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Offence may be] and I [or, we] the faid Juflice or Juftices do ad. * judge him, [her, or them) to forfeit and pay for the same the Sum . of

and for the Cofta of Prosecution the Sum 6 of

Given under my Hand and Seal [or, our • Hands and Seals] the Day and Year firit aforesaid.'

XXXII. And be it further enacted, That if any Person or Persons Offenders conshall be guilty of any Offence against this A&, or any of the Powers victed Thall pay or Directions bercin contained, and shall be thereupon fummoned, or

the Expence of

Summons and fhall appear before any one or more Juftice or Justices of the Peace, Conviction. and such Person or Persons shall be convicted of any such Offence, every such Person or Persons shall pay the Coits of such Summons and Conviction, and the Diftress to be taken in consequence of such Convictou shall be for such Colts, as well as the other Movies for which such Distress shall be made ; any Statute, Law, Cultom, or Usage to the contrary in any wife not withitanding.

XXXIV. Provided always, and be it further enacted, That it hall Mitigation of and may be lawful to and for the Justice or Justices of the Peace, be- Penalties. fore whom any of the fpecifick Penalties or Forfeitures by this Act imposed shall be recovered, to mitigate, compound, or lessen any of the faid Penalties or Forfeitures as he or they in his or their Discretion shall tniok fit, so as that the same be noc mitigated or reduced to less than One Moiety or Half Part thereof, together with Colts as aforesaid.

XXXV. And be it further enacted, That where any Distress shall Difrels not to be made for any Sum or Sums of Money to be levied by virtue of this be deemed A&, the Distress itself thall not be deemed unlawful, 'nor the Party unlawful for

Want of form or Parties making the same be deemed a Trespaller cr Trespallers, on

only. account of any Defect or Want of Form in any Proceeding relating thereto, nor snall the Party or Parties distrained be deemed a Trel. passer or Trespassers, ab initio, on account of any Irregularity which Thall be afterwards done by him or them; but ibe Party or Parties aggrieved by such Irregularity shall or may recover ful Satisfaction for the special Damages, together with Coits of Suit, in an A&tion of Trespass or on the Całe, at his, her, or their Election.

XXXVI. And be it further enacted, That no Action or Suit Limitation of shall be commenced again it any person or Persons for any Thing done Actions for in pursuance of this Act, unless Thirty Days Notice therecf hall Matters done

under this Act, have been firit given in Writing to the Clerk and Treasurer of the said

Six Months. Commiffioners, @gued by the Plaintiff or Paintiffs, and fatig his, Thirty Days her, or their Place of Abode, and unless the same shall be commenced Notice, &c. before the Expiration of Six Cílendar Months next after the fact committed, nor after Tender of scalonable Amends shall have been made by or in Behalf of the Defendant or Defendants in such Action or Suit ; nor unless such a&ion or Suit Mall be laid or brought in the County of Southampton ; and the Defendart or Defendants in any such Acon or Suit to be commenced for any Thing done in pursuance of this Act, shall and mav plead the General Issue, and give this Act aud the special Matter in Evidence at any Trial to be had thereupon, ad that the Matter or Thing for which such Action or Suit" shall be brought was done in pursuance and by the Authority of this Act; and if such Matter or Thing shall appear to have been so done, or if it Thall appear that such Action or Sait was brought betore Thirty Days Notice thereof was given in Mauner aforesaid, or such Notice thall not


fate the Plaintiff or Plaintiffs true Place or Places of Abode, or that such Action or Suit was not commenced before the Expiration of Six Calendar Months next after the Fa& committed ; or if it shall appear that Tender of reasonable Amends was made by or on the Behalf of the Defendant or Defendants in such Adion or Suit, before fuchAction or Suit was commenced or brought, or if the Venue in fuch Aation or Suit shall be laid in any other County or Place than the County of Southampton, then the Jury shall find for the Defendant or Defendants, and upon fuch Verdict, or if the Plaintiff or Plaintiffs fhall become nonsuited, or discontinue his, her, or their Action or Suit after the Defendant or Defendants shall have appeared, or if upon Demurrer Judgment shall be given againt the Plaintiff or Plaintifti, the Defendant or Defendants Thall and may recover Treble Cofts, and have such Remedy for the fame as any Defendant or Defendants hath or have in any Case by Law, and the Plaintiff or Plaintiffs shall not in such Action be permitted to give any Thing in Evidence which shall not have been expressed in such Notice, and it shall be incumbent on the Plaintiff or Plaintiffs to prove such Notice to have been given, or in Default thereof the Defendant or Defendants shall be entitled to

