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faid : Provided always, that an Affidavit of the Printer stating his Charge to be usual and reasonable, be first laid before the Grand Juries, and that no such Presentment for the printing of such Copies shall be made, unless they are ready for Delivery at the Secretary's Office Three clear Days before each Affizes a3 aforesaid.

XXIX. And be it further enacted, That the Clerk of the Crown Presentments for every County, County of a City, and County of a Town in Ire. and Quere Books land, fall within Twenty-one Days after every Affizes or Presenting after each

Term, deliver to the Treasurer of such County, County of a City, or Alfizes.
County of a Town (in addition to the Copies of the Presentments
which he is by the said recited AA of the Thirty-fixth Year aforesaid
required to deliver) an accurate Copy, figned by himself, of the Queries
which remained unaccounted for at such Aflizes; and fucb Treasurer
or Grand Jury Secretary, or Chief Clerk, as the Grand Jury fall
think fit, shall forthwith after the Receipt thereof, cause a Number
of Copies of such prefentments and such Quere Book to be printed
and distributed to the Magiftrates and principal Overseers, not exceed.
ing Twenty-five for each Barony or Half Barony, and not exceeding
Twenty-five for each County of a City or County of a Town; and the
Grand Juries of fuch Counties, Counties of Ciries, and Counties of
Towns, shall at the Aflizes or Presenting Term next following, pre-
fent to be levied off the County, County of a City, or County of a
Town, such Sum as shall be necessary for defraying the Expence of
printing and diftributing such Copies: Provided always, that an
Affidavit of the Printer, tating his Charge to be usual and reasonable,
be first laid before such Grand Jury; and that no such Presentment
for the printing and diftributing of such Copies as aforesaid shall be
made unless the printed Copies of such preceding Presentments and
Queries shall have been printed and diftributed within Six Weeks
atter such preceding Aflizes or Presenting Term.

XXX. • And, for the Safety and Convenience of Passengers and • Travellers upon the Publick and other Roads, and in the Streets • of Towns in Ireland,' Be it enacted, That from and after the Firft Drivers, Day of January in the Year One thousand eight hundred and ten, Passengers and all Drivers of Waggons, Carts, Cars, Coaches, Chariots, Curricles, Travellers of all Gigs, Chairs, and of every Kind and Species of Carriages, and all thall take the Persons riding on Horseback, or driving any Animals, either with or Left-hand Side without Burdens, on any Road, or in the Street of any City or of the Road, in Town in Ireland, shall be obliged and they are hereby required to keep all Cascs as heroia their Left Hand Side of the Road or Street in going and coming or

specified. travelling thereon, and shall leave the other Side free to all other Drivers of such Carriages or Animals, or such Travellers; and all Drivers of Carriages or Animals, and Travellers of every Description, who shall have Occalion to pass by the Drivers of other Carriages or Animals, or Travellers of any Description, going in the same Direction, shall in all Cases where it is practicable, take and go on the Right Hand of the Driver or Traveller by whom they shall so have Occasion to pass ; and if any Person shall wilfully

refuse or neglect to drive and pass in Offender may he Manner and according to the Regulations aforesaid, it shall and may apprehended and be lawful for any Magiftrate, Constable, Conservator, or Turnpiké ihall forfeit 108. keeper to stop and detain such Offender, and the Carriage and Horse &c. or Horses or other Beast on or with which such Offender shall be, and forth with to carry or convey such Offender before any Justice of the Peace for the County, County of a City, or County of a Town where


ļuch Offence shall be committed, or for any person whatsoever to lodge an Information against such Offender before such Magiftrate, and upon his being convicted thereof upon the Oath of One credible Witness, every such Person so offending shall forfeit and pay any Sum not exceeding Ten Shillings, to be levied by Distress and Sale of the Goods and Chattels of such Offender, or by Diftress and Sale of the Carriage or Horse or Horses or other Bcafts, and the Goods therein or thereon where with such Offender shall have been travelling at the Time of such Offence, such Diftress to be made by Warrant under the Hand and S-al of such Juftice, rendering the Overplus (if any) after de.

