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in like Manner as if they had been originally returned for One Parish or Place, so as to make the Choice of Militia Men by Ballot within every such Sub-division as equal and impartial as possible.

XCIV. And be it further enacted, That if the Lift of any Parish New Lists in or Place shall be lost or destroyed, it shall be lawful for the Governor the Room of or Governors, or Deputy Governors within any such Sub-division, or Lifts loft, &c. any Two or more of them, to cause a new Lilt as aforesaid in any such Parish or Place, to be made and returned to them at their next Sub-division Meeting, in the fame Manner as the Lift loft or destroyed was made, and ought to have been returned to them by the Direcion of the General Meeting. XCV. And be iť further enacted, That the Governors and Settling Lists of

Names at Deputy Governors at each Sub.divifional Meeting appointed as aforesaid, shall immediately proceed thereat to inquire into the Fitness Sub-division

Meetings. for Service of all Persons named in the Lifts returned to them, and select their Names, and hear such Objections as shall be made on the Part of such as they hall so select ; and in making such Inquiry and Sele&tion, it fall be lawful to and for such Governors and Deputy Gorernors to examine upon Oath, which Oaths, as also the Oath ta be taken by the Perion making the Return, they or any of them, are hereby required and empowered to administer ; and when such Lifts shall be so prepared by such Inquiry and Selection, they shall appoint a Day and Place for the next Meeting, to be held at a Day not more diftant than Ten, or sooner than Six Days, and the Cierk of the Meeting fall forthwith deliver Copies of the Lifts so made respectively, to the several Conttables or other Perlons who refpectively returned the general Lists, to be by them affixed, without Delay, on the Outfide of the Door of every Church and other Place of Divine Worship in the Parish or Place to which said List was made, or at the usual Place or Places therein for pofting Notices within such Parish or District, fpecifying at the Foot thereof the Day and Place appointed for the next Meeting; and that all Persons who think themselves aggrieved by the Infertion of their Names, or by the Omißion of the Names of others in such Lifts, may then appeal; and that no Appeal will be afterwards received.

XCVI. Provided always, and be it further enacted, That no Peer Persons of this Realm, nor any Person who shall act as a Commissioned Officer exempted from in any Regiment, Troop, or Company in His Majesty's other Forces, serving in the or in any of His Majesty's Caitles or Forts, nor any Non commissioned

Militia. Officer or Private Man serving in any of His Majesty's Forces, nor any Commissioned Officer serving or who has served Four Years in the Militia, nor any person enrolled in any Troop or Company of Yeomanry, who shall produce a Certificate from ihe Commanding Officer of such Troop or Company, that he has punctually attended the Exercise of the Troop or Company to which he belongs, for Three Months, immediately preceding the Day on which he shall have been ballotted to serve in the Militia, according to the Provifions of an Act made in the Forty-second Year of His present Majesty's Reign, intituled, An da 10 enable His Majesty to accept and continue the Services of certain Troops, or Companies of Yeomanry in Ireland, nor any person being a Member of the University, nor any Clergy man or Licensed Teacher of any feparate Congregation, nor any Justice of Peace, Contable, or other Peace Officer, nor any artieled Clerk, Apprentice, Seamart, or Seafaring Man, nor any


Person doing Duty in His Majesty's Ordnance for the Service thereof, or at any Magazine or other Storehouse belonging to His Majesty, or under the Directions of the Board of Ordoarce, nor any poor Man not worth Teo Pounds in Goods or Chattels, or who does not pay Five Pounds a Year Rent in the Whole for Lands, Tenements, and Cottake or Crophold, for the Crop or by the Year, who has more than Three Children born in Wedlock, living and under the Age of Fourteen, shall be liable to serve personally or provide a Subtitute, according to the Directions of this Act; and no Person having served personally or by Subflitute in any Regiment or Battalion of Militia, shall be obliged to serve again unul by Rotation it shall come to his Turn; but no Person who has served only as a Substitute fhall, by such Service, be exempted from serving again if he shall be chosca

