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until the Expiration of Three Calendar Months next after the Dat

of such Order, except in the Cases herein-after mentioned. Allowances shall IX. Provided always, and be it enacted, That the Allowances be paid Weekly. under and by virtue of this A& shall be claimed and paid weekly; and

that no Wife of any such Militia Man, nor any other Person on Be half of such Wife, or of the Family of any such Militia Man, shall be entitled to receive at any one Time more than Two Weeks Arrears of any Allowance to such Wife and Family under or by virtue of this

AA. Allowances shall X. And be it further enacted, That every such Weekly Allowance be repaid Quar- to be paid under this Ad by such Baronial Colle&or or Treasurer ærly by Collec

respectively to the Family of any Militia Man, shall be repaid Quarterly tours of Excise.

to such Baronial Collector and Treasurer refpe&tively by the Coile&tor of His Majesty's Excise for the District in which such Barony, Town, or City shall be fituate out of any publick Money in his Hands; and the Sums so paid by such Collector of Excise fhall be allowed to him in his Accounts, on such Collector of Excise producing the Receipts of such Baronial Collector or Treasurer respectively for the same, and also producing the several other Documents by this Ad required to

be kept by him. If Baronial Col

XI. Provided always, and be it ena&ed, That if such Baronial lector, &c, has not Money in

Colle&or or Treasurer shall not at the Time when any Application Hand, he shall shall be made to him to pay any Allowances under this A&, have in certify farre to his Hands fufficient Money for Payment of the same, such Collector Collector of Ex- or Treasurer shall and may and is hereby required, from Time to Time cife, who sball

as Occasion shall require, to certify the same to the Collector of the Allowances.

Excise for the Distria, and it shall thereupon be lawful for the said Collector of the Excise, and he is hereby authorized and required to remit or pay out of fuch publick Monies as may be in his Hands, to the said Baronial Colle&tor or Treasurer respectively, at least Oace in every Month, a Sum fufficient to satisfy and pay the Monthly Amount of the Sums which shall then be payable under and by virtue of the several Abstracts which shall then be in his Poffeflion under the Pro

visions of this Act. Abstract of all

XII. And be it further enacted, That every such Baronial Col. Orders shall be lector shall transmit to the Clerk of the Peace of the County, Town, transmitted by or City within which the Barony for which he is Collector shall be Coile&ior to the fituate, and the Treasurer of any Town or City shall transmit to the Cierk of the

Clerk of the Peace there, Three Days previous to each Quarter Sessions, Peace, and Or. ders may be can

an Abstract of all Orders which he shall have received as aforesaid lince celled or varied the last preceding Quarter Seffions, to be by the said Clerk of the by the Sellions. Peace laid before the Justices at such Sessions, and it shall be lawful for

the Justices there to set aside or alter any such Order of any such Justices, which upon due Inquiry in open Court upon Oath shall appear to have been fraudulently obtained, or not to be warranted by this Ad ; and in any such Case, such Justices at such Sessions shall make an order that such Baronial Collector or Treasurer Mall bring in or cause to be brought in the Order of such Justices, and deliver the fame to the Clerk of the Peace for such County, City, Town, or Place; and such Collector or Treasurer Mall within Seven Days after the Service of such Order on bim, bring in and deliver, or cause to be brought in and delivered, the said Order of such Justices accordingly, to fich Clerk of the Peace, who shall then cancel the said Order, if the same shall be wholly set aside, or if the fame shall be altered, he


thereupon pay

fhall write under the same a Copy of the Order for altering the same, and shall in that Cafe restore the same to such Baronial Collector or Treasurer, who shall proceed thereupon, and the same shall be counter. signed in the same Manner in all Respects as is herein-before direded with respect to any such Order.

XIII. Provided always, and be it enacted, That if such Baronial Baronial ColCollector or Treasurer respectively shall have Reason to believe or shall lector thall stop receive Notice from the Collector of Excise of the District, that he has Allowance in Reason to believe that by the Death of any of the Family of

case of Death, Militia any

&c. Man, or by any other Circumitance, the Allowance to such Family ought to be stopped or lessened in Amount, then and in either of such Cases it shall be lawful for such Baronial Collector or Treasurer, and he is hereby required to stop or lessen fuch Allowance accordingly, until Two Juitices of the Peace shall direct him otherwise by Writing under their Hands and Seals.