ducting the said Fine and the Expences of such Diltress and Sale to Halfto the Informer and

the Owners or Owner on Demand; One Half of the Amourt of the Half to

Penalties so levied to be paid to the Informer, and the remaining Half Parohial to the Minister or Curate of the Parish in which such Offence fail be Charity.

committed for the Use of the Poor of fuch Parish ; and if Distress fufficient for such Penalty or Penalties shall not have been seized or found, it Thail and may be lawful for such Justice, and he is hereby empowered and required to commit such Offender so convicted to the Common Gavt, without Bail or Mainprize, for any Time not exceeding One Calendar Month, unless such Offender shall sooner pay and satisfy the laid Penalty or Penalties; and every Perfon offending as aforesaid shall likewise be liable to pay and satisfy all Damages which fhall happen in consequence of any such Neglect or Default as aforesaid.

XXXI. • And, for the procuring Returns to be made annually to

• Parliament of ail Preseniments made by Grand Jurics in Ireland,' Copies of all

Bait enacted, That the Treasurer of every County, County of a City, Prefestments and County of a Town or Place in Ireland, shall on or before the fhall be yearly Twenty-fifth Day of December in each and every Year, caule a true forwarded by Copy, signed by himself, of alt Presentments which fhall have been Treasurer to the Chief Secretary

made by the Grand Jury, and fiated by the Court at any Assizes of of Lord

Presenting Term in iuch Year on the County, County of a City or Lieutenant, to

Town or Place whereof he is Treasurer, to be forwarded to the proper be laid before Officer in His Majelly's Caftle of Dublin, 1o be from thence transmitied Parliament.

fo loon as may be to be laid before Parliament; and in case any Treasurer of any County, County of a City, or a Town or Place in Ireland, fhall neglect to make such Return as aforesaid, he shall forfeit his Office, and be for ever after incapable of acting as Treasurer of any

County, County of a City, or County of a Town or Place in Ireland, A& Mall not XXXII. And be it further enacted, That nothing in this Act shall extend to Dublin extend or be construed to extend to the County of Dublis ; except so County, except far as relates to the obliging of Trustees, Overseers, Commissioners or $ $ 14.31.

Directors of Turnpike Roads to crect Mile Stones, Mile Pofts and Finger Pofts, and except so far as relates to the Treasurer making Re. turns to Parliament annually of all Presentments made and fiated by the Court ; any Tbing in the said Act contained to the contrary notwithstanding.

XXXIII. And be it further enacted, That all the Powers, Pro. Provisions of recited Act

vifions. Rules and Regulations of the said recited Act of the 'l hirty36 G. 3. 4. 55. fixth Year aforesaid, shall be extended to this present Alt; and that extended to this tbis Act and the said recited Aft, so far as the said recited Act is not Act. § 233.

r«pealed or altered by this Act, or by any other Ad or Acts in force in Ireland, shall be conftrued together as one Act, to all intents and Purposes.

Commencement XXXIV. And be it further enacted, That this Act shall take Effect from and after the Firft Day of January in the Year One thousand of the Acte eight hundred and ten, and not at any earlier Period; any Thing in the faid Act contained to the contrary not withitanding.

An Act for defraying, until the Twenty-fifth Day of March

One thousand eight hundred and ten, the Charge of the Pay
and Cloathing of the Militia of Ireland; for holding Courts
Martial on Serjeant Majors, Serjeants, Corporals, and Drum-
mers, for Offences committed during the Time fuch Militia
shall not be embodied; and for making Allowances in cer-
tain Cases to Subaltern Officers of the said Militia during

[10th June 1809.] [See 43 G. 3. c. 88. to which this Aa is similar, mutatis mutandis.]


An Act to make Provision, in certain Cafes, for the Wives and

Families of ballotted Men, Substitutes, and Volunteers, serv-
ing in the Militia of Ireland.