by Ballot. Hearing of XCVII. And be it further enacted, That at every Sub-division Appeals and Meeting for hearing Appeals, the Persons preliding shall inquire upra correcting Liss. Oath into the Allegation of every Person who shall appear personally

to support his Appeal, or on whose Behalf, if he shall be fick or ab sent, an Appeal shall be brought, wliich Oath they or any of them are hereby empowered to adminifter; and they shall strike out of the Lit every Person who Mall appear to them to be unfit to serve, or to be legally exempted from serving; and they shall likewise insert in such Lift the Name of any Person who it shall appear to them ought to be inserted therein, and shall have been omilted; and they shall forthwith return to the Clerk of the General Meeting a Certificate under their Hands of the Number of Men contained in the List of every Parish or Place after such Amerdment thereof, for the Use of the General Meeting; and they fhail likewise fend to the Clerk of the Peace a full and accurate Copy of every such amended Liit, under their Hands and Seals, counterligned by the Clerk of the Meeting, to be by him filed and kept among the Records of the County, which Copy shall be of equal Authenticity for every lawful Purpose respect. ing the Militia, and of all Proceedings and Ads to be done under this or any Act for railing, embodying, or regulating, or otherwise respecting the Militia, as the Original, in case the Original shall be

loft, effaced, or millaid. Annual Return XCVIII. And be it further enacted, That the Cultos Rotulorum, of Lifts to Privy or Senior Governor in case of the Absence of the Custos Rotulorum, Council. of every County, shall and he is hereby required to transmit to His

Majesty's Privy Council annually, as soon after the Returns of Men shall have been made to the General Meetings as the same can be done, an Account in Writing of the true State of the Number of Persons fit and liable to serve in the Militia for such County, in the

Form of Schedule (B.) to this Ad annexed. Ģeneral

XÇIX. And be it further enacted, Thai a General Meeting of Meeting for the Governors and Deputy Governors, of every County respeAively, apportioning Thall be summoned by the Clerk of the General Meetings immediately Numbers on Purishes.

on his receiving such Certificates or any of them, to be held within Seven Days thereafter, and not sooner than Four Days, for the Purpose of apportioning the Number of Militia Men to be raised on the several Sub-divisions, Parishes, or Places; and the Persons who shall prefide at such General or other Meeting, fhall appoint what Number of Men shall be the Quota or Proportion for each Parish or Place to furnish or keep supplied to the Militia of the County, County

of a City, or Diftri&t, apportioning the whole Number of the Militia, Non-commissioned Officers, and Drummers included, as nearly as may be, to the Numbers contained in the certified Lifts of each Parish or Place, and the Clerk of such Meeting Shall forthwith give Notice thereof to the several Sub-divisional Clerks, who shall enter and file the same for the Use of their respective Sub-divisions, and he shall also give a Copy thereof, figned by himself, to the Clerk of the Peace, to be by him filed and kept among the Records of such County; and such General Meeting fhall appoint Meetings to be held in the several Sub-divisions for the Purpose of choofing by Ballot the Number of Persons to be furnished from each Sub-division io tbe Militia.

C. And be it enacted, That the Governor or Governors with the Apportionment Deputy Governors of any County, or a competent Number of them may be altered. assembled at any General Meeting, may alter the Allotment of the Nomber of Men to be raised in each refpe&ive Barony, Parish, or other Division to serve in the Militia, whedever it shall appear to them that any such Allotment is injurious to any Barony, Parish, or other Division.