XIV. Provided allo, and be it further enacted, That no Allowance Allowance shall shall be ordered or paid under this Act to the Wife or Family of any continue only Person serving in the Militia for any longer Period than such Person during the Ser

vice of Militia shall continue to serve and remain embodied in actual Service ; nor in

Man. any Case in which the Wife, in respect of or by whom any such Relief is demanded, shall follow the Regiment, Battalion, or Corps in which her Husband shall serve.

XV. And, in order to prevent Frauds in any of the Matters afore. Adjutant shall said, be it enacted, That the Adjutant of every Regiment or Battalion re ilter Certiof Militia shall keep a Register of all Certificates which hall from Time ficates. to Time be granted by the Colonel or other Commaading Officer as aforesaid.

XVI. And be it further enacted, That every Serjeant, Corporal, Militia Men Drummer, and Private, to who.n such Certificate shall have been given, thall make fhail on some Day between the Seventeenth and Twenty-fourth Day Monthly Re

turns to Adjuof every Month, deliver or cause to be delivered to the Adjutant of

tants as to the his Regiment, or to the Person aaing as fuch, a Return in Writing State of their subscribed by himself either with his Name or Mark, and stating whe. Families, ther, since the obtaining such Certificate or since his last Retura, any, and if any, then how many, and which of bis Family, and of what Age: respectively, have or hath died, or have or hath received or become entitled to any and what Maintenance, Provision, or Property, and to what Amount, and whether his Wife, if he be married, follows the Regiment; and every Change that shall take place in any of the said Respects in the Family of any such Militia Man shall be noted by such Adjutant in his Register aforesaid, according to such Return, or according to the Truth, if the same shall have come to his Knowledge by any other Means.

XVII. And be it further enacted, That the Adjutant of every Adjutant fhall Regiment, Battalion, or Corps of the said Militia, shall within Seven make Montilly Days after the Twenty-fourth Day of every Month during the Time Returns to Colthe Militia to wbich he shall belong shall remain embodied or in actual lector of Excisc, Service, make a Return to each and every Collector of Excise within Vacancies, &c. whose District the Family of any Militia Man in his Regiment entitled to any of the said Allowances shall relide, and thall in every such Return set forth a particular List of such Promotions and Vacancies, and of such Deaths, Desertions, and other Casualties, if any, as may have occurred among such of the Militia Men of the said Regiment as shall



49 Geo. lii.

have declared their families to be resident within the Distriat of the Coilector to whom such Return is so made, and of ali such Alterations as may have taken place in the Family of any of them in Manner herein-before mentioned ; and if no such Promotion, Vacancy, Death, Desertion, Casualty, or Alteration shall have happened, then such Ad.

jutant shall by such Return certify to that Effeét. Collector of Ex XVIII. And be it enacted, That every such Collector of Excise cife shall acknowe shall immediately on the Receipt of any such Return, transmit to Jedge and note

every such Adjutant a written Acknowledgment of the Receipt the Adjutant's Returns, and

thereof, specifyins the Dute thereof, and shull forthwith enter at the tranfuit' them to Foot of each Abstract fo filed by him as aforesaid, all new Matters the Baronial respectively which shall be noted in such Return as aforesaid, and thall Collector, &c. thereup n lign the said Return, and send or deliver the same to the


Baronial Collector or Treasurer as aforesaid, who shall also enter the said Matters at the Foot of the Orders made by Jutlices of Peace so kept by hiin refp:ctively, and shall then sign the laid Return, and return the same to the said Collector of Excise, who Thail file the

same together with the Abftracts aforesaid. In Default of

XIX. And be it enacted. That from and after the First Day of receiving Month

every Month no Payment shall be made by any such Baronial Cuileéior by Retuins and Quarterly Orders or Treasurer to the Family of any Militia Man until such R-turn as of Juutices, ihe afort said for the preceding Month shall have been so received from the Allowance. Mull Adjutant of the Regiment to which such Muntia Man shall belong, de stopped. or the Person acting as such, and so fent or delivered to such Baronial

Collector or Treasurer as aforesaid ; and that from and after the End of every Three Calendar Months from the Date of any Order of Two Justices as aforesaid, no Payment shall be made by any such Baronial Collector or Treasurer to the Family of any Militia Man until a new Order of Two Juftices of the Peace shall have been received by

such Baronial Collector or Treasurer in Manner aforesaid. Allowance shall XX. And be it further enacted, That when any such Entry shall bor paid recording be duly made at the Foot of any such Order or Abtract, or any to Returns.

