage.


NAVY DEPARTMENT, 21st March, 1836. I concur with Governor Woodbury in the opinion-he has expressed of the National Calendar.


WAR DEPARTMENT, March 22, 1836. At the request of the Compiler I have looked at the preceding work, and agree fully with the opinions herein expressed of it.


P. O. DEPARTMENT, 28th March, 1836. I have esteerned the National Calendar of preceding years a valuable work ; and, from a cursory examination of that for 1836, have no doubt it will equal if not exceed its predecessors in public utility.



The following Appointments, &c., have been made while this Volume was in the Press.

William C. Rives, Senator from Virginia, in place of John Tyler, who

resigned on the 29th of February, 1836. Robert Carter Nicholas, Senator from Louisiana, to fill the vacancy occa

sioned by the resignation of Charles Gayarre. Robert J. Walker, Senator from Mississippi, in place of George Poin

dexter, whose term expired on the 4th March, 1835. William L. D. Ewing, Senator from Illinois, to supply the pacancy

occasioned by the death of Elias K. Kane.

Roger B. Taney, Chief Justice of the Supreme Court of the United

States. Philip P. Barbour, Associate Justice of the Supreme Court of the

United States. George Adams, Judge of the United States District Court for the Dis

trict of Mississippi. William H. Stiles, Attorney of the United States for the District of

Georgia. John Forsyth, Jun, Attorney of the United States for the Southern

District of Alabama.
Richard M. Gaines, Attorney of the United States for the District of

Charles Lane, Marshal for the District of New Hampshire.
Beverly Daniel, Marshal for the District of North Carolina.

Andrew Sterenson, Envoy Extraordinary and Minister Plenipotentiary

to Great Britain. John H. Ealon, Envoy Extraordinary and Minister Plenipotentiary to

Spain. Arthur Middleton, Jun., Secretary of the Legation of the United States,

to Spain.

William D. Jones,


Mexico. Edmund C. Watmough, Consul,

Trinidad de Cuba. Edward Byerback,


Talcahuano, Chile. Thomas W. Oldfield,


Lyons, France. Richard P. Walers,

Consul, for the Island of Zinzibar, in the Doininions of the Sultan of Muscat.

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Henry J. Fox, Envoy Extraordinary and Miuister Plenipotentiary from

Great Britain, presented to the President, March 16, 1836. His Excellency Senor Don Manuel Eduardo Gorostiza, Envoy Extraor

dinary and Minister Plenipotentiary from the Mexican Republic, pre

sented to the President, March 24, 1836. Silrestre de Souza Telles, Consul General of Brazil. Thomas Benjamin Ardier, Vice Consul of the Oriental Republic of

Uruguay, to reside at Baltimore.

in 1834,


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- 293

. 295
• 290

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President of the United States,

13 Sales of Public Lands in each District,

Vice President,


• 288-289

President's Message, Dec. 7, 1835, 15–41 Sales of Public Lands quantity and value

The Congress-

of, in each State, in 1834 and 1835, 290


44 Quantity of Public Land sold, amount

Representatives from each State, with

paid by purchasers, and payments into

the Districts, where States are divided the Treasury, in each year,

from 1787

into Districts,


to 1835, inclusive,


Committees of the Senate,

56 Special sales of Lands,


Committets of the House of Represen- Quantity of Land granted as bounties



during the war, and each State for

Oficers of the Senate,

55 Colleges, Roads, Canals, Schools, &c. 993

Officers of the House of Representatives, 55 Statement showing the whole cost atten-
Library of Congress,

