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In Ireland,

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XXII. 240

His Deputy. continued.


Examinator of Corn Bounties. 250 o Inspector General of Imports

and Exports preparing Ac.

His First Clerk for extra

In Ireland to 5th
Examinator of Excise pre Jan. 1809.

paring Accounts.

His Afiftant.
Clerk in Auditors of Exche-

quer Office preparing Ac

counts. XXIII. 25,00

Civil Buildings.
1,200 o Printing, &c. 250 Copies

of the AA8,49 G. 3.
10,500 Proclamations and Ad.

vertisements in Dublin

Gazette. 25,000

Criminal Prosecutions. From 5th Jan. 1809, 2,500 Apprehending publick to 5th Jan. 1810

o Non-conforming Mini-

1,047 10 Expence of Pratique in

Dublin Port.
560 1 Gold Mine of Wicklow, from 5th Jan. 1809 to

31st Dec. 1809. 3,382

For Lottery Offices, for One Year ending 24th

June 1809.
21.900 o o Printing and Disburse.

ments for Secretaries'
Office and other pub-

From 5th 7ab. 1809, lick Offices in Dublin

to 5th Jan. 1180.
15,000 Oo Harbour of Howth, for One Year from 24th
Works at,

April 1809.
258 0 Further Printing and
Stationary for Secre.

From 5th Jan. 1809,
taries' Office and other
publick Offices in Dub-

to 5th Jan. 1810. lin Caftle. 3,741 0 o Support of Seceding Mi. From 25th March

nitters from the Synod 1809, to 25th of Ulser.

March 1810.

9,429 18



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In Ireland.

In Ireland. In Ireland. In Ireland.

3,500 00 Incidents of the Trea.


For One Year enda ing 5th Jan. 1810.

15:006 0

o (Britis) Allowances to Commissioners of Inquiry

on Fees in publick Offices in Ireland, &c.

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XXIV. 10,000 oo (Irish) Board of Firft Fruits

for building and re-building

of Churches, &c.
10,000 Dublin Society for promoting
Husbandry, &c.

From 5th Jan. 1809, 5,000 0 Farming Society of Ireland.

to 5th Jan. 1810. 2,000

Cork Inftitution.
2,849 0 Commiflioners for making

wide and convenient Streets

in Dublin. 21,боо о o Trustees of the Linen Manufactures, for One Year

ending 5th Jan. 1810. IXV, 21,825

o Foundling Hospital in Dub

3,523 Hibernian Marine Society.
11,781 0 Hibernian School for Soldiers'

3,662 0 Female Orphan House near

Association for discountenan.

cing Vice, &c.
9,569 0 o Weflmorland Lock Hospital.
32,243 o House of Industry and Peni-

From 5th Jan. 1809, 1,000 0

Fever Hospital in Cork-ftreet to 5ch Jam. 1810.

1,779 o Lying-in Hofpital.
4,550 0 o Completing Royal College of


Commissioners of charitable

500 Doctor Steevens's Hospital.
4,576 o Sir Patrick Dunn's Hospital.
8,973 0

Roman Catholic Seminary.
26,003 0 o Locorporated Society for pro-

moting English Proteftant

XXVI. Supplies shall be applied only to the Purposes

authorized, &c.
XXVII. Rules for receiving Half pay.
XXVIII. Application of Overplus of Sum (under

As in former Afte. 48 G. 3. c. 148.) to reduced Officers.

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An Ad to prevent the enlisting of Local Militia Men into the

Regular Militia of any other County or Stewartry than
the County or Stewartry to which they belong.

[21st June 1809.] ment, intituled. An Aa to amend and render more effe&ual an

[See § 5.] na passed in the laf Seffion of Parliament, for enabling His Majesty to

cftablisb a permanent Local Militia Force, under certain Restridions, for

the Defence of the Realm: And Whereas another Act paffed in the • present Session of Parliament, intituled, An Aa to amend and render 49 G.3.0.48.

more effe&ual an Aa passed in the last sefhon of Parliament, for enabling (See § 6.] His Majefly to establisb a permanent Local Militia Force in Scotland, ' under certain Refridions, for the Defence of the Realm : And Whereas • another Act passed in this Seffion of Parliament, intituled, An Aa

49 G.3.c. 58. ' for completing the Militia of Great Britain : And Whereas by the • said Two first recited Acts, Persons enrolled to serve or serving • in the Local Militia, are allowed to enlift or enter into the regular • Militia : And Whereas by the said last recited Act, the Command.

ing Officers of Militia are allowed to raise Men by Beat of Drum or • otherwise, in their respective Counties or Stewartries, or adjoining • Counties or Stewartries: And Whereas it is expedient to reftrict • the enlisting of Men from the Local Misitia into any regular Militia,

except the regular Militia of the County or Stewartry to which • such Local Miiitia Men belong : May it therefore please Your Ma. • jesty, that it may be exacted, and be it enacted by the King's most Excellent Majesty, by and with the Advice and Consent of the Lords Spiritual and Temporal, and Commons, in this present Par. No Man in the liament assembled, and by the Authority of the same, That no Person Local Milicia ballotted or enrolled to serve, or serving in the Local Militia, shall thall enlift inte be enlifted or enrolled, or shall be allowed to enlist into or to be the regular enrolled in the regular Militia of any other County or Stewartry than Militia of any the County or Stewartry for which the Local Militia Man shall be that for which he enrolled and serving, or any One of the Counties or Stewartries of is enrolled. which any Regiment, Battalion, or Corps of regular Militia shall be composed, if composed of Men enrolled in more than One County or Stewartry; any Thing in the said recited Acts, or either of them, to the contrary notwithitanding,