Alteration shall be made in any fiich Order, then and from thence. forth such weekly Sum, and no other, fhall be paid and payable to the Family therein mentioned, as would have been payable to the said Family by the Provisions of this Act if an Order for Payment had been made and given by Two Justices, according to the Circumstances of

such Family at the Time if making such Entry or Alteration. Certificates and XXI. Provided always, and he it enacted, That ali Certificates Ordie ouder

granted under the faid recited Acts of the Forty-third and Forts• former Ats,

fourth Years of His Majelty's Reign, and all Orders made by any eceted on as if Justices thereon in Manner provided by the said Ads or either of them, made under this Thall stard and be good valid, and effectual af if inace under this AA ; At

and that the several Baronial Collectors and Treasurers with whom the faid Certificates and Orders hall have been depofited, or who now have the Custody thereof respectively, fhall immediately after the Commencement of this Ad send the same, together with Abåtracts thereof, to the Collectors of Excise of their respective Distries in Manner hersin-before mentioned, and as if the fame bad been granted and made under this Act; and all further and subsequent Proceedings shall be taken thereon, and all Sums which shall afterwards become due thereunder shall be paid in the same Manner in all R-spects and subject to all the fame Reitrictions, Conditions, Rules, Regulations,


fhall be pro

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and Provisions as are herein contained, in the same Manner in all Re. sveets as if the same had been granted and made respectively under this Ad and not otherwise.

XXII. And be it further enacted, That in order to recompense Grand Juries the said Baror:ial Collectors, Treasurers of Counties or Citics, for the shall make PreTrouble and 'Expence which they may severally incur by virtue of this fentments for AA, it shall be lawful for the Grand Jury of each County, Town, or

Collectors' City, at each Alizes, and for the Grand Juries of the County of

Trouble. Dublin, and County of the City of Dublin, at each Presenting Term, to present any Sums they shall think reasonable to be raised off the County at large, to be applied and paid as such Grand Juries shall dired, to the said respective Collectors and Treasurers, over and above all Sums or Allowances to which they or any of them are or may be entitled by virtue of any other Law or Laws then in force, as a Reward for their Trouble and Expence in carrying the Provisions of this Act into Execution : Provided always, that such Grand Jury shall be satisfied by the Oaths of such Collectors and Treasurers respectively, or otherwise, that such Collectors and Treasurers bave duly paid the several Allowances to the Families of Militia Men, in Manner directed by this Act.

XXIII. And be it further enacted, That if any Collector of a Ba- Penalty on ronial Cess, Treasurer, Clerk of the Peace, Officer of the Peace, or Officers for Collector of Excise, shall wilfully neglect or refuse to carry the Pro. Neglect, sold vilions of this Ad or any of them into Execution, and shall be thereof convicted by Presentment or Indictment at the Allizes, or, if in the County or City of Dublin, in the Court of King's Bench, every such Person so offending shall be fined, at the Discretion of the Court, any Sum not exceeding Fifty Pounds.