Cl. And be it further enacted, That at every Sub-divisional Notice of Meeting so to be held for ballosting, whetber the fame be for forming Time for Appeal, any Regiment or Battalion, or for lupplying any D-ficiency of Men, Subtitution or filling up any Vacancy or Vacancies therein, the Person or Persons preliding at such Divisional Meeting shall forth with cause the Number of Men which each Parish or Place ought then to furoish, to be forth with ch sen by Ballot, in Manner following ; that is to say, the Names of all Persons contained in the aforesaid Lilt for such Parish or Place shall be fairly written on distinct Pieces of Paper, being as pear as may be of equal Size, and rolled up in the same Manner, and put into a Box, Case, or Bag, by the Clerk, and thereout the Names thall be impartially drawn by One of the Persons presiding, or some indifferent Person, until the whole Number which such Parish or Place ought then to furnish shall be drawn; and the Person or Persons presiding at such Sub divisional Meeting fhall appoint another Meeting of the Sub-division, to be held within Seven and not sooner than Four Days, and thall cause Notice thereof to be given to each Person drawn by the Ballot, requiring him to appear at such other Meeting, and shew Cause, if any he can, why he should be excused, or there to enrol himself or produce a fufficient Substitute, who shall be approved of or enrolled, such Notice to be left at his Place of Abode Two Days at the least before the Day of his Appearance, or in case he shall liave no Place of Abode, or the same cannot be discovered, Such Notice to be affixed on the Door of the Church and other Places of Divine Worship, and in all Places where Notices are usually potted in such District or Parish, Two Days at lealt before the Day for his Appearance; and if he shall not appear, and Proof shall be made upon Oath of such Notice having been given or affixed, and no fufficient Cause on Oath Thall be given for his not appearing, or if he shall not be excused when he shall so appear, or produce a Substitute as aforesaid, he shall be adjudged liable to serve, and serve accordingly.

CII. And be it further enacted, That if it shall appear to any Sureties fur Jattice of the Peace, Governor, or Deputy Governor, that any Person Appearane: of drawn by a Ballot is not a Leslee of any Land or Lands, or House, ballotted in the Sub-division, in which he shall be drawn, for Years or for Persons. Life or Lives, it shall be lawful for him to issue his Warrant for


bringing such Person before him, and to bind him, together with One sufficient Surety, in the Sum of Twenty Pounds, for his Appearance at the next Sub-divisional Meeting, and from Meeting to Meeting, until he shall be discharged or enrolled ; and if he shall refuse to be so bound, or shall negleet to find such Surety, fuch Justice is hereby required to order ihe Clerk of the Sub.divifion to enrol his Name, and he shall be delivered over without Delay to the proper Officer of the Militia, to serve for such Term as a Man drawn by Ballot shall be bound to serve: Provider always, that nothing herein contained shall extend to prevent any fuch Person from having or taking the Benefit of any Exemption or Appeal to which he may

by Law be entitled. Oath of ballotted CIII. And be it further ena&ed, That every Pcrfon so chosen by Militia Man, Ballot who shall so appear at such Meeting, and shall not be excusea

or provide a Substitute, fhall there take the following Oath ; that
is to say,
I A. B. do folemnly promise and swear, That I will be faithful and

bear true Allegiance to His Majesty King George ; and I do swear,
• that I will faithfülly serve in the Militia of Ireland in the
• Regiment [or Battalion] during the Term of Five Years, unless I
• shall be sooner discharged.'
And that every Substitute and every Volunteer, and every Man who
shall be raised by any Parish Assessment in Manner directed by this
Act, who shall so appear at fuch Meeting, or who may be at any
Time enlifted to serve in such Milicia, Mall take the following Oath;

that is to say, Oath of I A.B. do solemnly promise and swear, That I will be faithsul Substitute or and bear true Allegiance to His Majesty King George, and I Volunteer. • do swear, that I will faithfully serve in the Militia of Ireland, in

Regiment (or Battalion) during the Term of • Five Years; and also for such further Time as the said Regiment • [or Battalion) shall remain embodied for Service, if at the Expira. • tion of Five Years the faid Regiment (or Battalion) shall be so • embodied, unk ss I shall be sooner discharged.' And every such Person Thail be enrolled in a Roll to be then and there prepared for that Purpose, to serve in the Militia of the said County or City as a Militia Man accordingly; and that in the Certi. ficate of such Attestation the Day of the Month when such Oath was administered shall be specified in Words, and not in Figures, and that if any such Attestation shall be antedated, the Person knowingly antedating the fame thall, if an Officer, be calhiered, and if a Magiftrate or Deputy Governor shall became liable to and incur the Pevalty

of Fifty Pounds on Conviction thereof. Providing

CIV. Provided always, and be it further enacted, That if any Substitutes, Person so chofen by Ballot shall procure and produce for his Substitute who shall take a Man able and fit for Service, and who shall be approved of by the the Oath before said Governor or Governors, or Deputy Governors, or any Three or required.