fuch Verdiet and Costs as aforesaid. Informers may

XXXVII. And be it further enacted, That it shall and may be be rewarded out lawful to and for the Juflices of the Peace for the said County cf of the Penalties. Southampton or Borough of Portsmouth before whom such Persons Thall

be convicted, or the said Commiffioners, or any Five or more of them, from Time to Time, if they shall see Cause, to pay and apply fuch Part of the Penalties and Forfeitures to be recovered for Offence or Offences committed against this Aa as they shall think proper, not exceeding One Moiety of them, or any of them, to and for the Ule of the Informer or Informers of such respe&ive Offence or Offences ;

any Thing herein contained to the contrary not withftanding. Apreal. XXXVIII. Provided always, and be it further enacted, That if

any Person or Persons shall think himself, herself, or themselves aggrieved by any Thing done in pursuance of this AA, fuch Person or Perfons shall and may, as to Things done in the said County of South. ampton and out of the said Borough, appeal to the Justices of the Peace for the County of Southampton, and as to Things done within the faid Borough of Portsmouth, to the Justices of the said Borough, at the then next General or General Quarter Sessions of the Peace which shall be holden in and for the said County or Borough refpect. ively, after the Expiration of Twenty Days from the Cause of such Appeal, fuch Appellant first giving or cauling to be given Ten Days Notice at least in Writing of his, her, or their Intention to bring such Appeal, and of the Cause thereof, to the Cierk to the said Com. missioners, and within Two D.ys next after such Notice given, entering into a Recognizance or Recognizances before some Justice of the Peace for the said County or Borough, as the Case may require, with Two sufficient Sureties, in the Penalıy of Thirty Pounds, conditioned to ery such Appeal at such S. ffions, and abide the Order of, and to pay such C its as shall be awarded by the said Justices upon the Hearing of the faid Appeal; and the said Justices, upon due Proof of such Notice being given as aforesaid, and of the entering into such Recognizance, shall at the faid Sessions to wbich the said Appeal shall be made, or if they shall see fit to adjourn the same, at the Sessions thén next following av fartheft, hear and finally determine the Caufes


and Matter of such Appeal in a summary Way, and award such Colls for the Appellant or Appellants, or Respondent or Respondents, as. they the laid Justices respectively shall think proper ; and the Deter. mination of such Justices shall be final, binding, and conclufive to all Parties concerned or interested therein : Provided nevertheless, that all Appeals against Convi&tions before any Justice or Juftices for the Borough of Portsmouth shall be made to the Sellions for the said Borzugh, and all Appeals against Convictions before any Justice or Justices of the Peace for the County of Southampton shall be made to the Seffions for the County at large.

XXXIX. And be it further enacted, That no Proceedings to be Proceedings not had touching the Convi&tion of any Offender or Offenders against this to be qualhed for Act, or any Order, Matter, or Thing to be done or transacted in or Want of Form. relating to the Execution of this Act, shall be removed by Certiorari, or vacated or quashed for the Want of Form only; any Law or Statute to the contrary notwithstanding.

XL. Provided always, and be it further enacted, That nothing in This Act not to this A& contained thall extend or be conftrued to extend to any extend to WaterWaterman or Watermen working across the Lake becween Haflar and men working on Gosport, in the Ferry Boat or Ferry Boats belonging to the Com. missioners of His Majesty's Transport Service for the Care of tick and wounded Seamen, and for the Care and Custody of Prisoners of War; but that the Waterman or Watermen working the said Ferry Boat or Boats of the said Commmissioners may at all Time work the same without any Controul or Interference of the Commillioners named or to be named under the Authority of this AA, as if this AA had not been made.

Saving the Rights of the Corporation of Portsmouth. $ +1. Saving " the Rights of the Bishop of Winchester. § 42. Publick Act. $ 43.

Cap. cxci.
An Ad for building a Bridge over the River Thames from the Pre-

cinet of the Savoy, or near thereunto, in the County of Middlesex,
to the opposite Shore, and for making convenient Roads and
Avenues to communicate therewith, in the County of Surrey.