55 ding the purchase and management of

Alphabetical List of Senators,

61 the Public Lands, to January, 1836,

Alphabetical List of Representatives, Quantity of Land surveyed, and offered

with Districts and Committees, 61-63 for sale in each State, the quantity

Compensation and Mileage to Senators, sold, amount paid, &c.,

for the 23d Congress,

64 Forfeited Land Stock Surrendered,

Compensation and Mileage to Represen- Military Land Scrip Surrendered,

• 290

tatives and Delegates, 23d Congress, 65–70 The Customs-

Table, showing the commencement, ter- Collectors of the Customs, Surveyors,

mination, and number of days, of each Naval Officers, Appraisers, Assistant

session, from the first Congress to the

Appraisers, with the dates of their

twenty-third, inclusive,

71 cummissions,


Department of State-

Fees of Officers of the Customs, 343-345

Secretary's office,

72 Collectors, Surveyors, Naval Officers,

Patent Office,


Appraisers, Inspectors, Weighers,

Act authorizing Letters Patent to James

· Gaugers, and Measurers, in each Dis.


73 trict of the several States,


Act authorizing Letters Patent to Fran- Light House Establishment

eis B. Ogden,

73 Light Houses in the several States, when

Act extending for seven years Patent to

built, the height of the tower, and the

Robert Eastman,

73 number of lamps in each, • 307-312

Commissioners for Claims on France, 74 Superintendents and Keepers of Light
Act further to extend the time allowed Houses,

for the execution of the duties of the

Amount paid for support of Light House

Commissioners for carrying into effect establishment, in each year, from 1791

the Convention with France,

74 to 1834, inclusive,

- 313

Commissioners for running Boundary Floating Lights,


Line with Mexico,

74 Revenue Cutters

Intercourse with Foreign Nations, 130–138 The station of each their Officers, with

Ministers of the United States in Foreign the dates of their commissions, 303-300


- 130 Uniform of officers of Revenue Cutters, 304

Consuls of the United States in Foreign Pay of Officers of Revenue Cutters, • 300


130-183 War Department

Act to prescribe the Punishment of Con-

Secretary's Office, Requisition, Pension,

suls, &c., in certain cases,

Indian and Bounty Land Bureaus, 91, 92

Foreign Ministers in the United States, 135 General Staff of the Army


Consuls General of Foreign Powers in

The Army-

the United States,

• 136 Report of the Secretary of War, 139-149

Consuls and Vice Consuls of Foreign Condition of the Army, in 1835, • 149

Powers in the United States, 136–138 Organization of the Army,

. 151

Treasury Department-
75 Recruiting, in 1835,

- 151

Report of Secretary on Finances, 245-271 Position and Distribution of the Troops, 150

Secretary's Office,

75–77 Operations under the Quartermaster's

Offices of 1st and 2d Comptroller, 78-82 Department, in 1835,

• 183, 153
Offices of the 1st, 2d, 3d, 4th, and 5th Delaware Break water,

• 133

82-85 Officers, &c., under Quartermaster's De

Solicitor's Office,

90 partment,


Treasurer's Office,

86 Officers, &c., of Engineer Department,

Register's Office,
86-88 not in Army List,

. 108

General Land Office,

89 Projected Fortifications,


Signing and Executing Land Patents, 89 Operations of the Engineer Depart-

Commissioner of Insolvency,


ment, 1835,

. 106-103

Public Lands-

1. On Fortifications,

. 155

Surveyors of Public Lands,

- 284 2. On Harbors and Áiren, • 157-101

Registers of Land Offices,

- 285

. Roads,

Receivers of Public Money, - 280 Operations of Topographical Engineers,

and Districts, and when established,

282 1838,

• 14

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Civil Engineers under Topographical Postmaster General's Instructions to



