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the Time they shall continue in a&tual Service, the Colonel thereof Thall and may appoint an Agent to such Regiment or Battalion, and shall take Security from such Agent.

LIX. And be it further enacted, That when the Militia of any Collector of Courty shall be ordered out into actual Service, the Collector of Excise hall

pay His Majesty's Excise of such County or Place shall

, and he is hereby Colonel of any required forth with to pay to the Order of the Colonel of the Regi. Reziment ment or Battalion of Militia so ordered out, the Sum of One Guinea ordered into for the Use of every private Militia Man belongir.g to his Regiment or actual Service, Battalion ; and the said Colle&tor shall also pay to the Order of such One Guinea Colonel tlie Sum of One Guinea for cvery Recruit, as early as may Neceliarics, 10 he after such Recruit fhall have joined his Compaay while out in aqual le accounted for. Service as aforeta:d (all which Monev so paid by such Collectors shall be allowed them in their Accounts); and al Money fo received, or fo much thereof as luch Colonel shall think proper, shall be iaid out in the Manner he stall think most advantageous for the respective Mifitia Men; and before any Militia Man shall receive his Discharge, an Account shall be rendered to such Milicia Maa how the said Sum of One Guinea hath been applied and disposed of, and the Remainder of the said Monev, if any, shall be paid to such Militia Man.

LX. And be it further enaeed, That when the said Militia, or Disembodying any Part thereof, having been drawn out into a&tual Service as afore. Militia. faid, shall be again duly disembodied, and the Officers and Private Men thereof dismissed to return to their several Places of Abode, the Officers, Non-commissioned Officers, Drummers and Private Men, thall be subject to the fame Orders, Directions, and Engagements only, as they were subje&t to under the Provisions of this Aa, before they were so drawn out into actual Service, except as bercin-after mentioned.

LXI. And be it further enacted, That every Perfor having served Militia Men in the Militia, when drawn out into actual Service, being a married having served -Man, may fet up and exercise any Trade in any Town or Place in max exercise

Ireland, without any Let, Suit or Molestation, of or from any Person
or Persons whatsoever, for or by reason of exercising or uting such
Trade, as freely and with the same Provifion, and under the same
Regulations, as any Inhabitants of such Piaces might or could do.

LXII. Provided always, and he it enacted, That any Officer or Leave of Absence
Non-commissioned Officer of the Militia, or private Militia Man, having to vote at
Voice or Voce át any Election to be beld'in Ireland for any Member Elections of
or Members to serve in Parliament shall, if he or they shall require,

Members of

Parliament have Leave for a reasonable Time, to be expressed in such Leave, to go to, and return from such Elegion ; and no such Officer, Noncommissioned Officer, or Private shall be liable to any Penalty or Punishment for or on account of his Absence during the Time expressed in such Leave.

LXIII. And be it further enacted, That in case any Officer, Ser- Militia Men fall jeant' or other Perlon, hall at any Time wilfrilly and knowing y nue enlift into enlik any Man to serve in His Majesty's Regular l'orces, who at the Regular Forces Time of such enlilling shall be enrolled, or ballotted. or engaged to (except un:ler serve in the Militia, except under the Provisions of any Act in force special Acts.) at the Time of such enlining, and especially authorizing fuch enlilling into His Majesty's Regular Forces, every luch enlifting shall be deemed null and void; and in case any Militia Man. at the Time of offering enlift as aforesaid, thall deny to th:, Serjeant, or


other Person recruiting for Men to enlist and serve in His Majesty's other Forces, that he is (at the Time of his offcring to enlift) a Milicia Man then actually enrolled and engaged to serve (which the said Officer, Serjeant, or other Person is hereby required to ask every

Man offering to enlist in His Majesty's other Forces) or shall offer Petialty on himself to be enlifted and serve in any other Regiment or Battalion of Men enlifting, Militia, any Militia Man so offending thall, on Conviction thereof Six Nonths

upon the Oath of One Witness before any One Juftice of the Peace, Einprisonment,

be committed to the Common Gaol or House of Correction, there to &c.