[20th June 1809.] Company of Proprietors of the Strand Bridge incorporated.-Be“ fore commencing the Purchase of Houses or building the Bridge, 66 60,000l. shall be invested in Three per Cents. at the Bank of England, and 300,000l actually subscribed.---Special Commissioners “ (the Chancellor of the Exchequer, Chancellor of the Duchy of Lancaster, Speaker of the House of Commons. &c.) appointed to “: inspect the Accounts and fuperintend the Expenditure of the - Tolis, &c.—The Chancelior and Council of the Duchy of Lancafler “ empowered to fell Lands belonging to the King in right of his “ Duchy.

CXXXI. And be it further enacted, That if any Person or Persons Penalty on Pero shall wilfully and maliciously, and to the Prejudice of the said Under: fons destroying taking, break, throw dowo, or destroy any part of the Bridge to

Works, Felony,

&c. be erected and made by virtue of this AG, every such Person shall be adjudged guilty of Felony, and every such Person so offending, and

being thereof lawfully convicted, shall be subject to the like Punish.
ment and Penaltics as in Cases of Grand Larceny; and the Court by
or before whom such Perlon shall be tried and convicted shall have
Power and Authority to cause such Person to be punished in like
Manner as Felous are directed to be punished by the Laws and Sta.
tutes of this Realm ; or in Mitigation of such Puoishment, fuch
Court may award fucb Sentence as the Law directs in Cales of Petty

CXXXII. And, in order to remove all Doubts where and before
• whom Offences committed on the said Bridge shall and may be

• cognizable, and how and by whom the Oifenders in such Cases may
That the Bridge ' be punished ;' Be it further enacted, That the Half of the said
thall be deemed Bridge, when built, next adjoining to the County of Midillefex, fall
10 be in Middle- be deemed to be in the County of Middlesex, and Part of and in the
fex and Surrey.

Parish of Saint Clement Danes ; and the other Half of the said Bridge
adjoining to the County of Surrey shall be deemed to be in the County
of Surrey, and Part of and in the Parish of Saint Mary Lambeth;
but such Bridge shall not be deemed or taken to be a County Bridge,
so as to subject the faid Counties of Middlesex or Surrey, or either ot
them, to the repairing or supporting the same.

Cap. cxcii.

An A&t for more effe&tually supplying with Water the Inhabitants.

of the Towns of Manchester and Salford :n the Parish of Manchester,
in the County Palatine of Lancaster.

[20:1 June 1809 ]

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I 22


ACCOUNTS (Publick)
95 Cuftom--- Regulation)

Agent General for Volunteers
113 --(Penalties, &c.)

65, 107
Americao Trade

Debtors (by Contempt)

Appropriation Act

*Arms and Ammunition

( Insolvent)

*54, 115
Defence of the Realm

*Aflizes (Fees at)

Diftillation (from Corn, prohibited
-(Judges of)


(of Spent Wash)


* Ditillery (Regulation).
* Auctions

*Dogs (Duties, Regulations)

*Bank Notes, &c. (Forgery) 13 Dover (Lines and Works at) 39

121 *Dublin (Wide Streets and Coal Trade) 72
Bastardy (and Ste Child Murder)

Exchequer Bills (issuing)


*Excise Duties (Regulation) 116
*Bogs (draining)

102 Flax Seed (Importation, Bounty)
British Ships

(Saving, Bounty)

Brokerage of Offices
126 Friendly Societies

*58, 125
Cape of Good Hope

Funding Exchequer Bills, Loans, &c.

See Loans.
*Carriages (Duties Regulation) 75
Chelsea Hospital

123 Glass (Duties of Excise on)
Child Murder

14 *Glebe Houses
*Churches, and Glebe Houses 103 Good Hope, Cape of

*Coal Trade (Dublin)
72 Greenwich Hospital

Coals (Coalt wise)

62 *Gunpowder (Exportation of) 76
Coffee (from African Colonies)

117 Holidays at (Excise Office) 66, *116
(from Martinique)

61 Horfes (Duties, Regulation) 75
Encouraging Growth of)

80 Importation an! Exportation (Co-
Commiflisners for auditing Publick chineal and Indigo)



(Corn and Provisions) 23, 30
of Inquiry (Army)

Fax Serd)
(Bogs) 102

(*Gun-powder and Arms) 76
(Fees and

(North American Colonies). 47


(Nova Scotia and New Bruns.
of Land Tax, &c.


(Port of Falmouth, Jamaica) 22
Cultom House Officers (Oaths)

Ports in Europe and Africa) 60
Cuftoms (Duties, Consolidation)

(Rape Seed)

-- -- Contiouance)

(Salt Fish)

To Importation






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49 Geo. III.

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