[10th June 1809.] :

HEREAS it is expedient to make some Provifion for the

Families of Serjeants, Corporals, Drummers, and Privates « ferving in the Militia of Ireland, when called out into actual Service ;

and the Laws at present in force are insufficient for the Purpose;' Be it therefore enacted by the King's moft Excellent Majesty, by and with the Advice and Consent of the Lords Spiritual and Temporal, and Commons, in this present Parliament assembled, and by the Au. thority of the same, That from and after the Commencement of this present Act, an Ac made in the Forty-third Year of His present 43 G. 3. c. 142. Majesty's Reign, intituled, An Ad to make Provison in certain Cafes . 44 G. 3. c.34. for the Wives and Families of Militia Men, Subflitutes, and Volunteers, repealed, excepe Jerving in the Militia of Ireland ; and also an A& made in the Forty- under them. fourth Year of His present Majesty's Reign, to amend the said recited Act of the Forty.third Year, shall be and the same are hereby repealed, save so far as the same or either of them repeal or repeals any former A&t of Parliament, or any Charge, Matter, or Thing therein; and also save as to the Payment and Allowance on account of any Sum or Sums of Money wbich shall have become due before the said Time under or by virtue of the said Acts or either of them, and the obtain. ing the proper and necessary Voucher for receiving or vouching any fuch Payment; and also save as to any Offence which shall or may before that Time have been committed against the said Acts or either of them, and any Proceeding to be taken for the Punishment of the Of. fender or Offenders, or the recovering or levying any Penalty for or by reason of any such Offence ; and also save as to any Allowance to any Father, Mother, Brothers, or Sisters of any Militia Man who shall be serving in the said Militia at the Time of the passing of this Act, and which Allowance thall continue to be paid under the Provisions of the said recited Acts; and also save as herein-after mentioned.

II. And be it further enacted, That whenever the Militia of any Allowances to County, City, or Place in Ireland, shall be embodied and called out the Familics of

Militia Men ioto a&tual Service, and any Man ferving or enrolled therein as a Ser. marched out of jeant, Corporal, or Drummer, or as a ballotted Man, Substitute, or their Counties,

Volunteer, shall have left a Family less able in consequence of his on Certificate of Commanding

Absence to support themselves, and the Colonel or other Commanding Ollicer. Officer shall give a Certificate in Writing in the Marner and Form

herein-after contained and fet forth, which shall be counterfigned by
the Adjutant of such Regiment or Battalion, then and in such Case
every such Militia Man's Family, the Requisites hercin-after men-
tioned being first duly performed, shall be entitled to and shall receive
during his Absence on actual Service the Weekly Allowance follow.
ing, (that is to say), after the Rate of One Shilling for every Child born
in Wedlock, and under the Age of Ten Years, not exceeding the
Numbers hersin-after mentioned respeAively; and of Two Shillings
for the Wife of such Man, if he shall be a ballo:ted Man ; and of One
Shilling for the Wife of any such Man who shall not be a ballotted
Man ; the said Allow-nce to the Wife in either of the said Cases to
be paid whether such Man Thall or shall not have any Child or Children,
provided she does not follow the Regiment ; and the form of the
aforesaid Certificate shall be as follows:

Colonel [or Commanding Officer, as the
Case may be] of the

Militia, do hereby cere • tify, That A.B. a Serjeant [Corporal, Drummer, or Private, bal. • lotted Man, Substitute, or Volunteer, as the Cafe may be] in the • Said Militia, was called out into actual Service, and did, on the Day of

march from • and is now absent on Service from the said County (Town, City,

or Place, as the Case may be] and that he hath declared to me that • his Family refides at

and confifts of and that by his Absence they are rendered less able to support them• felves ; and I do certify that the said A.B. never deserted from the

• said Militia.' Allowance III. Provided always, and be it enacted, That the Wife of any Mipayable only for litia Man so ordered on actual Service shall not be entitled to the Wife and Two aforesaid Weekly Allowance of One Shilling for each Child, for more Children, or 45. than Two Children ; and in case there shall be no Wife of such Militia in the Whole.