remain without Bail or Mainprize for and during any Time not ex. ceeding Six Calendar Months, over' and above any Penalty or Punishment to which such Person so offendirg is or shall be otherwise liable; and every person so offending Mall, from the Day on which his Engagement to serve in the Militia shall end, and no sooner, belong as a Soldier to such Corps of His Majesty's other Forces into which he shall have so enlisted, to serve therein from such Day for the full Period of Service for which he shall have originally engaged, and which Service shall commence upon the Day on which he may be dis.

charged from the Militia, and not before : and if any Officer, Ser. Penalty on

jeant, or other person thall enlift any Man belonging to the Mi. Serjeants en litia, 19 ferve in His Majesty's Forces, knowing him to belong to lifting Militia

the Militia, or without asking him if he belongs to the Militia (except Men, 2ol.

urder the special Provilions of any such Act in force as aforesaid) every fuch Officer, Serjeant, or other person, shall for every such

Offence forfeit and pay the Sum of Twenty Pounds; and if any Penalty on Person actually serving in any of His M-jelty's other Forces fall Soldier offering offer himself to serve, and be enrolled as a Substitute in the Militia, himself as a

every Perfın so offending shall forfeit and piy to the Person informing Militia Man, 10!. of such Offence, the Sum of Ten Pouods, or be committed to the

Common Gaol or House of Correction for any Time not exceeding

Three Months. Militia shall not

LXIV. And be it enacted, That neither the Whole nor any Part ferve out of

of the Militia of Ireland, Mall on any Account be carried or ordered Ireland, unless to go cut of Ireland, unless by and with the Defire and Consent of liv their own

each and every Officer, Non commissioned Officer, Drummer, and Defire, as unler Private, who Mall be so carried or go, and then only within the United 44G, 8. c. 32.

Kingdom: Provided always. that sothing in this A& contained Thall repral, or be extended or construed to repeal an Ati made in the Forty-fourth Year of His Mejeity's Reign, intituled, An Aa for empowering His Majesly for a Time and to an Extent therrin limited, to accept the Services of such Parts of His Miiitia Forces in Ireland, as may voluntarily offer themselves to be employed in Great Britain, or any Act for continumg the same, o furce immediately before the palling

of this Act. Governors of

LXV. And be it enacted, That for the more effe Etually carrying Counties may

into Execucion the Purposes of this AA, it shall be lawful for the appoint Deputy Governors of the several Countirs and Counties of Cities in Ireland, Governors of or the M jority of Governors where there thall be more than One Counties.

appointed for any County or County of a City, from Time to Time to appoint so many and such Persons duly qualified as herein-after meniioned, and living within their respe&ive Counties, as he or they Shall think fit, to be Deputy Governors for every County or County of a City in Ireland, having á Regiment or Battalion of Militia ; the Names of lucli Persons baving been firit presented to, and not dis



approved of by the Lord Lieutenant or other Chief Governor or Governors of Ireland for the Time being.

LXVI. Provided always, That if the Governor or the Majority of If Governors the Governors of any County shall decline, refuse, or omit to appoint negleft, Lord and return the Names of Persons to be Deputy Governors of any

Lieutenant unay County or County of a City, that then and in such case it shall be appoint. lawtul for the Lord Lieutenant or other Chief Governor or Governors, of Ireland, for the Time being, to appoint such Persons (duly quali. fied as herein-after mentioned) as he or they shall think fit, to be Deo puły Governors for every such County or County of a City whereof the Governor or Governors, or the Majority of them, shall have de. chined, refused, or omitted to appoint Deputy Governors as aforesaid.

LXVII. And be it enacted, That there shall be Twenty Deputy Twenty Deputy Governors at the least within every County, if so many can be found Gevernors ia qualified as herein.after directed, but if such Number of proper and each County, &c. discreei Persons so qualified cannot be found within any such County, then as many such Persons qualified as can be found within such County shall be appointed to be Deputy Governors for the Purposes of this Act; and no Commission of any Deputy Governor shall be va. cated by reafon of the Vacation, Expiration, or Discontinuance of the Commission or Authority of the Person or Persons by whom any such Deputy Governor has been or may be appointed.

LXVIII. And be it further enacted, That it shall and may be removal of Jawlul for His Majesty, his Heirs and Succellors, or for the Lord Deputy Lieutenant or other Chief Governor or Governors of Ireland for the Governors. Tiine being, from Time to Time as he or th:y shall think fit, to figo nify his or their Pleasure to the Governor or Governors of any County or County of a City, to displace all or any Deputy Governor or Deputy Governors thereof, and upon such Signification of his or their Pleasure, such Deputy Governor or Deputy Governors shall be displaced accordingly.

