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agree to receive or have any Money, Fee, Gratuity, Loan of Money, Reward, or Profit, beyond the regulated Price or Value of the Commission fold, and also every Perfoo who shall wilfully or know. ingly aid, abet, or affiit fuch Person therein, ih:ll be deemed and adjudged guity of a Middımcanar wil in the Provisions of this AA.

IX Provided a ways, and he it further enact-d, That nothing in Exerption as to this Act contain:d thil extend or be conitrved to extend to any Office Offices excepted excepted from the Prov'tion of the said A& palled in the Sixth in former AG, Year of the Reign of Kins Edvard the Sixth a rain't buying and

legally saleable, felling o! Offics, or to any Office which was legaly saleable before &c. the passing of this Act. and in the Gift of any Person by virtue of any Office of which such Pufo is or shail be poffefed under any Patent or Appointment for his Life; or to rerder invalid!, or in any Manner to aff. et any Promise, Agreement, Covenant, Contract. Bond, Affure ance, or Truft, entered into or declared before the passing of this Act, and which before the poffing thereof was a valid Promise, Agreement, Covenani, Contract, Bond, Affurance, or Trust, in Law or Equity, or to any Money paid, or to any Aa, Matter, or Thing done in purfuance of any such Prom. fe, Agreement, Covenant, Contra&, Pond. ur Allurance.

X. Provided also, and be it further enacted, That nothing in this Saving of A& contained that extend or be conitrued to extend to prevent or lawful Deputamake void any D: putation to any Ofice, in any Case in which it is tions and

Payinents out of la: ful to appoint a Deput;, or any Agreement, Contra&t, Bond, or the f'oes. Assurance lawfully made in refp:ct of ary Allowance, Salary, or Pay. ment made or agreed to be made by or to such Principal or Deputy respectively, out of the Fees or Profits of such Office.

XI. Provided aism, and be i: turther enacted, That nothing in the Exception as to faid A&t or in this AA contained thall extend to any annual Reserva. annual Payments tior, Charge, or Payment made or required to be made out of the out of the Fees, Fees, Perquisites, or Profits of any Office to any Person who shall to any person have held such Office, in any Commission or Appointment of any the Office:

formerly holding Person succeeding to such Office, or to any Agreement, Contract, Bond, or other Assurance made for securing such Reservation. Charge, or Payment: Provided always, that the Amount of luch Reserva. cion, Charge, or Payment, aos the Circumitancs and Reasons under which the same shall have bet n permitted, shall be stated in the Commiflion, Patent, Warrant, or Instrument of Appointment of the Person so succeeding to and holding such Office, and paying or se. curing such Money as aforelaid.

XII. • And whereas the Parliament of Ireland never enacted any • Provisions fimilar to those contained in the said recited Act of the • Fifth and Sixth Years of King Edward the Sixth : And whereas • it bath always been customary in the Appointment of the Matters • and Six Clerks, and Firft and Second Examiners of the Court of • Chancery in Ireland, to allow the having and receiving of Money, or • other valuable Confideration for those Appointments; and althongh • it may be fit and proper that the raid Culton should be abolified, yet it is reasonable that the leveral and respective Persons who now Exception • hold the said Oflices should be permitted to dispose of the same in Mafters, Six • like Manner as hath been heretolore done;' B: it therefore enacted, Clerks, and That it shali and may be lawful for the said Malters and Six Clerks, the Chancery is and First and Second Examiner or any of them, (fave and except Ireland, till after George Ellis Esquir, one of she Malters of the laid Court,) so to pro. she Death, &c.

ceed of the pretent


ceed touching the Disposition and Appointment of their faid Offices respectively, in such and the like Manner, to all Intents and Purposes, as hath been heretofore accustomed; but that from and after the Death, Resignation, or Removal of each of them, and the actual Appointment of any Person in the Stead of the Persons so dying, resigning, or being removed, the Powers and Provisions of the said recited A&t and of this AA shall be applicable and shall be applied to the faid respective Offices in the said Court of Chancery in