N. B.-The Continuance of such of the following Ads as are temporary

will be known (where it is not expressly fated) by referring to

the following Lis, according to the corresponding Letter in the

Title. (a) For 21 Years, &c. [i. e. to the End of the next Seffion] from

a Day named in the Aa.
(6) For 21 Years, &c. from the passing of the A&.
ich For 21 Years, &c. afier the End of the Term under former Aas.
All Ads in this Lift, not distinguished by the Letters (q.P.) are

PUBLICK Acts; to each of which is annexed a Clause in the
Form Following:

“ And be it further enacted, That this Act shall be deemed
" and taken to be a Publick Aą, and shall be judicially taken
“ Notice of as such by all Judges, Juftices, and others, without
“ being specially pleaded.”
(q. P.) Quafi-Publick Aets, i.e. Aâs to each of which is annexed
a Clause in the Form following:

“ And be it further enacted, That this Act shall be printed " by the Printer to the King's moft Excellent Majefty, and a • Copy thereof, so printed, shall be admitted as Evidence thereof “ by all Judges, Justices, and others."

Cap. i. 6 Ann. c. 8. pr.

N AG for continuing the Term and Powers of several Ads 10 Ann. c. 14. passed for repairing the Harbour and Quay of Watchett, in the 7 G.1. c. 24. County of Somerset.

[220 February 1809.) 10 G. 3. c. 24.

[For forty Years, & c. from the End of the Term under 10G. 3.6.24.]

Сар. ii.

44 G. 3. c. xlv. An A& for amending an Act of the Forty-fourth Year of His present

Majefty, for regulating certain Fisheries in the County of Cumberland, and other Places therein mentioned, so far as refpe&s the Fishery in the River Derwent.

[i3th March 1809.]

Cap. ii. 36 G. 3,6.68. An Ad for better enabling the Company of Proprietors of the Aber. 41 G. 3. c. ii. deenbire Canal Navigation to raise the necessary Fund to complete the fame,

[13th March 1809.]

Cap. iv. An Act for more effe&ually improving the Streets, Lanes, and Pub. lick Passages, in the Town of Gainsborough in the County of Lin


coln, and for laying a Duty on Coals * brought to the said Town *[and Lime.] to be sold.

[13 March 1809.]
[9 G. 3.6. 21. repealed in part. ]

Cap. v.
An AA for making and maintaining a Road from Rotherham to
Swinton, in the West Riding of the County of rork. (a)

[13th March 1809.]

Cap. vi, . An Act for enlarging the Term and Powers of Two Acts of His 6 G. 3. c. 79.

present Majesty, for repairing the Road from Abbourn to Sudbury, 27 G. 3. c. 87. and from Sudbury to roxall Bridge, and from Hatton Moor to Tutbury, in the Counties of Derby and Stafford, and for making Two new Branches of Road to communicate therewith. (c)

[13th March1809.] An Act for enlarging the Term and Powers of Two AAs of His 33 G. 2. c. 47.

late and present Majefty, for repairing several Roads in the Coun. 21 G. 3. c. 92. ties of Derby, Leicester, and Warwick. (c.) [13th March 1809.]

Сар. viii. .
An A&t for inclofing Lands in the Parish of Radcliffe, and the

Township of Ainsworth, in the Parish of Middleton in the County
Palatiae of Lancaster. (q. P.)

[13th March 1809.]

Cap. ix.
An A&t for inclofing Lands in the Townships of Workington and

Winscales, and Manor of Workington, in the Parish of Workington,
in the County of Cumberland. (q. P.) [20th March 1809.]

[Allotment in Satisfaâion of Tithes. Ø 17, 18.]

Cap. vii.

Сар. х. An A& for amending so much of an Act of the Forty-first Year of 41 G. 3.c. liv.

His present Majefty, for building and keeping in Repair the Pier at Sheerness, in the INc of Sheppy, in the County of Kent and for other Purposes therein-mentioned, as relates to the fuld Pier.

[24h March 1809.] [Former Duties repealed, and new Duti's granted.]

Cap. xi.

An A& to continue the Term, and alter the Powers, of an Act of 29 G. 3. c. 101

His present Majesty, for repairing the Road from the Towoship of Saltney, in the County of Flint, to the Town of Flint. (c)

[24th March 1809.] “ So much of former Axt as related to Statute Labour on the Road “ repealed: and all Persons by Law liable to Statute-work shall be “chargeable as heretofore.

Cap. xii.

An AA for making and maintaining a Road from Horsbam to join the

Turnpike Road leading to Guildford, with Two Branches therefrom, in the Counties of Sussex and Surrey. (a) [24th March 1809.]

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