LXIX. And be it further enacted, That all Persons being ap- Qualifications pointed Deputy Governors in pursuance of this Act, except within of Deputy Counties of Cities, shall be qualified as follows; that is to say, Governors. every Person fo to be appointed a Diputy Governor, shall be seised or poffcffed, either in law or Equiry, for his own Use and Benefit, in Pollision of a Real or Freehold Eate, for his own Life, or for the Lite of his Wife, she having a Real or Freehold Eftate for her Life, or for some greater Term, or shall be posterici of a Term of Years, whereot Fourteen Years thall be unexpired, in Manors, Mel. fuages, Land:, Tenements, or Herediraments in Ireland, of the yearly Value of Two hundred Pounds, or fhall be Heir Apparent of fome Person who fall in like Manner be seised or poffeffed of a like Etate as atoresa'd, of the yearly Value of Four hundred Pounds : Provided always, that the Qualification of every D puty Governor Mhall be fituated within the County whereof he shall be appointed Deputy Guvernur.

Lxx. And be it further enacted, That with respect to the Chief Magifiraung Counties of the Cities of Dublin, Cork, and Limerick, and the County of Dublin, Cork, of the Town of Drogheila, the Chief Magiltrate of each of the said or Linerick, and Cities and Town respectively for the Time being, and the Colonels of Drogtreda, thall the Militia of the said Counties of Cities, and of the County of Louth, be Govervors. thall be Governors of the faid Cities and Town, and of the Precincts and Liberties there f respectively, for the Purposes of this Act, and

Thall respectively have all the Powers and Authorities hereby given to
Governors of Counties, and all Powers and Provisions made by this
Act with respect to Counties at large, and the Militia thereof, and
the registering herein directed of the Qualifications of the Deputy
Governors, shall take place and be in force with respect to the said
Cities, and the Militia thereof, and the regiftering of such Qualifi.

cations; and the respective Value of such Qualifications shall be as Qualifications followa, that is to say ; every Deputy Governor shall be seised or pol. of Deputy

sessed, either in Law or Equity, for his own Use and Benefit, in PolGovernors there. session of a Real or Freehold 'Eflate for his own Life or for the Life

of his Wife, she having a Real or Freehold Estate for her Life, or for some greater Term, or shall be possessed of a Term of Years whereof Fourteen shall be unexpired, of the yearly Value of One hundred and fifty Pounds at the least, or shall be possessed of a Personal Etate alone, or feised and possessed of a Real and Personal Eltate to.

gether, of the Value of Three thousand Pounds. Deputy

LXXI. And be it further enacted, That no Person shall hereafter Governors shall be appointed to be a Deputy Governor of any. County or City, until deliver their

he Thail have delivered in to the Clerk of the Peace of the County or Qualifications to Clerks of the City for which he shall be appointed, or, in the Absence of the Clerk Peace.

of the Peace, to his Deputy, a specific Description in Writing, figned by himself, of his Qualification, stating the County or Counties, Parish or Parishes, in which the Estate or Eltates which form his Qualification is or are fituate, with the Denominations of the Land; and the Clerk of the Peace or his Deputy shall transmit to the Cuftos Rotulorum, or Senior Governor of the County, or Chief Magiftrate of

the City, a Copy of such Description. Clerks of Peace LXXII. And be it further enacted, That the Clerk of the Peace shall register of every such County or City shall and is hereby required, from Time Qualifications, to Time, to enter the Qualifications transmitted to him according to &c.

the Directions of this Ad, upon a Roll to 6: provided and kept for that Purpose ; and the said Clerk of the Peace or his Deputy Thail, in the Month of January in every Year, transmit to the Secretary of the Lord Lieucenant, or other Chief Governor or Governors for the Time being, a complete Account of the Qualifications so left with him; and such Secretary receiving fuch Accounts, shall cause

Copies thereof to be annually laid before boch Houses of Parliament; Oaths of Deputy and every Deputy Governor shall, at some Quarter Sellions of the Governors.