Ireland Punishment of XIII. Provided always, and be it enacted, That every Person Mildemeanors in who shall commit, in Scotland, any Offence against this Aé, which Scotland.

by the Provisions of the same is constituted a Misdemeanor, shall be liable to be punished by Fine and Imprisonment, or by the one or the other of such Punishments as the Judge or Judges before whom fuch

Offender shall be tried and convicted may direct. Offences

XIV. And be it further enacted, That all Offences committed committed

againft the Provisions of the said recited A&t and this Act, by any abroad shall be tried in King's

Governor, Lieutenant Governors, or Perfon braving the chief Com. Bench, under

mand, Civil or Military, in any of His Majesty's Dominions, Colonies, 42 G.3.c. 83. or Plantations, or his or their Secretary or Secretaries, may and shall

be prosecuted and enquired of, and heard and determined in His Majesty's Court of King's Bench at Westminster, in like Manner as any Crime, Offence, or Misdemeanor committed by any Person holding a publick Employment abroad, may be prosecuted and enquired of under the Provisions of an Act passed in the Forty-second Year of the Reign of His present Majesty, intituled, An Aa for the trying and punishing in Great Britain Persons holding publick Employments, for Offences committed abroad; and for extending the Provisions of an na passed in the Twenty-firf Tear of the Reign of King James, made for the Ease of Justices and others in pleading in Suits brought against them, to all Persons either in or out of this Kingdom, authorized to commit to

safe Custody. Commencement XV. Provided always, and be it further enacted, That nothing in of the Act in the said recited Act orihis AA contain-d shall extend or be construed certain Places

to extend to Gibraltar, Malta, or any Place or Places in the Mediabroad.

terranean, until Three Months; or to ory of His Majesty'a Dominions, Colonies, or Plantations in America or the left Indies, urtil Four Months; or to the Cape of Good Hope, the Island of Saint Helena. or any Pari of Africai untii Six Months; or to any of His Majesty's Dominione in the East Indies or beyond the Cape of Good Hope, until Twelve Mouths, after the pailing of this Act.

An Act for further augmenting the Salaries of certain of

the Judges of the Courts in Wesiminser Hall, and of the
Chief and Second Justice of Chester, and Justices of the Great
Seffions in Wales.

[20th June 1809.] «M1of Gracious Sovereign, 89 G.3.c. 110.


HEREAS an Act was passed in the Thirty-ninth Year of $ 1. as 10

His present Majesty's Reign, intituled, An Aa for the Amount of Augmentation

Augmentation of the Salaries of the Judges of the Courts in Westof Salaries of

I miniler Hall, and also of the Lords of Seffion, Lords Commiffioners of Cl.jet Baron, and 'Jufliciary, and Baronis of Exchequer in Scotland, and for enabling puisne Judges,

· His repealec,

! His Majesty to grant Annuities to Persons in certain Offices in the said Courts of Westminster-Hall, on their Resignation of their respective Offices : And Whereas it is expedient that a further Augmentation « Tould be made in the Salaries and Profits of the Chief Baron of the • Court of Exchequer, the Puisne Judges in the Court of King's • Bench, the Puisne Judges of the Court of Common Pleas, and the Barons of the Coif in the Court of Exchequer at Westminsler,

and also in the Salaries and Profits of the Chief Justice of Chefler, • the Second Justice of Chester, and the Justices of Great Sessions for o the Counties in Wales; we your Majetty's molt dutiful and loyal • Subjects, the Commons of the United Kingdom of Great Britain and Ireland in Parliament assembled, do molt humbly beseech Your Ma. * jesty that it may be enacted ;' and be it enacted by the King's molt Excellent Majesty, by and with the Advice and Consent of the Lords Spiritual and Temporal, and Commons, in this present Parliament assembled, and by the Authority of the same, That so much of the said recited Act as relates to the Amounts of the Sums to be issued in Augmentation of their respective Salaries to the Chief Baron of the Court of Exchequer, to the Puisne Juttices in the Courts of King's Bench and Common Pleas, and to the Barons of the Coif in the Court of Exch-quer, fhall be, and the same is hereby repealed.