XXIV. And be it further enacted, That if any Collector of the Penalty on BaBaronial Cess, or Treasurer of a County or Cty, th-li on Demand ronial Collector, duly made, refuse or neglect to pay and satisfy any Sum or Sums of &c. not paying Money then payable to the Family of any Militia Man by virtue of Allowauces, sle this A&, every such Collector or Treasurer fo refusing or neglecting to make such Payment, shali for every such Neglect forfeit the Sum of Five Pounds, to be recovered upon Conviction of the said Offender before any Juftice of the Peace for the County, City, or Place, where the Offence Diall be committed; which said Justice is hereby authorized and required, upon Information exhibited, or Coinplaint made by the Party aggrieved in that Behalf, to summon the Party accused, and to examine into the Matter of Fact, and upon Proof thereof, on the Oath of one Witness, not being the Party entitled to receive such Sum or Sum3 of Money, to give Judgment for such Penalty, to be levied by Distress and Sale of the Offender's Goods and Chattels, in case the same shall not be forth with paid. by Warrant under the Hand ard Seal of such Justice, caufing the Overplus (if any), after dedu&ting the Charges of such Distress and Saie, to be rendered to the Party, and the Penalty fo adjudged shall be paid to the Use of the Party so aggrieved as aforesaid.

XXV. And be it enacted, That every such Conviction shall be in Form of Conthe Form here following, or in some other Form of Words of the same viction for such Import; (that is to say);

Ofence. BE it remembered, That A. B. Collector of Cess in the Barony of in the County of

[or Treasurer of the County of the Town of

er County of the City

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Day of

Day of


as the Case may be] is convicted before me C. D. • one of the Justices of the Peace for the laid County, of no: having • paid the Weekiv Allowance due on the

Day of • laft pat, to the Family of

a Serjeant, (Corporal, • Drummer, or Private, as the Cafe may be] actually serving in the • Regiment of Militia, although the same was duly demanded of him o on the

la pat. Witness iny Hand (and Seal this

in the Year And every such Conviction on the said or any other form of the same Import shall be good and sufficient in Law. “ A&t may be altered this Session. § 26. Commercement of A& “ One Month after paffing. $ 27.

CAP. LXXXVII. An A2 for defraying the Charge of the Pay and Clothing of the Militia and Local Militia in Great Britain for the Year

One thousand eight hundred and nine. [10th June 1809.] :W

HEREAS it is necessary that Provision should be made for

defraying the Charge of the Pay and Clothing of the Regular • Militia (when disembodied) and Local Militia in Great Britain, for • One Year from the Twenty-fifth Day of December One thousand • eight hundred and eight;' Be it therefore enacted by the King's moft Excellent Majesty, by and with the Advice and Consent of the

Lords Spiritual and Temporal, and Commons, in this present ParliaSerretary at War ment assembled, and by the Authority of the same, That in every fall iflue the County, Riding, or Place in England, and in every County, Stewartiy, Sam neceffary City, or Place in Scotland, where the Regular Militia or Local Militia for the Pay of the Regular and

is or shall be raised, the Secretary at War for the Time being is hereby Local Militia,

authorized and empowered, and required to cause to be issued and paid aceurdag to the the whole Sum required for the Regular Militia (when disembodied) hates burrin

and Local Militia respectively, in the Manner and for the several Uses ventioned herein-after mentioned ; (that is to say), for the Psy of the said Regular

Militia or Local Militia at the Rate of Eight Srillings a Day for each Adjutant, where an Adjutant is appointed; and at the Rate of Five Shiilings a Day for each Quarter Master, where a Quarter-Mafter is appointed ; and at the Rate of One Shilling and Sixpence a Day for each Serjeant resident at the Head Quarters of the Regiment, Bat. talion, or Corps, with the Addition of Two Shillings and Sixpence a Week for each Serjeant Major, where a Serjeant-Major is appointed ; and at the Rate of One Shilling and Two-pence a Day for each Corporal so relident as afuresaid ; and at the Rate of One Shilling a Day for each Drummer so refident as aforesaid, with the Addition of Sixpence a Day for each Drum-Major, where a Drum- Major is appointed; and also at the Rate ot Four-pence per Man for each Private Man and Drummer, for defraying the contingent Expences of each Regiment, Battalion, or Corps; and also for the Clothing of the Regular Militia (when disembodied) ur Local Militia for such County, Riding, Štewartry, City, or Place, at the Rate of Four Pounds Ten Shillings for each Serjeant-Major, Two Pounds for each Corporal, Four Pounds One Shilling and Nine-pence for each Drum-Major, Three Pounds One Shilling and Nine-pence for each Drummer, and One Pound Nineteen Shillings and Sixpence for each Private Man; and that


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