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received, shall forthwith be paid to the Treasurer of the Division of the said County in which such Offence shall arise, to be applied toward the Purposes of this Ad.

XIV. And be it further enacted, That the Churchwardens and Prescribing Overscers of the Poor of all and every Parish, Town, Liberty, Pre- another Mode cina, Village, Hamlet, or Place within the said County, or some of making or one of them, shall, whenever it shall be fo determined to be necessary such Returas. to revise, correct, and re-ascertain the whole Rental of the said County as aforesaid, make a Return to the Committee so to be appointed for such Revision as aloresaid, at fuch Time and Place as the said Committee, or any Three or more of them shall appoint, of the total Amount of the Rental or Value of the Eltates within such respective Parifh-s, Towns, Liberties, Precinct, Villages, Hamlets, or Places, at the Time of making the last preceding Rate for the Relief of the Poor, together with the Names of the several Persons and Parties charged with such Rate, and the Sum and Sums of Money rated or charged on such several Persons or Parties respectively, and fhall also ftate and point ót in Writing the Mode adopted in making fuch Rate upon such Return, and Mail verify every such Return upon Oath, in Manner as by the faid Act is directed, and every such Re. turu hall be figned with the Name or Names of the Church-warden or Churchwardens, Overseer or Overseers making such Rate.

XV. And be it further enact-d, That iu case any Churchwarden Penalty on or Overleer of the Poor of any of the several Parishes, Towns, Churclawarders Liberties, Precincts, Villages, Hamlets, or Places within the said and Overseers County, shall neglect or make Default in making any such Returns in neglecting to Manner aforesaid, then and in every such Cafe each and every such make Retures Church warden and verscer of the Poor so negle&ing or making De

in Manner

directed. fault (without sufficient Excuse, to be allowed by the said Committee so to be appointed, at their Meeting fo to be bolden at Sittingbourne aforesaid) Thall forfeit and pay such Sum and Sums of Money, not excecding Fifty Pounds, as fhall or may be ordered or adjudged by the said Committee, at their Meeting fo to be holden at Sittingbourne aforesaid, by way of Penalty for such Negled or Default ; and in cale any such Penalty thall not be forthwith paid, it shall and may be lawful to ard for the said Committee at such Meeting assembled, and they are hereby directed to iffue their Warrant to the High CorAtable of the Divilion where such Parish, Town, Liberty, Precinct, Village, Hamlet, or Place Thall be fituated, directing him to levy such Penalty upon the respective Goods and Chattels of each and every Church warden aod Overseer of the Poor of the Parish, Town, Liberty, Precinct, Village, Hamlet, or Place lo neglecting or making Default, in like Manner and with such Powers and Authorities as the said High Conftable is, by a Statute made in the Twelfth Year ot te Reign of His late Majesty King George the Second, intituled, An Ad for the more easy aftaffing, colleating, and levying the County Rates, velted with for levying on the Church wardens and Overseers of the Poor the Sum assessed for the County Rate.

XVI. And be further enacted, That every Church warden or Acts of the Churchwardens, Overseer or Overseers of the Poor of any Parish, Committee of Town, Liberty, Precina, Village, Hamlet, or Place in the said Justices shall County, Person or Persons, shall have and be entitled to the same be considered to

be the Acts of Power and Right of appealing to the next General Quarter Seffions, or lome Adjournment thereot, in the same Manner, to all intents and Quarter Sellious.


Purposes, as if the said Matter or Thing had been ordered and directed by a General Quarter Stslions, or any Adjournment thereof, under and by virtue of the before recited Ad of the Forty-seventh Year of

His prelent Majesty. Clerk of Peace XVII. And be it further enacted, That the Clerk of the Peace Thall deliver in for the said County, or his Deputy, fhail and he is hereby reAccount of

quired, Yearly and every Year, to deliver in to the Justices of the Rental yearly.