II. And be it further enacted, That from and after the passing of Their Salaries this Act, there shall be issued, paid, and payable out of, and charged augmented, viz. and chargeable upon the Coosolidated Fund of Great Britain, (after Chief Baron to

5000l. paying and reserving sufficient to pay all such Sum and Suins of

each Puisne Money as have been directed by any former A&t or Ads of Parliament, Judge and Baron to be paid out of the same, but with Preference to all other Payments 4000l. which shall or may be hereafter charged upon or payable out of the said Fund) to the several Persons hereinafter mentioned, as an Aug. mentation of their respective Salaries so much Money as will make up their respective Salaries and pecuniary Profits belonging to their said respective, Offices to the annual Sums her-inafter mentioned, to the Chief Baron of the Court of Exchequer, Five thousand Pounds, and to each of the Puisne Justices of the Courts of King's Bench and Common Pleas, and to each of the Barons of the Coif in the Court of Exchequer, Four thousand Pounds.

TII. And be it further enacted, That in whatever Sums the whole In what Mannes Amount which shall have been received, or were payable to any of the Half-yearly the Persons before mentioned in respect of their laid Offices within Payınent shall the Half. Year preceding the Delivery of any such Account as is be computed. dire&ed by the laid recired AA, shall be less than the clear Sum of Two thousand five hundred Pounds in respect of the said Chief Baron, or of Two Thousand Pounds in respect of the said Puisne Judges and Barons of the said Courts, shall be the Sums to be flued for the Half Year in which the said Account shall be delivered, and shall be computed and alcertained so as to make up the whole of their respective Salaries and pecuniary Profits to the Half-yearly Sums refpeively before mentiɔned, and such Sums shall be issued accordingly in Manner herein-after mentioned, and as if the Sums so to be asce: tained had been specifically mentioned in this Act.

IV. · And Whereas by the said recited Act it is directed that an · Account Mall be delivered Half-yearly by the said Puisne Justices to the Commissioners of the Treasury of all Fees, Salaries, and Pecuniary Profits, received or payable to them in respect of their

• Offices

• Offices for the preceding Half Year: And Whereas by Writ of • Privy Seal granted in the Second Year of His present 'Majesty's • Reign, reciting that a Reward of Forty Pounds per Annum at • the Rate of Ten Pounds in every Term had long Gince been afligned • to the Second Judge of the Court of King's Bench, in respect of • his Labour and Trouble in giving the Charge to the Grand Jury, ' and pronouncing Judgement in the said Court against Malefactors, it

was direEted, that regular Payment should be made of the aforesaid ' termly Allowance of Ten Pounds to the said Second Judge of the • said Court for the Time being, in refpea of his Pains and Service • above-mentioned: And whereas Doubts have beer entertained

whether the faid Allowance of Forty Pounds was intended to be Annual Sum of

included in the Half-yearly Account of Salary, Fees, and pecuniary 401. to the

• Profits, to be delivered in to the Commissioners of the Treasury by Second Judge of Court of

• the laid Second Judge of the said Court of King's Bench under King's Bench

" the said recited AA;' Be it therefore enacted and declared, That for Charge to the said termly Allowance of Forty Pounds is not nor was intended to the Grand Jury be included in the said Half yearly Account to be delivered as afore. &c. fhall not be said, by the faid Second Judge of the said Court of King': Bench, Included in Halfyearly Account

nor in the Etimate of Salary, Fees, and pecuniary Profits, upon required under which the Amount of the Sums to be issued from Time to Time to 39 G. 3. c. 110. the said Second Judge under the said recited Act and this Act was or § 2.