Man living, the Weekly Allowance to the Children of such Militia

Man shall not exceed the Sum of Four Shillings in the Whole. Families of IV. Provided also, and be it further enacted, That no Allowance Substitutes under this Act shall be given or ordered to be given to the Family of marrying

Substitute or Volunteer who shall have married after the Time of bis without Consent

any of Officers not

being called out into actual Service, unless such Marriage sha!l have cutitled to taken place with the Consent of the Colonel or Commanding Officer of Relief. the Regiment, Battalion, or Corps to which such Man shall halong, and

that such Consent shall have been certified under the Hand of such Colonel or other Commanding Officer, and no such Certificate as afore. said shall be granted to any such Subtitute or Volunteer who shall have so married while on actual Service without such Consent firft

had and obtained as aforesaid. Two Justices, on V. And be it further enacted, That it tall and may be lawful for Production of

any Two Juftices of the Peace acting in and for the Barony or Half Certifiante, may Barony, Town, City, or Place in which the said Family shall reside

, on to be paid.

the Production of any such Certificate, to inquire into the Circumftances of the Family of the Militia Man to whom such Certificate shall

have been granted, whether they reside in the Parish or Place mentioned in the Declaration of such Militia Man ; and if on such Inquiry they shall find that such Family do so reside, and if such Justices Thall be of Opinion that such Family is less able to support itselt in consequence of the Absence of such Militia Man, they shall then indorse such their Opinion in Writing under their Hands, on the Back of the said Certi. ficate, with the Date of the Month and Year, and shail subjoin thereto an Order, requiring that the several Allowances herein mentioned, after the Rate aforesaid, shall be paid to such Family, specifying in such Order the Names and Ages of each Person of the said Family entitled to receive the same; and such Certificates, with the Opinions and Orders of such Justices thereon, shall be forth with deposited by the Person or Persons seeking Benefit thereby, or some of them, or some Person or Persons on their, his, or her Behalf, with the Collector of the publick Celo in such Barony or Half Barony, or the Treasurer of such City or Town.

VI. And be it further enacted, That at the Expiration of Three Such Orders of Calendar Months next after the Date of any such Order of such Jus. Justices shall be tices, Application shall be made by such Baronial Collector or Trea- renewed every Surer to the Justices who shall have made such Order, or to any

Three Months. other Two Jultices of the Peace acting in and for such Barony or Half Barony: and on Production of the original Certificate aforesaid, and of the Order so first made thereon, it shall be lawful for such Justices to make a fresh Inquiry iaco the Circumstances of such Family; and if such Circumstances are not altered, fiich Justices fall on the Back of such original Certificate, and at the foot of such First Order, fign their Names in Affirmance and Renewal of the same, with the Date of the Month and Year; or if it shall be made appear to such Justices that the Circumstances of such Family are any Way altered, such Justices shall make a new Order for such Allowance as aforesaid, specifying the Names and Ages of each Person of fuch Family entiried to the same at the Time of such Order; and so after the Expiration of every Three Calendar Months a like Inquiry and Order ihall, frim Time to Time, be made and renewed or altered by Two Juilices of fuch Barony or Half Barony, so long as any such Allowance shall be made on Behalf of such Family.

VII. And be it further enacted, That every such Baronial Collec. Baronial Col. tor or Treasurer shall, from Time to Time, within Three Days after lector, &c. thall any such Order or Orders shall be made by such Justices, prepare and send Order and sign an Abitract of every such Order, and shall forthwith deliver or Abstract thereof send such Abftract duly dated by him to the Collector of Flis Majesty's to. Collector of

Excise, who shall Excise for the Diitriet in which such Barony, Half Barony, Town, or

counterlign the City shall b: Guate, together with every such Certificate and Order Order, and file thereupon ; and such Collector of Excise having compared such Ab. the Abstract. ftract with such Order shall, if the same Mall agree therewith, counter. sign every such Order, and forth with restore the same to such Baronial Collector or Treasurer, or to the Person by whom the same was sent, and shall then countersign and file such Abitract, and shall keep the same as a Voucher for his future Payments in Manger berein-after mentioned.

VIII. And be it enacted, That every such Baronial Collector or Baronial ColTreasurer, on obtaining any such Order lo counterligned by such Col- lector shall pay le&or of Excise, shall from 'Time to Time pay the leveral Allowances Allowances acmcntioned in such Order to such Family, save ae herein-after mentioned, cordingly.

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