Peace affembled at the Easter Quarter Sellions to be bolden for the said County, and also to the Treasurer or Treasurers appointed ard to be appointed for each Divigion of the said County, a Statement in Writing of the Sum or Amount of the whole Rental of the said County, as the same shall have been returned, under and by virtue of the herein-before recited Act of the Forty-seventh Year of His present Majeity, and of ih:s Act, and also of the component Parts of such Rental, as the same shall have been existing at the Michaelmas General Quarter Sessions of the Peace dext preceding, aistinguishing the Amount for cach Division of the said County ; which Statement shall be ligned by and verified upon the Oath of the Clerk of the Peace or

his Deputy Disbursements,

XVIII. And be it further enacted, That all and every Disburse. &c. arranged by ments, Sum and Sums of Money, Charges and Expence8 u hatloever, Committec of of the whole of the said County of Kent, which attach upon or to which Juftiees.

a County Rate is by Law liable fhail be arranged, adjutted, and settled by the Committee of Justices so appointed as aforesaid, at their Meeting to be holden at Sittingbourne, in Manner atoresaid, in proportion to the relative Rentals of rach Division of the said County, as the same fhall be exifting at the Michaelmas Quarter Seffions of the Peace Dext preceding such Meeting as atoresaid ; and the Juftices fu assembled Thall make such Order upon the Treasurer of cach Division of the said County respectively, to pay to or receive from each other such Sum or Suits of Money as by the said Justices shall be adjudged to be due from or to be paid to either respectively upon letrling the Annual General Account at such Meeting up to and including the Ealler Gew:ral Quarter Sessions of the Peace next preceding such

Meeting fo to be holden at Sittingbourre as aforesaid. Committee of XIX. And be it further enacted, That the Committee of Justices, Justices all

so to be alli mbled at Sittingbourne as aforesaid, shall and they are hereby divide Annual Expences

required from such grots Rental and from such relative Rentals so to between the

be delivered in by the said Clerk of the Peace or his Deputy as afore. Two Divisions. said, to divide the said Annual Expences between the Two Divisions

of the said County, proportionally to such gross Rental and such relative Rentals : Provided always, that no Denominator of a lower Value than a Twentieth shall ever be used for the Purpose of afcere taining the said Proportiois.

Expences of A&. 20. Publick Aa. Ø 21.

Сар. схіі. .

23 G. 3.ç. 38. A. AQ for alteriug, amending, and enlarging the Powers of several 31 G. 3. c. 67. Acts for making and maintaining the Thames acd Severn Canal 36 G. 3. c. 34, Navigation.

(27th May 1809.]

Сар. схііі.

4 G. 3. c. 55. 14 G. 3. c. 90.

An A&t for enlarging the Powers of Two Ads of His present

Majuity, so far as relates to the establishing a nightly Watch, and

for maintaining the Poor within the Parish of Saint Clement Danes, in the County of Middlefex.

[27th May 18.9.] Power of making Rates extended from 6d. to is in tbe Pound.

Cap. cxiv. An Act for building a Chapel of Ease in the Town of Worthing, in the County of Sulex.

Сар. сх". An Act for amending an Act of the Forty-third Year of His pre• 43 G. 3. c. lix.

sent Majelty, for pavins and improving the Town of ll'urtling, in the Cunty of Sussex, ard for building a Market Houte and eltablishing a Market in the said Town. [27th May 1809.)

[N. B. The A&t Cap. cxiv., thou zh intituled as above, is in fact, An Aa for amending an Ad of the Forty third Year, for paving &c. the Town of Worthing: while on the contrary, the Act, Cap. cxvo, though inituled as above, is An Ad for building a Chapel of Ease at Worthing. ]

By Cap. cxv. Trustees are appointed for building the Chapel.

XXII. And be it further enacted That the said Chapel and every Chapel to be Minister officiating therein for the Time being, as also the Person or subject to the Persons who shall act as Chaprlwarden or Chapel wardens thereof, shall Ecclesiastical be fubject in all R spects to the o: dinary Ecclefiaftical Juriddition by Law establithed, Law established ; and it mall and may be lawful to and for the Lord and to be Bishop of Chichester for the Time bring, and he is hereby authorized consecrated. and empowered to consecrate the fa:d Chapel, to be for ever there. after a C:apel of Ease to the Parish Church of Broadwater aforelaid, and Divine Survice shall be from Tine co Time for ever after para formed therein according to the Rites and Ceremonies of the Church of England as by Law established, hy a perpetual Curate to be no. minaced and appointed in Manuer hertin after direct-d; and the said Chapel and the perpetual Curate thereof Thall or ever after be subject to the ordinary Jurisdiction and Vilitation of the Lord Bishop of Chichester for the Time being.