Agent to Negotiate with Railroad

Operations of Ordnance Departm't, 1835, 166



Militia, number in, and apportionment Mail Contractors, with the amount of

of Arms to, each State,

. 167

the orignial contract, and the addi-

Lead Mines,

- 167 tional allowances made to each, 228-244

Expenses of Military Establishment in The Judiciary-


• 391

Supreme Court,


-Army List-Containing a list of all the Judges of Supreme Court,

• 124

Oficers of the Army, with their rank, District Courts,


and the dates of their commissions, and Judges and Officers of District Courts, 126

the regiments to which attached, 393-404 Circuit Courts,

. 128

Relative Rank,

401-403 Places and Times of Holding District

Pay of the Army,

- 404



Departments of the Army, Posts and Ar- Circuit Judges, and Sessions of Circuit

senals, with the names of permanent Courts,



150 Courts in the Territories,

Resignations, Deaths, &c., in 1835, 403

Courts in the District of Columbia,

• 129

Military Academy


Report of Board of Visiters, 182-187 Pension Agents,

• 180

Report of Committee on Military In- Revolutionary and Invalid Pensioners, 181


- 187

Navy Pensions,

• 204

Course of Studies,

- 190

Privatcer Pension Fund,

- 197

Report of Committee on Fiscal Con- The Indians-

cerns of,

191 Operations of Indian Department, 1835, 170

Professors, &c., March 1, 1836, • 405

Superintendent of Indian Affairs,

Cadets, March 1, 1836,

• 406

Indian Agents,


Cadets'attached to Army Register, • 405



Navy Department-

Interpreters, &c.,


Secretary's Office,

- 106
Negotiations with Indians,

- 171

Secretary's Report,

193-201 Indian Schools,

. 172

Board of Navy Commissioners, . 108 Funds for Education of Indians, - 173

Vessels of the Navy,


Choctaw Academy,

. 172

Vessels on the Stocks,

- 202 Einigration of Indians,


Vessels in Ordinary,

- 203 The Mint-

Gradual Increase of the Navy,

- 201 Officers of the Mint,
Gradual Improvement of the Navy, - 202 Operations of the Mint, 1835,

• 275

Navy Pension Fund,

• 204 American Gold received at the Mint,

Navy Hospital Fund,

- 204

1824 to 1835,

Expenses of the Naval Establishment, Act to Esta!:lish Branches of the Mint, 276


- 392 Presidents, Directors, and Cashiers of the

Oficers, Naval and Civil, employed in United States Bank,


Navy Yards,

422-423 Table showing the condition of all the

Nary Register,--Containing a list of all- Banks in the U. States, Jan, 1, 1835, 280

the officers of the Navy, the dates of Table showing the condition of the De-

their commissions, and where station- posite Banks, January, 1835, 280+


409-420 Table showing the condition of the De-

Resignations, Deaths, &c., 1835, • 424

posite Banks, December 1, 1835, - 280)

Pay, &c., of the Navy,

· 417 Number and Capital of all the Banks in

Marine Corps,

419 each of the States, at different periods, 281

Act to regulate the Pay of the Navy, 204 Finances-

Attorney General-

Sinking Fund,


Attorney General's Office,

. 108

Report of the Secretary of the Trea-

General Post Office

sury on the state of the Finances, 245

Postmaster General,

- 109 1. Of the Public Revenue and Ex-

Organization of the Department, 109-112 penditure,


Southern Division,

- 113

2. Public Debt;


Northern Division,

113-116 2. Estimates of the Public Revenue

Miscellaneous Division,

- 116

and Expenditure, for 1836, 274

Kates of Postage,

4. Explanations of the Estimates for


. 118

1836, with suggestions on the pro

Clerks in Post Offices,

119-122 bable changes till 1842,


Regulations respecting PostOffices,&c 122 5. Surplus in the Treasury, and dis-

Postmaster General's Report,

- 207

position of it,

Expenditures, in 1834, 1835,

• 207 6. Deposite Banks and the Currency, 204

Finances of the Department,

208-213 7. Miscellaneous Subjects,

- 269

Conveyance of the Mail by Steamboats Statement of the Nett Revenue in 1834, 378

and 'Railroads,

214-217 Gross amount of Duties, Expenses of

Transmission of Pamphlets, &c., of Collections, Gross and Nett amount of
Abolition Association,

217-219 Revenue and Payments into the Trea-

Roorganization of the Depart'mt, 219–222 sury, in the year 1834,

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378, 379

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