more of them, such Subftitute fo produced and approved shall be enrolled to serve in the Militia of such County or City as a private Miltia Man for the Space of Five Years, and also for such further Time as the Militia shall remain embodied, if at the Expiration of the said Term of Five Years, the Regiment or Battalion to which


o the

approved by

such Man shall belong shall be on Service out of such County or City, and such Subtitute Thall take the Oath herein-before appointed to be taken by a Substitute or Volunteer ; and any person so chosen by Ballot for whom such Subtitute Mall have been so produced, en. rolled, and sworn as aforesaid, shall be exempted from Service in the Militia, in the same Manner as if he himself had served according to the Directions of this Act : Provided that no Person who shall be Men inrolled hereafter enrolled in the said Militia, whether as a ballotted Man or thall not be Substitute or Volunteer, shall be deemed to be fully approved of, fo deemed Militia as to exonerate the Person or Persons, District or Distries bound to provide such Man, or to entitle such Man to receive the Second In the Colonel, &c ftalment of his Bounty if a Volunteer, unleís and until such Appro- and Surgeons, bation shall be exprefled by the Commanding Officer of the Regiment or Battalion, or some proper Officer by him appointed ; and also by some Person or persons duly appointed or authorized by or under the Army Medical Board to hold a medical Inspection on such Person,

CV. Provided also, and be it enacted, That when it shall appear to Discharging of the Governor or Governors, and Deputy Governors, or any of them, Persons who shall be assembled and competent to prelide at any sub-division infirm, &e. Meeting, that any Person chosen by Ballot to serve in the Militia is


ballotted, unable by any lofirmity, or rot being of the Heighth of Five Feet Two Inches, or is otherwise unfit for Service, it shall be lawful for the Governor or Governors, or Deputy Governors so assembled, and they are hereby required to discharge such Person, and immediately to amend the Lift for the Place for which such Person shall have been ballotted, by Itriking his Name out of the same, and cause another Person to be chosen in his Stead by Ballot, according to the Directions of this Act.

CVI. · And for the ascertaining what Numbers may be actually • serving for any particular Parish or Place in Cafes where a Ballot is ' to be held for filling up Vacancies, or in any other Cales ;' Be it enacted, That every commanding Officer of a Regiment or Bat- Returns to talion of Militia hall

, within Seven Days after the First Day of Clerks of Peace Odober in each and every Year, and as often as be shall be required Officer of the so to do by the Governors or Deputy Governors at any General State of the Meeting, fend to the Clerk of the General Meeting of the County or Regiment: County of a City, to which his Regiment or Battalion belongs, a full and accurate Account of the Names of all Non.commifioned Officers, Drummers, and Privates, serving at the Time in his Regiment or Battalion, specifying the several Parishes or Places for which each Man serves, or is sei down to serve, as far as it has come to his Knowledge; which Lift shall, by the Clerk of the General Meetings, be filed and prelerved for the Use of the Governor or Deputy Governors.

CVII. And be it further enacted, That the Persons who shall How Men Ilalt preside at any General or other Mecting which shall be held by virtue be set down to of this Aa,

for the Purpose of apportioning the Militia, ihall set Credit of each down to the Credit of each Parish or Place ail such Men in the said Ballot, &c. Account, as by such Account or by other sufficient Documents shall appear to be serving for the same; and that the remaining Men shall be divided by Lot among the several Parishes and Piaces aforesaid, within the County, or County of a City or Town, in Manner following; that is to say, the Person presiding at fuch Meeting fall



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