XXII. And he it further enact.d, That after the said Chapel Cirate to be Thall have been consecrated in Mann. r aforelaid, the Re&or of the nominated and said Parish of Broadwater for the Time being is hereby empowered officiate in the and required to nominate, under his Hand and Stal, to the Lord

said Chapel. Bishop of Chichester for the Time being a fit Person being in Priett's Orders (not being himselt the Rector of Broadwater aforesaid), who Thall have taken a Degree in one of the Three Universities of Oxford, Cambridge, or Dublin, to be licensed to the perpetual Curacy of the said Chapel; and upon Occasion of every future Vacancy the said Rector of the said Parish of Broadwater for the Time being hall, in like Manner, nominate some fit Person qualified as aforesaid, to be licensed as aforesaid; and upon Fariure of such Nomination the Right of Nomination for that Term shall lapse to the Lord Bishop of Chichester for the Time being, and to the Metropolitan and to the Crown sucessively, accor: 'ing to the Course ot Law in Cases of presentative Benefices; and the Right of Nomination to the said Chapel may be sued for and recovered, and the Incumbency thereof thall sease and be determined, in like Manner as if the Curacy of the said Chapel was a presentative Vicarage and Benchce. 49 Geo. III.



No Marriages or
Buriais allowed
in the said

XXIV. And be it further enacted, That no Marriage shall at any Time be solemnized in the said Chapel, nor thail any Corpfe be buried in the said Chapel of the Vault thereof, but ihat the Curate of the said Chapel for the Time being may and shall, from Time to Time, baptize all such Childreu as shall be brought to the laid Chapel for that Purpose during the ulual Times of performize Divint Sirvice therein; and in order to facilitate Searches for Registries in the said Parish of Broadwater, Entries of all fech Children, so baprized it the faid Chapel, shall be regularly made in a Regilter to be provided for that Purpose by the Chapelwarden; and the said Curate shall, on the Twenty fifth Day o March, the Twenty-fourth Day of June, the Twenty-ninth Day of September, and the Twenty-16h Doy of December in every Yiar, fend 10 the Rector of the said Parith of Broadwater an accurate Copy, ligned by him, of all Christenings in the said Chapel done by him the Quarter immediately preceding, and the said Rector or his Curate shali cause the fame to be iranscribed into a proper Book, to be provided for that Purpose, and to be kept with the Register of the Christenings of the said Parish ; and the said Curate may and shall a so church al Women who may come to the said Chapel for that Purpose.

Trustees empowered to build a new Church.

Cap. cxvi.
An AA for building a Church on Gateshead Fell, in the Parish of

(27th May 1809.) “ One Acre in Gateshead Fell allotted for the building a Church “ thereon vetted in the Rector, and Trultees appointed for that Pure “ pose, wish Reservation of Mines to the Lord of the Manor. § 1-17. (See Cap.cxxxv. of this Seffiun.)

XVII. And be it further enacted, That i: Mall be lawful for the said Truttees, and they are hereby authorized aud riquired to cause a new Church and Chancel, with a Pace proper for the adminiftering the Sacrament of the Lord's Supper, and also a Tower or Steeple to be built upon the faid Piece cr Parcel of Ground intended to be vested in them by this Act, or npou so much thereof as may be