is to be computed. Augmentation V. And be it further enacted, That from and after the palling of of 4001. to the this Act, there shall be also issued, paid, and payable out of and Salaries of the

charged and chargeable upon the said Consolidated Fund, after paying Justices of Chester, and

and reserving fufficient to pay all such Sum and Sums of Money as of the Great

have been directed by any former AA or Acts of Parliansent to be Seffions for paid out of the same, but with Preference to all other Payments the Countics of which shall or may be hereafter charged upon or payable out of the Wales,

said Fund, to the several Persons herein-after mentioned, in Aug. mentation of their respective Salaries and Profits, and over and above any Sims of Money to which they may be entitled under any A & nuw in force, the several annual Sims here:n after mentioned i that is to lay, to the Chick Juitice of Chelier, and to the Second Justice of Clujler, and io cach of the Justices of the Great Saffi ns for tlie

Counties of Wales, the Sum of Four Hundred Pounds. Salaries Phall be VI. And be it further enacted, That the said several Sums of paid Half-yearly, Money to be iffudd in pursuance of this A&, fall from Time to Time clear of all Taxes, from therceforth, be payable and paid Half-yearly, free and clear except Property from all Taxes ard Dedu&ions whatsoever, (except the Duty charged Tax, under 46 G. :3, c. 65. by an Ad paled in the Firty-sixth Year of the Reign of His preient according to Majetty, incierier, An As for granting to His Majesly during the present Regulatiors of War, and until the Sixth Day of April next after the Ratification of a 39 G. 3. c. 109.

Definitive Treaty of Pecce, further additional Rates and Duties in Great Britain, on the Rates and Duties on Profits arising from Property, Profelions, Trades, and Offices; and for repealing an Aa puffed in the Forty fifth Year of His present Majesty, for repealing certain Paris of an Ää made in the Forty shird Year of Ilis present Majefty, for grami ng a Contribution on the Profits arising from Property. Profeffions. Trades, and Offices, and to consolidate and render more effedual the Provisions for collealing the said Duties,) 00 the Tenth Day of Qaóber and the Fifin D:y of April in each year, by even and equal Portions : the Firft Payment thereupon to be made on the Tenth Day of Odober


One thousand eight hundred and nine, and the said several Sums of Money shall be paid in the fame Manner, and under and subje&t to the like Rules and Regulations, (as far as the same are applicable) as are prescribed in the said recited A& for the Payment of the several Sums of Money therein directed to be paid.

VII. And be it further enaded, That the said recited AA, and all Powers of recited Clauses, Provisions, Rules, Regulations, Matters, and Things therein Act extended to

this Act contained (so far as the same are applicable and are not hereby altered) shall be in force, and be applied to carry into Effect the Purposes of this Act.

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6, 81.

An Ad for granting to His Majesty certain Sums of Money

out of the Consolidated Fund of Great Britain, and for
applying certain Monies therein-mentioned for the Service
of the Year One thousand eight hundred and pine ; and for
further appropriating the Supplies granted in this Session of

[20th June 1809.] § 1. £. 4,000,000 Out of Surplus of British Consolidated

Fund. IT.

2,757,352 3 4Surplus of Ways and Means for 1808.

Part of the Sum of 20,000,00ol.
granted by

48 G. 3. 6. 148.
19,000,000 From the following Duties, viz.

Additional Customs under 43 G.3. C. 70.
Adjitional Excile
Duties on Property

C. I 22.
Additional Customs 44 G. 3.6. 35.
Additional Duties on Pro.

45 G. 3.6. 15.
Additional Excise on To.
bacco, &c.

46 G. 3.c. 39.
Additional Customs

6. 42.
Additional Duties on Pro-

- 6. 05.
Additional Excise on

Brandy 47 G.3.6. f. 1.6. 27.

48 G. 3.6, 26.

49 G. 3. 6. 98 V. The following Sums, viz.

Produce of Mut and Pension Act, not exceeding
£. 3.000 000

49 G. 3. C.
10,500,000 O Exchequer Bills


14,6 20,000 L'an (after deducting 3,5co oool.

remitted to Ireland anu 600,000l.
to the Prince Regent of Portugal

c. 77
Lotteries (Dedu&ing One-third for Ireland)
3,00,005 0 0 Exchequer Bills

c. 114. 49 Geo. III.

Granted to make good the Supply for Service of

Great Britain for 1809.

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6. 52.

Appropriated to the Uses after expressed. See § VII., &c.

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c. 94

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