Peace, or in One of His Majeity's C: urts of Record at Dublin, within Three Months from and after the Date of his Commission, take such Oaths or Oath, and make and sign fuch Declaration or Declarations as is or shall be required to be taken, made, and figned, by

any Officer of His Maj-fty's Forces in Ireland. Penalty on LXXIII. And be it further enacted, That if any person shall exeDeputy cute any of the Powers hereby directed to be executed by Deputy Governors

Governors, not being qualified as aforesaid, or not, having delivered acting without in such specific Desc-iption of his Qualifications as is hereis-before re.

quired, save in the Cases herein-after particularly mentioned, or not having taken the said Oaths and made the said Declarations within the Time herein directed for those Purposes, every such Person shall forfeit and pay the Sum of Two hundred Pounds, one Moiety whereof Thall

go to the Use of the Person or Persons who shall sue for the same; and in every Action, Suit or Information, brought againft any Person for acting as Deputy Governor, not being qualified as

herein before directed, the Proof of his Qualification shall be upon the Person against whom the same is broughc: Provided always, that Provilo for Peers nothing in this Ad contained, shall restrain or prevent any Peer of and their Heirs. this R-alm, or Heir Apparent of any such Peer, from being ap. pointed, or acting as a Deputy Governor within any Ciunty or City, wherein fuch Peer; or Heir Apparent of such Peer, shall have serge Place of Residence, although he may not have the Qualifications berein-before required, or to oblige any Peer of this Ream, or Heir Apparent of such Peer, who hail be appoincrd a Deputy Goveri or as aforesaid, to leave with the Clerk of the Peace for the County or City for which he fhall be fo appointed, any Qualifications in Writing as aforesaid.

LXXIV. And be it further enacted, That the Governor or Go. Appointment vernors of any Courity, or County of a City or Town, or the Ma- of Clerks of jority of them, thall from Time to Time' appoint a Clerk of the General General Meetings to be holden as herein.after dir cted, ard may

Meetugs. difplace fach Clerk, if luch Governor, or the Mujinity of Gover. nors, where there is or shall be more than one, thail think fit, and appoint another in his Room; and the Deputy Governors within the respe&ive Subdivisions, or the major part of ihose resident in any Subdivision, shall aiso, from Time to Time, appoint a Clerk for their

Subdivifion respeAive Subdivisions, and may displace fuch Clerk, if they or the Clerk. major part of them Mall think fit, and appoint another in his Room : Provided always, that no Clerk of the General Meetings shall be appointed to be a Clerk of any Subdivision, and that no Subdivisional Clerk fall be apported to be Crk of the General Meetings.

LXXV. And be it further enacted, That a Book shall be kept by Clerks of the Clerk of every Subdivision, in which B ook all Proceedings to be Subdivisions had under this Act or any Act relating to the said Militia, at every thall enter Subdivision Meeting, thall be duly and fully entered ; and in the Proceedings in faid Book the Nam-s of the Governors and D puty Governors pre.

Books, &c. fent at every such Subdivision Meeting respectively shall be set down and specificd, and at the Foot of every Day's Proceedings such Sub. division Clerk sha!' sign h's Name, and every Subdivision C'erk shall from Time to Time, together with the amended Lilts of Names hereinafter mentioned, transmit to the Cork of the Pace a Lift of the Names, Agrs, and Reli:lence of all such Perlons as lhali at any and every such Meeting have been excuted from serving in the said Militia, iogether with the Cause for which they were so excused; and such Subdivision Clerk hall allo orce in the Year, at least Ten Days previous ro the annual General Meeting in October, transmit to the Clerk of the General Meetings of the County, a Copy of the Proceeding, of all the Subdiviti vnal Meetings in the preceding Year, signed ind attefted as a true Copy by such Cierk of suca. Sub.divifion.

LXXVI. And be it further enacted, That the Coilet or of His Payment of such Majesty's Revenue for any County shall pay to the Cierk of the Clerks for their General Meetings the Sun of Five Puunds Tourteen Shillings and Attendance. Nine-pence for each Meeting, and thall allo pay :o the Clerks of the several Subdivision Muetings the Sum of One Pound Two Shillings and Nine-pence for each Sub-division Meeting, on such Cerk respectively producing to such Collector an Order from the Governor or Governors, Deputy Governor or Deputy Governors, prelent at such Meeting, or any Two of them; and luch Payments shall be allow.dia 49 Geo. In.



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