prozer, according to such Pian or Model, Elevation and Section, of such Dimersion and Materials, and in such Manner, as they, the said Trultees, shall a free upon and direct at ļome pubic Meeting, 'o be particularly called for that Purpose, and in which Pian of the Church and Chancel to be built in pursuance of this Act, the Chancel shall be diftinguished in such Manner as the said Trullers, with the Consent and Approbation of the Bihop of Durham. for the Time being, Thall direct, and in which Pian no Alteration shall afrerwards be made without the Consent of Ten of the said Truitces at lealt; and in case such Alteration shall in any manner comprile or r late to the Chancel, or any part thereof, then with the Cortent of the said B'fhop in ad. dition to the Ten Trustees; and the faid Truiters shall allo in bike Manner, set out and appoint the Remainder of the said Piece or Parcel of Ground as and for a Cermeiry or Church yard; and the faid Trustees shall cause luch Pows, Seats, Galleries, and Conve. niences to be made for the Accommodation of the Indiabitants of the said Distrie, called Gateshead Fill, and a Bell or Belis and such Ornaments to be erected and set up, and such other Matters and Things to be done, as the said Truftecs,' with the Consent and Ap.


probation of the said Bishop, Mall direct, in order that the said Church
and Chancel, when completed, finhed, and furnished, may be con-
secrated and set apart for the Celebration of Divine Service, the pub-
1:shing of Bagns of Mrriage, the Solemnization of Marriage, the
Administration of the Sacrament of the Lord's Supper, and the
Baptism of Infants, and ali other religious Acts, according to the
Rites and Ceremonies of the Church of England; and th-faid Building,
Works, Matters, and Things, shall be done by Contract. as other-
wise, subject to the Inspection and Controul of the Survey or
Surveyors on the Part of the said Trultees, as the said Trustees shall
from Time to Time think proper and mort expedient to fulfil the
Intention and effc& the Purposes of this AA.
« Regulations as to setting out the Pews. 18, 19, 20.

XXI. And be it further enacted, That the said new Church and when new, Chancel, Shall be completed and finished, a::d consecrated, and be Church to be fit for the Celebration o: Divine Service, within Two Years at furtheft,

completed. a ter laying the Foundation thereof; and that from and immediately after the laid Church and Chancel shall be finished and confecrated, the same, and the Church Yard belonging there:o, and all and fingular the Messuages, Lands, Tenements, and Heredicaments whatfoever, within and Parcel of the said Diltri&t or Tract of Walte Land called Gateshead Fell, shall be írom thenceforth for ever therea!ter severed and divided from the said Parish of Gateshead, and be exempted and discharged from all D-pendence thereon, and from all Power, Right, and Authority of the Rector and Parson of the Parish Church of Gatessead aforesaid, for the Time being; and the said Rectory and Church hereby authorized to be built hall be for ever thereafter a distinct and separate Rectory and Parish Church for the Inhabitants of the said District or Tract of Land, called Gateshead Fell, under the Name and Title of the Rectory and Parish of Gateshead Fell;" and cogether with the Mesluages, Lands, Tene. ments, Houses, Places, and Hereditaments within

the said Fell, shall be for ever thereafter a dillinct Parish of is self, and called by the Name of the Parish of Gateshead Fell; and the Inhabitants of ihe said Parish of Gateshead Fell shall be for ever thereafter discharged and ex-mpted of and from the Cure of Souls, Power, and Authority of the Rector and Parson of the Parish Caurch of Gateshead aforesaid, and the Rector and Parson of the same Parish Church of Gute head shall be from thenceforth for ever exonerated and discharged from the Cure of Souls of the Inhabitants of the said Pariflı ot Gateshead Fell.

XXII. And be it further enacted, Toat the laid new Church and The new Church Chancel, with the Church Yard or Cemetry thereof, (subject to the vested in the

Rector. Reservation herein before contained*, to or in favour of the Lord of the said Manor of Gateshead for the time being, and his Lefice

and * Repeting

Minus, ($ 2.) Lessces, and liis, her, and their Executors, Adminiftrators, and Assigns), shall from and immediately after the Confecrarios thereo, and from and thenceforth for ever thereafter, be velted in the Roctor of the same Church, and his successors, Rectors thereof, for the Time being, the Statut-s of Morrmain, or any other Laws or Statutes to the contrary notwithitanding; and that Divine S-rvice ac. Divine Service, cording to the Ulage of the Church of England, Banos cf Marriage, Marriage, &c. the Solemnization of Marriage, the Adminiftration of the Sacrament shall be

folemnized in of the Lord's Supper and Baptism, Burials, and all other Rites and

the Church. Ceremonies of the Church of England shall and may be performed,



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